Quantic top ESEA standings in NA

February 26th, 2013 00:48

Defending champions Quantic Gaming have topped the regular season standings in ESEA Invite Season 13 for North America. Curse, Team Dynamic and Netcode Illuminati round up the team list for playoffs.

The squad who placed third at ESWC 2012 under the name of Area51 suffered two defeats during the regular season, first against MonoManiac and then versus Team Dynamic. Curse also finished the season with a 14-2 record, but place second due to their head-to-head win.

Jordan "n0thing" Gilbert's Team Dynamic started off with two tough losses in first four game and some even wondering if they'd make the playoffs, but with Gilbert pulling off an amazing statistical season in CS:GO, they were able to finish the rest of the season with a 11-1 run.

DaZeD from Area51
DaZeD helped his team clinch the number one seed in North America

At the time of writing our ESEA playoff picture article, the favorites to take the fourth spot at the ESEA Invite Season 13 global finals were ex-UMX player Kyle "flowsicK" Mendez' Netcode Illuminati, who bested Nazar "steno" Vynnytsky's mouseSpaz for the fourth spot.

With the European regular season nearing its completion and everyone but Virtus.pro locked into a trip to Dallas, TX in April, here is how the team list, and seedings for each continent, look as of today prior to the final matches in Europe:

North America Europe
1. United States Quantic Gaming (14-2) 1. Sweden NiP Gaming (16-0)
2. United States Curse (14-2) 2. France VeryGames (12-3*)
3. United States Team Dynamic (13-3) 3. Germany n!faculty (10-5*)
4. United States Netcode Illuminati (10-6) 4. Russia Virtus.pro (8-5*)
* games remainining

Virtus.pro could still sway the standings in Europe by moving up to the third place over the Germans of n!faculty. fnatic could even advance over them, but the CIS-based squad are heavy favorites with three games remaining.

First round of ESEA finals will pit the number one seeded North American against the fourth seeded European, and so on. HLTV.org will be on-site in Dallas, TX to provide you full coverage of the $36,000 global finals.

