k1ck replace ESC in EMS One finals

The Electronic Sports League (ESL) has confirmed to HLTV.org that k1ck will replace ESC Gaming at this weekend's RaidCall EMS One finals in Cologne.

The Portuguese side will tackle Ninjas in Pyjamas in the quarter-finals of the tournament, a match that is scheduled to start on Saturday at 20:00 .

k1ck had finished third in their EMS One group, behind Absolute Legends and ESC Gaming, and benefited from the Polish team's dropout, which was caused by Jarosław "pasha" Jarząbkowski feeling ill.

fox's k1ck to travel to Cologne

Ricardo "fox" Pacheco's side were in action at Mad Catz Birmingham last weekend, finishing 5th-6th following a quarter-final defeat against fm-eSports TOXiC.

"It's nice that we are able to go to EMS One even though we got our spot through ESC dropping out," Fábio "n3w" Teixeira said.

"We have a very dificult match agaisnt NiP but we'll do our best! Thanks to everyone who support us,  k1ck for making it possible in such short time, and also our sponsors, Kingston, Asus, Ozone and Clickfiel! See you there guys."

Below you can find the updated schedule of the tournament:


11:00 Germany n!faculty
vs. Sweden ex-Absolute Legends
14:00 United Kingdom Anexis
vs. France VeryGames
17:00 France SuperstarS
vs. Denmark fnatic
20:00 Sweden NiP
vs. Portugal k1ck

11:00 Semi-final #1

14:00 Semi-final #2

17:15 Grand final

Stay tuned to HLTV.org as we will be in Cologne to bring you full coverage of the tournament.

