Svecup releases more information

March 5th, 2013 14:25

Sverok has published more information about the ~$55,000 Svenska e-sportcupen, including the nationality restriction and prize distributions.

Most importantly, the tournament organized in co-operation with Fragbite will require all players to either have a Swedish citizenship or reside in Sweden in order to participate.

This rule is similar to ESL's for their Pro Series, with a major difference being that not only do you need the majority of the team to match it, but everyone, meaning you can't have a single player who doesn't at least reside in Sweden.

NiP are favorites to grab the grand prize

While many will view this as a negative due to NiP's dominance in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, it's likely going to boost the Swedish scene which hasn't yet seen the depth it had in Counter-Strike 1.6.

Sverok has also announced the prize distribution for CS:GO at the three final events, which all have equal prize purses, leading up to the year's grand final at Scandinavium in Gothenburg:

Finals #1, #2 & #3 Grand final
1. 30,000 SEK (~$4,700)       1. 150,000 SEK (~$23,400)
2. 10,000 SEK (~$1,560) 2. 50,000 SEK (~$7,800)
3. 5,000 SEK (~$780) 3. 25,000 SEK (~$3,900)

The first online qualifier for Final #1 will begin already this Friday and with a prize purse of over $55,000 up for grabs, the likes of NiP and Lemondogs will likely clash in the future. will keep you up-to-date with the most interesting matches.

