fm.TOXiC lose Danes

fm-eSports TOXiC have announced that they have parted company with Danni "smF" Dyg and Søren "socN" Falke.

The news comes just days after the team finished in fourth place at Mad Catz Birmingham, where they caused one of the tournament's biggest upsets when they defeated fnatic in the group stage.

Kevin "kev1n" Hansen, who played for fm.TOXiC as a stand-in at Copenhagen Games and Mad Catz, has also quit the team.

Danni "smF" Dyg and Søren "socN" Falke had linked up with fm.TOXiC in January, following the departures of George "Zed" Bear and Brandon "weber" Weber, and played a crucial role in the team, with Falke securing an impressive 1.18 rating in Birmingham.

socN was on fire in Birmingham

According to Phil "Whindanski" Nicholas, both Danish players want to play with other fellow countrymen, while fm.TOXiC plan on focusing on a pure UK roster.

"Today we are sad to announce that smF and soCN have left the team," Nicholas said. "This is due to the fact we wanted different things: The Danes missed speaking their own language and we missed having a uk roster.

"We both knew it would be a short term deal and we appreciate everything they have done for us during this very busy spring. They have not left in vain or with problems but on good terms and remain high in regard with both Neil and I.

"We will continue on and rebuild a new roster with the summer events in mind and hopefully we shall have something sorted further down the line.

"We would like to wish the danes all the very best with there plans. I'd like say an added thank you also for kev1n. He has stepped in during our hour of need and played great. We would like to thank Razer,Sapphire,Twitch, Multiplay and Yakk for everything."

fm.TOXiC have been left with the following two players:

