HeatoN: "Expansion plan for CS:GO"

March 10th, 2013 23:27

Ninjas in Pyjamas manager Emil "HeatoN" Christensen has revealed that Valve has big plans for CS:GO.

Despite the fact that we are approaching the busiest period since CS:GO was released, with several international tournaments just around the corner, the game still faces the huge challenge of trying to reach a broader audience as it continues to fall behind CS 1.6 and CS:Source in the Steam stats. 

But in an interview with ESL TV, Christensen, who was at the IEM World Championship promoting BenQ's new 27-inch monitor, stated that he knows Valve has a "big expansion plan" for CS:GO which will make the game "explode".

The "One and Only" also shed some light on the success of NiP's team and revealed that the organisation plan on expanding to other games, starting off with League of Legends.

What do you think that Christensen is talking about? What kind of plans could Valve have in the pipeline for CS:GO? Leave your suggestion in the comments below.

Lithuania Tovus 
interesting stuff, but doubt it will get any bigger
2013-03-10 23:28
so you think it will start losing players?
2013-03-11 02:01
2013-03-11 16:18
I hope they make it a free game, it would hit really huge if so. I mean check the players of cross-fire
2013-03-11 12:44
that would instantly make it a shitty game, because of the lack of updates, and developer support. Unless they make it pay to win.
2013-03-11 14:40
I agree yet disagree. Yes, the game would be alot more popular, however there would be much more cheaters who would ruin the game, and the game would require alot more maintenance and updates.
2013-03-11 16:06
Cheaters dream :-)
2013-03-12 13:20
people dont care about the game.. valve now destroy 1.6 with updates.. anyway i will play 1.6 .. no cs go.. and valve cant do nothing..
2013-03-11 13:08
Hungary lemusz 
...can do nothing or ...can't do anything
2013-03-13 16:29
my english is super goooooooood
2013-03-13 22:25
2013-09-17 14:08
Valve has a "big expansion plan" for CS:GO which will make the game "explode". "big expansion plan" = 20€ DLC kit new models,skins..etc will make the game "explode" = Meaning similar update as CS1.6 few weeks back, totally exploded the game in to pieces.
2013-03-11 14:11
Germany a4l 
Valve doesnt do that. TF2? The community asked for it, many years long: crafting! trading! and maybe we could buy items to so we wouldnt have to rely on luck!
2013-03-11 16:36
since when has valve charge for dlc? tf2? l4d1? l4d2? portal 2?
2013-03-11 18:54
Agree, injecting money in a shitty game won't make it good...
2013-03-11 14:17
And I'm sure you are a reliable source on what's good "FlectoR<3 CS Promod"...
2013-03-13 04:19
I'm not a source, I'm a person giving his opinion... And yes promod is way better than cs:go for me.
2013-03-13 08:42
NiKo | 
Serbia NESi [w] 
Lets see.
2013-03-10 23:29
Before you get so excited guys just remember Valve ALWAYS FAILS
2013-03-10 23:29
SpawN | 
Iceland vasyl86 
at least they developed CS and 1.6 was born
2013-03-10 23:31
before they were rich.. money corrupts brilliant minds
2013-03-10 23:35
Ummm.. I'm not sure if you're trolling or if you are the single biggest idiot to come from Sweden..
2013-03-11 09:45
Did you ever heard about wmb?
2013-03-11 22:24
^ this
2013-03-13 04:21
False information. None of the developers at valve worked at CS.. CS was a MOD of Half-life, it was never a stand-alone game to begin with.
2013-03-10 23:55
2013-03-11 08:46
+1 Hopefully they learn from their past and realize that buying a MOD again is the best thing for everyone, and they buy CSP and work with/pay the CSP devs. CSP is already an improved/updated 1.6 while CSGO is an updated CSS.
2013-03-11 22:06
False information, Valve began assisting in the development of the game whilst it was in beta, get your facts straight.
2013-03-13 04:23
actually they bought cs or am i wrong?
2013-03-10 23:55
Yes, they bought CS since it was in their License Agreement that vALVE could buy the mods of their choosing.
2013-03-11 00:01
they brought in Half-Life, best game ever, not much of competitive game but still best.
2013-03-11 07:13
You really think Valve could come up with CS? Minus HL, everything they created was based off some other work.
2013-03-11 00:32
HL is made on the quake engine
2013-03-11 12:05
goldsrc isnt the quake engine do you even code, bro?
2013-03-11 18:55
made FROM the quake engine
2013-03-11 18:59
Well the engine is, but that doesn't mean the game is. TF2, Dota 2, portal 2, CSS, DODS were all based off some other work which was what I trying to convey. Afaik HL is their original work. I might be wrong and I wouldn't be surprised. Even the source engine has remnants of the old quake engine.
2013-03-11 21:33
Netherlands liQuidmoTion 
No they didnt, just bought it once it Got insanely popular. They did make HL though
2013-03-11 10:56
SpawN | 
Iceland vasyl86 
I didn't write they created CS. They just developed it to the final 1.6 version which is considered as the best.
2013-03-11 12:07
Netherlands liQuidmoTion 
Actually oldsvhool players all preferred 1.3 or 1.5, but small difference compared to csgo/1.6
2013-03-11 15:25
Again, Valve began assisting with development whilst it was in beta before it's 1.0 release and it's massive surge in popularity. For such a 1.6 bum sniffing community you guys know shit all of its history.
2013-03-13 04:26
Like they did with Dota2?
2013-03-10 23:31
Dota2 was made by the same person who maintained dota during it's latest patches
2013-03-11 00:59
hl hl2 cs
2013-03-10 23:32
What? You are so full of shit, jesus.
2013-03-10 23:34
Yeah like with that Dota2 game. It's not big at all.
2013-03-10 23:35
#147 said it
2013-03-11 01:57
never designed by valve,its from icefrog and his own team,valve just bought their work,valve is good at stealing others' amazing designs by buying other company or individual worker.
2013-03-11 10:07
>implying Steam is a fail
2013-03-10 23:37
2013-03-10 23:38
Team fortress 2 Half life series Portal series CS Series Dota2 What one of these games is a fail ? Please go on.
2013-03-10 23:55
Source was a failure
2013-03-10 23:56
2013-03-11 00:22
how so? it was the same situation that csgo is in now, but it got better, got a solid player base behind it, and lasted 9years, even with 1.6 still being the popular version in the biggest events... 1.6ers "hatred" towards other versions of cs is fucking laughable at times.
2013-03-11 00:32
I meant in terms of gameplay, not success, i dont hate Source i just dont think its a good game, why would a hate a game it not like it did something bad to me.
2013-03-11 00:46
I dont like Team Fortress 2, but I can't deny it's successful. You need to learn what the word "failure" means.
2013-03-11 01:02
2013-03-11 01:03
Did you read what a said?
2013-03-11 01:29
Yes and my point is it doesn't matter what you think about the game, it doesn't matter if you "just dont think its a good game". You called it a failure. That is factually inaccurate.
2013-03-11 01:47
It wasn't a failure in terms of "being a game", but it was a total failure in terms of being a successor of CS 1.6.
2013-03-11 01:50
Im pretty sure that im not the only one that thinks the game is not good, if it was that good people wouldnt continue to play 1.6 but they wouldve played the new game but only a few switched and most of people continued to play 1.6. And i called a failure in terms of gameplay, not in terms that it didnt have many players or didnt have any tournaments.
2013-03-11 01:52
Then by that logic I could call COD:MW2 a failure. But by the definition of the word failure I would be wrong. Like I said, I don't give a shit if you think the game is crap, it makes no difference, the game wasn't a failure. It was a blinding success and continues to be to this day. Also "gameplay" is entirely subjective isn't it. So even if you were just using poor language it still wouldn't be a fact that source was a "failure". It would just be your shitty opinion, feel free to have it.
