starix: "We feel the pressure"

April 3rd, 2013 17:54

We caught up with Na`Vi's former in-game leader and captain outside of the game, Sergey "starix" Ischuk, to find out how the team plans on bouncing back from their past two events.

Natus Vincere left TECHLABS Cup with a disappointing fourth place finish after two 5-16 losses against NiP and ESC Gaming on de_train_se, despite promising results online, including a comeback win over NiP.

The team's run at Copenhagen Games was cut short as the organization pulled the team from the 33,000€ CS:GO tournament after issues with admins. Find out how Ischuk feels about SLTV StarSeries V Finals on their homesoil.

With only a couple of days to make adjustments based on Copenhagen Games, what are the things you will focus on during this little time off?

Na`Vi starix: Though we would like to change a lot, we won't, because we don't have much time. We will try to improve our shooting and teamplay.

What did you learn about your team at Copenhagen Games? What are your strengths and weaknesses? What is the one thing that can push you over the top?

Na`Vi starix: Nothing special, we've played with each other for a long time and I know everything about my team. Our strength is our knowledge that we can! The weakness is that we've won a lot and it's hard to find motivation in yourself, you need time for that, so we can forget our great victories, so each of us understands that he is a nobody.

You will face in the first round of upper bracket. How much will you prepare for them specifically, knowing it a few days in advance? What do you predict will happen in the match?

Na`Vi starix: We won't prepare specifically, we are just going to play our own game. You gotta have your own good game to be adjusted with your opponent. are showing good results now, so the conclusion is that they are playing stronger than we are. We can watch several demos, because we know what maps we are going to play.

You saw NiP and ESC Gaming play at Copenhagen Games. Who do you expect to win that match? Who would you rather face and avoid? Why?

Na`Vi starix: I think NiP are going to win, though ESC can give a hard fight. Anyway, the strongest team wins, so it doesn't matter.

Na`Vi starix
Na`Vi hopes to recapture their old glory in Kiev 

Do you think the relaxed schedule of SLTV StarSeries V Finals which allow you to only play one or two matches a day is better than Copenhagen Games' packed one with multiple matches? Why?

Na`Vi starix: The schedule doesnt matter for me, I just hope that everybody plays in equal conditions. Shortages and failings can be found in any system.

Your results in the group stage at Copenhagen Games were obviously very mixed as you dropped a close series versus Epsilon but defeated fnatic, who went onto place 5-6th. How do you think you would have done, had you been placed in the upper bracket instead of fnatic or Epsilon?

Na`Vi starix: Our team is just starting to "grow up", it's hard to say anything, we haven't played that much yet. We gotta understand ourselves, what shape are we in, to estimate our chances fair enough. Taking into consideration the present results, we are top 16 =).

Do you feel any extra pressure to perform at SLTV StarSeries V, knowing you didn't qualify for RaidCall EMS One and won't be participating at ESEA Finals? Do you have any events planned for May?

Na`Vi starix: Of course we feel the hope that our fans lay on us, considering our past merits. Every lost match lays as a big burden, because we feel the pressure. As far as I know we have only one event, TECHLABS Minsk on May 18th.

How comfortable are you now in CS:GO? What is it that you think makes NiP so much stronger? How are you trying to reach that level? Is it possible for Na´Vi to dominate in CS:GO as you did in CS 1.6?

Na`Vi starix: With every coming day each of us feels progress. I can say that NiP has the understanding of the new CS:GO as if it were CS 1.6 thanks to 2 Sourcers, who helped them much + the time they spent since CS:GO has been released and we know that they were amongst the few, who switched to CS:GO from the start.

We will publish an interview with Christopher "GeT_RiGhT" Alesund later today, so stay tuned as we finalize our coverage heading into SLTV StarSeries V Final.