Germany jbk1g 
2easy NiP
2013-03-05 14:26
Spain JgS^G 
2013-03-05 14:26
like every single tournament out there.
2013-03-05 16:22
ok boring
2013-03-05 14:27
agreed, no point to having a country specific tournament. Why have such a big prize pot for a country with only one top team? If they want NIP to win so bad just give them the money.
2013-03-05 14:52
maybe to give other teams like Absolute Legends, Lemondogs, Epsilon a reason to improve!
2013-03-05 14:59
"it's likely going to boost the Swedish scene which hasn't yet seen the depth it had in Counter-Strike 1.6."
2013-03-05 16:11
if all the teams in the world will be invited will be the same thing will be one top team. so doesnt matter.
2013-03-05 16:17
Think it's because the money is provided by a national organization or something like that and I could see how legal ramifications could arise if foreigners are being given spoils (tax issues and issues of loose capital)
2013-03-05 16:54
the slovanians are gonna take this one
2013-03-05 14:27
fo sho
2013-03-05 14:31
2013-03-05 14:28
2013-03-05 14:49
hahahaha +1
2013-03-05 19:58
So only swe teams = booring.
2013-03-05 14:29
Zeus | 
CIS stormyinho 
That's actually sad just because only Sweden can participate. Tournaments with such a prize money should be for all! Shame.
2013-03-05 14:31
+1, at least they should make it for all nordic countries...
2013-03-05 14:32
NiP wins, gg, next please.
2013-03-05 14:33
even if all world attend that tour. NiP will win so.
2013-03-05 14:34
2013-03-05 15:09
So what? NIP is gona beat all, so let's make tournament only for Swedish teams, at least more money for rest teams from Sweden? That's the point? Really??! This is such a crock of shit! I think otheres tournaments should do the same, but oposite. Should make restriction which req NOT BE A F^CKING SWEDISH. Hee? It's that will be all right? Copenhagen Games not for Swedish. ETC. Ban them all.
2013-03-05 18:21
Poland kRAMERO 
what an idiot. If owner want to put own money into tournament, they can do everything. If they want only swedish teams, then the organizers made it only for swedes, typical for most of poles, carrying about others cash. peace
2013-03-05 18:51
I replayed to someone's point of view that it's not right in my opinion. Then, You came here and said to my that I can't disagree, only coz someone don't WANTS it. Well, I'm not in the habit of agreeing with someone only coz that someone expect it form me. If I see things rather differently myself i simply create my own opinion. I hope You understand, but i know, You don't. Since you came here only for reason to call somebody an idiot, coz you truly believe that's makes you unbelievably cool. And that, my friend, is typical for most of polse.
2013-03-05 19:38
Ok, then enjoy i guess
2013-03-05 14:35
Good for Swedish CS!
2013-03-05 14:37
could be very boring since there's no team in Sweden who can challenge NiP...Lemondogs were decent but their form is terrible atm. Maybe Epsilon can give us a good fight if they practice a lot
2013-03-05 14:37
rofl a tournament with that prizes for sweden only. retarded.. no reason to even watch this shit.
2013-03-05 14:38
you mean like german eps?
2013-03-05 18:53
who did shit in your swedish brain? in which way eps is related to this? and how do you think this is even compareable, just look at the prizes.
2013-03-05 19:14
so the only thing that differs are the prizes. in every other way its the same shit. if it wasnt germany only, no german team would ever win it :)
2013-03-05 19:34
you are stupid as fuck. you do realize the prizes are the important factor here, it's a huge difference. a tournament of this size (money) restricted on a small country, sweden only, is retarded and a waste of money. you can't disagree that an international tournament would benefit whole esports better. and stop coming up with german teams, who cares? since you are swedish your only reason to reply was me saying something "bad" regarding a swedish based tourney anyway. i laugh, people like you never die out.
2013-03-05 19:48
so how large is the prize pot for german eps? its the same fucking shit. like any team other than nip would win the money anyway. get real the only reason i replied to you is because youre a hypocrite. yes the prizes are bigger in e-sportscupen, but that has got nothing to do with anything. would it have been ok for you if first prize was like 5k €? its still about the nationality restrictions. germany has had their esl cups and leagues for MANY YEARS. sweden has had nothing like this, so if anything its fair for swedish teams
2013-03-05 20:12
how dare you compare EPS to this situation. EPS had equivalents in many countries, including scandinavia. What ESL did for World's esport is unspeakable. Especialy for Counter Strike community. Now, when CS 1.6 is dead, and his successor isn't such popular it's req more involvement from everyone. Everybody understand this. ESL, ESEA, SLTV or smaller project like fnatic leauge or IEM Katowice GO tournament. 10,000 euros on Mad Catz was enough to draw in top teams from whole Europe. Everybody helps as can, but not Svenska. And i'm wondering what is their motto here: "F^ck the Europe. F^ck the World. It's our money! You can't get it" ??????????????????????????????????? The situation is more strange for me that the world's ranking looks now like that: Nip > Nothing > Couple team from Europ > next top swedish team. So competition isn't interesting. Not at all.
2013-03-05 21:00
The situation between EPS and this is exactly the same in terms of scope The difference is that in the case of ESL, it's a commercial entity, and in the case of Sverok, it's a swedish non-profit organisation whose sole purpose is to promote gaming and esports within Sweden. The fact that they, with the help of sponsors and government aid, can put up decent prize sums, compared to a rinky-dink shady outfit like ESL is just icing on the cake. You act like you're entitled to the money, when in fact you're not, and neither are ESC or Na'Vi or any other foreign team. This is to promote the growth of esports in Sweden, and to secure a talent pool for the future. If you want something with those kinds of prize sums in Poland, fucking organise it yourself instead of jealously demanding that others give it to you.
2013-03-05 23:52
Ohh really?! So is there any better way to promote gaming and esports then a tournament with teams from around the world? Isn't the best way to "secure a talents", as you call it, is force that talents to play against world's best players? From my point of view facing against many diffrent styles and tactics presented by teams like Na'vi, ex-Anexis VG and many many others is much better then just being beaten by NIP. Btw, my opinion dosn't have anything to do with being jealous. I'm just thinking that it can be a one more great occasion to watch high level competition top teams.
2013-03-06 16:52
Yes there is. By not having foreign teams taking up slots in a tournament, more Swedish teams get experience in a tournament setting, especially in the LAN part, and gives them valuable experience and a motivation boost. In particular since it's a qualifications only, it's a valuable thing to promote e-sports growth in Sweden, instead of a discriminatory Invite Only, which only hinders promotion of e-sports as a sport, and only fosters it as a commercial circus.
2013-03-06 18:17