2013-03-11 03:16
2013-03-11 13:53
By that definition I wall 1.6 a terrible failure that gave everyone aids, since if it was so good people wouldn't have switched over to CS:S (Yes they did, a section of the 1.6 community did switch over) Hear that sound? It's your argument being pounded to the floor so hard that your grandmothers pussy felt it. Also gameplay is subjective and your opinion. While it wasn't quite as good as 1.6 in that sense, I would hardly call it a failure in the overall scheme of things.
2013-03-11 06:30
Yeah I fucking hate these arrogant knobs who think that "gameplay" of a video game can be objectively measured and compared between two or even more different games. And its always the same old, same old.. The stubborn remnants of the 1.6 scene (basically the most vocal idiots) are claiming that their game has THE SUPERIOR GAMEPLAY, while their only objective measures to what constitutes a good gameplay is the features in, not surprisingly, their own game. Thats like saying that my set of pokemon cards are the best because "I like these the most", its a subjective opinion and while it seems to be impossible for some to grasp, not everyone enjoyed 1.6 as much as they did and God forbid us, if some features in the game are not welcomed with open arms to the new edition of the cs series. The point in black and white is that although cs1.6 was a good game and it definitely had a long and successful run in esports, there is nothing but opinions about whether it had the best gameplay of them all.
2013-03-11 09:56
"good people wouldn't have switched over to CS:S" Could you name some of these "good people"? And don't come up with the people who switched over because of the money and then switched right back after the money was gone. I can't even think of 1 good player who switched over because he preferred CSS over CS 1.6. Nobody did. Everyone realized that CS 1.6 was a lot better for competition. And don't come up with people like nooky and rattlesnk who made people in the source scene believe they were good in 1.6, though they never won anything in CS 1.6. rattlesnk even admitted that the only reason he didn't came back to CS 1.6 was the high competition in CS 1.6. He would have had to practice a lot while he could be successful in Source with less effort. Oh ye, there is Volcano. But he was doing bad in 1.6 before Source came out and since he had success in Source he decided to stay. There really isn't a single person who was a good player in 1.6 and switched over to Source because he actually preferred Source as a game over CS 1.6.
2013-03-11 16:34
A majority of people stuck with 1.6. I have no idea what he's talking about. CSS had more players than 1.6 in about 1-3 month in it's 9 year existence.
2013-03-11 21:56
I didn't mean 'good people' but 'if the game was so good, why did people switch over'. Also, playing devils advocate, there is nobody in 1.6 who was a top CS:S player outside of the original year where they went over for the money. Obviously CS:S was too hard for 1.6 players.
2013-03-12 03:28
"..why did people switch over." Who switched over? The only people I remember where the guys who switched over because of the money (and then came back after the money was gone) and a handful of mediocre 1.6 players who had kind of success in CSS so they decided to stay with CSS and being a "top player" instead of returning to 1.6 and being a mediocre player. " there is nobody in 1.6 who was a top CS:S player outside of the original year where they went over for the money." Why should anyone even try to do that? Switching over to a game with not even half as much tournaments, prize money, professional teams/organisations, viewers, fans, prestige,...
2013-03-12 10:26
Nice stutter m8
2013-03-13 16:23
You're english, and yet you don't seem to understand it that well...
2013-03-11 09:01
some nice ownage going on here _b
2013-03-11 13:53
2013-09-17 02:39
Just because you didn't like the gameplay the game was a failure? There are a hell of a lot players who disagree with you about that..
2013-03-11 09:47
I know you just said this to bait half the people here.... but please, continue to digress and explain.
2013-03-11 10:30
only games they made for real without taking the idea of another is half life series and portal You had Dota 1 that was a warcraft 3 mod Cs was a half life 1 mod (1.5) Team fortress 1 same thing again bought
2013-03-10 23:59
FYI Portal originated from a mod, Valve hired the modders to make the game
2013-03-11 00:06
aha touché, what else?
2013-03-11 00:25
portal started out as narbacular drop en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Narbacular_Drop
2013-03-11 01:10
cool :D
2013-03-11 20:02
wtf :D :O
2013-03-12 11:51
Portugal wrt 
and left 4 dead
2013-03-11 00:27
They bought all except the HL series!
2013-03-11 02:00
i thought icefrog made dota good and cs was made by gooseman, not valve not bashing valve by any means, just pointing it out
2013-03-11 08:05
>Dota 2 failed.
2013-03-11 00:02
Like with HL2? Like with Portal/Portal 2? Like with CS? Like with TF2? Like with Dota2? Sure, Valve always fails!
2013-03-11 00:32
They bought all except the HL series! A very small percentage of the games Valve's developers got their hands on have sprouted!
2013-03-11 02:04
They bought/hired the people that worked on very limited mods and turned them into great games. Unlike a lot of other publishers/developers who usually ruin games valve have a history of developing amazing games. Get over your fucking fan boy hatred for valve and you'll realize they're probably one of the best developers/companies in gaming.. particularly if your a PC gamer. Idiot.
2013-03-11 02:21
No need to offend me, because you're the one lacking information here. Yes, they bought the concept and the people that developed those games and gave them resources to maintain those games. Valve are the best 'business' people in the gaming industry, and that makes them one of the best gaming companies. Steam's success is not debatable! HOWEVER Valve has a history of ruining SEQUELS of games when they forcefully want to leave their own 'print' on the games. Case in point CS, In almost 10 years, Valve never managed to overcome of a relative simple (compared to the wannabe successors) version of CS that 1.6 is. Please give us a reason that'll keep alive the hopes of Valve actually doing something right
2013-03-11 09:11
Have you seen gooseman's tactical intervention? How would you feel if valve stuck down that road when he was with the company and turned CS into that? Yes they failed to appease the hardcore CS 1.6 community with source . But in pretty much every other respect they have been tremendous. They continually update a game that cost $15 full price - and has frequently been on sale. They maintain servers for the game for free too - and they don't have a constant source of income compared to dota or lol, nor the promise of 2 more expansions like starcraft 2 had, nor the ridiculous DLC of battlefield 3. Look at those sequels - and see how bad they sucked compared to their predecessors. Comparatively, CSS was a good game, and CSGO has been fantastic. Say what you want, but Valve are the ONE remaining bastion of pc dev greatness (maybe save for id software). Since valve took over updating CSGO has improved drastically. If heaton says they have big plans, honestly I believe him. The worst you could do is just wait and see.
2013-03-11 12:18
This and 100 times this
2013-03-11 13:01
I said that Valve are great at maintaining games, but have almost never produced a worthy sequel to any of their main titles, unlike Blizzard let's say! CSS was a good game, just because of 1.6! Countless number of players at the beginning of CSS were players that simply failed at 1.6! CSGO might(will) improve, but it's already too late! The worst I can do? wtf?
2013-03-11 13:31
Hahahaha - blizzard, bulding 'worthy' successors? The success of sc 1 brood war was solely due to the koreans. If they didnt love the game as much as they did starcraft would have died long ago. And much of the success of blizzard in sc1 was accidental - many of the pathing issues etc in the game worked out to the advantage of players. It was hardly intentional. SC2 is absolute crap in comparison to sc1 - and pretty much confirms blizzard don't really know how to make a great RTS. some of the initial concept units in the expansion heart of the swarm were horrendous, and as a result were scrapped. Now, blizz are essentially implementing elements from Sc1 back into sc2 rather than innovating. The Warcraft series was handled better, but balance issues etc never made it a super competitive game like starcraft. And lets not forget the debacle of diablo 3. Its hilarious how you guys just discount what valve do because they don't want to make cs1.6 AGAIN. All I was suggesting is that you wait for info to come out. It seems to me that you are pretty prejudiced against valve - but compare them to virtually EVERY other major developer (id being the main exception) and they come out light years in front.
