Lemondogs downed by e-Sports.rs

February 23rd, 2013 17:31

Lemondogs got off on the wrong foot at Mad Catz CS:GO Invitational after losing their first group match, against e-Sports.rs, 16-8 on de_mirage_csgo.

There has been no shortage of surprises on the first day of the Austrian tournament, and the first round of Group D matches brought yet another one to the fare, as Lemondogs were simply no match for e-Sports.rs.

The Serbian team took the venue by storm, shouting so loud after every round won that everyone in the room knew in which direction the match was heading. After going down 11-4 in the first half, Lemondogs still tried to mount a comeback, but their plans were haulted by the Serbians, who sealed a 16-8 victory, an impressive result, especially if you consider that they lost both pistol rounds.

Mad Catz ViennaBest of 1
23rd February 2013

e-Sports.rs were joined at the top of Group D by LDLC.com, who are attending the event with Robin "GMX" Stahmer as a stand-in for Mathieu "MaT" Leber, after the French team defeated 3DMAX 16-14 in a close match on de_nuke_ve.

Mad Catz ViennaBest of 1
23rd February 2013

Group C was heavily delayed as several players experienced computer problems, but that did not get in the way of ESC Gaming, who comfortably defeated TeamCRG 16-3 in their match to secure their first points in the tournament.

Mad Catz ViennaBest of 1
23rd February 2013

2013-02-23 17:32
Sad. Big team loosing :(
2013-02-23 17:35
thats great ^^ :D
2013-02-23 18:10
In what context it is great ? Just curious.
2013-02-23 18:14
I like the big upsets ^^.
2013-02-23 18:23
NiP still winning
2013-02-23 18:27
NIP Players are from different planet, except NIP big teams like VeryGames , 3DMAX , LemonDogs , Imaginary Gaming , Alternate lost their matches :|
2013-02-23 18:31
World mr yu 
2013-02-23 17:35
lol. noob tournament btw, organizers are pure cr*p. SLTV for the win!
2013-02-23 17:35
yeh lets just cancel all events that get random hardware problems...
2013-02-23 17:37
random hardware problems, they already switched pc's, the german kid is still whining, admins are r*tards, and you don't know that they want for SLTV who have 6350 viewers, to not comment the games they wan't, and avoid the english stream, just cast something else. Admins sh*t, Organizators sh*t, too many delays, nothing happening. failfest 2013
2013-02-23 17:45
you don't know that they want for SLTV who have 6350 viewers, to not comment the games they wan't, and avoid the english stream, just cast something else. tournament wanting exclusivity for a game THEY want to cast. fuck them right
2013-02-23 17:47
Oh no my free viewing experience was ruined! Calm down man its not a big deal. The tournament is running fine, delays are typical.
2013-02-23 17:53
yeah 2 hour delays because of fps, sorry this isn't year 2000 when organizers were still new to everything. That's what happens when randoms make a tournament.
2013-02-23 18:09
Germany Dok1 
2013-02-23 17:40
This is what we want, surprises, shocks and plenty of drama :D
2013-02-23 17:36
hahaha, but it screwed my dreamteam OW YE!
2013-02-23 17:44
hahahahaha thats unfortunate, but we wanna see these shocks, and teams come out of nowhere. The only other thing we want is someone to dethrone NiP.
2013-02-23 17:47
+1 agreed i like underdogs too
2013-02-23 17:52
2013-02-23 18:14
Australia JNUPS 
2013-02-23 17:39
Bosnia and Herzegovina IFC 
Dude, they are about to win vs 3DMAX. It's 10:3 currently.
2013-02-23 17:39
well played :)
2013-02-23 17:40
2013-02-23 17:41
2013-02-23 17:42
ohh brothas
2013-02-23 17:55
Didn't expect that from lemondogs...lol
2013-02-23 17:56
8-16 against total noobs (e-Sports.rs) in LAN game these Lemondogs guys always say "We will be top3 in next big lan" "we are top3 team in the world at the moment" and they always get owned in LAN games. and then they wonder why some big LANs dont even invite them
2013-02-23 18:02
So butthurt about Lemondogs rofl. It's LAN and LD are pure onliners obviously.
2013-02-23 18:05
Yeah they just placed 3rd on Dreamhack but ok
2013-02-23 18:15
total noobs? what are you talking about? your opinion dont matter anyway, so carry on.
2013-02-23 18:09
Some of these guys been on international tournaments more then you watched in your life , so i don't see why you are writing these words like that. They were also good in 1.6 , now they got momentum in this tournament and i would love to see them going further long :) GG lads
2013-02-23 18:24
total noobs? lol
2013-02-23 18:32
Serbia sALE 
ld is better than every german team,especially on lan so hF.
2013-02-23 18:53
You should probably double check the definition of 'noob'
2013-02-23 19:12
2013-02-23 18:04
Serbia xfm 
E-sports.rs GJ!!!
2013-02-23 18:05
youtube.com/user/ElectronicFragTV?featur.. Stay tuned on E-Frag.net stream and last match for e-Sports Serbia in groups, versus LDLC.com!
2013-02-23 18:14
i remember guy saying eSports will rape LD and everyone flamed him...lol :DD
2013-02-23 18:16
they lose to noobs , its makes them the bottom of the bottom. yes, lose to NOOBS yes, noobs
2013-02-23 18:32
Tunisia edgg 
say it one more time, please
2013-02-23 19:39
wp eSports
2013-02-23 18:33
2013-02-23 18:40
2013-02-23 18:41
"...who comfortably defeated TeamCRT 16-3 in their match to secure their first points in the tournament." You need to change it from TeamCRT to "TeamCRG". I do not mean to sound like a jerk or anything, I just noticed a small grammatical error :P
2013-02-23 19:35
Uruguay ShubertoN 
ruined my dreamteam, ty lemondogs xD
2013-02-23 20:33
sorry to bother, but I think everyone knows Lemondogs isn't a very highlevel team...
2013-02-24 12:33
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