n0thing: "I hope all Americans win"

This interview features one of the best known American gamers of all time, former EG member Jordan "n0thing" Gilbert who now plays for Team Dynamic.

Although many are unaware, Gilbert quickly made the switch to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive upon the game's announced release to compete in the North American ESWC qualifier in Seattle, WA.

However, he missed the qualifier due to Braxton "swag" Pierce being under-aged for the North American event, and then saw his team die due to maxing up roster changes in ESEA Invite Season 12.

n0thing makes his CS:GO LAN debut this weekend 

Shortly after Team Dynamic's 5-8th place finish at DreamHack Winter 2012 the team decided to let go of Francis "kiko" Lao and Phillipe-Olivier "PEX" Crepin to recruit Sal "Volcano" Garozzo and Gilbert.

Gilbert has missed Dynamic's two last North American LANs with Pierce, but will now make his CS:GO debut on LAN this weekend while also competing in the Counter-Strike 1.6 tournament.

Out of curiosity, how many Steam hours do you have in CS:GO? You haven't been to any tournaments yet, how anxious are you to get to play CS:GO against some of the world's best teams?

Dynamic n0thing: I've played 830 hours. Looking forward to it, especially since I have missed a few events I should have been at already.

Your team has attended RyuLAN and LAN ETS without you in 2013. How come you weren't at those events? Do you think not having played together on LAN will hurt your chances at ESEA?

Dynamic n0thingWell, I already had a family scuba diving trip planned to Belize, Central America during the same dates. I would have possibly sacrificed the family trip for my team if it was a bigger event, or even something we planned, but it wasn't. I don't think not having played on LAN with this 5 will hurt us more so than the fact that we haven't competed vs. these top European teams. ETS and some of these other USA LAN's would hardly prepare us for anything we didn't already know. I'm hoping we can get comfortable quick, because our only chance of going far in this tournament is if we play our best game and not too hesitant.

How have you prepared for the global finals of ESEA Invite Season 13? How much have you practiced as a team and individually?

Dynamic n0thingIn terms of what type of practice, purely online, no LAN bootcamp :(. Normally about 4-5 nights a week. We've been trying to play as much as our schedules allow us too individually and of course we spend time as a team trying to find our comfort zones mentally since we're coming in without any prior CS:GO competitions under our belt.

Have you been preparing specifically for VeryGames and how do you think you will do? What about the next match versus ESC or Quantic, which one would you rather face and would you expect a W?

Dynamic n0thingI mean, we would be dumb for not preparing in some specific sense for VeryGames, but we know they are a smart team so it's not like we can know how they are going to approach the match either. They might think nothing of us and just try to send ScreaM flying at us early, or maybe they will try to take us slow and steady and beat us with team work, or maybe they will play confident and do whatever they want and work off picks, they have a lot of strengths so if we just try to counter everything it will only hurt us, we need to focus on finding our own tempo of play. I try not to have expectations for these types of matches you know, I know we can win and that's really all I want to think about in terms of the outcome.

As far as ESC or Quantic, I think it could go either way if Quantic finds their rhythm, but ESC obviously have a way more solid team foundation than Quantic purely based on how long they've been together. I would like to play ESC cause it's no fun playing Americans (but if we get knocked out of course I want any American team to do well) :D. I would expect nothing, as I said above- I don't think its necessary to let expectations get in the way of your results.

Considering those match-ups, how well do you expect to do in terms of your placing at the finals? What would you feel happy with?

Dynamic n0thingI'll say it again, we don't really have expectations. We know we have to play well to do well, so there hasn't been much more speculation than that on our end. I'd be happy to win the tournament, just like everyone else. It's not like we want to just beat VeryGames and then get whooped and we'd be happy. We know we can beat everyone if the circumstances are right, so we're going to try to facilitate the circumstances :D. I think rather than asking what would we be happy with, you could ask what we would not be happy with, which would be winning no maps vs a European opponent. We really want to show that USA is not as weak as people think. I believe the circumstances of our gaming environment as well as the size of the USA is a big factor that people don't take into consideration when comparing our players/teams.

