Video: Neo vs All-Stars NA

April 21st, 2013 06:03

We continue our video coverage of the ESEA Global Finals, taking place in Dallas, with our second frag highlight of the event, featuring Polish ace Filip "Neo" Kubski.

Before the main tournament started, an All-Star match with players from all teams  took place. There was a lot more to it than simply bragging rights, as the winning region got a better seeding in the team competition, and as many expected, Europe came out on top with ease, picking up a 16-7 victory.

In this round, Europe's players are surprised by the North American players, who were on eco, but Kubski took matters into his own hands and killed the opposing team all by himself, capping off a great round with a long-range headshot onto Jordan "n0thing" Gilbert.

Highlight info

Player: Poland Filip"NeoKubski
Match: Europe Europe vs United States North-America
Final result: 16:7 (11:4 ; 5:3)
Match date: 19.04.2013
Map: de_dust2_se
Event: ESEA Invite Season 13 All-Star
Stage: All-Star Match
Weapon: AK47
Action situation:
Europe were leading 2:0

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João "ERRZyx" Ferreira on Facebook

nice. it was actually neo vs US
2013-04-21 06:09
NA = North America
2013-04-21 10:12
Netherlands liQuidmoTion 
nope, Canada was included in the vote. players chosen aside
2013-04-21 12:28
after 1 year of break i come back and see this random csgo shit game :( so sad
2013-04-21 13:48
f0rest | 
United Kingdom Ivanmt Ohhh :'( Are you okay, do need more tissues?
2013-04-21 15:00
add some toilet paper to wipe this shit game also, thanks
2013-04-21 17:07
f0rest | 
United Kingdom Ivanmt :'( boo-hoo, a game that came out doesn't meet my standards... and the game I use to play has no more servers.... oh wait.
2013-04-22 01:19
doesent meet counterstrike standards, but maybe they met yours, so have fun and enjoy. your hours not mine.
2013-04-23 19:18
World Moya 
neo best player 4ever
2013-04-21 06:11
2013-04-21 06:11
poor n0thing
2013-04-21 06:12
the amazing thing is that n0thing headshoted him aswell lol
2013-04-21 06:14
the only valid "NeO > All" thread :p fanboy gonna love this
2013-04-21 06:19
Quantic > Neo
2013-04-21 06:35
Get a hs Neo
2013-04-21 06:47
Netherlands liQuidmoTion 
you get a hs against those players in that situation. his percentage is usually around 50, so yeah, not his 1.6 level, but lets all stop whining about him not being #1 in his team anymore, and enjoy the fact that pasha and taz no do insane sometimes.
2013-04-21 12:30
no, taz 96% matches doing insane, pasha and kuben sometimes doing good, loord is rarely doing something, neo almost never helps his team(maybe 3 maps in csgo so far)
2013-04-21 13:27
Netherlands liQuidmoTion 
indeed (except that neo isnt as bad as you depict. he just isnt near his 1.6 level, but how could you blame him -or trace, for that matter- ) as they were exceptionally gifted for that game
2013-04-21 14:00
ERRZyx please Ex6tenz ACE.
2013-04-21 07:06
2013-04-21 10:15
wish we had allstar games in late 1.6 . europe : Markeloff,neo,forest,get_right,trace america : fnx,fallen,n0thing,frod,evolution.
2013-04-21 13:37
Netherlands liQuidmoTion 
3 awpers, Id rather see frod/evo switched for swag or dboorn
2013-04-21 14:01
hehe liquid , I had dboorn in there but evo is pretty good with rifles and I like his deagle, dboorn/nak/swag any one of these guys is pretty good :)
2013-04-21 14:14
Netherlands liQuidmoTion 
true :P evo's deagle used to be nuts ^_^ same for fRoD
2013-04-21 21:44
meant reply*
2013-04-21 14:14
very nice
2013-04-21 20:11
Great play... when I was watching ALl-Stars I hoped that Neo will step up in real matches, but unfortunately he went back to his usual GO level :/
2013-04-21 20:15
NEO > ALL ! :P :D
2013-04-22 02:24
lol, nice joke
2013-04-22 13:47
sick game... adadadad pewpew! the only hs = full run
2013-04-22 02:37
nice last kill ;) but ScreaM better :)
2013-04-22 13:46
2013-04-23 18:54
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