KHRN replaces aslak in Curse

February 26th, 2013 01:24

Top Finnish team Curse, who has been inactive internationally in 2013, has replaced former WinFakt member Timi "aslak" Verkkoperä with Eternity Gaming's Jesse "KHRN" Grandell.

Curse made waves in December as they placed second at THOR Open in Stockholm while pushing NiP Gaming to their limit in a xx-16 de_nuke_ve loss in the grand final. They were also close to defeating VeryGames at DreamHack Winter, despite ultimately failing to advance from the group stage.

The Finns continued performing well as they fell to NiP in overtime and took down fnatic in the first week of ESEA Invite, but with Niko "naSu" Kovanen leaving the team to inactivity at the beginning of the new year, the team started struggling.

Timi "aslak" Verkkoperä's debut at LanTrek 2013 gave Curse a domestic championship, but their results among their competition were much closer than expected, and the team would never be able to perform to their expectations until Verkkoperä's departure.

aslak couldn't achieve his CS 1.6 form in GO

Verkkoperä admitted to not having played much Counter-Strike: Global Offensive upon joining Curse, but after the massive recoil update of January 23, he tweeted that he was finally ready to put in work to improve.

However, the team would only manage a win over and a surprise overtime upset versus ESC Gaming during his tenure, as Aleksi "allu" Jalli's absence and the team's issues with motivation left them inactive for the past month and unable to attend Mad Catz CS:GO Invitational.

Captain Joona "natu" Leppänen went as far as to state it's time to finally welcome Curse into 2013, as the team hadn't really started the year yet. With Grandell now replacing Verkkoperä, the team's roster looks as follows:


Finland Aleksi "allu" Jalli
Finland Jesse "KHRN" Grandell
Finland Joona "natu" Leppänen
Finland Timo "reflex" Rintala
Finland Jonas "ScurK" Finnilä

Curse's next event is expected to be Copenhagen Games on March 28-31 in the Danish capital, where just about every top team will be present, as well as, who will provide you full coverage of the event.

