Video: cLy vs Anexis

This clip features TCM-Gaming's Turkish member Anil "cLy" Gülec scoring four M4A4 kills in the Mad Catz CS:GO Invitational quarter-finals.

With TCM-Gaming trailing 5-9 as counter-terrorists on de_train_se, the team needed someone to step up and Gülec did just that, scoring four M4A4 kills and secured the final round of the half for his team.

Click play below to watch how the former mTw member cleverly uses the trains of the map to his advantage and takes down four members of the Danish Anexis team, who placed second at the event.

Highlight info

Player: Turkey Anil "cLy" Gülec
Match: Germany TCM-Gaming vs Denmark Anexis
Final result: 11:16 (6:95:7)
Match date: 24.02.2013
Map: de_train_se
Event: Mad Catz CS:GO Invitational
Stage: Quarter-finals
Weapon: M4A4
Action Situation: Anexis were leading 9:5

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gogogo anil go :)
2013-03-02 19:38
cLy was good in 1.6 too. I think he is top2-3 turkish player.
2013-03-02 19:44
whos nr 1 ?
2013-03-02 20:21
gob b
2013-03-02 21:00
i think gob b, maj3r, 3. cLy
2013-03-02 21:17
cLy?never done anything than playing online
2013-03-03 00:08
online? :P
2013-03-03 10:08
2013-03-08 22:11
nothing special
2013-03-02 19:47
thats not a highlight :p
2013-03-02 19:51
why always the team of the frag lose the map :p
2013-03-02 20:01
maybe because they made highlights? :-)
2013-03-02 20:25
ok my sensei
2013-03-02 20:32
good player
2013-03-02 21:46
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