2013-03-11 14:30
Again, Valve are one of the best, but that doesn't change the fact that they failed to build upon a huge fanbase. I'm sceptical not prejudiced. I'd like to see all 1.6 and source players switch, but not just for the sake of switching to a new game, but rather because they enjoy the game. 1.6 has dominant physics in comparison to GO and CSS and that's the reason why a lot of 1.6ers don't enjoy the game. Saying that 1.6ers want a new 1.6 is also wrong. 1.6ers want the renowned elements of 1.6 to be included in GO and add some stuff onto it, make a sequel, not a completely new game. You can't except them to switch to a completely new game only because it's called CS!
2013-03-11 14:52
How have they ruined sequels ? HL2.. one of the best games ever made. L4D2.. much better than the first game TF2.. they took it in a slightly different direction, but it was certainly not a failure in any meaning of the word. CSS.. Ok, so its not as good as 1.6, but still, 6 years after release, it has a concurrent player base just as big as 1.6 (Who's playerbase is hugely inflated by countries who's people are less wealthy etc). So obviously its not a bad game for everyone DoTA2.. they're obviously doing something right with this game, i've never been a fan of Dota styled games but whatever. Portal 2.. easily one of the best games this generation and a far better game than the original. Im sorry.. but what sequels are you talking about you ignorant fool ? The only games i can think of that could be considered a failure were CZ and the xbox version of cs, neither of which were developed by valve. CSS was a shambles when it was first release, no denying that. But like CS (It was just as bad right up until 1.5 imo, it was fun before that yes, but it had lots of issues) after a few years it was pretty damn good. It might not have won over the competitive 1.6 community, but thats such a hard thing to do when its full of completely fucking retards that don't know their arse from elbow. I mean, they say they want 1.6 with updated graphics but at the same time they want it to be plain as fuck with the same stiff death animations and gun models. Valve are professional game designers.. they aren't going to go out and make a game that looks like complete dogshit just to please a few thousand backward thinking mongs that are afraid of change. I don't know how long you've been playing CS, but i remember when valve released 1.6 along with steam, and the amount of whinging and bitching from the community at the time. "1.6 SUCK... 1.5 FOR LIFE !" was the typical post on any forum for months. The only reason people switched was because they were forced too, Servers/WON network was shut down. Lots of people quit, lots of new players came etc. One of the reasons CS:GO is finding it hard to get a large playerbase, is because of how popular the xbox/ps3 are.. instead of kids discovering multiplayer on their PC and inevitably finding CS, they're playing CoD or BF on console. Take a quote from your next post for example. "CSS players are just failed 1.6 Players" what ? so because they weren't in the top 10 teams in the world in 1.6 makes them failures ? So in other words you yourself are a 1.6 failure ? This is the sort of horseshit that makes my eyes bleed when reading comments on this website.
2013-03-11 15:36
FACT: The first gamers who switched to CSS were players who were bad at 1.6! ", but thats such a hard thing to do when its full of completely fucking retards that don't know their arse from elbow" funny of you to say that...CSS was released 1 year after 1.6, you might want to re-read what you wrote. D2 is not designed by valve people but by the same create of Dota! TF2 is f2p. I'm not gonna continue arguing with you, because the kind of horseshit you write makes my eyes bleed!
2013-03-11 19:04
When CSS came out it was awful, that's a fact that I believe most people would admit even if they grew to love the game over the years. It was crap because it was simply unfinished and filled with bugs and flaws, I'm not surprised that the competitive scene chose to stick with 1.6, especially because it was living its golden years more or less, had very impressive set of annual competitions and so forth. But, for people like me, who started with source. The whole 1.6 vs CSS debate looks different. I bought the game when it came out, didnt like it at start but it got updated and eventually I started playing it again. I had probably my first real CSS team in 2007 or something and the first time I ever played 1.6 was in 2008. Now although I've later started playing 1.6 a bit more I never quite liked it as I liked CSS. Thing is, there never really came a reason for the scene to switch to CSS after its initial release (when the game was shit) apart from the CGS, which in turn didnt last very long, so its not surprise that 1.6 prevailed till the very end of its illustrious run in esports - the structure, competitions, fanbase and a great platform (the game itself) was already there so CSS didnt offer any real and significant improvement to what the scene already had with 1.6.
2013-03-12 08:07
Who cares what the first gamers were like ? Im sure you weren't any fucking good at 1.6 either, you talk about css being full of bad players like you're some sort of professional player. The fact is that right now, in CS:GO... there is a LOT of former CSS players at the top of the scene, therefore it kind of makes the whole "Source gamers are bad" argument invalid. So what if they employed the dota 1 people ? Do you not understand how business works ? Company's headhunt all the time, valve bring in the best people to do a job... once they start working at valve they are part of valve... therefore DoTA2 is developed by valve... jesus. What has TF2 being F2P got to do with anything. Nothing you've said can be considered an argument, you're just sprouting random dribble that makes no sense.
2013-03-12 12:28
You're a fucking moron! 1. I never claimed that saucers nowadays are bad, you just assumed that. 2. Please enlighten me how many CSS players are at the top of the scene? Only Anexis and VG are the among the top6 teams atm, 3 are 1.6ers and 1 is a mixture! Not to mention that half the 1.6ers never even made the switch, while saucers are making returns, but that's totally irrelevant to our discussion! 3. I know how business works, far better than you trust me. They are a part of Valve, but that game's gonna be great as long as they keep the first developers there, unlike CS, in which the main developers had been changing all the time. 4. f2p has a lot to do with a game's popularity and the 'assumed' proficiency in the development.
2013-03-12 20:14
LoL 2005 css & 2008 css dont look the same its like comparing the very first beta of cs & 1.6 The game was as good as cs 1.6 + optimize ( they release an update we get like 80+ fps in one update) + recoil changed and the game become very good . The scene was as good as 1.6 its just lack of big international event. VG won like everything except 2 event in 4 years. If it was the original 2k11 VG line or 2K8 lineup on csgo i'm sure they would have beat NIP and be even better over the time
2013-09-17 04:33
What are you on? They are one of the most successful game developers in the world. Also seeing as it's their game they can do anything they want with it, they have zero obligation to please their old players but yet that's exactly what they are doing.
2013-03-11 13:26
with the apropriate aproach i belive CS:GO can grow alot bigger
2013-03-10 23:30
I'd go with "With the appropriate approach GO would've been been big already"
2013-03-11 02:06
It definitely was released in a bad state.
2013-03-11 05:59
The International ? :D
2013-03-10 23:33
Ukraine Slate 
expected answer :|
2013-03-10 23:33
Lets fucking hope...
2013-03-11 08:34
2013-09-17 11:55
Making the game f2p and adding micro payments would raise the numbers by 50-100k players, and it would bring Valve more money. I hope that happens.
2013-03-10 23:35
Would be awesome!
2013-03-10 23:36
2013-03-11 02:43
I remember making a thread about this and we just all felt that the community will break down with the game full of hackers. Never know for sure though :D
2013-03-10 23:37
Then all the leagues and so on need a single banlist they use. With hardware ID's and so on.
2013-03-10 23:40
Not that hard to implement such stuff.
2013-03-10 23:44
lol you can't think of a reason why hwid bans won't work?
2013-03-11 09:18
so you get banned on server where admins are retards and cant distinguish between skill and cheat --> hello gg, go play other game? it cant be done, 90% of admins in 1.6 know shit about how to distinguish between cheaters and skilled players
2013-03-11 11:42
Just do the same as they did it TF2 hardware id vac ban
2013-03-11 08:35
But people just end up making new accounts again and again to cheat on. Ban > New account > Cheat. This hardware ID banning seems interesting though.
2013-03-11 08:51
HW banning is really complicated error-prone and CS grows on people playing from gaming cafes, and they won't be happy
2013-03-11 09:48
that's true, and all of the most popular e-sports are free (LoL,Dota2), wouldn't be suprised if they made cs:go free, altho they should reward the ones who payed with something
2013-03-10 23:54
Skins to use on non-competitive mod servers, or something similar.