2013-04-03 17:55
You can only say "we havent played much" for so long! I understood why you guys walked out of the lan but I think the best thing for you would have been some matches at lan in that lower bracket. It would have helped you guys loads! Anyway gl, I hope you eventually get it together and replicate some of your 1.6 form.
2013-04-03 17:57
2013-04-03 17:58
Zeus | 
CIS stormyinho 
At least Na`Vi players isn't lying. Respect.
2013-04-03 17:58
Russia Nzr0 
Na`Vi starix: The schedule doesnt matter for me, I just hope that everybody plays in equal conditions. Shortages and failings can be found in any system. Well Said
2013-04-03 17:59
"thanks to 2 sourcers" game is so different from Source, having two players from Source has nothing to do with the results NiP have put on the table, they're simply more dedicated.
2013-04-03 18:00
not really its more like source than 1.6 and guys in interview say that 2 source guys really help them in adapt to new game
2013-04-03 18:04
markeloff has 100 hours in cs:go currently in 2 weeks and over 800 hours total. for someone who only started playing a few months ago that isn't too shabby. to me there is no doubt fifflaren and friberg were able to help nip early on; it's not random that fifflaren started out as the in-game leader, and only once xizt was comfortable with the game did he take over.
2013-04-03 18:11
fifflaren was inactive since the death of cgs, and that was in 2008. dont think he had much to bring to the table.
2013-04-03 18:29
Dont underrestimate fiffy!
2013-04-03 21:51
yes, but marik is really proving in almost every match that he really had spent 800 hours in cs:go, but it's not that simple to carry a team on your own (i might be wrong, but i do think he is the main player atm in na'vi)
2013-04-04 01:11
edward played really well at cph games (their #1 statistically) and zeus has also had really impressive matches (he also has +800 hours played). they will get there, it's just a matter of time.
2013-04-04 01:52
lol...if game is so diferent from source imagine coming from 1.6 xD and having saucers maps is helpfl as fuck
2013-04-03 18:21
the only source map in csgo is inferno..........
2013-04-03 18:27
I think inferno_se needs to be changed to inferno_ce, then 1.6ers have an equal shot as sourcers. At least what i think.
2013-04-03 18:29
they already have. mirage is pure 1.6map with almost zero gameplay changes :) d2_se was made from scratch, youre free to compare screenshots. train is nothing like source, the whole map layout was changed. source nuke is closer to 1.6 than to csgo.
2013-04-03 18:33
Ok, you say that but still inferno_se is a really retarded map for competitive play when we have inferno_ce, at least i think so.
2013-04-03 18:36
Yeah let's not listen to the guy who has about 6 years (I believe) at a pretty high lvl and 3 years at the very top tier. He knows nothing about the game that he has dedicated the life to.
2013-04-03 19:15
The guy who has been playing 1.6, not Source. He obviously knows nothing about Source lol.
2013-04-04 03:30
I'd still take his word over yours any day, and I think most people would as well, what game you've played doesn't really matter, when you have this much experience, compared to the counter point.
2013-04-04 21:49
Think even if 1.6 came back they wouldnt win any of the biggest matches. If players sucha as f0rest, MODDII, Xizt, GeT_RiGhT, Delpan came together would destroy almost everything in every tournament, at least for a year. But yeah, current NaVi is for sure one of the greatest lineups in CS history.
2013-04-03 18:13
I think 1.6 never came back
2013-04-03 18:20
Navi top16 No fanboi would ever agree to that :D
2013-04-03 18:15
hes just saying that to lay off some steam and pressure,its understandable
2013-04-03 18:22
only idiots would not agree with that... but they are still my heroes and I believe in them. ;j
2013-04-03 23:45
Ukraine gungrave 
if navi top16 then fnatic top25?
2013-04-04 01:16
I bet starixx said 'saucers' but lurppis censored it.
2013-04-03 19:09
2013-04-03 19:10
Georgia Fatal Fighter 
2013-04-03 19:13
haha =D
2013-04-03 23:43
2013-04-04 01:55
Georgia Fatal Fighter 
So, top2 vs top16 tomorrow :)))))
2013-04-03 19:12
Estonia 2026 
starix is a bawss!
2013-04-03 21:53
I hope you lose early! :)
2013-04-04 03:28
Indonesia gtz! 
go on starix :D
2013-04-09 02:13
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