AREA snubs

March 5th, 2013 18:31

BuyKey ace Julien "AREA" Dubois has revealed that he has turned down an offer to join

The French player has established himself as one of the most sought-after talents in his country following his impressive displays at Epsilan, where he boasted an impressive 87 per cent headshot ratio despite BuyKey finishing 7th-8th.

Such performances drew the attention of, who are on the lookout for a new player to replace Mathieu "MaT" Leber, who missed Mad Catz last month in Vienna and is expected to become inactive again.

apEX & co still looking for a new player

After playing with LDLC for a few days, though, Dubois has declined their offer, citing lack of motivation as the reason.

"I started playing CS:GO without too much conviction," Dubois told "The really high level that I reached in the last weeks really motivated me to play more seriously.

"But BuyKey's failures really destroyed that motivation and playing for LDLC for a few days did not rekindle the flame.

"I preferred to stop this now instead of going on this adventure and in the end making them waste more time."

LDLC, who ended up attending Mad Catz with Robin "GMX" Stahmer as a stand-in, finished in 5th-8th place at the Austrian event.

The French team currently have the following players:

France Vincent "Happy" Cervoni
Switzerland Mathieu "Maniac" Quiquerez
France Dan "apEX" Madesclaire
France Fabien "atLaNtis" Deguiraud

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s1ck tem
2013-03-05 18:34
not... area vac
2015-09-06 10:59
Inactive for a month, came back, join ImG, own VG.
2013-03-05 18:40
that pistol ace! best in CS:GO o.O btw LDLC my favourite french team, this is bad for them. would be help such player
2013-03-05 18:43
wish shox could join LDLC, would be a sick team
2013-03-05 18:43
I didn't see AREA but there are ppl saying he is good... Told 34873478347834 times...shoxie, apEX, KRL and 2 more and destroy that fucking shittie Ex6tenz and his VG. Hope kennyS and ScreaM realize someday that they have to be with those 3 guys.
2013-03-05 18:45
2013-03-05 18:46
his hs % is higher than scream ! Online he just demolished every team . ( scoring 47 frag against Nip) He is 2K3 elo on LoL also but it"s like he is gifted to videogames but he doesnt care at all . No matter the offer , even if vg will ask them to join with 1000 €/ month i dont if he would like to play if he is not confident with the players . He play videogames for what it is at start ! FOR FUN
2013-03-05 18:58
good for him
2013-03-05 19:05
2013-03-05 19:39
sure he plays for fun...hahaha As soon as i know apex and AREA are very good friends so i don't think it comes to "fun" and "confident" since they know each other since a lot of time it maybe COMES that the other LDLC players are just freaking bad to compete at the highest level (and they are). If he would have to play with KRL, shoxie and 2 other good players he will join for sure.
2013-03-05 20:14
what ? did you really watch recent ldlc match . yeah apex & area are good friend but he is like he dont like to play too much often of one game . Actually in buykey he could play confortably when he want switch to tera or LoL . but wtf? ldlc are extremly good actuayl as good as VG . Happy doing good lead apex scoring maniac making some nice action to secure and atlantis actually the best french sniper for me on his form. they are doing pretty well considering they are playing with a sub
2013-03-05 21:04
I guess you are their friend. It's my opinion, you have yours and mine is that only apEX is good there. AREA could be good, idk (didn't see much) but he doesn't play for fun...that's freaking stupid even more if he doesn't have a proper job or sth to spend tons of time.
2013-03-05 21:38
LDLC are all good players, with a little bit of logic you can see that a team can't beat VG with just one good player.
2013-03-05 21:42
So? They won't beat VG in a match away from groupstage anyways.
2013-03-05 22:18
you wish
2013-03-05 22:31
2013-03-05 23:34
When did HSP win a match? And when did he demolish NiP? xD
2013-03-06 01:26
On pract I guess? xD
2013-03-06 02:25
SmiThZzZ not sick ?
2013-03-05 22:53
2013-03-06 00:35
trolololol -.-
2013-03-06 09:53
That is actually a massive shame :(
2013-03-05 18:52
those headshots stats are impressive but that doesn't mean he is a teamplayer or play his role???
2013-03-05 18:54
such a shame, im glad that ldlc ditched MaT he was shit anyways, no they need to remove atlantis and they might have a chance
2013-03-05 19:05
inb4 AREA joins imG
2013-03-05 19:07
damn area sick player
2013-03-05 19:21
call shoxie xD
2013-03-05 19:23
2013-03-05 19:23
+shoxie and beat VG in every game.
2013-03-05 19:38
exactly they need shoxie, leave that noob ozstrik3r and join LDLC u scumfuck shoxie.
2013-03-05 19:53
apEX atLaNtis shoxxie KennyS ScreaM
2013-03-05 19:57
atlantis? what a joke
2013-03-05 20:14
IMO the french dreamteam would be kennys, scream, apex, shoxie, happy (igl)
2013-03-05 21:00
i think NBK > ScreaM and kennyS
2013-03-05 21:44
Scream - apEX - shoxie in the same team ... it would be pointless imo ! They need 2first fraggeurs, 3 is useless... Maniac, Happy, apEX, KennyS, shoxie -> That would be the best team ! Maniac is just impressive
2013-03-06 00:17
Needs a better igl imo
2013-03-06 01:12
Korea ws0 
that apEX picture never gets old lmao
2013-03-05 20:02
World Kobs 
sad cause he have huge potential to be one of the top go players
2013-03-05 20:33
2013-03-05 20:57
attention whore
2013-03-05 21:25
other than verygames i think a team of happy, apex, area, shoxie and atlantis would be top5 world easily
2013-03-05 21:46
Krl Apex Shoxie ScreaM KennyS
2013-03-05 21:52
happy apEX shoxie area uzzziii
2013-03-05 23:25
yeah, no sniper, great idea :D
2013-03-06 01:14
They can snipe with ak's ;D
2013-03-06 01:30
happy apEX area uzziii with neL-- as sniper
2013-03-06 02:04
i'm ok, i know them really well, it can work :)
2013-03-07 00:21
1 word, idiot.
2013-03-06 02:02
shox should so join these guys would make them a very strong team tbh
2013-03-06 11:57
Shox maybe?
2013-03-06 13:13
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