2013-03-11 00:00
uh, they better be cool as hell or i'd want my money back :p
2013-03-11 00:16
That doesn't make any sense man. Why would you buy a skin from the workshop if you didn't think it was cool in the first place? ;)
2013-03-11 12:58
dude do you even know what we're talking about? Re-read from the beginning
2013-03-11 13:40
yea or weapon skins like in Gears of War
2013-03-11 00:21
Everyone can make their own weapon skins anyway so I think it doesen't make any sense to reward players with skins. Generally, it would be hard to set up a good micro payment system for csgo...
2013-03-11 00:34
but most of these skins aren't accepted by leagues, or? but yea, u are pretty much right. I'd also like to know how would Valve compensate things if they would go with F2P
2013-03-11 00:45
Hats. CSGO needs hats. Lots of it.
2013-03-11 02:52
That doesn't stop people from being obsessed with TF2 hats or dota 2 items.
2013-03-11 21:58
ye,just put the game in facebook aswell,and add some barbies and some Gold aswell,and you get less recoil in weapons as you send a link to your friends,yei i got 500 friends that clicked i have 0 recoil and im d abest
2013-03-11 06:51
Cosmetic items would be very hard to do in CSGO, since esthetics don't really matter and most people play with dumbed down graphics. One thing they could do if they really wanted to put an effort in the game, is monetizing on esports, (like they do in dota2). For example they could set up some system to handle online cups for which you have to pay a small ticket, but also have a chance to win something (steam games?). Or spectating tickets, or team pennants...
2013-03-11 13:07
i hope its will grow :)
2013-03-10 23:36
Big expansions eh.... NIP lol team also, could be fun :D
2013-03-10 23:36
he has in mind what Valve release what update will cause thousands of players to play csgo? xD
2013-03-10 23:37
Free2play, one of NiP's managers is working together with Valve to make it happen.
2013-03-10 23:37
Which one? fiskoo?
2013-03-10 23:43
2013-03-10 23:47
2013-03-10 23:47
2013-03-10 23:52
Care to translate the boxed phrases? I understood the one about translating csgo into f2p.
2013-03-11 00:03
"I also have a close cooperation with Valve regarding their in-house beta for CS:GO. I also cooperate in their project to convert CS:GO to F2P". He said later I could try out the in-house beta but I never got any access :(
2013-03-11 00:05
It's been ~10 weeks since you got that message, have you got any intel about the progress?
2013-03-11 00:07
No, not at all, haven't been interested at all to be honest so haven't asked and I'd doubt that i'd get an answer.
2013-03-11 00:13
Mkay, would you mind doing it in the near future then?
2013-03-11 00:16
he's reading this, if he wants to say anything more he'll pm u or me ^^ doubt he'd leak anything more though xD
2013-03-11 00:28
We'll see (hopefully) :)
2013-03-11 00:38
He called me and threatened with a policereport so I doubt ot :)
2013-03-11 12:05
As if lol :Dd
2013-03-11 13:05
He seriously did.
2013-03-11 14:54
2013-03-11 20:50
what's an "in-house" beta
2013-03-11 00:17
it's an invite only beta basically just for valvepeeps + pros
2013-03-11 00:34
sent from someone with a nickname containing "ebl" + letters before and after ?
2013-03-11 00:20
2013-03-11 00:27
Are you sure? Could be really good if they make it in the right way!
2013-03-10 23:50
2013-03-10 23:52
I don't see what kind of profit they could make from a cs f2p, cs isn't tf2 and they killed the game competition-wise by switching it to f2p. They wanted everyone to play the same game (cvar locked, no spray etc) i don't see them promoting thousands of micro transactions based on skins/models/HATS
2013-03-11 00:36
Just a FYI, the community killed the TF2 competitive scene. A mixture of the pub scene being too 'Snooty' for competitive, and the competitive scene being too broken up between the stupid die hard 'no unlocks' and the 'unlock everything' crowd.
2013-03-11 06:34
Valve doesn't need to make profit from their games directly anymore. Most of their profit comes from Steam sales. Having F2P games on Steam means more Steam installations worldwide which in the end means more sales and more cash.
2013-03-11 13:01
No every recent f2p games from valve have a solid and profitable system of micro transactions. They don't make f2p games just to expand Steam, i'm pretty sure Steam works very well in France but that didn't prevent them from giving me 20 dota2 keys to share. I mean maybe it's one of the goals but the first one is to make each game profitable.
2013-03-11 13:21
I'm not talking about micro transactions. I'm talking about new Steam users installing Steam to play an F2P game and a year later that same user might have bought 10 retail games. But obviously micro transactions are also an income to add on top of that. Further Valve have a large income source from China where they do play Valve games (CS, Dota2, etc) just not through Steam. In China they use special non-steam versions made by a Chinese partner.
2013-03-11 13:36
If this is true then i will never buy any game :O First i bought HoN and then it became free and they put me in garena like in a reservation with stupid morons. Im not greedy but this feels like total waste of money.
2013-03-11 08:56
they could massively increase there numbers by adding more to the matchmaking, sc2/dota2 style division/teams/tourny features etcetc. One HUGE piece of potential valve have and also the biggest mistake potential they can make is not focusing adequatley on casual gamers. Now we have seen this mistake made before (sc2) if valve focus on wc3 hook mod/zombie mods/surf/jailbreak, if they focus on it... csgo will be fucking massive, it will sit right next to LoL and dota2, forever.
2013-03-10 23:38
matchmaking must have huge improvement in game leagues and team ladder system
2013-03-10 23:41
2013-03-10 23:55
Esea a-like system integrated into csgo would be nice :) +decent anticheat
2013-03-11 09:50
I think it's 1 Million £/$/€, The International?
2013-03-10 23:38
Dolla dolla obviously. €/£ would be too expensive. (And americans would not understand the sum)
2013-03-10 23:43
Yes I think same
2013-03-10 23:42
Won't happen.
2013-03-11 06:45
2013-03-11 12:19
I think he hurt his eye with that wink
2013-03-10 23:40
Go dota and pick up nth!
2013-03-10 23:42
sounds good. hopefully it's not too little too late.
2013-03-10 23:43
Payment by Phone would be great, and more countries as well :)
2013-03-10 23:46
They should first fix the bugs and improve the damn netcode
2013-03-10 23:46
Improve it how, it's now a million times better than the 1.6 one, for example.
2013-03-11 00:05
2013-03-11 06:13
The net code really is better, far far better, especially on 128-tick servers. 90% of the net code is the same as goldsrc anyways, the big difference is that source has much better precision and less interpolation errors.
2013-03-11 13:41
2013-03-11 06:52
It's fine, i only find AWP random sometimes.
2013-03-11 09:49
2013-03-10 23:47
Free 2 play is the future, just look to League of Legends and his playerbase
2013-03-10 23:48
You mean, the community full of retards? When a game goes F2P it goes only the wrong way, look what happened to TF2. When you had to pay for the game, it was actually fun to play pubs, now it's not...
2013-03-11 00:16
so you're saying that the cs community as a whole isn't retarded?
2013-03-11 00:22
a retardedc ommunity?if youre literally speaking i have to agree with you,we are a retarded community which sticked to a 10 year old game(cs 1.6) and a 9 year old game(cs:s) since the release of cs:go and still surpassing their stats,ye we are so retarded xD,YOU DONT HAVE THAT IN ANY MORE COMMUNITY
2013-03-11 06:53
not all of them are retards, most aren't.That still doesen't hold LoL back to be the most played and succesful game reaching millions of viewers worldwide
2013-03-11 00:35
A guy from the cs community talking about a community full of retards. OH THE IRONING
2013-03-11 07:32
I don't really consider myself as a member of CS community or any except TF2 in particular. I like FPS games of any type so, that's about it :)
2013-03-11 16:32
CS community has been a genuine shithole for the last 5 years.
