ESC Gaming pull out of EMS One finals

ESC Gaming have announced on their website that they have pulled out of this weekend's RaidCall EMS One finals due to Jarosław "pasha" Jarząbkowski feeling ill.

The Polish giants had qualified for the tournament after finishing second in their group and were due to face Ninjas in Pyjamas in the quarter-finals.

k1ck, who placed third in the group, behind Absolute Legends and ESC Gaming, are a serious candidate to replace the Polish side, understands.

ESC pasha

pasha battling fever

According to a statement issued by ESC, Jarząbkowski has been suffering from a fever for almost two weeks now and is having trouble breathing.

"We are very sad that we won't be able to attend EMS One finals in Cologne, but due to pasha illness (pneumonia) we need to wait a bit untill he gets better," Wiktor "TaZ" Wojtas told ESC Gaming's website.

"We had some rocky results lately and we can't afford to attend the event with a standin, as we know that there are teams, who might pick up a fight vs NiP with their full lineups.

"I'm very sorry that we come with this news so late, but it is the best decision for both parties."

ESC were in action at the SLTV StarSeries finals last weekend, placing fourth after defeats to NiP and Natus Vincere.

Wojtas' side are due to attend the ESEA finals in Dallas next week as a replacement for, taking on Quantic Gaming in the quarter-finals.

Sad, get well soon pasha!
2013-04-09 21:29
pfffff....sad :((
2013-04-09 21:29
2 replies
pneumonia > biceps
2013-04-09 22:03
1 reply
yes, we learned that too))
2013-04-09 22:05
pasha to much gym
2013-04-09 21:29
1 reply
Latvia GekonsCS
overtraining on leg day :(
2013-04-09 21:32
Delete my topic then.
2013-04-09 21:30
pasha illness (pneumonia)
2013-04-09 21:30
2 replies
Then he must have caught a cold be4?...and at this season, well it happens. I had pneumonia 2 winters in a row.
2013-04-09 21:32
1 reply
He was ill at cph and starladder
2013-04-09 22:24
get well pasha anyone knows will someone replace them?
2013-04-09 21:32
3 replies
ESC pull out of tournament..
2013-04-09 21:34
2 replies
I know, I'm asking will any other team replace them. And I just saw that k1ck might be first candidate.
2013-04-09 21:36
1 reply
Oh, im sorry. I read this "anyone knows will someone replace HIM?" My fault.
2013-04-09 23:27
hope u get well soon
2013-04-09 21:32
stress from NIP :D no Im joking GL pasha
2013-04-09 21:33
hope u recover pasha.. this is sad
2013-04-09 21:33
get well soon pasha, will some team replace them? nvm just saw updated post
2013-04-09 21:34
Hope they'll train a little
2013-04-09 21:34
Make a qualifier with the remaining teams from the groups :D:D:D:D
2013-04-09 21:35
1 reply
I think its late after 3 days is event
2013-04-09 21:38
Imo they just dont feel they can win against nip atm, and since its single elimination, it would be just a waste of money to go there. Hope they'll train hard to show us the 1.6 ESC in Dallas :) PS. Obviously i might be wrong but its just my feeling ;)
2013-04-09 21:38
3 replies
They're in Germany as far as I know which is not a big deal then.
2013-04-09 21:46
1 reply
Still their performance at latest events doesnt show that they're capable of beating nip @lan right now, its better to spend this time training hard rather than travelling to the events week by week ;)
2013-04-09 21:57
there were $2k guaranted to them so... I think that's not the reason
2013-04-09 22:26
ESC clearly afraid. I mean when VG pulled out of a series everyone said it was because they were afraid so the same reason must apply here. Right? Oh I'm sorry, i forgot which website I was reading lol.
2013-04-09 21:42
4 replies
ESC is not kind of team who are afraid of someone, if they pulled out - it means something and the reason is pasha's illness
2013-04-09 21:45
1 reply
2013-04-10 03:07
But their excuse wasn't about a player being ill... And if you would have followed CS 1.6 you would know that ESC isn't that kind of team that's afraid of bad results. In most cases when ESC won a tournament it was actually a surprise.
2013-04-09 21:52
1 reply
If you would've followed css you would know VG isn't that kind of a team either. Never stopped mad fanboys from complaining though.
2013-04-10 07:40
Pasha no so stronk
2013-04-09 21:42
Good :) this break will do good, I am sure about it.
2013-04-09 21:43
2013-04-09 21:44
Pasha :( get well soon bro!
2013-04-09 21:50
Let's go k1ck :D:D
2013-04-09 21:50
Get well soon Pasha!
2013-04-09 21:51
Lol k1ck finally can go somewhere but they face NiP q,q
2013-04-09 21:54
Get well Pasha! Hopefully ESC will have the time to prepare for ESEA finals. I am confident they can beat Quantic if they put in the hours. Quantic have been practicing a lot though so it will be a very interesting game.
2013-04-09 21:54
1 reply
They won't.
2013-04-09 21:55
hope he'll recover quick
2013-04-09 21:55
2013-04-09 21:59
I wanna see Virtus.Pro replace them.
2013-04-09 22:03
he can feel ill? O_o
2013-04-09 22:03
2013-04-09 22:04
:( Get well soon!
2013-04-09 22:15
That's Sad for them and for the EMS.
2013-04-09 22:38
pasha sick! others wronk!
2013-04-09 22:40
It was so sick if VP replace ESC instead of fox and co. Well,hope pasha get better.
2013-04-09 22:54
Get well soon, Pasha.
2013-04-09 23:01
get well soon, Pasha
2013-04-09 23:16
Jarik (
2013-04-09 23:20
eat your vegetables and always sleep before 23:00 ;D sleep is number 1 importance for strengthen health
2013-04-10 00:51
Macedonia EXTOL[t]
Pasha Get Well Soon They are not loseing nothing that they are not attending to this tournament. They are gonna save some money and pracctice mutch more :)
2013-04-10 02:29
biceps have too much big?
2013-04-10 05:32
1 reply
brain have too much english? sad news, get well pasha.
2013-04-10 10:23
2013-04-10 07:03
Slovakia kubiaxk
get well pasha , health on 1st place !
2013-04-10 10:52
ESC Backs off to save some money because they were going to lose 2-0 to nip anyways :3
2013-04-10 12:14
1 reply
$2k guaranted even to the last team
2013-04-10 12:25
get well pash4
2013-04-10 14:12
get well pasza
2013-04-10 14:58
KURWA get well =D
2013-04-10 15:06
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