ESC defeats NiP in RC EMS One Cup #4

March 13th, 2013 22:28

ESC Gaming has done the unthinkable and upset NiP 16-12 on de_train_se (10-5, 6-7) in round of sixteen of today's RaidCall EMS One Cup #4 to remain in the tournament.

The Poles lost the counter-terrorist pistol round on de_train_se and quickly fell behind 1-4 as NiP won round five. After that Filip "NEO" Kubski's squad switched into a higher gear.

NiP Gaming attempted attacks all around the map for the next nine rounds but were unable to penetrate the defense led by strong overall play by the defenders led by Wiktor "TaZ" Wojtas.

Despite Jarosław "pasha" Jarząbkowski missing the defuse by a second on the final round, momentum was on ESC Gaming's side as they changed sides with a respectable 10-5 lead.

However, Patrik "f0rest" Lindberg and company weren't ready to throw in the towel just yet, as they rallied to go up 5-2 after once again winning the pistol round, their second on the map.

ESC's in-game leader scored a huge 1v1 for his team 

Computer issues delayed the rest of the match for quite a while, but an important one-on-one AWP clutch by Jakub "kuben" Gurczynski tied the game at twelve a piece.

After NiP's save round they managed to gain a four-on-two advantage, but Kubski and Wojtas were able to score yet another important round for ESC, giving them fourteen rounds.

Trailing 12-14, Adam "friberg" Friberg scored three kills on NiP's second save round, but Kubski and Jarząbkowski secured ESC game point at 15-12 as a smart rotation to the inner bombsite caught NiP off guard.

Final nail to NiP's coffin came on a quick outside rush that we weren't able to see as GOTV issues once again made the server change map too early. However, ESC Gaming clinched a 16-12 win.

13th March 2013

 ESC K - D +/- ADR Rating 1.0
Poland Wiktor 'TaZ' WojtasTaZ 29 - 16 +13 - 1.52
Poland Jarosław 'pashaBiceps' JarząbkowskipashaBiceps 24 - 16 +8 - 1.38
Poland Filip 'NEO' KubskiNEO 24 - 17 +7 - 1.24
Poland Jakub 'kuben' Gurczynskikuben 18 - 19 -1 - 0.92
Poland Mariusz 'Loord' CybulskiLoord 12 - 23 -11 - 0.59

 NiP K - D +/- ADR Rating 1.0
Sweden Richard 'Xizt' LandströmXizt 21 - 19 +2 - 1.01
Sweden Patrik 'f0rest' Lindbergf0rest 21 - 22 -1 - 0.92
Sweden Christopher 'GeT_RiGhT' AlesundGeT_RiGhT 20 - 24 -4 - 0.88
Sweden Adam 'friberg' Fribergfriberg 18 - 24 -6 - 0.76
Sweden Robin 'Fifflaren' JohanssonFifflaren 11 - 18 -7 - 0.64

 ESC K - D +/- ADR Rating 1.0
Poland Wiktor 'TaZ' WojtasTaZ 29 - 16 +13 - 1.52
Poland Jarosław 'pashaBiceps' JarząbkowskipashaBiceps 24 - 16 +8 - 1.38
Poland Filip 'NEO' KubskiNEO 24 - 17 +7 - 1.24
Poland Jakub 'kuben' Gurczynskikuben 18 - 19 -1 - 0.92
Poland Mariusz 'Loord' CybulskiLoord 12 - 23 -11 - 0.59
 NiP K - D +/- ADR Rating 1.0
Sweden Richard 'Xizt' LandströmXizt 21 - 19 +2 - 1.01
Sweden Patrik 'f0rest' Lindbergf0rest 21 - 22 -1 - 0.92
Sweden Christopher 'GeT_RiGhT' AlesundGeT_RiGhT 20 - 24 -4 - 0.88
Sweden Adam 'friberg' Fribergfriberg 18 - 24 -6 - 0.76
Sweden Robin 'Fifflaren' JohanssonFifflaren 11 - 18 -7 - 0.64

ESC Gaming stay alive in RaidCall EMS One Cup #4 and are currently in a match against ALTERNATE in the quarter-finals, which is a must-win match for ESC. NiP has already qualified for the main round.