United Kingdom Neil "nEiLZiNHo" Finlay
Ireland Phil "Whindanski" Nicholas

now they gonna lose everything
2013-04-11 21:56
2013-04-11 21:56
kick the best players by far GG should be the danes kicking the british
2013-04-11 21:59
We didn't kick anyone. It was a a choice made together. It was effecting everyone in the team.
2013-04-11 22:01
add me to team, good attitude and very keen
2013-04-11 23:35
Disband 4kings. Let Rattle to make old SALVO Get Mx you NeiL weber and 1 more.......AWESOME :D!
2013-04-11 23:53
get me on board :D
2013-04-12 01:00
I enjoyed your awkward interview about kevin, with cadred hahaha
2013-04-12 02:06
Thanks man haha <3
2013-04-12 02:20
Did you even read the article ? Hint: It's a rhetorical question.
2013-04-11 22:06
Phil I also miss speaking english so you can take me in the roster
2013-04-11 22:00
2013-04-12 09:12
fm toxic should have made a full danish lineup instead
2013-04-11 22:00
the danes are used to roster changes, so they probably felt like they we were with a team for long enough and it was time for a new team LoL.
2013-04-11 22:00
yeah I heard socn said it felt like he's been in fm for nearly a decade
2013-04-11 23:34
Denmark socN 
2013-04-11 23:36
Romania xPAz 
This..made my day.
2013-04-12 00:29
Germany Dok1 
hahaha :D
2013-04-12 01:40
2013-04-11 22:01
2013-04-11 22:01
So what are you guys gonna do? Are you only in search of a full UK roster or? UK sucks a little bit in some ways competitively (ATTITUDES and stuff, don't come to me) and the only way i see you guys doing something is with an international thing plus the only decent UK ones are mostly in 4K (except onscreen LOL'D) and Anexis. gl...u deserve.
2013-04-11 22:10
Im sure both sides will make 2 excellent teams! gl m8s
2013-04-11 22:13
pick HudzG,Steel and Vertigo
2013-04-11 22:26
2013-04-11 23:47
ohh.. fm toxic dead :(
2013-04-11 22:26
Puls3 | 
World bigb1rd 
So much for Toxic doing well at any lans again. Danes were all three far better than either of the remaining players.
2013-04-11 22:26
Greece her-1g 
whindaski pick shoxie majer and uzzii :P it won't be a UK roster but you know...they are fucking awesome
2013-04-11 22:30
yez and they can speak very good english so zat wud be awesome!
2013-04-12 05:59
Greece her-1g 
2013-04-12 13:30
LOOOOL that was so funny!!! cant stop laughing! xD
2013-04-12 18:34
good luck lads
2013-04-11 22:32
RpK | 
Germany lloyd6077 
get hudzg steel and pez
2013-04-11 22:35
2013-04-11 23:48
RpK | 
Germany lloyd6077 
calm ya tits inetkid
2013-04-12 07:06
socN seems pretty good, no doubt we'll see him in a good team soon enough
2013-04-11 22:41
Good opportunity to look at former top tier UK players. Possibly wilzOOO, AaroN, HenryG etc.
2013-04-11 22:50
WEZ Mangiacapra and pt are playing together for some reason due to their past in CSS. If they leave 4kings which i think will happen soon due to they suck more with onscreen...they would only go to Anexis with Rattle and Hughsy bringing up old SALVO (RattlesnK Hughsy pt wez wilzo) and so on maybe it could be weber Whindanski neiL Mx +1...awesome 2 teams :D
2013-04-11 23:51
That would be pretty awesome, the rebirth of Birmingham Salvo.
2013-04-11 23:57
2013-04-12 00:02
Hughsy was never in SALVO.
2013-04-12 00:40
oh...RattlesnK WILZO WEZ Mangia pt right?:D
2013-04-12 01:14
2013-04-12 01:53
I dont know source scene but some great UK 1.6 players i see gather/stream Csgo. +ARCH1EB awp +kye great pistol/rifler
2013-04-11 23:16
Both are bad -.-
2013-04-11 23:52
no....just no.
2013-04-12 01:39
Portugal mfxd 
ARCH1EB bad lol'd
2013-04-12 09:53
He was sick at 1.6 check out his highlights if u dont believe!
2013-04-12 15:18
Denmark LasZe 
It's a new game dude ;)
2013-04-12 15:59
Yea i know but think he still would be good at csgo with a little time to play:) just saying not many teams have dominant awpers yet except for the top teams so think he can do some damage:)
2013-04-12 16:15
I agree with you :D That was sarcasm :D
2013-04-12 19:23
JungleboY, AaroN and Kurt1s were better UK 1.6 players.
2013-04-11 23:58
they dont play csgo, but agree to disagree. i think archies awp could turn alot of heads in this new game, where the awp has not really been mastered yet..kye was very underrated and has sick aim/natural ability unlike many other gamers
2013-04-12 01:43
Kurt1s occasionally plays, so does AaroN. Not sure about JungleboY.
2013-04-12 01:57
I own archieb on dm awp_india on dm :(
2013-04-12 01:00
Portugal mfxd 
we know.
2013-04-12 09:53
get mole for starters
2013-04-11 23:41
2013-04-11 23:51
Poland perM 
Western Wolves: Pimp Nico MSL gla1ve socN or fnatic: MODDII Xyp9X Friis trace socN
2013-04-12 00:06
wrong ;D
2013-04-12 00:21
-trace +stinger
2013-04-12 06:01
2013-04-12 22:03
wrong very wrong
2013-04-12 15:48
2013-04-12 01:15
Australia TotalEclipse 
Pick up keita peakz and Debaser! Do any of those players still play?
2013-04-12 05:14
Keita plays in Reason and I think Debaser plays for infused/dignitas :)
2013-04-12 11:36
Australia TotalEclipse 
True, thanks :D
2013-04-12 11:57
keita plays for reason deb and peakz dont play anymore infused dig? shut it
2013-04-12 12:12
technically deb does still play but only with friends over at perilous (not unless thats change aswell)
2013-04-12 12:13
But he play in dignitas am I right or totally wrong? Drop that attitude :)
2013-04-13 01:04
socN was so insane last weekend.
2013-04-12 08:25
Oi NeiL, pick me up son :D
2013-04-12 09:36
Get SteveoH, he's probably the best player in Scotland.
2013-04-12 09:52
100% agree he would be a massive pick up, putting scottish csgo on the map!
2013-04-12 14:11
2013-04-12 17:48
gl fm! Also was the 4K lan team thing an april fools or real? lol
2013-04-12 10:13
It is quite real. They have returned.
2013-04-12 12:06
im 'ere neil, d/w
2013-04-12 12:14
Puls3 | 
World bigb1rd 
socN, smF, kev1n, inzta, coloN
2013-04-12 16:08
get cleric and kinyo back(quietly chuckles to myself)
2013-04-12 20:20
nice adil
2013-04-14 01:31
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