Epsilon win Svecup over hGh

April 3rd, 2013 15:49

Epsilon have been crowned Svecup Norrköping champions following a 2-1 victory over hatersG0nnahate in the final.

The first of the three Svecup regional finals took place on Tuesday as the top two teams from the online qualifiers qualifiers battled it out for the first prize of €3,600 and a place in the grand finals in December, in Gothenburg.

Among the teams in attendance were Epsilon and Publiclir.se, both of whom had given good accounts of themselves at Copenhagen Games.

Joel "emilio" Mako's side bowed out in the semi-finals, however, following a 2-1 loss to hatersG0nnahte, whereas Epsilon moved past CAI with a 2-0 scoreline.

Epsilon celebrating Na`Vi win

Epsilon win first Svecup

In the grand final, hGh started out the brighter, winning de_inferno_se 16-10, but then Epsilon turned the score around and came out on top of de_train_se (16-10) and de_mirage_go (16-5).

2nd April 2013

Svecup #1 final standings:

1. Sweden Epsilon - €3,600
2. Sweden hatersG0nnahate - €1,200
3. Sweden Publiclir.se - €600
4. Sweden CAI

gg, Schneider and jw all cuddly :D
2013-04-03 16:51
like teddybears :D
2013-04-03 17:27
That picture is so sweet =P
2013-04-03 16:50
+1 =DD
2013-04-03 16:58
Belgium Yoshk 
this pic is so beautiful
2013-04-03 16:50
gj guys
2013-04-03 16:51
Germany VxO4 
haters gonna fag :D
2013-04-03 16:56
schneider getting all emotional.
2013-04-03 17:00
good lads! :) great to see some teams actually getting along!
2013-04-03 17:02
gg guys i'm asking myself where are the haters now? noone talks about cheats and stuff :D
2013-04-03 17:10
they barely won a swedish lan against skytten LOL
2013-04-03 17:32
2013-04-03 17:37
and they won against esc and navi on CPH
2013-04-03 18:22
not saying that they arent good but the guy saying that after epsilon won a semi lan seems kinda noobish tbh :P they are decent no doubts about that but far from their online level
2013-04-03 18:26
they played so well at cph games what r u talking about u online hater...they r clearly the 2nd best team in sweden and capable of knocking any top5 team..
2013-04-03 18:30
they played well but i didnt see half of the stuff they did online :) not saying that they arent good ofc :P
2013-04-03 19:01
Well, half of their lineup that garnered them this online reputation is also gone, so go figure why you're not seeing the same stuff..
2013-04-03 19:45
2013-04-03 17:11
now Epsilon #2 in sweden?
2013-04-03 17:12
Most likely
2013-04-03 17:40
Who's first?
2013-04-03 18:18
World kagi 
who else you fucking dumb fuck lol
2013-04-03 18:35
Who plays for who else?
2013-04-03 18:37
Guess who
2013-04-03 18:56
Well played
2013-04-03 19:01
maximum good postings
2013-04-03 23:36
2013-04-03 19:15
jw is a human cushion!
2013-04-03 17:17
gratz epsilon
2013-04-03 17:30
hgh lineup?
2013-04-03 18:01
SKYTTEN maxAki zende eksem pyth
2013-04-03 18:19
May i ask why are nip not after this easy money?
2013-04-03 18:21
They play tomorrow on Star series V in Kiev.
2013-04-03 18:25
online cheaters
2013-04-03 19:11
So this is the first right ? There are two more to go ? Was it LAN ?
2013-04-03 19:33
it was FIRST SVECUP, and yeah, it was on LAN
2013-04-03 20:16
Good job boys!
2013-04-03 20:41
3 600 w0w
2013-04-03 21:11
Epsilon vs hgh 2-0 in the NLAN final so during the Swedish springbreak Epsilon collected 7200 euros. This lan was also hyped as the unofficial battle of which team in Sweden that is 2nd after NIP.
2013-04-04 19:50
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