Who do you think will win the other first round match-ups? Can any of the North American teams surprise the Europeans and if so, who would you put your money on?

Dynamic n0thingI hope all Americans win for the sake of pride, but I doubt that will happen first round. It seems Quantic has the best chance of doing that on paper, so I would bet on them.

n0thing playing CS:GO at IEM 6 GC New York 

Is there more pressure for teams like Dynamic to perform since you don't get as many chances to compete against Europeans?

Dynamic n0thingI guess so, yeah. I never really thought about it like that to be honest, because we don't really feel these types of pressures as players when we are competing, but now that you asked the question, I guess we all are aware of the fact that most people think USA isn't as skilled as Europe, but that might motivate us more than anything.

Can you tell our readers what the roles of each player in your team are? Who AWPs, who is the in-game leader, lurker, etc.?

Dynamic n0thingEric (adreN) calls strats, enjoys long walks on the beach, and likes to put his tongue out in photos. Keven (AZK) is mainly our sniper. He's from Montreal so naturally he likes to sit in the snow all day and eat poutine.

Me, Sal (Volcano), and Brax (swag) tend to play all roles, because we're just that cool. We enjoy fast cars, fast women, and competitive table tennis on the side. You can find us three at any point in the day sippin' on some Mojitos loungin' on swag's yacht in the South Pacific. (we practice on a boat)

With fRoD, Storm and Warden seemingly playing some CS:GO together, have you thought about teaming up with any of the old EG members in this game?

Dynamic n0thing: I haven't thought about it really, no. But, I suppose anything could happen depending on who fully commits to competing.

What do you think the North American scene needs to get back to its glory days? How does the scene now compare to the one in the past?

Dynamic n0thing: Well, comparing say 2004 and 2013 for CS, I'd say the main difference is that back then you mostly just had more to play for. You had more tournaments each month, more professional organizations to fund your trips, and in some cases salary to help you focus purely on CS as a job. Now that the CS scene is more segregated (CSGO/1.6/CSS), there's less events for any one game and it's hard to pull sponsors in this situation.

I feel like this is mostly due to the current condition of the global CS community, so I'm going to rant a bit about what I think the community needs in general, so bear with me and please give me your thoughts specifically on this answer in the comments below!

As a pro? I think it needs what it's always needed, a sufficient amount of yearly events. In general? A non segregated and better connected community (not just in the USA, but as a whole). How do we get these things? That is the tougher question. There's a lot of things you could speculate that would grow the community (like free 2 play), but would that improve our competitive community? Yes, and no. More casual players would eventually mean a larger talent/player pool, but in the short term, the only way that could help is if it led to higher viewership of current competitive events which would lead to more new sponsor interest and potentially more events.

Still though, being f2p is not guaranteeing that there will be a huge influx of players to boost said streaming #'s and its also not guaranteeing that the CS communities (CSS/1.6/CSGO/CSOnline) will randomly become a synergy because f2p was implemented. So, to say what we need first is tricky, because a lot of organizers only want to throw events for games that have huge stream numbers (LoL/SC2/DotA), and CS is currently getting trumped in those areas. Especially now with the fact that events like WCG/ESL don't have CS:GO, the residual viewership/marketing the CS community would normally get from being part of such prestigious multi-game events is now limited, which doesn't help either.

So, it seems like it would be nice to just ask Valve to solve all of our problems by hosting a $1million tournament while announcing the game free 2 play altogether and hope that it attracts old/new players alike. But, that's still not guaranteeing that the game will stay as popular after the event. So, I think at the current time the $1 million tournament could be a debatable investment from their point of view (even if they are worth more than $2 billion), but I feel implementing free 2 play probably wouldn't hurt to at least try.

Unless they have something else up there sleeve to improve the community by the end of the year, I think a f2p petition is in order. I would even go as far to say they wouldn't even need to market it much. Just make the announcement, remove the price, and let the gaming portals spread the message. At that point, if the growth was there, we would let nature take its course and hopefully community efforts and viewership would increase. If growth isn't really there, there would be a reason and they would find it out, and I think thats why it would benefit the CS franchise.

