Imaginary Gaming lose CS:GO team

Imaginary Gaming and their CS:GO division have parted company, the French team have confirmed.

The French team had been part of Imaginary since December and flew the organisation's flag high in their first weeks there, clinching the bronze at the SLTV StarSeries finals in Ukraine.

Since then, though, Steeve "Ozstrik3r" Flavigni's troops have struggled to impress, and the team's exit in the first group stage of Mad Catz Invitational in Vienna, following a three-way tie with TCM-Gaming and Nostalgie, came as heavy blow to them.

shoxie's team seek new home

It has now been revealed that Imaginary Gaming would not be able to send the team to Copenhagen Games next week, which prompted the players to go freelance to try to find some financial support elsewhere.

"We had to make a choice between staying with Imaginary and giving up on the bulk of the 2013 season (Copenhagen Games, Mad Catz Birmingham and EMS) or try to find another organisation which could help us to reach our goals," team manager Yannick "CsD" Lambert told

"Every player on my team is competitive and they made up their minds quickly, despite the fact that, once again, some people will take this opportunity to criticise our stability.

"We are looking for a serious organisation, which can send us to Denmark in one week, so that we can put all this practice to a good use.

"If an organisation is interested in our team, you can contact us via e-mail at"

The French team, who will go under the name JAS until they find a new organisation, are currently ninth in SLTV StarSeries, with 13 points from 12 matches, and will take on n!faculty, 3DMAX and gamed!de in their RaidCall EMS One group.

Having failed to secure an invite to Copenhagen Games' main CS:GO tournament, JAS will have to play the event's qualifier, which will be held on March 28th.

JAS have the following lineup:

France Steeve "Ozstrik3r" Flavini
France Richard "shoxie" Papillon
France Kevin "Uzzziii" Vernel
France Michel "mshz" Nguyen
France Engin "MAJ3R" Kupeli

France Thomas "akeR" Radovic (backup)