fiff the best
2013-03-13 22:28
Fifflaren is noob awp compared to Pasza. NIP should get rid of him as soon as possible if they still want to defeat ESC.
2013-03-13 22:50
2013-03-13 22:51
World fns1 
2013-03-14 03:31
lol.. he is noob like fiff coz he is sAuCeRR
2013-03-14 14:12
2013-03-14 10:33
2013-03-14 10:57
2013-03-14 15:09
lol NIP as a team is good so who are you to say fiflaren is noob? stfu stupid idiot!
2013-03-13 22:52
Are u so blind? Fiff was unable to kill in obvious situations. Can u imagine good AWP players to miss in those moments?
2013-03-13 23:09
Have you ever watched any other NiP match?
2013-03-14 00:30
Even the best players in the world have an off game once in a while; even forest and gtr don't madfrag in every match. Your comment shows how much of a noob you are when it comes to analyzing high level play.
2013-03-14 03:28
stfu man you are just fcking hater cuz fif play for nip so gtfo!
2013-03-14 17:53
Poland joeb 
i still believe that the day when you guys will stop paying too much attention to statistics, instead of chemistry put in game by certain person, will come eventually...
2013-03-13 22:57
2013-03-13 22:59
United States 1mPeRvI0uS 
hopes die last :)
2013-03-13 23:20
I said the same everytime someone blamed ceh9 when NaVi lost a match. :D I gave up. :(
2013-03-14 01:36
Netherlands liQuidmoTion 
No matter the role he has in the team, ceh9 has been holding navi back for 2 years now, and will continue to do so. And to think they even had ange1 under contract at some point, as 6th/commentator... He is atm (and in the past year) with xizt the top2 csgo igl's
2013-03-14 01:44
Exactly! NaVi with ange1 would have been nearly unstoppable!
2013-03-14 04:28
Europe _jUNGLE 
starting to think the same atm...
2013-03-14 10:13
Netherlands liQuidmoTion 
For sure! (in 1.6, in csgo if they were given some time or switched earlier)
2013-03-14 14:38
I think they shouldve swallowed their pride and switched earlier to begin with. I love 1.6 more than CSGO but if they were going to switch anyway.... you know? ;) but yes +ange1 i wouldve agreed with BEFORE but i really like and their lineup. I just wish it was a 1.6 lineup as well :(
2013-03-14 15:49
Netherlands liQuidmoTion 
Yeah in 1.6 that would be a star lu Too bad we havent seen the old adreN (yet)
2013-03-14 19:52
first time theyv lost to ESC and theyv never lost a game on LAN, remaining the most successful CSGO team in the world and you're saying they should swap a player out. troll or fucking retarded.
2013-03-14 01:51
If fiff is noob, then HOW NOOB ARE YOU?
2013-03-14 05:35
United States MadCl0wN 
2013-03-14 07:06
2013-03-13 22:28
asmins please add stats from vg and fnatic matches
2013-03-13 22:39
HOOOOOOOOOOO HAAAAAAAAAAA ! =) , Need win this in Lan for changes in NiP =)
2013-03-13 22:30
unexpected :P as always respect neo's team :) <3
2013-03-13 22:30
TaZ-dA-DreaMsCrasHeR : D
2013-03-13 22:30
lets wait for the esl feedback to see if they were cheating or not ....
2013-03-13 22:31
Slovakia jurrte 
gj boys :)
2013-03-13 22:32
ESC - Finally above average
2013-03-13 22:33
nip is average? mentally retarded finland
2013-03-14 21:33
Poland - Baits easily bitten.
2013-03-14 22:13
2013-03-16 02:07
Brazil akak1 
online or lan?
2013-03-13 22:33
online, but esc are bootcamping
2013-03-13 22:35
Brazil akak1 
2013-03-13 22:35
but Nip bootcamping too
2013-03-13 22:57
SpawN | 
Bosnia and Herzegovina nessaja 
on___ :)
2013-03-13 22:34
Brazil akak1 
2013-03-13 22:35
i know what you did there.... :)
2013-03-14 18:50
SpawN | 
Bosnia and Herzegovina nessaja 
2013-03-14 19:26
on underlines?
2013-03-14 21:22
Spain thinkii 
That's why I loved ESC on v1.6, cuz they are the best team, and they are playing nicer and nicer on cs:go, I think they'll become the new undefeteable and top team
2013-03-13 22:34
They aren´t "nicer" in CS:GO as i stands now. Fanboy
2013-03-13 22:42
LOL what
2013-03-13 22:44
I highly doubt they will be undefeated, honestly seeing how so many teams are getting better lately I think 2013 will be a good year for CS:GO. Everyone's beating everyone (even Na'vi just lost 16-4 I think a second ago) and fnatic have been really impressive after their lineup change. If I will cheer for anything, is that NO team will dominate and there will be tons of upsets and hopefully even an underdog "nonamer" that comes to LAN and beats a few of the top teams.