2013-03-13 14:09
All gaming communities have retards. Only when the user-base consists solely of a handful hardcore players will you escape them.
2013-03-11 13:43
Hope that
2013-03-10 23:49
2013-03-10 23:50
:) :)
2013-03-10 23:51
World tSN- 
Please play our game so we continue making money from it. The only plan that Valve has is to put it on its console and make money.
2013-03-10 23:56
I hope NiP stays CS:GO-centric. I feel like all too many organizations that got their start with Quake/CS teams focus more on their LoL/DotA/SC2 teams than they do on their CS teams.
2013-03-10 23:57
adapt and survive
2013-03-11 00:42
its correct (from their point of view) to focus on games where the community is bigger. you want to be known by most gamers, not only those 30k that play cs:go.
2013-03-11 11:52
They have to change focus if they wanna grow, CS:GO's community and scene are too small compared to LoL/DotA/SC2
2013-03-11 15:22
(to #257 as well) Of course they have to expand into more popular games; my concern is that they'll focus much more on their LoL/DotA/SC2 divisions than they will on their CS:GO division. If they can give equal amounts of attention to all of their teams, then I support their expansion wholeheartedly.
2013-03-12 02:20
Get ready guys, CS:GO is going F2P. Also, <3 Soe. Edit: Never mind, he was talking about "Counter-Strike: Global Offending", must be a new CS game.
2013-03-11 00:09
2013-03-11 01:02
It's going F2P, with a huge update coming in a matter of weeks (Movement, silencer, weapon tweaks, _SE maps in MM)..Plus theyre going to put in a lot of cash into one big tournament..I got insider info yupyup
2013-03-11 00:00
omg you're fiskoo?????
2013-03-11 00:05
Yes. Don't flame me for being bald
2013-03-11 00:45
going bald isn't a bad thing unless you're a hair model, I guess?
2013-03-11 00:49
he is talking about shit thats what i mean !
2013-03-11 00:02
If the game goes to f2p then I would like to see paid players get 128tick servers and _se maps :P
2013-03-11 00:04
That would actually make sense.
2013-03-11 00:06
finally somebody agreed with me :D
2013-03-11 00:09
That makes a lot of sense actually.
2013-03-11 00:27
Actually buying servers could be a way to go for Valve. I don't see CSGO getting skins and stuff like TF2...^^
2013-03-11 00:39
It would make more sense if you could tie one or more rented servers to your team's steam group and this server would then be used in matchmaking. This would solve the whole issue with 64 tick servers in MM. Oh and built in 1v1 ladder(aim sized maps), 2v2 ladder (demolition sized maps), 5v5 ladders (regular maps) would be nice. And that frag replay system they were once mentioning.
2013-03-11 13:11
Only way I can see CS:Go going free is if they find a way to stop all hackers, cuz otherwise it would be shit.
2013-03-11 00:07
I don't believe that CS:GO could go F2P, that would just kill the game. Also I don't really like the idea of NiP expanding, it is a traditional CS clan, with LoL, CS would go to the 2nd place as it is not that followed as LoL...
2013-03-11 00:07
Hopefully Valve will do something special in case of CS:GO, like some new tournament with huge prizes etc.
2013-03-11 00:11
yah im definitely off if they actually make the game f2p and add micro transactions lol
2013-03-11 00:13
CS:GO F2P?!!! Bye CS, welcome 10 year old kids, rage, retarded people etc
2013-03-11 00:17
You have all of those bar the 10 year old kids already on cs 1.6
2013-03-11 00:21
When I play 1.6, nobody bothers to write anymore. Try joining LoL for a few days and you'll notice that people there take stupidity to a whole new level.
2013-03-11 00:26
theres probably a command in cs:go which is similar to hud_saytext 0 right? so you just play and own them, wheres the problem?
2013-03-11 11:54
ckN | 
Estonia ckN 
cs1.5 was f2p
2013-03-11 00:31
but the userbase was tiny in comparison to today
2013-03-11 00:44
ckN | 
Estonia ckN 
no, you are wrong, almost everyone played cs who had pc, lans every 3 months with 20+ teams in estonia, 281231273 public servers (in 2003 everyone played in pub servers too)
2013-03-11 11:32
you cant compare like that. you have to count only people who have the hardware and internet connection to actually play the game.
2013-03-11 11:56
CS 1.5 was a free mod but never standalone. Also consider how many people have internet access nowadays compared to back then.
2013-03-11 00:47
first of all, they have to make a anticheat which works 100%. they have to find something, dont know what, which make the cheats no working at all in the game. in the other case, they can't make cs f2p
2013-03-11 00:27
2013-03-11 00:28
+ it would cause havoc
2013-03-11 00:32
apparently there will always be holes. it's like with doping in sports; the bad guys are always one step ahead.
2013-03-11 00:34
still, they will have to work hard on VAC if they make CSGO f2p as a huge amount of cheaters will easily kill the game.
2013-03-11 00:41
and doping is for bad guys why?
2013-03-11 01:54
Unfair advantage
2013-03-11 10:04
2013-03-11 00:37
Call of duty costs more than double the cost of cs:go and it doesn't stop kids there. Whats more of a problem is the poor Brazilians that would be able to play
2013-03-11 02:43
if u play 5on5s with people that you know ofc not,its all about increasing casual playerbase because we have plenty of competitive one :)
2013-03-11 06:54
Reunion JKk 
I want hats!
2013-03-11 00:34
United States Bibby 
NIP to LOL whoever gets picked up is living a dream to be honest!
2013-03-11 00:36
He hasn't said anything... he just mentioned it as what else he could say to the question of GO having potential to reach previous CS level of famous? He's making a living out of it, so clearly he's looking forward to it. Wishful thinking :)
2013-03-11 00:37
What? CS:GO expanding to the Moon? ''One small round for the Terrorist, one big disappointment for the Counter-Terrorists.''
2013-03-11 00:41
dat mystery..
2013-03-11 00:43
songname ?
2013-03-11 00:51
Have you found the song?
2013-04-19 19:52
valve method: f2play, pay for remove hats nice method: 2 matchmaking game/day is free after, you have to pay. btw: This chick really likes heaton!
2013-03-11 00:52
they totally banged
2013-03-11 00:52
so true
2013-03-11 02:39
lets hope!
2013-03-11 00:53
Switzerland Der_Blondi 
She wants that ...big... 24inch... BENQ monitor !
2013-03-11 00:57
That's a 27" one on the video.
2013-03-11 01:05
2013-03-11 06:55
2013-09-17 02:44
Estonia looodi 
explode? 1.6 movement :P
2013-03-11 00:58
I agree, GO should be F2P and more oriented towards a competitive title instead of the run and shoot shit that came out of the beta.
2013-03-11 01:04
Im not gay but heaton is soooooooo good looking and i love his muscles
2013-03-11 01:11
sounds pretty homo..
2013-03-11 01:21
u sure ?
2013-03-11 01:24
He's fit but not good looking at all.
2013-03-11 02:40
Isn't that fit either. He needs to cut some to look better.
2013-03-11 15:37
Yeah I agree.
2013-03-11 16:03
i have bad news for u
2013-03-11 13:14
Why the fuck would Valve only tell 1 team-manager about their plans?! I mean that would be extremely unfair for the other organisations and teams. Pretty sure there are no plans at all and heaton just tries to keep the hype alive.
2013-03-11 01:19
To be fair, NIP is the king of CS:GO, and you don't known if other teams or people don't know about the plans. Same happens with Dota 2, icefrog telling the players what changes they have in mind and ask what the players think about them.