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GL k1ck!
2013-04-09 22:04
1 reply
oh its vs NiP, no wonder ESC got scared and dodged. It's good that they know how weak they are and ran away, really admirable tactical decision.
2013-04-10 12:40
Good luck!
2013-04-09 22:04
no need on booking an hotel :D:Dd.D:D:D:D:D: gl tho beat their asses
2013-04-09 22:07
1 reply
2013-04-09 22:10
tough first game! gl
2013-04-09 22:06
Good luck k1ck!
2013-04-09 22:06
6 replies
They don't need luck. They have fox! :D
2013-04-09 22:40
5 replies
They need 50 foxj because they will face NiP.
2013-04-09 22:47
4 replies
Even if they had 50 foxj they could only use 5 :]
2013-04-09 23:28
3 replies
You know what I meant. Anyway,f0rp > 5x foxj.
2013-04-09 23:37
2 replies
not with awp
2013-04-10 10:30
LOL... you make me laugh so hard.
2013-04-11 21:08
FalleN | 
Portugal proak
well they will already win some money, and specially some more international experience. have fun guys
2013-04-09 22:09
2013-04-09 22:09
have fun guys
2013-04-09 22:11
vs NiP???no sense for coming to play 1 game and go home... guess they are rich enough=)) if only VP could come instead....
2013-04-09 22:12
14 replies
They already win 2000$ for just go there! And k1ck can win NiP, with training and some luck...
2013-04-09 22:23
12 replies
in some years time, still with ins and emotion....
2013-04-09 22:36
not now, maybe after some more tournaments they got enough skill and experience to face nip like that
2013-04-09 22:46
do u really believe in that?kick over NiP??? kiddin' bro?
2013-04-09 23:14
they could stand a chance vs blindfolded NiP players
2013-04-09 23:30
6 replies
ye like ESC could lol,losing agains thtem 50x times in a row xD nice moral you have there m8 and they are paid to play,which is even worse
2013-04-10 00:16
5 replies
Show me where I said ESC WOULD BEAT THEM? Stick to the point, please because you make none here. Same goes with "being paid for play" part. Many other players are also paid to play, achieving even less. What's the point again? It's their job, so they are paid for it right?
2013-04-10 00:44
4 replies
its their job and they suck doing it,k1ck are semi-pros so they couldnt care less if they lose against the best team in the world and I don't need to show anything because youre a pole and ofc you think that esc would beat nip after 30 tries
2013-04-10 19:07
3 replies
That's another missconception, it doesnt matter if they suck or not. Footballers are paid no matter the scores, right? For instance QPR players are paid despite the fact they will be relegated this season most likely and won't achieve anything for years. Also, how do you distinguish if k1ck are pro team or semi-pro team. You can't say that, since they play at comparable level as ESC, attend same tournaments most of the times so they are professional team as well, since they play in the same league together with many other teams. Don't understand the last part though "because youre a pole and ofc you think that esc would beat nip after 30 tries". How does it stick to the overall point and refer to my recent comments?
2013-04-10 20:11
2 replies
if you are paid to play you only have to play cs because you get income out of it,k1ck players don't ,therefore theres less time to practice and to play dm(except fox because he receives as a part time salary)
2013-04-10 20:26
1 reply
If you ask me, the players are buttfucked by orga hard then, if the only guy to recieve cash is fox, while rest is contracted for nothing. Still that doesn't make it "If you are paid all you do is play, and if all you do is play you always win"
2013-04-10 20:41
oh lol, I assume you're being sarcastic?
2013-04-10 09:51
Dont be delusional. Its ok beeing a fan, but dont be a blind fanboy.
2013-04-10 13:38
we have a lot of money here in portugal, problem? :D
2013-04-09 23:16
NiP to destroy k1ck. Enjoy the trip.
2013-04-09 22:12
good news! gl. NiP will easily win the tournament, no VP.. =D
2013-04-09 22:15
2013-04-09 22:14
1 reply
+1 ))
2013-04-09 23:22
gl guys
2013-04-09 22:14
why k1ck?
2013-04-09 22:16
1 reply
k1ck finished third in ESC's group.
2013-04-09 22:19
fox vs fiff
2013-04-09 22:26
lol don't bring luggage you'll be out of the tourney in a few hours top.
2013-04-09 22:27
why no VP?
2013-04-09 22:34
1 reply
Due to k1ck's placing.
2013-04-10 01:15
2013-04-09 22:34
is it bo1 ? in that case - just waste of money, k1ck..
2013-04-09 22:35
5 replies
2013-04-09 22:50
they travel to cologne for 500€ or even less and get 2000 just for that? I think they will get more money than lose. And for any team, the experience of another international tournament is always good. Teams improve from this kind of tournaments, specially when a team like k1ck can't go out of the country so many times.
2013-04-09 22:56
3 replies
Five people for 500 EUR? I don't think so :)
2013-04-10 11:16
2 replies
it really is..
2013-04-10 12:15
ryanair ftw
2013-04-10 13:46
frag fest for nip :>
2013-04-09 22:58
1 reply
sure :>
2013-04-09 22:59
k1ck has potential they just need to continue competing until they break through. Taking them lightly would be a big mistake to any team.
2013-04-09 23:14
gl k1ck, hope they do well =)
2013-04-09 23:08
only VG can do something here, sad theres no VP otherwise VP#1 - NIP#2 - VG#3
2013-04-09 23:10
5 replies
Nip 1 Fnatic 2 VG 3
2013-04-10 09:56
4 replies
hm VG beat fnatic 3 days ago?? at lan?? hello??
2013-04-11 02:37
3 replies
Check brackets before u talk bs :) hello??
2013-04-11 08:40
2 replies
and? they won anyway :))
2013-04-11 13:38
1 reply
Haha, average IQ in portugal really is below 50 isnt it?
2013-04-11 18:47
hope that emotion kill
2013-04-09 23:12
respect k1ck gl :)
2013-04-09 23:22
lol from portugal to germany on one single match? NIP just rape them -_-
2013-04-09 23:52
5 replies
ye like esc wouldnt do the same xD
2013-04-10 00:14
4 replies
from poland to cologne its maybe 80 euro in both way :) so its not huge money to waste ;D
2013-04-10 00:22
3 replies
doubt its that expensive either for k1ck :P
2013-04-10 00:27
1 reply
for k1ck is 2-3 times more expensinve then from poland :D
2013-04-10 12:58
Poland kRAMERO
i pay 20euros when i fly from düsseldorf airport (near cologne) to warsaw
2013-04-10 11:24
k1ck are so cool, they travel to cologne only to bootcamp with nip and they still win 2000 dolars, teach me master. gl k1ck
2013-04-10 00:08
2 replies
2013-04-10 01:40
1 reply
I'm so funny
2013-04-10 01:41
they have to play only one match against NIP and that's all? not too much to play
2013-04-10 00:18
4 replies
ye like navi at starseries :/ 16-3 16-2 was it?
2013-04-10 00:20
3 replies
navi played three matches. VP>NAVI , ESC < NAVI, NIP>Navi ;)
2013-04-10 00:22
2 replies
well i didnt count the rape against nip a match :X
2013-04-10 00:27
1 reply
they played 3 matches and it was at home btw. no need to travel anywhere
2013-04-10 03:21
Go to germany --> play one match ---> go back to portugal
2013-04-10 01:07
1 reply
Go to germany -> get some international experience in a bo3 vs the best team in the world -> get 2k euros -> go back to portugal. You wish
2013-04-10 16:21
k1ck nuubz
2013-04-10 01:14
gl NiP
2013-04-10 01:27
1 NiP 2 Anexis 3 VG
2013-04-10 02:00
2 replies
To bad they are all on the same side of the bracket huh
2013-04-10 04:39
hello ??
2013-04-10 12:59
gl all! They work for this and worth it! PT internet just suc*s and on online qualifiers its almost impossible win game against a top team! Rape or not will be cool for them ;) Lets go k1ck!
2013-04-10 02:36
GL, fight hard!
2013-04-10 04:43
they will play with hyper the esea play-offs
2013-04-10 05:26
wat a monky fajs
2013-04-10 08:02
like they will do much against NiP, waste of money..
2013-04-10 08:34
1 reply
They are not wasting your money, are they? And its obvious they wouldnt attend if they would actually lose money, read the new and the tournament info before going full retard mate
2013-04-10 16:25
they can allways try :)
2013-04-10 10:24
-neo +foxj
2013-04-10 11:50
Get well soon He-Man! GL to k1ck.
2013-04-10 16:16
Nice , Gl K1CK
2013-04-10 19:37
Spain Donra
2013-04-10 20:41
Nice, GL k1ck
2013-04-10 23:24
2013-04-12 21:20
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