2013-03-13 22:45
That only happens when luck plays a bigger role than skill so I hope you will be wrong
2013-03-13 23:02
I am not saying every match is random, just that there's variety between the top5 and a few upsets here and there. Even 1.6 had a ton of upsets, for example Ravens (Danish team) came out of no where and did an upset. Na'vi wasn't a one hit wonder but they did pretty much come out of no where since they weren't that known when they were separated into various Ukrainian teams. After they were given a boost by Arbalet they just took the whole world by surprise in 2010.
2013-03-13 23:18
"fnatic have been really impressive after their lineup change." + your flag = fAnBoYyYyY
2013-03-14 21:35
they let esc winning prolly... nip through anyways
2013-03-13 22:34
vs VG tonight ?
2013-03-13 22:35
if they win over ALTERNATE, then yes in BO3 :D
2013-03-13 22:37
2013-03-13 23:01
2013-03-13 22:36
lurrpis so happy. </3 sweden
2013-03-13 22:37
Peru dbie 
fifflaren was the reason why NiP didn't rape ESC.
2013-03-13 22:37
It was a nice game to watch, just sad that GeT_RiGhT got disconnected like 3-4 times, in the middle of the rounds. TaZ was a beast as always, he really proved that he is one of the best players out there. :)
2013-03-13 22:37
"ESC's in-game leader scored a huge 1v1 for his team" and you lurppis said that ESC has no IGL but just teamplay in yesterday's [POD]Cast :D
2013-03-13 22:38
Lurppis said "probably every player in ESC can get the igl job done"... He never said they had no IGL..
2013-03-13 22:41
you probably shouldn't comment if you don't speak enough english to understand i didn't say that at all
2013-03-13 22:43
I'm joking, delete my comment then :P
2013-03-13 22:46
lying/being wrong =! joking
2013-03-13 22:49
ok I thought I'm right but now realised that I'm wronk, you can delete this now :D
2013-03-13 22:55
you are a nice guy
2013-03-13 23:05
yeah I failed ;/
2013-03-13 23:04
Don't worry dude. Everyone fails at some point, in any subject! No big deal :)
2013-03-16 13:07
Why to avoid this?: ahahhahahhahahahahahhahahahahha seez is a lozer nananananana.
2013-03-14 13:01
please? :P
2013-03-13 23:03
2013-03-14 14:01
16:12 with both pistolrounds lost is fkin amazing score imo
2013-03-13 22:39
ESC have always been pretty bad online and they beat NIP already qualified and well seeded. Seems legit
2013-03-13 22:39
there is still money at stake stop trolling
2013-03-13 22:53
And there is more money to win overall if the competitions are more interesting to viewers and sponsors. Start thinking.
2013-03-13 22:58
and you dont think it is more important to their own sponsors to show they are the beast than make a big "plan" to lose to teams on purpose because those team failed hard in all the other cups ? retard
2013-03-14 11:31
No, i don't think, no one need to know nip are "the beast", everyone knows that already, sponsors included. However NiP and nip's sponsors need a big community, the maximum exposure for CSGO to increase the cash prizes of competitions, basically we are talking about their wages here. Poland has a big and really nice community and loosing them on an event is a bad news for everyone. You said it yourself, ESC failed hard in all other cups, and they are pretty bad online overall. For some reason they beat nip on this one, please start thinking and stop calling names.
2013-03-14 13:58
well if you choose to believe in your own stupid theories then go ahead LOL
2013-03-14 14:09
German internet > Polish internet.
2013-03-13 23:07
Denmark w0lteX 
Danes and Swedes online > everybody else.
2013-03-14 01:11'd
2013-03-16 13:31
Stop deluding yourself.
2013-03-16 02:11
Peru k1ckass 
pasha cs go > pasha cs 1.6 :)
2013-03-13 22:39
Finally someone has done it :)
2013-03-13 22:40
You do realize that NiP lost like back in october against SY_B? ;P
2013-03-13 22:43
and n!faculty
2013-03-13 22:49
and WRTT
2013-03-17 04:27
ESC are the new Kings in CS GO.
2013-03-13 22:52
Since nip was allready qualified i guess they did not have needs to use their finest speshial_tactics.
2013-03-13 22:41
Not so much tactics going on on CT-side though. So we can´t take anything off ESCs performance.
2013-03-13 22:44
so why they played?
2013-03-13 22:53