2013-03-11 01:32
I was thinking about stuff like a 1 million tournament. If such a thing would be planned it would be wrong to just tell 1 organisation about it. they would have an advantage when it comes to do the right investments. anyway: I highly doubt such a thing will ever happen. There wouldn't be enough profit for Valve from such a thing (unless they don't bring in some kind of ingame-shop and make it f2p; but such a thing wouldn't work for CS anyway).
2013-03-11 01:45
If they are hosting an International for CS:GO, we are 5 months away from it, they need to find a venue big enough for two games and crowds, they need to start contacting teams. So if it's that, it doesn't sound that ludicrous. But, to be honest, I don't think that it's an International, because it's not a 1.6 million dollar tournament that makes a game explode. It's not the first time that Heaton makes such an hilariously bad judgement about CS:GO *cough* hltv.org/news/8979-heaton-csgo-will-be-b.. *cough*
2013-03-11 01:45
he have many years before that is wrong
2013-03-11 01:56
He has less than 2 actually, to prove that. Maybe not even that much.
2013-03-11 02:18
Or maybe Heaton contacted Valve and gave them some ideas? A lot of people, including Heaton, have direct contact with devs inside of Valve.
2013-03-11 13:17
I would say its a matchmaking system like LoL one with NA, EU and stuff because of the expansion. I don't think it will be f2p or so on or that it will be shown in The International :). Anyways it will difficult to do a decent matchmaking system with that shit anticheat called ¿VAC?.
2013-03-11 01:21
+1, actually if they want make GO as F2P title, they must rebuild the anticheat and report system - anticheat must be stronger and better in searching the players who are cheating, and also reporting - if some player reaches "XYZ" number of reports, he will be scanned in next 10 matchmaking matches etc
2013-03-11 01:42
gimme my 15e back valve...
2013-03-11 01:23
very funny
2013-03-11 01:57
On a more serious note, Valve needs to make something quickly..Numbers arent there yet and CS:GO is basically being carried by NiP. Imagine what CS:GO would be if it werent for HeatoN resurrecting NiP
2013-03-11 01:56
so lets say csgo goes f2p ok? then if i want to play i would be forced to buy shit? i dont understand whats going on
2013-03-11 01:57
you wouldnt be forced to buy shit, its an option... the same as in LoL
2013-03-11 09:49
I dont know about LoL. But I consider myself competitive player so what possibly could they do and affect me at my game?i wont be able to buy guns?others will have better models?
2013-03-11 12:25
just cosmetic, nothing that affects the game except for maybe the look of your gun, a bloody knife, some kind of WW2 gign model? i don't know but that's how LoL does it, cosmetic appearance without changing anything to be more powered than the other one having no skin
2013-03-11 13:46
i hope that it will be like this..
2013-03-11 17:40
in cs:O you can buy a bazooka with real money
2013-03-11 19:03
Hmmm, this stats say something different. imageshack.us/photo/my-images/577/531996..
2013-03-11 01:58
I said to myself before I started to write, that this shouldn't become a wall of text, but it ended out that way anyhow. Enjoy reading! Counter-Strike: Global Offensive definitely has the potential to grow bigger than we have ever seen Counter-Strike before. This is 2013, we got billionaires all over the world, we have huge investors all the time, who shows their support into the Electronic Sports franchise, and CS: GO is much more appealing and more up-to-date than the former CS-version ever been. It has become a really good game after a huge amount of patches since the very alpha, and we are here today with prizes up to $25.000, and I am sure that it just will continue to grow, as sponsors, viewers and players starts to show their interest - especially all of the ignorant 1.6ers who just can't see anything positive on the other side. We have seen a lot of organizations move into this new game already, and it's just a matter of time until other organizations like Evil Geniuses, Schröet Kommando Gaming and so forth are looking into it as well - I am 99.999% sure, that they are just waiting for the right time to join the party. In a year or two if this beautiful game continues to grow, we will have $150.000 tournaments, by that time I will roast my computer and my monitor and eat it, if that isn't the case. So for you skeptic gamers out there who only thinks " CS1.6 > CS:GO", "CS: GO is shit" and "CS1.6 will come back" - no, it won't it is for sure dead, you have to realize that. Give the game a fair chance, and I will most certainly guarantee you, that you will start to like it at some point in time. I really hope to see at least a lot of you 1.6'ers who hate "Saucers" like me(I started with 1.6, but I realized it was too late to become a true competitor) who just wants a united scene, and I know, that if you guys would grab your stones beneath we could have the scene you're used too - just a lot more fun, and much more players!
2013-03-11 02:12
Actuallly, the two organisations you mentioned don't see a future in CS:GO.
2013-03-11 02:21
CSP is dead bro,settle down.
2013-03-11 05:56
Stop flogging the dead horse, no one here mentioned that game.
2013-03-11 08:11
well said!
2013-03-11 03:40
Unfortunately if what you said were true CoD Modern Warfare would have acomplished that when it started being played at a competitive level. And by definition "up-to-date" and "appealing" doesn't last very long especially with video games.
2013-03-11 05:39
The difference between the COD franchise and the CS franchise is that VALVE is releasing a new game with 4-9 years in between. COD makes a new game every year. So that's why none of the COD games get really high up, except on XBOX and PS.
2013-03-11 08:45
Modern Warfare was massive the first summer. It had massive prizepools for a game that was only a few months old, then Activision released another game and it died.
2013-03-11 15:45
2013-03-11 11:01
I will take your word for it, but if it doesn't reach your prediction I will remind you about the roasting and eating :)
2013-03-11 12:21
I don't think you get the 1.6'ers, we don't move because we don't like the game. Period.
2013-03-11 13:00
EG will NEVER pick up CS:GO since Alex Garfield won't support CS:GO. The Slasher from SK-Gaming already said he doesn't see a bright future for CS:GO. Jason Lake from compLexity also said the current player/viewer number of CS:GO aren't good enough, so they won't pick up a CS:GO team. "I started with 1.6, but I realized it was too late to become a true competitor" AHAHAHA classic "CSSler". Seriously, that's exactly why I dislike "CSSler" like you. Most of you didn't choose the game which is the best for competition (or at least the most-fun-to-play), you were just afraid about the high competition in CS 1.6 and you didn't want to practice that hard. That's esport, if you're afraid of competition just go away. People like you severely damaged CS by creating a small second CS world (the CSS world), taking away a lot of young talents. Now you're telling people about re-uniting.... /whoever deleted this comment: I wrote it again and replaced the word "Saucer" with "CSSler". If there's still a problem feel free to explain it.
2013-03-11 13:53
The problem is you have made a disgracefully retarded comment, never try and make a rational point again.
2013-03-11 20:16
the truth hurts, right?
2013-03-11 20:33
The thing is, that I wasn't old enough to get the proper experience, since the scene wasn't really there anymore as I started to play (this is all about 1.6). After I really sat down and I started to put in the hours into Counter-Strike: Source I really liked it, it was a lot more about being strategic, as well as aiming than 1.6 But don't flame me for playing Source, it's still Counter-Strike, whether you like it or not.
2013-03-11 21:03
"it was a lot more about being strategic, as well as aiming than 1.6" The truth is: You simply never understood CS 1.6. I don't hate you for playing CSS. In fact I also played CSS. It's not a bad game, it's actually a lot of fun (especially some mods of it). But when it comes to competition it's nowhere near the level of CS 1.6.
2013-03-11 21:08
Yeah.. how can you possibly say CSS required more aim than 1.6?.. That's absolutely absurd. Just empirical data: head models were bigger in source and maps were comparatively smaller than their 1.6 counterparts. Recoil and kick were also not as aggressive as 1.6. Spraying while moving was also a lot easier in CSS. Regarding 'more tactical'. HE nades are more useful in 1.6. Flashes are more important in CSS. Smokes are more important in CSS. But nades are just one part of the tactical element of the CS series. Positioning is important. Knowing how to play against people that can outaim you is important.
