Na´Vi: "BX3 default is unfair"

March 29th, 2013 13:57

We caught up with Na´Vi manager Igor "Caff" Sidorenko following his side's 2-1 victory against BX3 and asked him about the default map loss to the Norwegians.

Na´Vi's fans woke up to the news that the team were one map down against BX3 after arriving late at Øksnehallen, the exhibition centre where Copenhagen Games is taking place.

Contacted by, the Ukrainian team stressed that they did nothing wrong and blamed miscommunication with the tournament admins for the incident.

"We read on the website that the matches started at 10:00, so I was here at 9 or even earlier, actually, and there was no one here, except a few guys at the reception," Sidorenko told

"I asked them about what we should do because we had to get our rented computers and to register, and no one knew anything about this. They said: 'Come here at 10 and we will figure something out', so we thought that there were some delays and got here at 10 sharp.

"We registered and when we got to our computers, the admin said that we had five minutes to start playing or we would get a default loss. But we could not start in five minutes because one of our rented computers was broken.

"Even if we had got here on time, we would not have started at 10. The admins switched computers but it took them like 30 minutes to do so. We think it is unfair, we did not sleep in or something like this, we were here when they told us to be."

Na´Vi eventually managed to turn the tie around, winning the other two maps with ease as they moved to the top of Group B, level on points with fnatic.

But the victory over the Norwegian team did little in the way of pleasing Sidorenko, who revealed he considered sending his troops home if the default loss was not overturned.

"We thought about talking to the admins because we think we are right and that if the map default was not overturned, we should leave the tournament," he added.

"But the players did not want it because they came here to play and to win."

Na´Vi will tackle Epsilon in their second match at Copenhagen Games before tackling fnatic in their final group contest.