You are also competing in the Counter-Strike 1.6 tournament at ESEA. Do you think playing two separate games will hinder your performance or mess with your on-site focus/preparation?

Dynamic n0thing: In this case, I don't imagine it will hinder my performance too much, but I suppose it could because I've never had to switch back and forth so rapidly. I suppose I'll let you know how it goes after the event, hah.

Next up in our pre-ESEA interview series is Sam "DaZeD" Marine from Quantic Gaming as we hope to introduce the North Americans to our readers. Keep your browsers here for full ESEA Invite Season 13 global finals coverage.

Canada xb0y
Why doesn't he stream anymore >.<
2013-04-17 13:51
2 replies
he streams from the other side of the globe. do you work nightime and sleep daytime? :D if not then you'll probably miss it everytime he is playing.
2013-04-17 14:36
1 reply
lol im on the other side of the country and i usually miss it
2013-04-17 16:02
Great player! GL n0thing
2013-04-17 13:51
n0thing best russian dota 2 player :D
2013-04-17 13:52
Russia monte:)
2013-04-17 13:54
Nice read.
2013-04-17 13:55
HAHAHAHAHHA sure he still think they can beat VG? ohh I want to see that all EU teams beat US in first round and event will be with only EU teams on USA yard haha :D
2013-04-17 14:03
8 replies
Greece her-1g
esc and n! will prolly lose though
2013-04-17 14:15
7 replies
2013-04-17 14:26
n! yes maybe ESC win
2013-04-17 14:48
5 replies
Greece her-1g
they are not good enough! quantic is a strong team and has better teamwork.
2013-04-17 15:11
3 replies
we will see
2013-04-17 15:29
2 replies
Pasha is ill
2013-04-17 17:53
1 reply
WAS ill
2013-04-17 17:54
as much as i loved esc from 1.6 days, quantic is actually VERY strong, and i dont see esc getting 2 maps on them
2013-04-17 19:51
maybe they will in future when they start to invade all lans
2013-04-17 13:57
ahhahaa gL nothing
2013-04-17 14:05
. hah.
2013-04-17 14:06
gl dynamic
2013-04-17 14:08
On swag's yacht?
2013-04-17 14:10
2 replies
maybe they like fishing while playing cs :D
2013-04-17 14:19
the answer about Dynamic player's roles was with humour
2013-04-17 14:34
good interview didn't Volcano retire some weeks/months ago?
2013-04-17 14:14
so happy his genes are on the other side of the world
2013-04-17 14:17
Hope is the mother of fools :)
2013-04-17 14:24
"I hope all Americans win" Yeah keep Dreaming Man The swedish are hire & Gooooal!!!
2013-04-17 14:27
Can you tell our readers what the roles of each player in your team are? Who AWPs, who is the in-game leader, lurker, etc.? Dynamic n0thing: Eric (adreN) calls strats, enjoys long walks on the beach, and likes to put his tongue out in photos. Keven (AZK) is mainly our sniper. He's from Montreal so naturally he likes to sit in the snow all day and eat poutine. Me, Sal (Volcano), and Brax (swag) tend to play all roles, because we're just that cool. We enjoy fast cars, fast women, and competitive table tennis on the side. You can find us three at any point in the day sippin' on some Mojitos loungin' on swag's yacht in the South Pacific. (we practice on a boat) LOL
2013-04-17 14:32
1 reply
he's such a troll :D
2013-04-17 18:53
Europe midi
How old is swag? I still remember 12 year old pengu1n @ ESWC 2010 playing for PinG, and another french kid winning FIFA cup.
2013-04-17 14:47
5 replies
wasn't penguin in that solely because his dad made it happen with the help of his wallet?
2013-04-17 15:11
1 reply
Europe midi
Yup, he was, but i dont think the wallet helped that much. The kid who won FIFA cup was 11 years old.
2013-04-17 15:50
2013-04-17 15:36
2 replies
pengu1n was 12 years old
2013-04-17 16:32
1 reply
I answered the question you f...
2013-04-17 18:47
keep dreaming
2013-04-17 14:48
oh Jordan, you are so cute
2013-04-17 15:23
1 reply
2013-04-17 15:48
must be fun with the yacht and everything..
2013-04-17 15:46
Where are the "Asian" teams? Any words or interviews about Asian csgo?
2013-04-17 15:48