2013-03-12 23:02
"Counter-Strike: Global Offensive definitely has the potential to grow bigger than we have ever seen Counter-Strike before." That's very very unlikely. Simply because the CS concept doesn't seem to appeal the younger generation anymore and since 2003 a lot of kids started to play FPS on consoles instead of PC. "It has become a really good game after a huge amount of patches since the very alpha" That's your opinion. I highly disagree. "we are here today with prizes up to $25.000" You realize that the current prize money situation is "nothing" compared to what we were used in the past 12 years of CS? It's probably a lot compared to what you where used from CSS (apart from the CGS), but 1.6 even had more prize money in its last year - no need to talk about the 2003-2010 period. I mean we're talking about the so called "successor of CS 1.6 AND CSS" so you could think the prize money would have raised - but in fact it's less than CS 1.6 ever had. Anyway I may sound like a hater, but I still wish the best for CS:GO.
2013-03-11 14:08
I have followed the 1.6 scene since I was a little scrub in the 3rd grade or so, thanks to my dad. The game is still quite new, and I am in belief of the prizes will continue to grow - as I actually mentioned in my original comment.
2013-03-11 21:05
blind optimism at it's best
2013-03-11 15:38
SK said that the future for GO is looking bad and that it isn't the right moment for a team, and EG has said that they definitely don't see any kind of future for GO. Jason Lake from the 2nd biggest american organisation coL also said this: Jason Lake: On an emotional level we're obviously quite tied to Counter-Strike. CS is the reason compLexity was initially founded. However, on a practical level the business side needs to make sense. Five man CS squads that need to travel the world are very expensive. Right now the CS:GO numbers are not impressive, sadly. The investment just doesn't make sense as of yet. Personally, I'm pulling for the game but we can't invest large amounts of money just because it's called "Counter-Strike".
2013-03-11 16:03
In other words. Won't win nip so not competing with a team.
2013-03-12 12:49
Are you honestly that retarded?
2013-03-11 16:36
2013-03-11 21:10
The "billionaries" will never support a game as dead as CSGO. Even if I would like to see that heppen, it will never happen. Not even if it went F2P. Instead, they put the money in RTS/MMO's. League of Legends, SC2, DotA, etc. The FPS scene is pretty dead nowadays. I admire your optimism, but that will never happen.
2013-03-11 22:38
Evil Geniuses = alex g. = csp SK - no cs:go team atm :-ss
2013-03-11 19:06
pretty sure he hit that afterwards..
2013-03-11 02:12
If they pick a LoL team I think they will pick a swedish line-up
2013-03-11 03:18
HeatoN for president of Valve CSGO.
2013-03-11 04:14
It's gonna be free and filled with commercials. After each round there will be couple of 30 second commercial breaks. All the walls and floors and even the player models will get spammed with ads
2013-03-11 06:02
Counter strike global offensing :D
2013-03-11 06:54
should pick up No Tidehunter dota2 team :D
2013-03-11 07:30
All plans expect The International for CS:GO is bullshit.
2013-03-11 08:26
Argentina Chrisztianh 
She is so beautiful! :D
2013-03-11 08:32
1mil tournament (like the international) for the whole world? updated: -fix aimpunch -silencer on m4 -silencer on p2000 -fix p2000 -fix glock -fix deagle something like that? :$
2013-03-11 08:33
Why do people care so much about the silencer?
2013-03-11 10:07
-placebo Used to it in 1.6 the feeling was different --' just something in my mind I cannot remove.. :/
2013-03-11 10:28
no, in 1.6 the silencer changed the damage-range-function and the kickback.
2013-03-11 12:13
no placebo than :D
2013-03-11 13:37
It's part of the game, why should it be out of the game?
2013-03-11 11:06
Yeah sure but its not so far up in the priority list as people make it out to be.
2013-03-11 13:10
Yeah ofcourse there is more important stuff to fix, but i cant see any valid reason to take it out of the game permanently. ps. Sent at 13:37 o clock
2013-03-11 13:37
silencer was present both in cs 1.6 and css which is an integral part of the game...removing some key elements from the previous versions simply do not do justice to the title nor to fans...need silencer and movement updates asap
2013-03-11 12:07
The sound gets cooler :D
2013-03-11 15:40
Cs:go will become f2p and they will add tanks, planes etc.
2013-03-11 08:50
ya and add nuke bombs and make it a next COD MW4
2013-03-11 12:03
If they make International vGO then I would rather see splitting up into seasons like ESL did with RaidCall EMS One with LAN finals. 500k for one team is TOO fucking much tbh. Maybe: Season 1 (250k): 100k 50k 25k Season 2 the same etc
2013-03-11 09:26
Nar to much :D 1st 50k 2nd 25k 3rd 10k 4th 5k 5th 2k 6th 2k 7th 2k 8th 2k 9th 1k 10th 1k 11th 1k 16th 1k Its much more efficient and still extremely exciting :D That way you can have like seasons in year and have like 5 years worth of that or even more.
2013-03-11 17:02
free to play, what else..
2013-03-11 09:30
The CSGO success guide. 1. Add mirage, tuscan, forge / SE to MM 2. Add silencers to relevant weapons 3. Release new VAC with hardware id ban + more. 5. Free 2 play 6. Host The international in 1 year 7. Implement adverts like in 1.6 8. Improve strafe and overall movement. 9. Matchmaking team rematch.
2013-03-11 09:55
this except 5.. don't agree about that..
2013-03-11 10:29
2013-03-11 10:46
Netherlands g@M 
2013-03-11 10:54
idea for expansion is that they should gather top8 teams and make tournaments all over the world (specially asia/russia/south america) that would be a great promotion imo... but they have to include teams from all over the world like 2 NA teams, 1 brazilian team 1 chinese/korean team and 4 european teams
2013-03-11 10:57
NiP win, gg, next please .. oh wait.
2013-03-11 11:19
Are they going to make it f2p? Sponsor a huge tournament? I dont see stubborn valve making changes to the game which would make it more decent.
2013-03-11 11:33
Add riot shield with laserbeams! This should make go bigger...
2013-03-11 12:39
the lady is about to jizz
2013-03-11 12:55
Just like heatons promised comeback and the plans to compete with Team 3d oh wait....
2013-03-11 13:04
dont play cs go people.. its a game for kids
2013-03-11 13:09
if cs go is for kids then cs 1.6 is for just born babies..or maybe todlers.
2013-03-11 13:31
dafuq?that logic
2013-03-12 06:04
if you tell me that cs 1.6 is harder than cs go then jump from a train or i dont know visit a doctor or something..
2013-03-12 08:43
1.6 is a game for oldschools.. like supermario
2013-03-12 19:24
i was 3 grade when i passed all 8 worlds on mario on my nes system back then...but i cant say that was hard..cs go is a game to test oldschools how realy skilled they are..
2013-03-12 22:46
super mario is better than cs go
2013-03-13 22:24
ok you can go now...play the mario graphic 1.6 and fuck off
2013-03-13 22:56
ur mom like milk lol
2013-03-15 01:18
retard no brainer
2013-03-15 09:01
no brain ur mom?
2013-03-15 15:25
then what is cod?
2013-03-11 13:49
Realy! -_-
2013-03-11 16:23
2013-09-17 13:56
way to success fix dd2 train add silencer change movement and fix models fix sound ( bomb etc) fix dgl add to matchmaking de_mill. mirage. de_inferno_ce and much more
2013-03-11 13:10
Whats wrong with d2 and train? ;p
2013-03-11 17:03
train is just awful
2013-03-11 17:36
Well, yeah, train sux, but d2?
2013-03-11 20:10
I don't see anything bad with d2_se..But he D2 used for competetive play aint good, due to the dust n shit
2013-03-11 20:16
d2 itself sux aswell,oh and fix smokes ,reduce the thickness like 50% because the way that itis is just ridiculous,cs:go competitive is like who can smoke the longer to burn more time lold
2013-03-12 06:04
2013-03-12 03:43
Everyone talking about F2P, as if cheaters aren't rampant enough already... The only way free to play would work is if they drastically change the way VAC works. The whole delayed ban in waves would no longer work...
