Final photos from ESEA Finals day two

April 21st, 2013 08:10

We have finished uploading the final photos from ESEA Invite Season 13 global finals' second day of competition in Dallas.

Today saw majority of both Counter-Strike tournaments being finished with the consolidation final between Quantic and VeryGames as well as the grand final remaining in CS:GO.

In Counter-Strike 1.6 Jordan "n0thing" Gilbert's Netcode Illuminati, also featuring ESC Gaming's Filip "NEO" Kubski, have qualified for the grand final. Check out some of today's photos below.

ESEA League banner
An Astro sound card for delayless LAN communication
NCI playing versus Underdogs
ESC in action

Broken tag

lurppis congratulating hiko on their win 

You can head over to our day two gallery to view all the rest of the photos from today. Stay at for continued coverage as ESEA Finals finish on Sunday.

Tunisia inket 
That Alienware is sexy.
2013-04-21 08:18
great coverage by hltv :)
2013-04-21 08:20
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