1 reply
CS:GO is just starting up in Asia, so they are not visible internationally yet. Other than that, I have no idea why you ask about Asian teams, in this article, as they have nothing to do with ESEA Global Finals o.O
2013-04-17 23:08
The game is not good enough, that's why it's all going to shit. It's not the CS we know in love. The "gameplayfeel" needs improvement, like the headshot feel(would give a better emotional reward for killing someone which the whole game revloves around), jumping feel(completly out of sync with the ground movement), better color in-game(so that you don't have to change it on your video-card options; would also bring in the noobs because it adds a sense of aliveness with all the nice colors, instead of damp and almost depressing colors), higher volume or stronger hit signals. If Valve tries to throw money at the problem by arranging a 1 million dollar tournament it would still not solve the core problem, which is: the game is not fun enough to play casually, and even competetivly, but mostly casually. If or when they make the game more fun to play casually, which would probably bring in the rest of our beloved CS community, then they might start to think about expansion in the form of f2p and CS:GO international. Dota2 is the perfect example, a new game with the same gameplayfeel as the old Dota. there 250 000 players playing it every day even though it costs 20-25€ which is the double of what CS:GO costs. The game Dota that everybody loved have not changed with the new Dota2. It has become even better which CS:GO hasn't. CS:GO is a good game but in comparsion to the old CS games and especially CS 1.6 it's not on the same level. I went on a rant and I don't even know if I got everthing across but the main thing I want to say is that the gameplayfeel must improve by atleast 50%(if you could meassure it in percentage). Then, and only then will we be able to see the game explode into much bigger player and viewership numbers. I watch the game but I don't play the game. When I want fun, I play cs1.6 not GO but I would love to one day...
2013-04-17 15:51
1 reply
Don't worry dude, you're not the only one feeling this way. I was playing both CS1.6 and DotA1 at the same time, with more focus towards cs, they both got "upgraded", and while Dota2 was a major improvement (even while playing D1 i've dreamt of the same game but with better graphics), CS:GO just didn't deliver. On topic, such great memories of n0thing from the 1.6 days, he was such a beast, but i've always felt he was a level above other NA players of his time, thus never being able to win anything major (as far as I remember). I hope he proves himself at this lan, although i don't expect his team accomplishing anything big.
2013-04-17 16:21
I bet 100% All NA team will lose, and n!faculty wont even take 10 rounds from every teams.
2013-04-17 16:29
4 replies
United States lurppis
that's very contradictory of you considering n!faculty is playing an american team on the first round, surely they either need to get more than 10 rounds or an american team has to win
2013-04-17 16:39
2 replies
shhh don't point that out, just take that bet and bet a million $$$. EZMONEY!
2013-04-17 18:17
nfaculty are top 2 team look how well they play......
2013-04-18 05:25
mindf_ck xDDDDD
2013-04-17 16:53
His attempt to be funny failed very hard i would say.
2013-04-17 16:55
I hope not.
2013-04-17 17:00
Kosovo spadzxf
keep calm n0thing , europe is here :p
2013-04-17 17:08
Pipe dream n0thing. We'll see how you guys do however. You seem very confident.
2013-04-17 17:55
gl jordan :D
2013-04-17 18:17
2013-04-17 18:39
2013-04-17 18:39
n0thing is the Justin Bieber of Counter Strike. He acts wannabe gangsta and thinks being high all the time is "cool," and is a rude guy in real life. 'nuff said
2013-04-17 18:40
9 replies
2013-04-17 19:42
United States lurppis
yeah i'm sure you know him well enough to judge his real life persona
2013-04-17 20:56
