Druidz sign O+

March 3rd, 2013 22:09

Druidz E-sport have announced that they have signed O+ as their female CS:GO team.

The Sweden-based team were in action at ESWC in Paris back in November, failing to go beyond the group stage after winning just one match as they fell short to Reason Gaming and Imaginary Gaming.

With Copenhagen Games just a few weeks away, and with it the promise of a big female tournament with €7,000 in cash prizes, O+ have now added to the list of female teams who have found an organisation as they have been picked up by Druidz.

HellRose from iNNERFiRE
HellRose's team find an organisation to represent

The roster is slightly different from the one that was in Paris, though, as Anna "aNNa" Nordlander is replaced by compatriot Angel "Mouse" Malihiolzakerni, while Laura "Llo" van Assche made way for Sonia "Sonia" García, who played for Reason at ESWC and even joined Ubinited in December, but her time in the American side came to an abrupt end.

"I'm very happy to get the chance to play in a team like this, a team with potential," Malihiolzakerni told Druidz's website. "I am looking forward to Copenhagen Games since I know that our chances of winning it are very big, and winning this event would just be the beginning for this great team!

"I'm thankful for finally getting a chance like this, to play in a good team with kind girls who are also passionate about gaming and want to win more than anything, I couldn't ask for more!"

O+ finished second in the Sennheiser Female CSGO Online Cup, losing to n!faculty in the final of the tournament.

Druidz now have the following female team:

Sweden Angel "Mouse" Malihiolzakerni
Sweden Therese "lillsan" Petersson
Sweden Julia "julie" Kiran
Bulgaria Ivelina "HellRose" Danova
Spain Sonia "Sonia" García

Poland Kuz. 
2013-03-03 22:10
Bulgaria FoXy 
gl babeeeees :*
2013-03-03 22:11
Congratulations! <3
2013-03-03 22:13
i bet hellrose is adorable
2013-03-03 22:13
She is the one in the article so it kinda answers your question :)
2013-03-03 22:41
oh thought its o+
2013-03-03 23:04
o+ is a team. read the dam text.
2013-03-04 02:29
ARTeMis | 
Australia zebO 
Frogs mate, can't do much about 'em. None of them are really all there.
2013-03-04 17:21
Romania blg- 
That pic =)
2013-03-03 22:13
HAHA hellrose so BEAUTIFUL gl
2013-03-03 22:18
MIRAA, you're so mean. Btw, goodluck Hellrose & co.
2013-03-03 22:21
what u mean? her teeth are sexy as hell
2013-03-04 12:35
I kinda liked the "O+" tag more :P
2013-03-03 22:22
Sweden wmb 
gl mouse
2013-03-03 22:25
2013-03-03 22:30
2013-03-03 22:30
gogogo, julie>All :D
2013-03-03 22:50
+1 I heard you makes a mean popcorn + h2o drink!
2013-03-08 10:19
2013-03-03 22:55
GL <3 !
2013-03-04 00:32
gl hellrose (ma4kai gi ei)
2013-03-04 18:49
wow, she's pretty
2013-03-05 03:25
You're pretty too, so all is OK. ;)
2013-03-08 09:49
Good luck ladies, hope you do well at CPH.
2013-03-03 23:03
Thank you all! Ps. nice pic HellRose XD
2013-03-03 23:06
Angel "Mouse" Malihiolzakerni haha wtf that name
2013-03-03 23:11
It's not news worthy imo
2013-03-04 03:45
Why so?
2013-03-04 06:11
Well, they're just a low level female team. The reason some users may know them, is because that hellrose girl keep creating blogs over and over talking about their roster changes. Plus, the only LAN event I see some(?) of those girls attend, was a total disaster, and they got rolled in every game.
2013-03-04 07:12
They are probably the best female team i the world. So I think that they deserve some spotlight. More recoqnition towards the female scene is good. P.S. A beautiful, sweet gamergirl? Who could want anything else in the world?
2013-03-04 08:33
probably the best team in the world? really.. P.S Honestly, you would not want a gamergirl.
2013-03-04 08:40
Wasn't it them who beat Zuckerfeen in the final @ CPHGAMES? Correct me if i'm wrong. Mby not, i would just love the fact that i could game without the gf raging..
2013-03-04 08:52
ah cant tell you, only female tournaments ever I followed was ESWC but you shouldnt forget UBINITED who won every female tn they attended :). Yup I agree with you
2013-03-04 08:56
they won against zuckerfeen in the semi final with 2-1 and then lost in the final vs n!faculty female with 16-9 / 16-13. ps: it was a cup to get either headsets or tickets to CPHgames.
2013-03-04 16:34
Even though I'm not into the female scene, I can assure you that they're not the best female team in the world.
2013-03-04 08:52
United States criimson 
Pfff sorry best female team in the world is UBINITED and it's from NorthAmerica sorry but that is reality.
2013-03-12 23:04
Well, it is still news and if they are worthy or not is up to the news crew to decide.
2013-03-08 00:29
Why did you ask "why?" if my opinion is so irrelevant as you say?
2013-03-08 02:14
Being relevant or not, on my behalf I simply wanted to know, as easy as that.
2013-03-08 03:13
lol, that's a bad picture... I bet HellRose didn't liked to see that picture here as well, I'm sure there are way better photos of her
2013-03-04 05:47
It is the only picture of her HLTV.org has in the galleries. Nothing we can do about it.
2013-03-04 06:11
she looks like horse in that picture Use google image finder and you can easily find pictures where she looks like megan fox!
2013-03-04 10:35
HLTV.org tends to use its own content even if, as in this case, it falls a bit short.
2013-03-08 00:38
Bulgaria FoXy 
Maybe next time hltv could get more pics of the female tournaments. I love this site but usually most of the teams are being neglected if they r not famous. :/ Hellrose attended all ESWC tournaments in the last 4 years and still you only have one photo :| Shame
2013-03-04 17:37
If I remember correctly she is the only one missing from the O+ lineup that attended the last ESWC event in the galleries. Thus, as far as I understand it, it was more of a personal choice not to be photographed than the onsite HLTV.org staff not willing to get more pics from the female tournament. I understand your frustration though I presume you will understand that besides taking pictures the staff members attending have also other tasks on their schedule.
2013-03-08 00:36
Bulgaria FoXy 
Ye ofc. I know how much pressure it is for the staff. But still if you look at the galleries you will see how much of the pics are of known females /teams players and how much are of not so much known.
2013-03-12 13:33
I honestly do not know the criteria that is followed in order to 'foreground' these or those players honestly. I presume you can always try to contact the staff members that usually attend the events (MIRAA, Tgwri1s) and ask them about their guidelines and share your 'requests'/improvements with them and see if they can 'add' them to their working schedule.
2013-03-12 22:22
This pic made my day. haha
2013-03-04 06:36
Bulgaria ogi 
Gr8 news. Seems to be a good swedish orga also. Gl girls
2013-03-04 08:30
2013-03-04 09:51
nice ! gl Ive :P
2013-03-04 10:21
Sweden Lokq 
Mouse is one weird girl, why did you pick her?
2013-03-04 12:50
Germany yuki 
bad organisation. gl tho
2013-03-04 14:55
Bulgaria Los7 
2013-03-04 17:26
Molten | 
Norway M0LTEN 
con gratz Ivelina! :D
2013-03-04 18:58
good for them I guess.
2013-03-12 23:14
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