Estonia 2026 
Yeah pretty sad.
2013-03-29 13:59
pretty sad? who is pretty why he sad
2013-03-29 14:04
no zerogravity, no party
2013-03-29 13:59
Admittedly he was a pretty poor manager as far as getting his players organised goes.
2013-03-29 18:56
If its true then in fact organisers fault
2013-03-29 13:59
United States B0rat 
no. they shouldn't have showed up at 10am sharp.
2013-03-29 14:02
United States 1mPeRvI0uS 
Na`Vi are gonna win the group regardless :)
2013-03-29 14:00
Norway FNNZ 
Wonder if they actually talked to the admins, or just a random reseptionist. Should have done more research imo.
2013-03-29 14:01
Azerbaijan Talley 
It wasn't reseptionist, just BX3 fanboy who wanted Na'Vi to lose.
2013-03-29 14:02
United States B0rat 
"We thought that there were some delays and got here at 10 sharp.gure something out'," fail
2013-03-29 14:01
How can it be a fail? There was a lot of delay yesterday, eventhough it was only the qualifier.
2013-03-29 14:45
Na'Vi has a history of showing up late. Didn't carn or lurppis say they would do it at Arbalet, but the admins werent going to penalize an Arbalet sponsored team so nothing happened. Na'Vi has now run into a tournament that wont turn a blind eye and they cry and I'm a Na'Vi fan. The fact is they "thought that there were some delays". That is a mistake. A manager should not assume that and should have been around. Also, Corey Dunn said he has a picture at 10:10 where Na'Vi is nowhere to be found. He said their statement just isn't true.
2013-03-29 14:56
Denmark wynn 
Aye, completely agree. Just not good enough, especially not from a professional team, and no reason whatsoever to complain about it afterwards :/
2013-03-29 15:24
2013-03-29 14:01
CPH fags :|
2013-03-29 14:02
where's ZeroGravity?
2013-03-29 14:06
fact is they are late. no point talking around it.
2013-03-29 14:06
Finland vLee 
"I was here at 9 or even earlier, actually, and there was no one here?"
2013-03-29 14:09
He is not playing, so it doesnt matter. I'm there atm. And I saw no navi at 10 sharp. More likely 10-15 minutes later
2013-03-29 15:01
Finland vLee 
Too bad :(
2013-03-29 15:06
Anyway they had to play 2 maps
2013-03-29 14:08
something's just off in his story
2013-03-29 14:09
Sure Na'Vi... Every other team was there on time...
2013-03-29 14:11
fail from doubt.but they won so no problem i think
2013-03-29 14:13
Australia Dancing Panda 
What a load of horseshit
2013-03-29 14:15
Every other team managed to be there at the correct time. Its their own fault, even if a random admin said they could be there at 10. Not knowing is not an excuse. Read the time schedule, and remember it. Not that hard tbh.
2013-03-29 14:16
Exactly. They were the only team to get a penalty.
2013-03-29 14:18
Dont Lie Please. Gtfo Navi
2013-03-29 14:17
Iceland yannay 
haters gonna hate :D
2013-03-29 14:22
Denmark Wich 
ofc the manager will say its unfair for hes team....
2013-03-29 14:20
they've known about this tournament for how many months now. They are supposed to be a professional team. If its anyones fault its navi's managers fault. They should know exactly when to be there and what to do when they get there and they should make sure they get the team there extra early. Dont just show up at exactly 10 bc u heard from someone that u should be there at that time...Any time u have an appointment u should get there early just to be sure u are there on time. Whether it be a dr.'s appointment or class or work. No excuse navi...
2013-03-29 14:20
2013-03-29 14:24
go home noobs
2013-03-29 14:22
go home noobs, yet in your profile i can see a picture of NaVi mousepad and custom made Navi 1.1A. Not sure if trolling or you are changing teams like socks. Whoever is on top, you are a fan of that team.
2013-03-29 14:37
I'm navi fan, go home BX3, problem?
2013-03-29 14:45
you should've mentioned BX3, since this news is about navi and i guess most of the users who saw your post thought you want navi to go home.
2013-03-29 16:11
2013-03-29 14:44
they won anywaays
2013-03-29 14:23
stfu and gtfo
2013-03-29 14:23
ZG - here, have some lawsuit
2013-03-29 14:23
Stop crying. Deal with it and carry on.
2013-03-29 14:33
Admins are doing their jobs. Just as discussed in the first episode of [POD]Cast: admins are often lenient with teams because they are fans. Admins showed no bias here and I approve.
2013-03-29 14:31
Finland 6294 
shouldnt trust the guys at the reception
2013-03-29 14:36
how is it that every other team got there on time and navi got there late
2013-03-29 14:36
2013-03-29 14:36
Australia Dancing Panda 
this ahahaha
2013-03-29 14:38
2013-03-29 16:09
Finland FliE 
Less QQ, more PEW PEW. Who the hell arrives at 10:00 if the games are supposed to start at 10:00? I can't imagine it being that hard to find out when you're playing.
2013-03-29 14:45
Denmark wynn 
On another note. If we want to avoid delays, it doesn't only come down to punishing the teams harder. Admins have to be much better and faster when it comes to things like overtime and so forth. If you've been following the Quantic - Alternate match that's a fine example of what's just not good enough :/
2013-03-29 14:56
Norway duffz00r 
2013-03-29 15:02
United Kingdom m0o 
cry more ukrainians. pasha can survive without breakfast protein... so fecking play the opponents and show some respect!
2013-03-29 15:09
i would like to see an admin deny pasha of breakfast protein.
2013-03-29 16:11
2 sides of the story, as always.
2013-03-29 15:15
there are few funny things over thatt story 1) they were the only team to be late 2) the schedule was known day earlier, even i knew when matches start 3) if they even CAME at 10, which is not true as lot's of people say that they were late, they didn't know that they had to set up their PC's? 4) their "manager" is a piece of shit, i don't believe that they will quit the tournament and he will look extremely stupid after his words
2013-03-29 15:36
actually this pic describes what most of navi fanboys feel and their tarded manager
2013-03-29 16:35
navi faults
2013-03-29 15:58
anus'vincere f... off !
2013-03-29 16:01
sack him
2013-03-29 16:08
just leave who cares, you dont even come in time, nobody will notice you noobs leaving, go back home!
2013-03-29 17:45
coldzera | 
Switzerland rei$h 
and now you go to loser braket becouse of that map ;)) next time be there on time , you guys are not special
2013-03-29 22:42
lie about being on time, kinda lame
2013-03-31 07:17
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