League signup closed

Signups for League's sixth season are now closed. Teams will battle it out for four remaining spots in the 28,500 DKK (~$5,000) SuperSeries, while twelve spots are up for grabs in the 13,500 DKK first division.

Eight teams have already earned their place in the sixth season's SuperSeries, which will hand out 28,500 DKK (~$5,000) in prizes. The teams are:

Denmark eSpuma.PRO
Denmark Western Wolves
Denmark ServerForge
Denmark EYES ON U
Denmark antiquus
Denmark fnatic

39 teams in the qualifier have a chance to earn one of the four remaining spots in the SuperSeries, while 12 more will be handed an invitation to the first division. Among the teams attending the qualifier are also René "cajunb" Borg's Copenhagen Wolves.

The prize distribution for the SuperSeries looks as follows:

1. 12,000 DKK
2. 5,000 DKK
3. 2,500 DKK
4. 1,000 DKK

Western Wolves will be looking into winning the Danish league once again for the third time in a row after winning both previous CS:GO seasons, beating EYES ON U in both Grand Finals 2-0.

gl gl
2013-04-12 15:23
Why were CPH Wolves not invited? Just too late?
2013-04-12 15:24
They are attending the qualification, which will be held during today and tomorrow :-)
2013-04-12 15:24
2013-04-12 15:25
is there going to be any gotv's for the qualifier?
2013-04-12 16:51
If you follow this news, we will update GOTV for the matches, when the team sends us info :). Groups ended yesterday, so 16 teams left in playofss
2013-04-13 09:41
Among the teams attending the qualifier are also René "cajunb" Borg's Copenhagen Wolves.
2013-04-12 15:24
Saw it, edited. Know why they weren't given an invite?
2013-04-12 15:25
The current teams in the superseries earned their spot last season. We demand the teams to have at least 3 members from their lineup, which they finished within top 10 with in the previous season :)
2013-04-12 15:26
Ah ok, got ya.
2013-04-12 15:51
~2500 k euro for fnatic
2013-04-12 15:27
Denmark mindgames
Barely. More like 1600 euro.
2013-04-12 15:40
1600 is good too for online tourney
2013-04-12 15:42
1. fnatic 2. Western Wolves 3. EYES ON U/ Serve Forge/ KILLERFISH
2013-04-12 15:29
fnatic :D:D:D:D
2013-04-12 15:50
1. WW easily most likely. 2. Fnatic. 3. Killerfish/CPH Wolves
2013-04-12 15:51
back to cadred please thanks
2013-04-12 15:56
Because I have a different opinion from you? Western Wolves are the better team at the moment. They hadnt practised for a whole week before Mad Catz Birmingham, where they barely lost to fnatic.
2013-04-12 16:01
first.fnatic beat source kids two times two. source kids playing bad online three i know that you from cadred
2013-04-12 16:05
Yes I do also use Cadred. But tell me, how am I supposed to take you seriously when you talk about any team that isn't from 1.6 as "source kids". Online results are never accounted for, they mean little to nothing in the bigger picture. Western Wolves has far better results on LAN than fnatic in CS:GO, and have seemed a much stronger team when faced against other opponents. Take WW vs VG for example. WW have beat them on 4 consecutive maps. VG vs Fnatic? Fnatic got schooled.
2013-04-12 16:15
do you why i hate kids from source and all sourcers ? cuz youare always cares only about sourcers look to madcatz B-ham, when fnatic play vs source teams,casters show only source team and much more things why i hate source and cadred
2013-04-12 16:42
No, your hatred for any game that isn't your beloved 1.6 is why you hate people from CS:S. My favourite team in CS:GO is Virtus Pro, so I am by no means only care about "sourcers".
2013-04-12 16:49
How ironic. "do you know why I hate kids from source and all sourcers, cuz you always care about sourcers" LOL this coming from a guy who "cares about 1.6ers". There are no "1.6ers & Sourcers" anymore, there are CS:GO players.
2013-04-12 19:02
Even if you did it the old fashioned way and got a student to write on a blackboard 100 times "there are only CS:GO players" it still won't make any difference.
2013-04-13 04:15
I know. It's a lost cause, I would hope eventually after a couple of years away from 1.6 then this image of "1.6 vs Saucers" and "HLTV Vs Cadred" and any other pointless battles is put to rest. Unite and conquer is more the phrase I would look for :)
2013-04-13 09:33
Denmark e1z
Well. You're just the craziest fanboy I've ever seen. Fnatic lost to WW, at CPH Games, less than three weeks ago, remember? They beat them once, in one tourney, and all the sudden, they're just the best team in Denmark? And the fact that you calling them "source kids" like a bad thing, is just idiotic, since there's A LOT of good source teams, and players incl. WW. (2nd at madcatz vienna, 2nd at cph g). Remember NiP also has 2 source players on their team. I don't seem to recall them being bad? At ANY point.
2013-04-12 16:21
Fnatic beat ww in groups AND bo3? Last time they played eachother before that was ages ago and had roster troubles with rytter/jokern? The "new" fnatic seems better than ww just my opinion
2013-04-12 16:22
Last time they played was at CPH Games as he said? (1 week before Birmingham) Where Western Wolves beated them 16-10 in the lower bracket. Ofc. Western wolves cant beat a team like Fnatic when they havent pracced for more. Pimp was on a study trip, and havent played since CPH games. (He said that in a interview i think) Fnatic are good, but when Western Wolves plays up to tournaments i dont see Fnatic beeing as good as them - yet...
2013-04-12 16:53
Ah ok at cpg. Ww have young players, when they dont have momentum they lose. Fnatic have big players used to pressure in big games so i think they have more potential
2013-04-12 17:55
I would say young players has more potentail than old players???
2013-04-12 19:40
Well, in that case.
2013-04-12 17:06 lan failures...great online tho;)
2013-04-12 16:18
Gl WW&fnatic!
2013-04-12 16:41
2013-04-12 18:31
So many good teams in denmark... makes local tournaments more interesting than some international tourneys
2013-04-12 19:00
Interesting, Denmark scene so good :D
2013-04-12 19:03
Cph Wolves no 3k2 :o?
2013-04-12 19:21
Visit to see roster. Hint: 3k2 is in line-up ;)
2013-04-12 21:19
You dont really follow the scene, do you? ;-)
2013-04-12 21:38
as you can see on the is not in line 3K2 Cph Wolves (FeTiSh, cajun, device, dupreeh, wantz, gravityy) was only one doubts tyy
2013-04-12 22:01
3k2 sucks and gravitty sucks too back device
2013-04-13 11:16
Western Wolves easily.
2013-04-12 19:39
easily lose to fnatic
2013-04-12 21:14
no xapso pfff fuck this
2013-04-12 22:46
xapso folded :-D
2013-04-13 01:55
POPPERS consist some of the players
2013-04-13 11:21
full lineups?
2013-04-13 05:04
gl DK-teams
2013-04-13 12:49
Will be close between fnatic and western wolves, hard to say who will win it.
2013-04-14 18:43
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