Cph Games regulations revealed

March 2nd, 2013 23:06

The Copenhagen Games organisers have revealed the regulations of the 2013 edition's CS:GO tournament.

The Danish event is less than four weeks away now and the excitement is already building up, as more and more big-name teams continue to sign up for the CS:GO tournament with hopes of getting a piece of the €33,000 prize purse.

A total of 32 teams will take part in this competition, 16 of whom will be invited by the organisation, while the rest will come from the qualifier.

Half of the 16 invited sides will receive a high seed and half will receive a low seed. Each of the eight groups will contain one high seed, one low seed and two qualified teams. All of the group matches will be played in a best-of-three format.

The top two sides from each group will progress to the Upper Bracket, played in a best-of-three mode, while the bottom two will move on to the best-of-one Lower Bracket.

The maps will always be decided through veto, with the map list the following:

  • de_nuke_se
  • de_dust2_se
  • de_inferno_se
  • de_train_se
  • de_mirage_go

To check out the complete regulations of the tournament, go here.

Meanwhile, the Cph Games organisers have confirmed that the deadline for applying for an invite to the main tournament has been extended until March 10th.

we need more maps
2013-03-02 23:09
2013-03-03 08:43
2013-03-02 23:10
oh no, this inferno is too different than classic CS:GO map.
2013-03-02 23:18
troll profile ?
2013-03-02 23:35
2013-03-03 00:49
Poland rvT 
It's nice, but imo the "speedway" route on CT spawn could've stayed.
2013-03-02 23:48
The clearance of unnecessary objects is fine, I also like the fact that pathways are wider. But the CT path should stay. Also, the fact that both bomb sites are pretty much the same than 1.6 bothers me. IMO we need new arrangements, not just copycat.
2013-03-03 09:26
looks good
2013-03-03 11:34
Would love to see Contra and Season be added to the mappool at some point.
2013-03-02 23:11
Slovakia xarc 
+ mill
2013-03-02 23:25
rather tuscan than mill
2013-03-03 01:54
but mill is a better map
2013-03-03 12:37
+ tuscan
2013-03-02 23:33
+ mill, tuscan and cache
2013-03-03 11:38
World ptR2 
zzz new maps please
2013-03-02 23:11
Will the groupmatches be Bo3 or bo1? In CS:S last yeah the group-matches were bo3
2013-03-02 23:12
Just confirmed it, since the rules did not make that clear: Group stage is bo3
2013-03-02 23:35
thank you!
2013-03-03 00:57
gief news about -berg +spitfire please
2013-03-03 15:11
made de_tuscan thats was a one of the best maps at cs 1.6 and source =]]
2013-03-02 23:13
2013-03-02 23:18
Working on it now
2013-03-02 23:20
I guess it's easier to have an odd number of maps for the vetos. I would love to see tuscan too though
2013-03-02 23:25
Slovakia xarc 
tuscan is good, but not that shitty version on workshop.. I'm waiting for Brute's version
2013-03-02 23:26
you will give him the $$$ that he ask??
2013-03-03 13:02
2013-03-02 23:16
$$$$$$! $$$$$$! $$$$$$!
2013-03-03 13:03
why 32? they have so many teams, better 64 teams than 32
2013-03-02 23:17
Switzerland Der_Blondi 
We will have Dreamteam right ?
2013-03-02 23:23
Yes, Dreamteam on 100% :)
2013-03-03 01:25
Switzerland Der_Blondi 
Great, I have feeling that I wont suck this time :)
2013-03-03 01:34
gief news about Lemondogs roster change.
2013-03-03 15:36
always the same maps!!!! boring boring boring!!!!
2013-03-02 23:24
ever played chess?
2013-03-02 23:25
chess and cs are different games, thankssssssssssss
2013-03-02 23:27
Still chess has been the same for ages, no need to update it to make it fun.
2013-03-02 23:30
everytime i play chess i change the table
2013-03-02 23:30
that's an idea
2013-03-02 23:31
2013-03-02 23:33
:O how many times did you play chess ? ;D
2013-03-03 17:18
seriously stop with the veto and add the new map too..
2013-03-02 23:36
"Delay of games will not be tolerated - see the" we will see haha, i bet for 1 hour deley
2013-03-02 23:38
This has been a key-rule to every CPH Games - if the match is delayed and you're the reason for it, you'll lose the match, simply and brilliant to get people to connect in time.
2013-03-03 00:23
hi Nico, gimme autograph :(
2013-03-03 00:24
hi Nico, you got sister we can be brother inlaws
2013-03-03 13:00
2013-03-04 10:39
get a life idiot
2013-03-18 09:38
Fucking awesome to hear, we need more rules like that!
2013-03-03 16:01
Get some new maps.
2013-03-03 03:44
From the detailed rules: Demos & Screenshots * It is advisable, although not compulsory, to record demos and take screenshots of your matches. Having these will help support your case in the event of any dispute. Why is this so? It was mostly the oppsosite in 1.6 and we had so many amazing POV demos from the Lans.
2013-03-03 04:40
Best format ever, huge lan incoming
2013-03-03 08:36
Australia TotalEclipse 
Why hasn't Europe started using the superior de_inferno_ce? Looking forward to watching this event though.
2013-03-03 08:49
because its shite
2013-03-03 10:41
Australia TotalEclipse 
It really isn't, it's 1000x better than inferno_se
2013-03-03 16:30
no it isnt. just deleting that path on ct spawn is awful
2013-03-03 17:45
Australia TotalEclipse 
It's actually very smart, it makes teams really think about their rotation.
2013-03-04 04:06
it makes easier to cover that area hence there is no need to care about that way, for example players on B bombsite wont be surprised if a terrorist will run there while flashing a guy in house, now there isn' even such option. sry for bad language but it's difficult for explain as i dont know the name of positions on maps in englsh
2013-03-04 12:46
Australia TotalEclipse 
No your English is fine I know what you're saying, although the removal the alleyway is to make it the map CT sided, not the other way around.
2013-03-05 05:18
it is ct-sided even with it.
2013-03-05 09:50
Australia TotalEclipse 
Well yeah Inferno has always been CT sided, but removing the alleyway makes the the map slightly less CT sided and punishes teams that rotate too fast.
2013-03-05 16:57
Add season and cache!
2013-03-03 11:53
Hungary Nz0^ 
We need more maps for example tuscan, season, cache and maybe contra too.
2013-03-03 12:52
zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz more maps plz
2013-03-03 13:04
2013-03-03 17:54
2013-03-04 10:34
De_Season please
2013-03-05 09:55
Seriously, these tournaments are already pretty boring to watch. Something needs to change, and i'm not talking about the NiP dominance. New maps ffs, these are unbearable to watch over and over again.
2013-03-05 10:01
Go here for CS:GO Feedback : forums.steampowered.com/forums/forumdisp..
2013-03-05 10:04
Yep Hope for VG
2013-03-05 10:16
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