Video: schneider vs fnatic

March 4th, 2013 17:52

We continue our coverage of RaidCall EMS One with another frag highlight, this time starring Swedish sensation Andreas "schneider" Lindberg.

Epsilon bowed out of third online cup in the very first round, courtesy of a 16-8 defeat against fnatic, but have already assured themselves of a place in the EMS One group stage after winning the first cup and finishing runners-up to NiP in the second one.

In this highlight, you can see Lindberg's incredible aim and rifle control as he takes down four fnatic players, all with headshots, as Epsilon rushed the B bombsite on de_mirage_csgo.

Highlight info

Player: Sweden Andreas "schneiderLindberg
Match: Sweden Epsilon vs Denmark fnatic
Final result: 8:16 (6:92:7)
Match date: 27.02.2013
Map: de_mirage_csgo
Event: RaidCall EMS One Spring 2013 Cup #3
Stage: Round 1
Weapon: AK47
Action situation: fnatic 9:2 in the leads

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Russia maind 
2013-03-04 17:55
Europe invzh 
cheated frags, gratzzz
2013-03-04 17:57
Germany jbk1g 
organners gonna organner
2013-03-04 17:57
Albania XLN7 
incredible cheat control, lol
2013-03-04 17:58
nice frags.. nice frags than i saw the name.. LOL
2013-03-04 17:59
Korea ws0 
2013-03-04 19:19
Uruguay ShubertoN 
dat recoil LOL
2013-03-04 18:00
Nice action
2013-03-04 18:02
When are you kids going to stop accusing him/them for cheating? There are no proofs so shut the fuck up.
2013-03-04 18:04
look i am laughing.......ahahahahahahaaaa
2013-03-04 18:06
2013-03-04 18:11
Yeah Delpan always cheated and always will.
2013-03-04 18:19
in lan too :D ahah
2013-03-04 18:46
swedes gonna organner
2013-03-04 18:12
We get it for free you knew that?
2013-03-04 18:19
Russia qrad 
Nice try to defend your cheater friend, by the way stfu.
2013-03-04 18:13
Yeah he is my best friend and gay lover, problem?
2013-03-04 18:20
Russia qrad 
Hearts and flowers for you!
2013-03-04 18:21
Thank you <3
2013-03-04 18:24
Netherlands liQuidmoTion 
I highly doubt he cheated here
2013-03-04 18:15
Anyone else than me who can feel the love in here?
2013-03-04 18:18
Love is in the air ! ;)
2013-03-04 18:30
I'm naked already
2013-03-04 19:10
2013-03-04 18:32
nothing obv too see, just good and fast frags
2013-03-04 18:57
CS:GO Framework has been injected and Organner logo on it. "I'm not cheating"
2013-03-04 19:10
what framework logo ? yeah ok make up more stuff, wasnt any logo at all, empty file with some text in it
2013-03-04 19:19
schneider fakeacc detected
2013-03-05 07:49
no brains detected, watch the clip.
2013-03-05 16:24
WTffFFFF cheater!
2013-03-04 19:07
2013-03-04 19:13
Kinda sad how people like wmb can lie so much about a player and people actually believe him and then this guy gets his career destroyed completely because of that. Sad world Gogo schneider i know you have been on many LANs and performed well and you will keep performing if you dont stop playing because of this stupid thing
2013-03-04 19:52
cheater hehue
2013-03-04 19:55
Nice, Up with GeT_RiGhT 4k against mousesports at train yesterday. 2on5 situation.
2013-03-04 19:55
2013-03-04 19:58
haha highlights of cheaters, nice! ://
2013-03-05 06:52
CPH games cant come soon enough for these guys ;) Praise or taunts..time will tell
2013-03-05 16:05
Being jealous on internet forums must be super fun and exciting : - )
2013-03-05 16:31
cheat frags
2013-03-05 16:47
organner works well: D
2013-03-09 05:02
hehe nice comments on this highlight schneider hope u get pregnent and hve 2 bebys and when u go car with them all in once from supermarket you die in carcrash all 3 and maybe you have wifey she die too, faget fckn cheater die pls
2013-07-31 12:00
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