To score points for the group stage so that they will get a higher seed (temp. they are at top)
2013-03-14 00:37
WOHO! Finaly NIP on knees. Good Job Polska
2013-03-13 22:42
esc beat nip online is crazy shouldnt be possible :P
2013-03-13 22:43
Haha true. While esc are lan beasts and suck online.
2013-03-14 13:03
2013-03-13 22:46
Its the new pope's first miracle!
2013-03-13 22:47
Lol, +1 to you sir.
2013-03-13 23:12
hahahahah :DDD
2013-03-14 01:40
2013-03-13 22:48
Now this is actually some nice news about CSGO. Ps, 2 saucers low :D
2013-03-13 22:50
2013-03-13 23:36
online or offline? online i guess :S
2013-03-13 22:53
reading with comprehension problems?
2013-03-13 23:00
show me where it says online, offline or LAN in the article
2013-03-13 23:18
In the article about this tournament? On the stream? Other 137891 places?
2013-03-14 00:38
maybe I didnt watch the stream or other 13294 places and decided to ask in the comments section since there is nothing in the article? dick
2013-03-14 01:56
Sure, you were not trolling like other 100 idiots. 'cough' idiot
2013-03-14 10:25
you sure need to look up what 'trolling' means
2013-03-14 17:40
Macedonia balich 
THATS IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2013-03-13 22:55
2013-03-13 22:55
NIP should definitely kick Fifflaren.
2013-03-13 23:24
You're one of the best trolls I've seen in a while. Many people don't realize, but you're trolling all over the place :D Hands down!
2013-03-14 11:43
2013-03-13 22:56
2013-03-13 22:57
OU YEAAAAAAAH,AHAHAHAHAAHAHA, that's not funny at all, gl esc
2013-03-14 09:17
NiP has already qualified for the main round. sorry esc nip qualified no need win this match
2013-03-13 22:57
so why they played? ( NIP ) to get lose by ESC?
2013-03-13 23:00
And what is the purpose of your post because I don't understand it?
2013-03-13 23:03
NiP didn't care so much about this game at all since they are already qualified for that tournament and ESC probably played their fucking best to qualify for that
2013-03-13 23:01
esc and navi are going to be a real problem for nip soon i fink
2013-03-13 23:03
2013-03-13 23:14
2013-03-13 23:20
Sweden CS Gods losing with purpose for keeping their salary and scene alive Just relax NiP will still win next events with one hand behind back and other in pants.. aswel.l ldlc something you can eat or is bot? frenchrandomsaucerape[16]---> ukrloseré[4] Ure still mad u no cant win anything navifanfags?
2013-03-13 23:17
Europe _jUNGLE 
I shall report all your posts, hater. This has nothing to do with NaVi. I think people like you should not pollute this beautiful Earth.
2013-03-14 12:01
I can sense a pattern here - him giving Na’vi this attention justifies their greatness disguised in a trolls expression. Imo, nothing to get slightest mad about , its just a simple troll trying to be original. Instead, use haters throwing shit at you as a motivating tool/component like G5 did during these years for example (Taz told in some interviews), and i think Na’vi is not an exeption in this particular case. For good you also sometimes need bad, It's the fundamental perspective in this life: Up and Down and UP and... :] ying and yang ;ad etc..
2013-03-14 12:46
2013-03-13 23:20
It is not the first match they lost ...
2013-03-14 11:55
I know, but they didn't lost a match long time ago :D
2013-03-14 14:52
2013-03-14 17:46
yep )))
2013-03-14 21:24
any place I can see the match outside CS:GO demo?
2013-03-13 23:35 game starts at 1:49:00
2013-03-13 23:46
thanks mate!
2013-03-20 23:22
i still don't understand how in this day and age, "technical issues" still exist. c'mon, really? your internet, pc whatever, at least sort it out before match day x.x congrats to the polaks. gg
2013-03-13 23:41
sometimes stuff happens thats outside your control
2013-03-13 23:48
good, atleast this may mean ESC will make it to the EMS Lan finals..
2013-03-13 23:52
ROFL i knew it, 1 win and the polish fanboys is on fire: LOL ESC BEST IN CSGO NIP NOOBS SWITCH PLAYERS ESC WILL NEVER LOOSE IN CSGO. Damn i hate polish kids on this website. They remind me of the people who wrote foxj >>> markeloff.
2013-03-13 23:55
ESC winning online, that too against NiP! somethings definitely not right here!
2013-03-13 23:56
fifflaren should just rifle. he was a beast in source for rifle and never awped. I have no clue as to why they think he NEEDs to awp. 5 rifle is perfectly fine.