Can't wait to see europe clashing with America :)
2013-02-26 00:51
yeah i'm also curious about 2nd place
2013-02-26 00:54
sweet comment 1.6 diehard :)
2013-02-26 00:59
Your comment doesn't make any sense
2013-02-26 01:02
it does since he wants to point out how boring cs:go is because theres only nip winning tournaments and 1.6 is way better ololol
2013-02-26 01:48
United States criimson 
He didn't quite get it did he?
2013-02-27 14:25
you mean you cant wait to see europeans crushing americans? ;)
2013-02-26 01:41
no, not really
2013-02-26 01:48
Definitely some potential in the NA scene, how I wish EG would put some effort and funding into making a world class CS:GO, the raw NA talent is obviously there.
2013-02-26 00:54
If the Top 4 North American teams can get their heads out of their asses and train against each other full time, they stand a very good chance at taking maps away from the Euros. They need to bootcamp with eachother in bo3/bo5 formats for the next 2 months. That's the only way they'll be on par with the competition and at the top of their game. Normally the top NA teams don't like playing eachother so that they can keep tactics from eachother, guaranteeing them certain advantages during the regular online season of ESEA. Since they're not really meant to face eachother entering the ESEA Global Finals, perhaps they can work together to help themselves improve. We'll see though.
2013-02-26 05:20
Can't wait to see Quantic and Dynamic playing against the euros
2013-02-26 01:03
2013-02-26 01:33
Don't forget that esc can also move past virtus. The ases match is being rescheduled.
2013-02-26 01:05
Just look at NiP ffs 16-0
2013-02-26 01:26
CurseNA would win this thing if it was online. Online Skadoodle is a internet hero.
2013-02-26 01:30
Quantic lost to Monomaniac and Dynamic, not Curse. Otherwise Curse would've won the head-to-head.
2013-02-26 01:46
Quantic top1 NA
2013-02-26 02:04
Quantic Gaming < NiP Gaming Curse < VeryGames Team Dynamic < n!faculty Netcode Illuminati < Virtus.Pro It wont even be close. Europe > USA in fps games
2013-02-26 02:21
Not in the Quake Live days when rapha won nearly every tournament.
2013-02-26 02:25
and in the quake 3 days with fatality
2013-02-26 02:25
Pretty sure fatality only won a few quake 3 tournaments, none of the best events either.
2013-02-26 02:41
Fatality beat all of europe's top players at one point.. who cares about his nationality? It doesn't make him a better or worse player. practice practice practice.. practice! :D
2013-02-26 04:32
quantic for 2nd place :D btw this is really exciting it is like X3 vs NiP
2013-02-26 02:26
cant wait to see n0thing crush some ninjas
2013-02-26 02:32
Could be interesting, NiP will probably dominate everyone as usual, but nfac/v.pro aren't really the 3rd/4th best teams in europe atm, so its like the top EU + 3 top 10 EU teams vs the top 4 US teams. Would have been better if it was NiP/VG/Na'Vi and Anexis or ESC gaming.. although if it was you'd probably not see any US teams in the semi's.
2013-02-26 02:37
you mean +2 top 10 EU teams? you have an odd perspective if you think VG is only top 10 :P
2013-02-26 10:00
Well, atm they're aren't the second best in EU.. but yeah, they're probably 3rd/4th best. So its like 1/3/6/8 in EU vs 1/2/3/4 US.
2013-02-26 10:32
Still came third at vienna with a lot of top teams in attendance so I wouldnt rate them that low.. could definitely play better than they are though
2013-02-27 10:31
Quantic to rape NiP. euro trash doesn't stand a chance.
2013-02-26 02:44
Go to bed.. You're drunk
2013-02-26 05:59
^ concur
2013-02-26 10:00
n0thing has been getting some pretty nutty stuff lately, and with Volcano back, you have a Source God who also helped create half the maps that are in the LAN rotation, i hope Dynamic can atleast take a map off NiP
2013-02-26 04:06
Volcano did also play for Team3D wich was a top team in 1.6 back in the days.. One of the famous lineup´s that he played with Josh “Dominator” Sievers Kyle “Ksharp” Miller Mikey “method” So Ronald “Rambo” Kim Griffin “shaguar” Benger Sal “Volcano” Garozzo So he didn't just play source and he wasn't just a "god" at source.. He did like many other players.. Dropped 1.6 and started playing CS:S =)
2013-02-26 05:58
Looking forward to the AllStar Game for this tournament as well. It's something we've never really seen before.
2013-02-26 05:21
2013-02-26 06:36
again a boring tournament. well done nip gg...
2013-02-26 07:33
the tournament hasn't even started yet...these were online matches to determine who would qualify for the lan finals.
2013-02-26 09:35
and NiP will be qualified, then NiP will win this another tournament. gg no re. Boring scene.
2013-02-26 10:03
you gonna cry?
2013-02-26 10:05
i'm going to drop the following of this scene. League Of Legends got better system/streams/live & cash prizes. fps is dead since 1.6 was dropped.
2013-02-26 17:42
Who wants to watch anything else than FPS? Completely boring
2013-02-26 17:50
LoL games are boring as fuck, decided by 20 minutes mark
2013-02-26 19:12
maybe u've just no clue on how this game is played, that's why u find it boring. we got 30.000 viewers for french stream in every week for the LCS (riot paid salary to 8 pro team). On twitch it's around 150 000 viewers + the other randoms streams (russ&co) i dont think that this lot of people just watch a boring game.
2013-02-26 19:20
I know how it's played, I've played both League and DotA and I find no fun in watching nor playing League anymore whatsoever. Respawning buldings, unkillable due to lifesteal carries, etc. It's basically rice race
2013-02-26 19:41
United States criimson 
LOL FPS games died?? What is that shit ur getting in your nose kid? Have you even taken a look at the current most played eSports titles in tournaments and championships? There 's plenty of FPS there not to mention the ridiculous amounts of money being offered in CS:GO events so you better get your shit straight son...you're just talking nonsense
2013-02-27 14:33
n!faculty only can show good results online, lost to UK nonamers at lan hahaha and beating NiP and VG online.
2013-02-26 09:54
Europe omga 
and beating ESC on lan
2013-02-26 10:27
Europe omga 
sad ESC couldnt make it also, no navi no fun
2013-02-26 10:25
sad for Anexis, i think they could take it to VG again.
2013-02-26 10:36
only reason why Anexis won was because in last 30hours VG guys had slept only 3 hours and had played too many too long matches in row VG would easily won anexis and later NiP in final if they just would have time to sleep enough
2013-02-26 12:12
i like your troll skills <3
2013-02-26 12:18
gotta love them too
2013-02-26 15:19
try playing on you highest level without proper sleep, hombre
2013-02-26 19:14
Does anyone know if they're still doing the all-star game to decide seedings? From what he says it sounds like maybe not. Would be a shame - I was looking forward to that.
2013-02-26 15:16
yes they're still doing that.
2013-02-26 18:56
Cool, thanks :)
2013-02-27 14:17
They will beat NiP
2013-02-26 16:35
i bet u 150€/$ that NiP will win this tournament. i paid by paypal. so wanna bet ?
2013-02-26 17:44
I don't need money right now so no
2013-02-26 18:08
LYNkJEE, I'd rather smack the shit outta of you then take your money.
2013-02-26 18:57
so u wanna bet with me ? if i win the bet, i just want a thread when u'll write this: "hi guys, i'm struck & i'm retarded". fair bet?
2013-02-26 19:22
I'm not betting anything lol, NiP are the clear favorites to win anything by a mile. I just think you're a downer. Regardless if NiP wins again, the tournament is going to be one of the best tournaments all year. This is the first time american's get a chance to play against euro's in 3 years. Not to mention this tourny is giving out the most prizemoney we've seen for csgo.
2013-02-26 19:32
in fact, i was replying to foerester. who are u ?
2013-02-27 00:23
? "hi guys, i'm struck & i'm retarded". was that directed at someone else? Further proving my point at how stupid you are.
2013-02-27 20:58
They wouldnt even beat Absolute Legends
2013-02-26 17:49
Curse probably wouldn't
2013-02-26 18:09
Quantic beat the stronger Verygames lineup on LAN (dust2) already. They would destroy Absolute Legends.
2013-02-27 06:50
ure so mad ... VG just already stumped ur shit team on LAN yeah 1 map taken vs VG (something like 19/16) then getting crushed like 16/5 16/4 they wouldn't even beat nfaculty at lan bro, why r u even arguing, america was average at cs1.6, below average at cs:s, and will be just shit on csgo
2013-02-27 21:41
you literally have no clue what you're talking about rofl.
2013-03-02 02:34
Never been more intresting to see who place 2nd and 3rd.
2013-02-26 18:00
The all star match* will be great. I wonder who will be in it.
2013-02-26 18:29
usa dont stand a chance, just sayin..
2013-02-26 21:31
United Kingdom KracKeN[A] 
Usa usa usa usa usa !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2013-02-27 08:10
This one is gonna be wayyyy interesting !
2013-02-28 20:30
If they all unite to make 1 proper team..
2013-03-02 06:25
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