Too bad things didn't work out for aslak. Would have been fun to see how his skills translated.
2013-02-26 01:25
Hope they will get their shit together
2013-02-26 01:31
why do they still have scurK
2013-02-26 01:33
because lurppis doesnt want to play cs:go
2013-02-26 01:41
2013-02-26 01:42
what is the connection between lurppis and scurk? :D
2013-02-26 01:43
lurppis would replacing scurk if he wants to play, thats logic
2013-02-26 03:03
:D:D i hope you are not serious
2013-02-26 14:23
lurppis replacing scurk? then finnish scene would die, seriously.
2013-02-26 14:31
yeah that's a fair point, i've killed many teams in my days
2013-02-26 16:56
Death from laughter?
2013-02-26 17:33
i think we were probably closer to dying from laughter in 2011 winfakt because of our humor than i've ever been to killing a team. you mad?
2013-02-26 17:36
Ye, seems legit, 2011 CS:GO killing.
2013-02-26 17:38
hey lurppis play csgo
2013-02-26 18:05
2013-02-26 16:02
scurk > all
2013-02-26 02:18
ur hltv highlights > all
2013-02-26 14:49
2013-02-26 23:09
He's good, y u hate
2013-02-26 07:35
2013-02-26 10:05
aslak :(
2013-02-26 01:34
gl boys
2013-02-26 01:38
Not Gonna Watch Course Any More:D
2013-02-26 01:42
curse are going down imo
2013-02-26 01:47
nice change in the lineup, a strong rifler instead of aslak who wasnt even awping for curse I think thats exactly what they need after the departure of naSu. Go KRHN!
2013-02-26 01:48
is krhn a really strong player?
2013-02-26 01:50
Bosnia and Herzegovina IFC 
Yes, he is one of the best in Finland for sure! Anyway, we had a nice time with him, and I wish him all the luck! He deserves it!
2013-02-26 01:54
ah, okay, thanks :D well,in this case Gl to guys and I probably will take my words back about them going down :)
2013-02-26 01:58
what happened with eternity team? disband after just one tournament or?
2013-02-26 11:07
Bosnia and Herzegovina IFC 
A big no no :D They guys will just continue playing and training :)
2013-02-26 11:59
oh oh :D nice and GL!
2013-02-26 12:01
Bosnia and Herzegovina IFC 
Thanks :)
2013-02-26 12:08
no he is a bot, why would they pick up a bot, you can use ur brain :D
2013-02-26 02:20
United States criimson 
F0RG1V3N do you guys know anything about how active is gonna be from now on like do you have any info flowing locally that the rest of us out there is missing? cuz its kinda hard to follow the finnish scene without any updates...
2013-02-26 03:01
Finland milA 
They are going to be like every other topteam from now on: active online and LAN ;)
2013-02-26 04:37
yeah just like milA said.. they are going to be active online & LAN. milA just did an interview in finnish with ScurK & natu to at Assembly Winter.
2013-02-26 14:09
United States criimson 
Ight thanks for the info guys
2013-02-27 08:09
That seems like a random pickup~ Anyways, GL KHRN
2013-02-26 01:50
Finland pulu 
the game is random so they need random pickup.
2013-02-26 12:18
I wouldn't go as far as to call it random though ;) If you get used to it, it's perfectly fine :)
2013-02-27 21:37
2013-02-26 01:59
Sweden pyth 
GL KHRN really nice & good guy =)
2013-02-26 02:53
top1 world
2013-02-26 03:05
Chile Ganb^ 
no aslak :((( <3
2013-02-26 03:26
sad for aslak, he is really good player
2013-02-26 03:50
2013-02-26 06:10
shaker | 
Finland shaker- 
2013-02-26 06:20
2013-02-26 07:08
nice khörniii!
2013-02-26 07:09
No naSu No win
2013-02-26 07:18
Hopefully they will do better now! GL
2013-02-26 07:49
Long time no talking with you KHRN but GL you deserve it. And stop talking shits about ScurK or y or x, he is good player and the others too. GL all ;-)
2013-02-26 08:11
no aslak no win :) i hope that Timi find other team,maybe some 1.6 players and be on top in aslak
2013-02-26 08:56
Aslak is awper his rule was rifler in go..... please pick up big green and pwn curse...
2013-02-26 09:02
moikka aslakkipötkö
2013-02-26 11:30
problem wasnt aslak, he was their best player. problem is natu, all finnish teams that he have joined have soon after that started to sucks big time
2013-02-26 11:56
Tell me more about how natu sucks, hes the most oldschool player in the scene atm and with most experience, i dont think he sucks much.
2013-02-26 14:33
you know, except the most successful finnish team of all time. but sure, we'll just forget about that one. and d-sky, too.
2013-02-26 16:58
Johnny please stfu,u don't know anything about them
2013-02-26 13:11
Germany Dok1 
How should "KHRN" be pronounced? I can see commentators struggling when they have to say his nickname^^
2013-02-26 13:28
draken | 
Finland NUCL3AR 
i think its just letter one by one :)
2013-02-26 13:33
2013-02-26 13:57
I rly doubt theres a good or RIGHT way to pronounce it, letter by letter or KHROON(thats one way I've noticed the finnish casters pronounce it but it might be hard to do the same way by the english casters..)
2013-02-26 14:10
2013-02-26 15:24
just call him KARN...sounds good and resembles the 1.6 legend carn
2013-02-26 15:45
2013-02-26 17:06
Finland joona 
cu nip
2013-02-26 14:33
GL Guys! RIP NiP
2013-02-26 14:59
Good luck to our neighbours! Ridicilious, we cant do a shit and 20km up and there are very strong teams etc.. =/
2013-02-26 15:36
ckN | 
Estonia ckN 
ofc since there no lans in estonia at all, no1 has motivation to play
2013-02-26 17:16
Finland chje 
gl jesse :3
2013-02-26 15:45
its so fkin stupi. theyve got great team without aslak, but they decided to replace one guy with this cs1.6 legendary awper (which doesnt mean anything is csgo). ofc they sucked, but it always happend when team have changes in roster. after some time they started to play better (win against esc eg) and what they did ? changed player again. gl in that
2013-02-26 20:36
You should read the article before posting, geews.
2013-02-26 20:51
Marvolo why do you talk when u don't know anything about finnish csgo scene?
2013-02-26 20:50
gl KHRN but i wish that some day we will see lurppis and nasu at same team on csgo :)
2013-02-27 16:51
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