ESEA Finals team list finalized

With the regular season of ESEA-Invite 13 coming to an end, the seeding distribution for the LAN finals has been determined.

The ESEA-Invite finals will take place from April 19th to 21st in Dallas, with the top four teams from both Europe and North America locking horns to contest the first prize of $17,500.

As expected, the European league was dominated by Ninjas in Pyjamas, who posted an impressive 16-0 record, followed by VeryGames, who fared a little bit worse than the Swedish giants, but still secured a 13-3 record. and n!faculty played the last match of the regular season on Thursday which ended up deciding who would end up 3rd, and it turned out to be the team from CIS who won 16-12 and ended up on top due to a better head-to-head result.

NiP were too hot to handle in the regular season

In North America, Quantic Gaming, who clinched the bronze at ESWC under the name Area51, managed to top the standings' table, level on points with Curse but with the head-to-head advantage.

The other two North American teams making it to the finals are Jordan "n0thing" Gilbert's Team Dynamic (13-3) and Kyle "flowsicK" Mendez's Netcode Illuminati (10-6).

According to ESEA, the first seeded team from Europe will match up with fourth seeded team from North America and so on. An All-Star match will also be played and it will serve to determine which continent's team will have an advantage in case two same seeds meet (for example NA's #1 vs. Europe's #1).

North America Record Europe Record
United States Quantic Gaming 14-2 Sweden Ninjas in Pyjamas 16-0
United States Curse 14-2 France VeryGames 13-3
United States Dynamic 13-3 Russia 10-6
United States Netcode Illuminati 10-6 Germany n!faculty 10-6

Stay tuned to for full coverage of the ESEA-Invite finals.