In what way is it wasted? The goal of Sverok is to run a Swedish Championship, to encourage the growth of e-sport in Sweden, to increase the pool of talent, and to keep Sweden competitive in esports in the future(It's not just about CS, it's about other esports too). In light of that, having foreign teams competing is counter-productive, and an ACTUAL waste. In terms of CS, it's aimed at not only having the best single team, but to actually become the best nation in CSGO, like we were in CS1.6(And no, just having one single top team doesn't make you a top nation. Top nation is achieved when you have multiple teams all capable of top-level competition, such that you can put up a national squad, without having to stack it with members from a single team)
2013-03-05 23:46
2013-03-05 14:38
I thinnk Lurppis has it right though, yeah NiP are favoured but at the same time its a huge incentive for the rest of the Swedish scene to step it up and put in the hours required to compeet for a pricepool like that
2013-03-05 14:38
2013-03-05 15:25
OK so how to get a swedish citizenship ? :-P
2013-03-05 14:39
Germany a4l 
Arrive by boat, be opressed.
2013-03-05 15:08
just say you're from somalia
2013-03-05 20:11
World K L 
Good for my Swedish friends. Time to show what jW and company got :D
2013-03-05 14:47
big lol :D
2013-03-05 15:03
hehe, cool
2013-03-05 14:50
2013-03-05 14:55
So epsilon,nip,al and lemondogs sounds fun let the games begin!
2013-03-05 14:59
denmark, finland and sweden(norway are shit anyways) = nice tournament Only swedish teams is going to be boring :( I wan't to see anexis, curse etc.. Playing versus aL, epsilon and NiP :d
2013-03-05 15:00
Give all the combined 1st places' money to NiP and save money on organising the tounament. As simple as that.
2013-03-05 15:03
37500$ for NiP (All 4 cups 1st places combined)
2013-03-05 15:11
seems like NiP will take some $ for beers however it is high motivation for other sweden teams to step up
2013-03-05 15:12
maybe they should boycott it until they allow more nationalities :P. I guess thats not gonna happen, free money and all...
2013-03-05 15:21
Sverok get its by money from the government if I remember correctly. Having an all Swedish tournament to strengthen the local e-sport scene I guess. To bad it's not international but I guess it can be interesting anyway.
2013-03-05 15:22
as polox said, as far as i know sverok is funded by the swedish government so obviously their motives lie within making things better for swedes. if only other countries 1) got similar support from their govts 2) used it to fund tourneys
2013-03-05 15:41
you're right about point one and two, but even if its funded by the govt they should allow other teams as well. With or without the other teams, the Swedish scene would improve, arguably even more with foreign teams.
2013-03-05 16:19
you think swedish tax payers want to pay for foreign players' prize money? come on, that's not even remotely realistic.
2013-03-05 17:03
As if the majority would want swedish counter-strike players to be paid with tax money :)... they probably don't know unless they're involved or interested in e-Sports, but then they wouldnt mind as much.
2013-03-05 17:39
obviously not, but it's a lesser evil because politicians can spin it off as a number of things (recreational activities, less drugs/alcohol use, etc), whereas giving taxpayers' money abroad would be a huge deal
2013-03-05 17:49
most importantly the majority of the money will be used and taxed within swedish borders.
2013-03-05 20:16
Why should they allow other teams, when the goal is to improve the Swedish e-sports community. There's a limited amount of openings for teams. Denying swedish teams openings, just because foreign teams are involved, is counter-productive in that case, since those teams won't get valuable experience.
2013-03-06 00:08
lurppis, what do you think about ESEA league system, I mean why they play 2 same teams twice (randomly choosen) it's stupid, shouldn't it be like just u have to play all matches against each other and that's it ?
2013-03-05 16:25
i don't agree with a few things regarding esea but there's only so much i can do
2013-03-05 17:03
Yes, Sverok is a non-profit organisation that receives government support, to promote gaming of all kinds as a hobby, as well as e-sports. And in terms of e-sports, the mandate is to improve the Swedish e-sports potential, increasing the talent pool etc. Which this will do, giving a shot at playing organised LAN tournament matches against potentially a top team like NiP, to teams that would otherwise be relegated to online leagues only. And unlike many here, you know just how important that LAN experience is.
2013-03-06 00:04
Could be fun, hopefully some more teams then just NiP, aL, Epsilon and LD can show up and do some damage and maybe make a name for themselves (doubt it).
2013-03-05 15:46
Well I think that the opportunity for swedish teams to face international top teams on their home soil would be even better for the swedish scene.
2013-03-05 15:49
They can just give NIP grand prize and let LD, aL and Epsilon fight for rest of the prize...
2013-03-05 16:00
epsilon gonna beat nip. i have heard rumors of their secret "weapon".
2013-03-05 16:13
The biggest difference is the money I guess. :P
2013-03-05 16:26
very nice, too sad it's just for Swedish guys ;/
2013-03-05 16:35
Doesn't really matter that it's Sweden only for me tbh. Sure, NiP will probably win, but now we get to see what teams really are top 3 in Sweden as well. If Epsilon keeps on going as they have before, they will probably be up there with LD and aL. I love Sverok, not only that they let us have these cups, but also because they are involved with the biggest communities in Sweden and helps them grow.
2013-03-05 16:45
United Kingdom Alth 
There is only like NiP, AL, LD and Epsilon(lol) that are in a team that are actually at a decent level at the moment. It's going to benefit the Swedish scene slightly, but overall it's just going to be another boring competition that further cements how predictive the CS:GO scene is atm. Really isn't even worth watching it imo.
2013-03-05 20:04
sad but all money for NIP
2013-03-05 17:11
damn 23 k for first place iz sooo good
2013-03-05 17:13
Germany VxO4 
actually 28 since they have to win one of the finals
2013-03-05 18:33
good move by swedish government. This will boost the country's scene to grow one step further. gl to NiP
2013-03-05 17:17
It's online. Epsilon and NiP will be winning for sure
2013-03-05 17:21
feel bad for fnatic
2013-03-05 17:32
Sweden pyth 
Good for the Swedish scene :))
2013-03-05 17:41
I do not follow CS anymore but this is some great news.
2013-03-05 17:50
United States mah9 
swedish scene does need more development beyond NiP, although its a shame that this tournament has such good prizes and its for nationals only. Sweden is pretty damn small.
2013-03-05 18:22
Germany VxO4 
You wanted to attend the finals from the US or what?
2013-03-05 18:36
United Kingdom Alth 
Not even going to bother watching it lol. Sweden have around 3-4 decent teams as it is, with one team of cheaters. The rest will be filled with mix teams and it's just going to be a nice bonus for NiP when they inevitably 16-3 the other finalists. So boring.
2013-03-05 20:01
Poland weg 
next cup to nip
2013-03-05 20:02
ABBA will come back just for that tournament and will kick everybody in theyr asses. :)
2013-03-06 00:21
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