bad for them
2013-03-21 00:41
maj3r was playing with esahara nick today if I remember it right..
2013-03-21 00:44
6 replies
majer + sixer = Ower powered guys
2013-03-21 00:56
1 reply
not at all, these guys are beasts
2013-03-21 18:59
eSahara merged with Absolute Legends.
2013-03-21 01:47
3 replies
And then desapered !
2013-03-21 10:50
2 replies
The owner just didn't care anymore about his organisation, he's making enough money with oil in Algeria :D
2013-03-21 19:01
1 reply
What a fool -.-' i thought something else happened to the French SQUAD !
2013-03-21 19:05
hope any org will pick them before cph, even though the chances are low...
2013-03-21 00:44
1 reply
Well maybe steelseries to the rescue once again
2013-03-21 07:19
-ozstrik3r -MAJ3R +krl +AREA
2013-03-21 00:45
10 replies
both not playing csgo...
2013-03-21 00:49
2 replies
krl plays for his new team called Brotherhood. I'm sure they can convince AREA to play with them.
2013-03-21 03:53
1 reply
krL & bistoufly sold their computers 3 weeks ago ;).
2013-03-21 12:37
Id rather see shoxie and uzzi in :p or shoxie in VG
2013-03-21 10:43
5 replies
Denmark iPlayer
+1 on ldlc, probly sf and atlantis out.
2013-03-21 14:46
shoxie in VG? oh really? and who would he replace? ScreaM?
2013-03-21 16:01
3 replies
X6 ofc, and don't feed me that "they need an igl" crap, look at xizt, who wasn't an igl until a year ago, and won every 1.6 and GO event he played since his switch
2013-03-21 17:49
2 replies
xizt didnt win alone... get right forest...
2013-03-21 19:39
1 reply
Xizt was and is a madfragger, one of the VG games guys could do it too :p
2013-03-22 00:04
+MurdeR' +RARA
2013-03-21 10:45
i hope they will find a new organization
2013-03-21 00:52
1 reply
+1 krl
2013-03-21 00:47
Sad for them, really great team wish them the best and that they manage to get to CPH games!
2013-03-21 00:46
4 replies
United States criimson
schneider who are the people that you're playing with now that were not with you in WesternWolves?
2013-03-21 02:58
3 replies
jw & berg
2013-03-21 02:54
2 replies
United States criimson
Are zende and downie playing with other team??
2013-03-21 03:05
1 reply
downie is playing with WRTT i think and zende just chilling focusing on school.
2013-03-21 03:05
bad thing for them.. hope they can find a good org
2013-03-21 00:47
poor shox. deserves a better team
2013-03-21 00:47
great team , gl
2013-03-21 00:54
ozstrik3r when you leave for greater good?!?!? get some balls.
2013-03-21 00:58
3 replies
he is the oldest active player... right ?
2013-03-21 01:16
2 replies
dont know who is older but chef-koch is 30+ as well
2013-03-21 03:53
1 reply
oz is 34-35 I think :D lolz i didn't know that chef-koch is 30+ :O
2013-03-21 04:14
Bad decision. There is no organization that can send them to CPH, without screwing them up. Good luck though!
2013-03-21 01:09
8 replies
this is not only about CPH, they cannot send them to the others event too, then.. might be the right decision
2013-03-21 01:11
7 replies
Do you have any thought of how much does it cost to have a CS:GO team and send them to events over a year? It's 20.000-25.000€. There are 10 organizations (max 15) that can do that. So no, it's not a good decision.
2013-03-21 01:53
6 replies
i dont know where you got 20k€ from. to me it seems that 10k€ is a more accurate number assuming you dont do any overseas travel and stick to tournaments in europe
2013-03-21 03:46
2 replies
he knows how much it cost because he works for one bigger organisation
2013-03-21 04:03
Ok sir.
2013-03-21 13:33
I know what you are saying, you are learning nothing to me. It's just that for this kind of players, they do not want to compete at regional events, they want to attend international events and if the organizations can not help them to do it? then they prefere leaving.. what is illogic here?
2013-03-21 17:22
2 replies
Dude, are you being intentionally dunse?
2013-03-21 18:11
1 reply
i dunno what means dunse, but it shouldnt be compliment. btw, try to think about the fact that eSport is growing, and teams like imG do not ask to attend all the international events, but Copenhagen Games is a huge event, and imo all the best teams should be able to attend this, at least it would be great. i'm plenty conscious of the budget it needs. just want to say there is no more than 3 events like this a year.
2013-03-21 18:46
The orga who sponsorise a team with ozstriker is stupid, it's obvious they can't reach top8 world playing with 4 guys... If one one them is in a bad day it turns to 3v5...
2013-03-21 01:35
3 replies
The orga who sponsorise a team, what? HAHAHAH
2013-03-21 10:31
2 replies
I think you can understand what I mean! If you want to be my dictionnary it's OKAY I won't search by myself dude ;)
2013-03-21 12:57
1 reply
yea google translate powa.
2013-03-21 18:45
shoxie maj3r happy apEX uzzziii
2013-03-21 02:18
Greece her-1g
I like this team alot they showed good signs. Although I believe tha harts would be fitter than ozstriker. Oz has loads of cs experience and knowledge but he cant kill. That was cool back in 2005, like tr1p who was a bottomfragger but a cs mastermind, but things are different now. Either way gl to them
2013-03-21 02:26
United States criimson
FRANCE 2nd Best dream team: aPEX AREA Shoxie atLantis Happy
2013-03-21 02:57
6 replies
++ beasty lu.
2013-03-21 06:46
5 replies
United States criimson
Tibbse is that you like the real deal?
2013-03-21 07:25
4 replies
probably :P
2013-03-21 07:36
3 replies
United States criimson
MAN! How ya doin? HAHAHA well let me be straight up with you and get to the point here... tell me buddy where are the brand new CS:GO GUIs?? I think that after silencers or movement tweaks in the game this is the most important update the community has been waiting for -.- get me a VERYGAMES GUI ASAP dude! I want variety and customization like right now :D
2013-03-21 11:35
2 replies
Thx for asking Im fine and u?:> Currently Im out of the gui business and there are plently of reasons, why Im "gone". The main reason is, that my pc holds me back big time to create new interfaces for CS's. 1.6 got updated and I have an integrated card. And the update not realy supports my setup..In some parts of the menu I cant see .tga images, fucked up vgui menu, symbolic fonts are white squares.Ads from the maps like d2 or from the spectate theme are invisible...since they modified the rendering, the only way is to rotate back the whole files to the 2009 version, but if I do that eac and other anti-cheats will drops you its kinda annoying next to having fps drops and the mouse click bug aswell since the update. About csgo, well first I need to upgrade my pc, to handle such games :) Im on the way to take some money since I also want to play with batman arkham city and asylum once which also needs a good pc. :P Probably when I get a new pc, valve fix all issues for 1.6 and csgo gets 100% fine (meaning that they update it once in a year example) gonna look in to it how and what can I customize on their menus:>
2013-03-22 06:50
1 reply
United States criimson
Dude i couldn't agree more with you thanks for the heads up now we know why u been inactive with your work... And bro let me tell you batman arkham asylum and arkham city are probably the best action/single player games you will ever play i'm telling you i bought both and i don't regret my decision not for a second :) AWESOME GAMES GL with upgrading your gear pal!
2013-03-22 12:36
KRL shoxie apEX AREA whoever gl to shoxie, really deserves something REALLY REALLY better.
2013-03-21 03:30
shoxie ScreaM apeX Area Happy Dream team
2013-03-21 08:00
shox looks like a badass lol
2013-03-21 10:26
*aAa* like cs:go squad !
2013-03-21 11:08
gl for the futur
2013-03-21 12:20
OZ RARA Ex6tence + 2 random pub player
2013-03-21 13:25
1 reply
+ Kobs = top1 :D
2013-03-21 14:16
Ozstrik3r is bad player. akeR backup?
2013-03-21 14:07
I always thought that Oz is in the team because he haz the money to take them to events. But this showed me how much mistaken i was. Now I have no idea why they keep playing with him.
2013-03-21 14:44
shoxie to LDLC!
2013-03-21 15:53
as long they have Ozstrik3r they won't find home hahaha he is so bad that, that even all organizers knows him for being worst cs:go player in history^^ even french teams arent that stupid that they would sign team with Ozstrik3r LOL hahahahahaha
2013-03-21 16:51
2013-03-21 18:25
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