Can't wait to follow the finals! Really wondering how the well the NA teams are playing compared to the EU teams - especially NiP.
2013-03-01 10:26
1 reply
same, i really hope to see NA back to old 1.6 form when they were always considered contenders
2013-03-01 18:28
2013-03-01 10:25
NiP ezy
2013-03-01 10:25
2 replies
Panama ezy
2013-03-01 11:34
1 reply
in ezy
2013-03-01 16:03
Nip as well as europe is going to pawn NA (just my opinion though) :D
2013-03-01 10:28
1 reply
Your probably right
2013-03-01 10:40
Curse with the upset!
2013-03-01 10:54
dv | 
United Kingdom dv-_-
GeT_RiGhT, f0rest, Dosia, KennyS, ScreaM
2013-03-01 10:57
5 replies
the apocalypse would surely follow.
2013-03-01 11:03
-Dosia +asmo
2013-03-01 12:04
1 reply
2013-03-01 18:08
Dosia out, Kirby in.
2013-03-01 12:06
Only one team will have two players in the all-star line-up
2013-03-01 13:45 i hope in you !
2013-03-01 11:20
I think Europe teams will do better. Still , good luck for every team.
2013-03-01 11:24
8 replies
Ofcourse they're gonna do better, there've already been like 10 lans and 30 online events in europe for this game. In the US there's been like one or two lans and maybe like 1 online qualifier. I'm not counting the two leagues.
2013-03-01 11:30
7 replies
Greece her-1g
Why is that happening in US? I remember at cs from 2000 until 2005 there were tours every weekend and suddenly everything died
2013-03-01 11:37
6 replies
We hate sauce.
2013-03-01 11:55
Xbox + Call of Duty? Nobody cares about CS in US.
2013-03-01 15:19
Even though there are a decent number of PC gamers in the US, there are 310million people, vast majority of them don't give a shit about it (and even completely look down on it). Even when just looking at gamers, most people are baddie console gamers, and if you play on the PC you probably play MMO or a MOBA. Not many people playing games that take a lot of skill/time.
2013-03-01 18:08
1 reply
Greece her-1g
But at console games you are very good as a nation. I know this from super smash bros. As I play at a top european level and we always lose against us. But its a shame about cs because US had so much talent and a great scene! Names like rambo, bigdog, sunman, lektrik, frod, method, to name a few, they dont have successors
2013-03-01 20:35
The scene died out fast because in the USA we can't seem to get the whole internet thing right, even though we invented it. We have the 20somethingth slowest internet in the world. West Coast cant even play East Coast without having to both have 65-70 ping at the LOWEST. In Europe it seems much easier to play each countries top teams with less of a ping difference.
2013-03-01 22:39
1 reply
Greece her-1g
this is only between nordic countries in greece we have 70+
2013-03-02 01:57
go go nothing
2013-03-01 11:38
1.NiP 2.VP 3.Quantic 4.VG 5-8 the rest.
2013-03-01 11:43
7 replies
are u serious? Quantic 3rd???
2013-03-01 18:09
6 replies
why is that so hard to believe? they finished 3rd at ESWC which was arguably a harder tourny
2013-03-01 18:30
3 replies
ok beacuse ESC,VG,Anexis,n!faculty,ALTERNATE etc > Quantic
2013-03-01 18:33
2 replies
2013-03-01 19:23
1 reply
pls fanboy...
2013-03-02 03:43
i know you love to underrestimate americans but i can see either quantic or dynamic go far in this tournament, depends on brackets ofc.
2013-03-01 22:13
1 reply
quantic and dynamic can win vs n!faculty maybe, but if they end up with NIP,VG and VP there is no chance of beating them. So, they need to be lucky on the brackets...
2013-03-02 03:50
Area51 :) <3 miss sgares so much :/
2013-03-01 11:43
2 replies
sgares > frozt :(
2013-03-01 16:17
1 reply
Greece her-1g
if only frod could play csgo in the level he played 1.6 :/
2013-03-02 01:58
the schedule is going to suck for european viewers
2013-03-01 11:54
America will fall hard in allstar match.
2013-03-01 12:06
Would honestly lol if NA didn't crack the top 4.
2013-03-01 12:36
Ukraine velm
why do north america get 4 spots? they arent that good compared to european teams.
2013-03-01 12:46
4 replies
Your probably right but we dont really know that yet. Last time we saw the two together on LAN NA got 3rd. thats the last time i know of anyway.
2013-03-01 12:58
1 reply
United States lurppis
curse was representing your continent at dreamhack winter and got last place. quantic should surprise people at finals though, possibly dynamic too if n0thing & swag play well.
2013-03-01 18:24
because its a noth american league and north american cs players have been funding ESEA since the begining?
2013-03-01 16:19
1 reply
2013-03-01 19:23
Cant wait for allstar match EU vs NA
2013-03-01 12:59
Will be interesting to see how the 'muricans stack up against nfaculty and VP.
2013-03-01 13:00
1 reply
i think on LAN ESC is much stronger than n!faculty,but bad luck for them this season
2013-03-01 13:06
The league system sucks. It's hilarious the teams n!faculty had to play versus were so freakin' bad compared the ones ESC had to face. I think ESC faced VeryGames and NiP twice and n!faculty both only once.
2013-03-01 14:25
5 replies
You don't know what you are talking dude. n!faculty played VG twice and won both! their place in the final is well deserve. btw. if esc had won 1 of their 2 games against VG, that would be enough to make it to the finals. they just could not do it
2013-03-01 15:01
3 replies
I agree n! deserved it, but the league system still sucks. A League with 12 teams but 16 games just isn't fair. Just that some teams had to play NiP twice while others didn't is skewing the resulsts.
2013-03-01 15:05
2 replies
but esc do much better then n! on lan. Look at the last lan results n! even lost to crg, no disrespect to crg
2013-03-01 17:40
1 reply
give them some time.. how often has esc already played on the big stage and how often n!, hmm?
2013-03-01 19:14
n! earned it. ESC sucked on this big time :-( Two weeks before league end they were safe bet to get into finals. They blew it by losing to Curse.
2013-03-01 15:22
2013-03-01 14:33
gl Europe teams :)
2013-03-01 14:38
allstar Team EU forest, GT, asmo, dosia/ange1, nbk/kennyS
2013-03-01 14:52
India mainz
This gonna be guud yo
2013-03-01 14:50
GeT_RiGhT,Dosia,ScreaM,Kirby,f0rest Skadoodle,n0thing,AZK,DaZeD,stENoOo
2013-03-01 15:34
2 replies
steno wont be there, he plays for mSpaz
2013-03-01 18:31
Steno sucks + no one like him. They make fun of him
2013-03-01 22:04
I expect much from NiP, Virtus.Pro and Team Dynamic. VeryGames is just getting worse and n!faculty is not a top team anyways. Team Dynamic to do the most damage and even could get into the final. :o)
2013-03-01 15:38
Kind of wish they opened this up to 5 teams on each side and 10 much as ESC blew their recent matches they always bring a lot of passion to a LAN that makes you want to root for them
2013-03-01 15:54
2013-03-01 16:01
GeT_RighT,f0rest,dosia,kennyS,ScreaM All star EU go! I am also expecting a lot from n!,they are great so far
2013-03-01 16:15
1 reply
u have to have at least 1 player from each 4 teams and max 2 from 1 team :)
2013-03-01 16:49
Qk-mantis get_right Xizt ScreaM Fox
2013-03-01 16:52
Poland kiero
It's pity that ESC wasn't able to qualify to the final. No doubt they would make more damage than for example n!faculty.
2013-03-01 17:43
So there's gonna be only nip players in the all-star game? xDDD :D:D:D:Ddd
2013-03-01 17:54
17500 k for NIP
2013-03-01 17:56
First map loss onlan for NiP vs a NA team? That would be great.
2013-03-01 19:25
1 reply
Dream on my friend :)
2013-03-01 21:02
I do believe they will lose a map in this tourny, to many random plays from na players. I don't believe dynamic or quantum could win a bo3 vs nip, let alone a bo5 if they come from the bottom bracket which i'm sure they will
2013-03-01 20:57
3 replies
Why do u rate ur NA teams so poorly?
2013-03-01 21:03
2 replies
Because they suck
2013-03-02 03:47
because NA only has a few good players, but no good teams.
2013-03-02 04:07
this will be so much fun to watch :3
2013-03-01 20:58
If anyone wants ESEA key pm me.
2013-03-01 22:23
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