2013-03-11 13:41
And how do they plan to make money if they make it f2p? LoL is f2p but players buy champions and skins all the time but I don't see that happening in CSGO...
2013-03-11 14:16
What his refering too is maybe valve is going to change the game so it can be played by shit computers. Thats one of the main reasons why numbers arent high.
2013-03-11 14:41
very great valve after cs 1.6 updates u can be big with your toy game. of corse they do it for cs fans, not for money. and f0rp is playink csgo because of fun not money. sry sry for swearzz.
2013-03-11 14:49
Hope they will add a fucking silencer to the colt soon.
2013-03-11 14:54
when valve apply this new system? really do not think it's in 2013
2013-03-11 14:58
youtube.com/watch?v=B6JAJVAGC9M Only reason why games like LoL and DotA works the way it does, is because its alot harder to cheat in a server-sided game. cy@ GO if this happens
2013-03-11 16:26
2013-03-11 16:25
2013-09-17 00:47
Sweden BenneDoT 
stated that he knows Valve has a "big expansion plan" for CS:GO which will make the game "explode". The "One and Only" also shed some light on the success of NiP's team and revealed that the organisation plan on expanding to other games, starting off with League of Legends. DAT INFO O.O
2013-03-11 16:51
hopefully it means new maps and community maps like mirage and mill, and much needed matchmaking improvements like 128 tick, se maps 2 flashbangs etc.
2013-03-11 16:55
Singleplayermode incoming :D
2013-03-11 17:30
i would personally like a campaign mode like cz deleted scenes had only a longer one. that would be fun and you could kill some time with some "interesting missions"
2013-03-11 17:41
dear god..
2013-03-12 06:02
So whats the problem with that?
2013-03-12 12:30
2013-03-22 00:54
Silencer, tweak movement a bit,_se maps in MM along with mirage, FPS commands..F2P with the ability to buy new GUI's / players models or w.e
2013-03-11 17:37
that would be dope
2013-03-11 17:40
keep dreaming. Valve is not gonna do it because they could atract more people to play it. Just impossible ! :D
2013-03-11 20:48
expansion plan ?? CS:GO BB C.S 1.6 and CSS WELCOME
2013-03-11 17:59
Valve is Destroying 1.6 by shitty updates and that's their way to explode CS- go . Simple as That
2013-03-11 17:59
damn if csgo goes f2p its gonna be so freaking massive, its gonna have like 80-100 k players per second
2013-03-11 18:18
SpawN | 
Iceland vasyl86 
CS GO is't su much exspensive. I paid for it only 10 euros, so it's not much for a product you use so often.
2013-03-13 12:54
while the free ESWC weekend it had like 50-60k only for a weekend so i think its gonna be a big game
2013-03-13 19:02
Yeah, and how many stayed? Just shows that the game isn't even worth 15 $ .... otherwise a lot more of those 50-60k would have sticked to it...i guess..
2013-04-19 20:02
wasted 5:08 minutes of my life
2013-03-11 19:00
Valve has a "big expansion plan" for CS:GO which will make the game "explode". I hope they plant a c4 on csgo
2013-03-11 20:13
keep dreaming
2013-03-11 20:37
Zoom her yellow teeth. Who did have that awesome idea? -.-
2013-03-11 20:16
sounds good!
2013-03-11 20:41
yaaaay new csgo pet is coming
2013-03-11 21:24
Its obv going to be an esea like client/system. So more people can get serious about the game but not get rapped by esea. oh and silencers..
2013-03-11 21:54
i hoppe this
2013-03-11 22:00
who cares about esea
2013-03-12 06:02
Finland joona 
i would be stoked to see something like LCS hosted in CS:GO
2013-03-12 02:30
Isn't EMS One somewhat same?
2013-03-13 07:52
1.6 expansion pack for CS:GO. Basically 1.6 with better textures
2013-03-12 03:29
CS:GO TV series starring LEOnardo dicaprio as CT & Kate Winslet as T and their hearts will go on ...
2013-03-12 05:46
I hope that game will not be f2p, because when they do that pro competetive scene will quickly die. CS:GO f2p: - more cheaters, - they will create new accounts to cheat more (one account without cheating, second one to test the cheats), Valve would have to do some brilliant banning system (but it's impossible): - ban on email address, - ban on Hardware ID, - ban on MAC address, - ban on IP, - etc. But still we will have more cheaters than we have right now, the best solution is to do it like that: They should do CSGO better than CS 1.6 and CS:S and then increase the price. forums.steampowered.com/forums/showthrea..
2013-03-12 11:43
Every single way of banning you mentioned can be bypassed one way or another. Game should have high price and steam ban would be enough. The only way to make CSGO more popular is making it better, there is no shortcut.
2013-08-11 17:19
Yeah, it's the next/other solution.
2013-08-11 20:49
Serbia BeX 
Valve never failed the lack of intrest in people trying something new is really sad. I mean its 2013 what do you expect shitty graphics from 2k, please wake up!
2013-03-12 12:43
^ its fucking CS still, deal with it. You are lucky you don't have sprint and ADS.
2013-03-12 22:26
THE INTERNATIONAL 3 Dota2 CS:GO 2Million $$$$$ or... CPL RETURNS
2013-03-13 06:04
Yes spanish boy...your dreams won't become true.
2013-03-13 17:02
SpawN | 
Iceland vasyl86 
they should add classic maps from 1.6 and change the recoil. It's impossible to spray at medium and very difficult on short distances, the bullets are flying everywhere. Also some improvements in deagle recoil and accuracy would be nice - it was a great pistol in 1.6, now it's completely useless
2013-03-13 12:48
movement + recoil , +classic maps , + sounds , sounds are the worst thing in csgo
2013-03-13 15:13
I guess people who paid the game will get their money back or they will have some special feature at the game. Next update won't be f2p, just an addition of LOTS of required changes into the game and mm.
2013-03-13 17:03
Disgusting! Valve could makeing many shit games with this name. "Couter Strike" Its the magic word.. If they make a box of shit and they write to box Counter Strike, they could sell it to you dear GO players... Thats the CSGO
2013-03-14 12:15
dramatic once they fix movement in GO which is going to be coming very soon, i wonder what the next major complaint is going to be. "Recoil impossible to control" lol.
2013-03-16 11:09
Hm, curious what he's talking about, but as long as the game itself doesn't get better making it f2p or whatever won't change thaaaat much.
2013-04-19 19:57
HeatoN.. love this guy!
2013-04-19 20:18
less than 1 month till anniversary. Let the speculations begin! 1st one to get it right receives a honestly meant handshake.
2013-07-29 16:55
do you think the game "will explode" at its anniversary? or what should happen when the game is 1 year old?
2013-07-29 17:07
Would be a good occasion for a "bigger" update. F2P, really big gameplay update..something like that.
2013-07-29 17:15
2013-07-29 17:22
Germany fulltilt 
Free 2 Play
2013-07-29 16:58
its almost time.. bump
2013-08-11 16:22
2013-08-11 16:23
CS:GO Needs + New servers + South America / Mexico servers + Net Code? You get a lot of " Last shot kill, delay plays " Rubberbanning + Perhaps slight larger Hitbox, give a better rewarding feel when landing a hit + Dynamic recoil pattern + Remove Aimpunch ( other than HS ) + and movements - they don't have to be exactly like 1.6, but you really are limited.
2013-08-11 17:06
...and also fix a MUCH greater penalty upon spraying while moving.
2013-09-17 05:08
if you want to see csgo change for the better then go to the steam forums and submit some intelligent points. valve are letting the community build this game but you need to articulate some intellect in your points though.
2013-08-11 17:39
2013-09-17 12:31
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