Video: Interview with Nico

February 23rd, 2013 17:00

After Anexis qualified for the Mad Catz CS:GO Invitational playoffs by topping Group A, we interviewed Nicolaj "Nico" Jensen and discussed with the Danish player his team's sensational run so far.

Anexis became the first team, together with Ninjas in Pyjamas, to reach the playoffs of the Austrian event, having come out on top of Group A after winning all three matches, including a 16-4 demolition of VeryGames.

It proved that the current Anexis team, who were formed just two months ago when Lukas "gla1ve" Rossander and Nicolaj "Nico" Jensen were recruited, are already able to compete on an international level after winning the finals and HKLAN last weekend.

In this interview, Jensen shares his feelings about Anexis' run, the match against VeryGames and what is to come at Mad Catz.

You can find the rest of's videos by going to our YouTube channel here.

Denmark rizc 
Love the thumbnail.
2013-02-23 17:04
United Kingdom Alth 
Lmfao +1
2013-02-23 17:05
haha lol
2013-02-23 17:06
Germany a4l 
9 guy
2013-02-23 17:09
Denmark carr~ 
same really pretty
2013-02-23 17:10
Bosnia and Herzegovina lemSa 
wanted to write the same :D
2013-02-23 17:15
2013-02-24 16:47
Sweden rubbe 
Nice interwiev.
2013-02-23 17:07
dsn is back?
2013-02-23 17:07
2013-02-23 17:08
2013-02-23 17:16
2013-02-23 17:44
he has really good english
2013-02-23 17:21
nice player :)
2013-02-23 17:25
Bulgaria cob 
imo best awper in cs go
2013-02-23 17:52
Did he play in fnatic? In one of the vids he's wearing a fnatic headset. :S
2013-02-23 19:34
Where the hell was he sitting in the part they were celebrating the win?
2013-02-23 19:38
on the far right
2013-02-23 19:57
United States Bibby 
2013-02-23 19:42
what's the point of the screenshot?
2013-02-23 20:02
Nico is named "s!ck k1LL3r^eL1te" in the screen
2013-02-23 22:20
oh, thanks.
2013-02-23 22:30
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