ESEA Open playoff schedule released

March 2nd, 2013 23:43

ESEA has announced the schedule for its Season 13 European Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Open league playoffs taking place online over the next month.

A total of sixteen teams have qualified for ESEA Open Season 13 playoffs, where they will compete for a prize purse of $2,750 and a chance to get into ESEA Invite for Season 14.

Although the bracket hasn't been published yet with the first round of upper bracket scheduled to take place on Monday March 11, below are some of the most notable teams to make it:

United Kingdom Torqued Sweden Epsilon Netherlands LowLandLions United Kingdom TeamCRG
Denmark POPPERS Finland Team Refuse Spain Karont3 Poland MaxFloPlay

The playoffs will be held in a best-of-one double elimination bracket, and the full schedule for each round and maps have been published now. Default match time for each game is 20:30.

Teams are only allowed to reschedule matches within a 24-hour period from the original match time, and only if both teams agree, so the default dates will likely stick for most matches.

Day Date Round Map
Monday March 11    Upper bracket round 1    de_cache
Wednesday    March 13 Upper bracket round 2 de_dust2
Wednesday March 13 Lower bracket round 1  de_dust2
Monday March 18 Upper bracket round 3 de_mill_b2
Monday March 18 Lower bracket round 2 de_mill_b2
Wednesday March 20 Upper bracket final de_mirage_go
Wednesday March 20 Lower bracket round 3 de_mirage_go
Monday March 25 Lower bracket round 4 de_train_se
Wednesday March 27 Lower bracket final de_nuke_se
Wednesday April 3 Consolidation final de_inferno_se
Wednesday April 10 Grand final de_dust2_se (de_nuke_se)

The prize purse, totaling at $2,750, which was already announced prior to the season's beginning, will be split among the top eight finishers as follows:

ESEA Open Season 13 prize distribution:

1. $900
2. $550
3. $400
4. $300
5-6. $200
5-6. $200
7-8. $100
7-8. $100 will provide hot matches for the most interesting ESEA Open playoffs match-ups and cover the playoffs. ESEA Invite playoffs will take place in Dallas, TX on April 19-21.

Torqued have this easy if moddii plays
2013-03-02 23:44
He isn't in Torqued?
2013-03-02 23:54 Hes still on the roster and played the last match with them.
2013-03-03 00:25
Mussmbani and drastyk kickayoass
2013-03-03 03:36
de_cache? g_G
2013-03-02 23:44
Fun map.
2013-03-03 18:41
United States mah9 
cache is really fun
2013-03-04 20:50
Epsilon, LowLandLions and TeamCRG are the best
2013-03-02 23:46
Korea ws0 
epsilon? ahahhaaha, they lost vs torqued.
2013-03-03 00:54
shut up pls idiot
2013-03-03 13:27
de_cache so round one could be called de_random :P
2013-03-02 23:47
de_cache is not hard yet nice map, should be played as much as possible to stop mirage/d2/nuke/inferno/train same thing over and over again you sound like hardcore 1.6 fan, because every new thing/ new map / new idea is throwed in trash by default (have such friends also) I want de_cache and de_seasons on tourneys also! or any other new good map
2013-03-03 00:39
De_cache is just not tactical at all. Season is awesome though just like in Source.
2013-03-03 00:38
I have to say ur statement is pure bullshit.
2013-03-03 05:11
Come on, please de_cache has so limited possibilities. You can't really throw any grenades and stuff. The map is just too "easy".
2013-03-03 16:16
or u just havent played it.
2013-03-03 17:36
I obviously have played it. ^_^
2013-03-03 17:44
It's awful imho
2013-03-03 10:31
yes, but esea uses all the regular season maps...and im glad to see that they arent using maps like cache and mill_b2 at the end of the playoffs...i like how they are atleast trying to get them out of the way in the beginning
2013-03-03 01:03
Spain Donra 
good luck Karont3!!!
2013-03-02 23:51
Refuse> VILLEbin>
2013-03-02 23:53
Germany jbk1g 
gl to all
2013-03-03 00:02
Epsilon easy...inets stronk
2013-03-03 00:02
+1, look at the money, 4sho epsilon
2013-03-03 01:41
gl MaxFlow :D
2013-03-03 00:05
2013-03-03 00:05
gogogo xelos
2013-03-03 00:33
If Torqued can use Moddii and Stinger they've got this ezpz.
2013-03-03 00:49
wasup with x6tence? are they deaded?
2013-03-03 01:51
not sure if they're dead, but considering they have not participated in esea, i'm not sure how that is relevant
2013-03-03 03:23
Musambani and drastyk kicka yo ass
2013-03-03 03:37
even less relevant
2013-03-03 04:07
2013-03-03 04:55
they are relevant lol
2013-03-03 13:54
they were relevant, then 2007 rolled around and both went inactive
2013-03-03 17:09
didnt oFF or whatever he is called go back to x6tence just a while ago or do I remember wrong? :O And if he did Id assume theyre active atleast on the pracc side..?
2013-03-03 05:12
i honestly didn't even read the news about them, there are at least 30 better teams in europe so there really is no reason to care
2013-03-03 06:59
Only 30?
2013-03-03 13:55
" there are at least 30 better teams "
2013-03-03 15:15
gief news about -berg +spitfire
2013-03-03 15:03
Slovakia j0fa 
GL MaxFlo and CRG
2013-03-03 09:57
Here we go chrisj!
2013-03-03 10:54
Slovakia kubiaxk 
ezy online games for Epsilon
2013-03-03 11:13
gl MaxFloPlay :D
2013-03-03 11:55
shaker | 
Finland shaker- 
gl palola
2013-03-03 12:20
2013-03-03 12:25
Go MaxFlo :D
2013-03-03 12:41
gl crg btw
2013-03-03 13:06
Who are karonte? Oo
2013-03-03 13:55
Epsilon will win, go MAXFLO :)
2013-03-03 14:44
Variety in maps CACHE and MILL !!! gonna watch esea just for the map play :p
2013-03-03 14:54
gl refuse
2013-03-03 17:53
MoOnTy | 
Slovakia MoOnTy 
2013-03-04 23:34
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