2013-03-14 00:17
Korea ws0 
2013-03-14 00:17
stiffler :DD
2013-03-14 00:30
GRIFFIN COME BACK He is making a killing in poker tho. $$$
2013-03-14 00:42
Korea ws0 
true beast online live poker player! wooooooooh
2013-03-14 00:44
2013-03-14 00:41
ESC >>> all
2013-03-14 00:44
Poland Marcines 
good match by esc ;)
2013-03-14 00:47
Well played ESC!!
2013-03-14 01:07
NiP should make Fifflaren and Friberg practice with 1.6. They need more skill.
2013-03-14 01:42
NiP should have made Get_RighT to practice not getting disconnected.
2013-03-14 03:09
I should have made a time machine and go back in time and kill both of your parents so neither of you two had ever been born.
2013-03-14 05:27
I wish I had your passion to go such lengths for even such minor things like random forums posters...
2013-03-14 05:33
Keep cool bro
2013-03-14 16:19
Almost everyone foremost taunting navi/fnatic/Anexis(OI) and even VG i must say to take down NiP @ LAN first. Well it isnt done yet but what you see here is the most successful CS team ever. Once again sucha worldclass play by g5, and in this new CS title. Just impressive play and the way they were winning this match: losing both pistol rounds, some clutch plays, extremly close rounds, perfectly synched teamplay for example, yeah the match basicly had everything we now can ask for in CS: GO at this stage - a bit sad we couldnt see the last round thouu.. Just mindblowing impressive, so thank you again ESC for this highly talented performance and show. Through hard times and deep struggle you always come back at top! ^dD wow Btw this "crux__" sucha retarded trollcomment. Its no "passion", its cl_brain...?0??0 -_- and a ban to 2020 imo.
2013-03-14 09:42
Taiwan SCVready 
welcome back ESC!!
2013-03-14 02:32
Its nice of nip to throw the game to help esc out
2013-03-14 02:38
Yea right, and now they helped NAVI.
2013-03-20 23:18
GJ ESC! Always good to see a team beat the "current best in the scene".
2013-03-14 03:02
Sweden X-rAy 
random game.. :D
2013-03-14 03:32
gj ESC :D naiseee . incoming saucer joke..
2013-03-14 04:34
And LDLC defeat NaVi on Cup4
2013-03-14 05:10
no biggie, just some online match.
2013-03-14 06:55
NIP bootcamping vs ESC bootcamping :D Half online match :D
2013-03-14 08:39
I think only 4 players of NIP was at the game center. Xizt was probably at home as he lives in a different part of the country.
2013-03-14 09:15
And they're only 4 preparing for incomming LANS? lol
2013-03-14 12:00
oNlY OnLiNe
2013-03-14 07:56
Valve paid NiP 10 000 euro for loosing on purpose so ESC wouldn't rage quit from GO :D
2013-03-14 08:09
2013-03-14 10:20
so rattlesnake refuse the offer?
2013-03-14 10:41
2013-03-14 12:01
more like sweden changing lineups in 1.6 4564564 times and still couldnt do shit @ big lans vs G5.
2013-03-14 21:40
wow still Nip 100:1 vs ESC
2013-03-14 09:02
ESC lucky
2013-03-14 10:54
I'm not an NiP fan, yet in their defense, they were playing (presumably) from their homes and ESC were playing from a LAN center.
2013-03-14 11:29
They were not actually, they are also bootcamping. ;>
2013-03-14 12:01
conGratz to ESC , well deserved ...and yes, both teams were bootcamping so nothing to really blaim on there for NiP fans i guess?
2013-03-14 11:49
finally, my thoughts were closer to end career of polish guys, than nip defeat
2013-03-14 11:59
NICE KURWA !!!!!!!!!!
2013-03-14 13:12
2013-03-14 14:54
Japan Chii 
2013-03-14 15:13
People want to replace people from NiP because of a loss online? seems legit, just wait for them to face eachother on LAN and I'm sure it will go the same way as every team NiP have faced yet.
2013-03-14 16:16
2013-03-14 18:41
ESC > NiP online ?? So offline NiP will be raped 16 : 6 or something like that.
2013-03-14 18:53
2013-03-14 20:05
2013-03-14 19:38
dat game is so fking unwatchable! go is shit
2013-03-14 19:41
losing both pistols and still beating nip...pretty good. btw, reading some of the comments here i can clearly see that ESC is a team with the highest number of haters in the whole universe.
2013-03-14 21:43
NeO the best; always. But this is just paving the road for Na'Vi to completely destroy the competition.
2013-03-16 08:27
2013-03-16 21:39
nip the best team always
2013-03-17 17:42
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