ESEA announce Season 13 playoffs

March 1st, 2013 22:56

ESEA has announced the location and date for their Season 13 finals featuring $10,080 Counter-Strike 1.6 and $36,000 Counter-Strike: Global Offensive tournaments.

The playoffs continue to take place in the Greater Dallas area, as the ESEA Invite Season 13 finals will be held on April 19-21 at Doubletree by Hilton Near the Galleria, North of downtown Dallas.

Both Counter-Strike 1.6 and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive tournaments will be played out in a double elimination best-of-three bracket, promising heaps of CS action on the third weekend of April.

NiP, VeryGames and Quantic Gaming will compete at ESEA playoffs

ESEA has secured deals both with the hotel the event is hosted at, and with American Airlines and Air Canada, allowing travelers to knock the price down of their trip.

As posted earlier today, all eight teams for the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive tournament have been found and the seedings finalized. Four Counter-Strike 1.6 teams have also been confirmed:

CS:GO North America CS:GO Europe CS 1.6 North America
1. United States Quantic Gaming 1. Sweden NiP 1. United States titletown
2. United States Curse 2. France VeryGames 2. Canada undertow
3. United States Team Dynamic 3. Russia 3. United States Underdogs
4. United States Netcode Illuminati 4. Germany n!faculty 4. United States Mobility Gaming

A total of $46,080 will be given out in the two Counter-Strike tournaments, including a whopping $36,000 in the global CS:GO tournament which will feature both North American and European teams:

CS:GO Global CS 1.6 North America
1. $17,500 1. $4,800
2. $7,000 2. $2,400
3. $4,000 3. $1,680
4. $2,500 4. $1,200
5-6. $1,500  
5-6. $1,500  
7-8. $1,000  
7-8. $1,000  

Although a full schedule hasn't been made available just yet, ESEA has made the following information available (please note the times set to local US time so the day may not be correct for Asia or Europe):

00:00 - 01:00 CS:GO All Star Game for seeding
01:30 - 06:00 CS:GO upper bracket round one
17:00 - 00:30 CS:GO up to the consolidation final
17:00 - 05:30 CS 1.6 up to the grand final
17:00 - 21:00 CS:GO consolidation final and grand final
17:00 - 21:00 CS 1.6 grand final will be on-site in Dallas, TX to provide you with full coverage of the ESEA Invite Season 13 finals, which will see the two continents face each other for a first place prize of $17,500.

easy money 4 nip :s
2013-03-01 22:59
VP !
2013-03-01 23:22
nice 1!
2013-03-02 04:22
Quantic to take the gold on home soil. remember these words!
2013-03-02 08:13
2013-03-01 23:00
So n0thing is gonna play for 2 teams?
2013-03-02 01:29
This will be a great final send off for 1.6, as much as i hate to see it go! :(
2013-03-01 23:01
Nip and titletown boooooooring
2013-03-01 23:16
meh boring nip won gg
2013-03-01 23:30
Since lurppis should be there for playing 1.6 we probably will have good coverage for both games. Cheering for Dynamic and Virtus.Pro!
2013-03-01 23:51
lol me too XD go VP and Dynamic but nip will win i think :(
2013-03-02 22:37
Good Luck teams!
2013-03-02 00:07
Téáms bíén béllákó$
2013-03-02 00:24
2013-03-02 00:25
Yes, NiP is.
2013-03-02 00:27
Poland kRAMERO 
@ shit called GOwno
2013-03-02 03:23
isnt nothing in titletown aswell?how will he compete in both?
2013-03-02 01:07
too bad ESC didn't make it... otherwise maybe Neo would have played for titletown
2013-03-02 01:09
ESEA schedules around players playing both games.
2013-03-02 01:13
United States criimson 
Which game is set to start 1st? GO or 1.6??
2013-03-02 06:44
you should probably read the news post. if it's not in the news post, we don't know.
2013-03-02 19:14
It should be only 46,080 on CS:GO XD
2013-03-02 02:06
Why doesn't Europe have a 1.6 league? Some people still like to play even if they would not make the final LAN trip to Dallas
2013-03-02 02:44
it did, but only like 5 teams signed up so it was canceled. europeans didn't catch on to esea nearly quick enough.
2013-03-02 05:25
CSGO: 1st NiP 2nd Verygames 3rd Virtus Pro 4th n!faculty American win nothing.. XD
2013-03-02 02:45
shut up ! They win 1.6 North America ! dont be like that! :D :D
2013-03-02 03:56
2013-03-02 07:14
1. NiP 2. VG 3. Dynamic called it first! btw yeah everyone knows NiP is gonna win again, quit crying. Oh yeah the allstar game seems like it could be fun
2013-03-02 03:14
yea beacuse Dosia and VP cant be 3rd beacuse they "suck"...u can be happy if american team wins 4th place...
2013-03-02 03:55
Cool. I'm calling it like I see it regardless of nationality, thanks for the low blow. Does your country even have a good team?
2013-03-02 04:24
my country doesnt have even a team and never will, but even if i was from USA i wouldnt said that. I'm just saying that EU teams are much better than USA teams, so u cant go saying:"Dynamic 3rd" when u have VP and n!faculty. Sry for the low blow its 4:30 am here im dizzy and not in the mood :P
2013-03-02 04:33
Quantic beat nfaculty in ESWC, and I think Dynamic is better than quantic so I simply disagree. As for VP, who knows about them. Sometimes they do well, other times they just seem mediocre. I'm not putting much faith in them. It's very possible they have a good LAN and place third.
2013-03-02 04:35
n! are also unpredictable.However the match vs n! and VP is gonna be interesting to watch :)
2013-03-02 04:43
yeah he definitely isn't allowed to predict that a team from his country (who has defeated area51, who easily beat n!faculty at eswc) could beat another one. what an outrage..............
2013-03-02 05:29
Will you be playing in titletown along with neo ?
2013-03-02 12:14
neo won't be playing, that was just a troll. i will play with dboorn, swag, n0thing and not sure who will be our fifth
2013-03-02 19:11
he can say anything he wants about this game, teams etc. that what this site is all about isnt it? And That was long time ago when they won against n!faculty, just saying n! got better and its gonna be quite a close match. "what an outrage" I wasnt angry or even a little, I was just saying my opinion.
2013-03-02 13:25
so then don't say "you can't say X" if he is after all allowed to
2013-03-02 19:13
roger that
2013-03-05 14:50
And the timings gonna fuck the viewer numbers... Here comes the "CSGO is deadened" threads!!!! GL NiP !
2013-03-02 07:11
2013-03-02 08:04
ESEA Europe CS 1.6 would nice)))
2013-03-02 12:25
1.6 ! YEA!!!:)
2013-03-02 14:29
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