7 replies
Well he actually seems like a decent guy in this interview I just have heard talk and seen some of his stream behaviour. Anyways, I'll judge less next time thanks for checking my CS privilege ;)
2013-04-17 22:17
6 replies
news for you.. thats the NA scene in a nutshell
2013-04-18 00:18
5 replies
I am in the NA scene ;)
2013-04-18 01:25
4 replies
Then u know that majority of the NA scene is weed smoking "rude guys" who argue all day about who lifts more and who's gonna beat who up at lan.
2013-04-18 02:31
3 replies
Hahahahah yeah I thought I'd propagate that concept here but yeh
2013-04-18 02:41
rofl yeah american spastics that is so true that is all they actually do no wonder they are so low skilled at the game
2013-04-18 05:26
that doesnt much differ much fromn the other scenes. At least that fits to the german scene as well :D
2013-04-19 01:06
not gonna happen, I will be suprised if any US team will go through
2013-04-17 18:41
1 reply
then you are dumb, because there are arguably only about 5 euro teams better than quantic.
2013-04-17 22:22
American teams always was stronger than european in CS, problem is they don't participate many LAN events in europe. Good Old Team 3D, remember how they rape all noobs from swe and rest. ksharp ftw ^.-
2013-04-17 18:49
3 replies
actually SK raped 3D more than 3D raped SK....and back then those 3D guys weren't swag yolo spastics (not saying nothing is as he is a cool guy)
2013-04-18 05:28
2 replies
actualy i checked it and team3d beat more times sk
2013-04-18 20:03
1 reply
2013-04-18 23:14
NIP VG Quantic yanky still is doesnt have tactics ... and they need to learn not showing white flag when they starting to loose . They cant do come back from (7-0 8-0) at beginning ...
2013-04-17 18:50
They can dream to beat eu ;)
2013-04-17 19:00
csgo isnt fun to watch,I gave it a try on ems one .Watched vg vs nip and nip fnatic.Really it was just boring , mostly people running and shooting.Didnt see any intense 1vx or 2v2 situations. I remember being so excited to watch cal-i matches,with old teams like syb,ice,meepins,tsg,3d,united5,wew,tau...
2013-04-17 19:03
2 replies
Switzerland beastHTG
its either not that bad.. if you watched NiP vs Virtus.pro, that was a match like in the old days. when teams catch up, like virtus did, we gonna see many good matches
2013-04-17 23:00
If you don't play the game very much you might have a different perspective, but i have really been enjoying watchin csgo and im pumped for Dallas.
2013-04-18 00:21
n0thing 2 stronk
2013-04-17 19:25
I hope all american teams get at least 3 round every map, because of their pride XD
2013-04-17 19:41
1- NiP 2- Quantic 3- VG/Dynamic
2013-04-17 20:03
USA not is America! FUCKERS!
2013-04-17 21:19
cheering for americans this time, hope they get the 2nd place
2013-04-17 21:49
Lol, we might get destroyed, I didn't say it's not possible, just that there's no point in that mentality was what I was trying to get across.
2013-04-17 22:33
1 reply
Make sure my Dream team looks good. Get as much frags as possible :)
2013-04-17 22:44
I'd like to see a team representing the EU while competing US teams for once...
2013-04-17 22:41
I wonder if neo will play the 1.6 portion with netcode.
2013-04-18 00:20
1 reply
2013-04-19 01:04
Hong Kong SHiFT^up
Lol...no Maybe ESC and n! but you Americans can just relax 'cuz you're not gonna win shit Speaking as a person who lives in the US.
2013-04-18 01:42
Nice read lurp, brings back memories when you mention frod and co. Can't wait to hear what dazed has to say.
2013-04-18 01:45
Nice read. I want ex-EG to team up again :(
2013-04-18 04:00
love n0thing :* rocks XD
2013-04-18 06:11
gilbert always sick
2013-04-19 03:35
"He's from Montreal so naturally he likes to sit in the snow all day and eat poutine." thats what I do too.
2013-04-19 05:31
growth isn't really here, and I knew why instantly on August 21, 2012
2013-04-25 11:53
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