Quantic edge out VG, move to final

April 21st, 2013 19:39

Quantic have edged out VeryGames in the consolidation final of ESEA Season 13 Global Finals in a very close series (22-20 on de_inferno_se, 16-14 on de_cache), scheduling a meeting with NiP in the grand final for $17,500.

The last day of action at ESEA Season 13 Global Finals kicked off with the consolidation final between VeryGames and Quantic, the winner of which would get a chance to challenge NiP in the grand final for $17,500.

As the top seeded team from the North American region, Quantic chose to veto three maps and leave it to VeryGames to pick the first one. The French selected de_inferno_se and a CT side start.

The very beginning of the match hinted that we would be in for a close affair as Adil "ScreaM" Benrlitom won a 1-on-2 situation to give his team the pistol round. Quantic won the 3rd round, but they failed to plant the C4 against eco the round after so VG strolled to a 5-1 lead.

Carey "frozt" Kertenian then stepped onto the scene with his AWP, getting important picks and helping his team win a couple of 2-on-3 situations to narrow the lead down to 5-4. But once again the North Americans' slow paced attacks backfired and they failed to plant the C4 in the B bombsite after running into an eco-stack.

VG used that to go up 8-4 before a force buy by Quantic produced results. Trey "tck" Martin also stepped into the spotlight in the penultimate round of the first half, winning a 1vs2 situation to make it 8-6. In the last round of the half Nathan "NBK" Schmitt scored 3 kills before Kertenian almost won a 1vs4, but the French took the round for a 9-6 lead.

Quantic Gaming tck
tck clutched a couple of key rounds in the first map

VeryGames won the second half pistol, as well as the first two buy rounds and they quickly climbed onto a 14-6 lead, looking like they have cemented the first map victory. However, the home team kept their nerves and they fought back various attacks, including Martin's 1-on-3 situation at the B bombsite that pulled the score back to 14-12.

The other Martin in Quantic, Spencer "hiko", locked down the B bombsite in the next few rounds, scoring three and then five kills for a 15-14 advantage, although VG evened it out in the very last round and brought the match into overtime.

In the first few rounds of OT, VeryGames returned to what worked for them earlier – attacking the A bombsite – and they took a 17-15 lead, with Benrlitom then winning a 1-on-2 in B for their last T round, making the result 18-15.

frozt and DaZeD
frozt was the deciding factor in the first overtime

But the French team's ailment rose up again, as they were unable to close the match despite having favorable situations. First Kertenian and "tck" won a 2-on-3, then "hiko" and Kertenian somehow pulled off a 2-on-4, and in the third round Kertenian added another clutch 1-on-1 to take the map into second overtime, 18-18.

The second overtime once again saw the French take the lead after the first half, 20-19, but they were unable to break down Quantic's defense after the sides changed, seeing Kory "semphis" Friesen get his first big round of the map with 4 kills which clinched the map 22-20.

Moving on to Quantic's battleground de_cache, the French-Belgian mixture surprisingly went up 5-0 after a quick pistol and first buy round executions. They soon crumbled though, being unable to win a 3-on-2 against "tck" and Sam "DaZeD" Marine in the seventh round, and then seeing Kertenian win another important 1vs1 for 5-4.

moses and others watching Quantic play VeryGames
Quantic scored 10 rounds in a row on de_cache CT side

Quantic continued stopping VG's B attacks, as they won a 3-on-5 to take the lead for the first time and after that had "tck" win yet another clutch, this time a 1-on-1 for 7-5. The North Americans strolled to make it ten rounds in a row and to take a solid lead into the second half, 10-5.

But VeryGames didn't roll over and give up, instead they won the pistol round and made it 10-8 with no problems in the anti-ecos. Quantic took the first buy round though and looked on the way to taking the second as well, but Benrlitom showed his skill yet again and clutched a 1-on-2 despite being in a crossfire from two enemies.

ScreaM from VeryGames
ScreaM won a key round that kept VG in the game

That boosted his team who went on to tie the score at 11-11, right after which another very slow attack from Quantic fell into water when time expired, letting the French take the lead. The teams went neck to neck, exchanging the next few rounds as the score became 13-13, when Schmitt, forced to buy only a MAG7, scored three kills at the vents to put his team up 14-13.

However, same as yesterday against NiP in the second map, they were unable to hold onto that advantage and Kertenian once again stepped up and scored three kills including a 1-on-2 to equalize the result at 14-14.

VeryGames were unable to afford much in the last couple of rounds, which Quantic took perfect advantage of, and despite Benrlitom's best efforts at the A bombsite in the last round, the North American team came out victorious 16-14.

ESEA Invite Season 13 Global FinalsBest of 2
21st April 2013

 Quantic K - D +/- ADR Rating 1.0
United States Carey 'frozt' Kertenianfrozt 58 - 43 +15 - 1.21
United States Spencer 'Hiko' MartinHiko 57 - 49 +8 - 1.15
Canada Kory 'SEMPHIS' FriesenSEMPHIS 51 - 58 -7 - 0.92
United States Sam 'DaZeD' MarineDaZeD 46 - 50 -4 - 0.91
United States Trey 'tck' Martintck 38 - 49 -11 - 0.78

 VeryGames K - D +/- ADR Rating 1.0
Belgium Adil 'ScreaM' BenrlitomScreaM 60 - 45 +15 - 1.22
France Nathan 'NBK-' SchmittNBK- 63 - 51 +12 - 1.16
France Edouard 'SmithZz' DubourdeauxSmithZz 50 - 50 0 - 1.01
Belgium Kévin 'Ex6TenZ' DroolansEx6TenZ 41 - 53 -12 - 0.77
France Kenny 'kennyS' SchrubkennyS 34 - 51 -17 - 0.75

After losing four maps in a row with only two rounds difference, two to NiP and now two to Quantic, VeryGames will have to settle for 3rd place which will bring them $4,000.

The North American squad will take on NiP in the grand final where they will need to win two best-of-threes, opposed to NiP's one, in order to get to the $17,500 first place prize. Second placed team will earn $7,000.

I hope Quantic goes for a smoke after that, considering all the blowjobs the casters gave them during that match.
2013-04-21 19:39
2013-04-21 19:40
Hong Kong SHiFT^up 
That is why you don't watch the official stream.
2013-04-21 19:41
Yes this has never happened in any other tournament.
2013-04-21 19:41
Don't act like this is the first time there has been bias at a LAN. And considering Quantic has really been the only U.S. team to edge out Euro teams, it's kinda a given. Simmer down.
2013-04-21 19:42
Don't act like this is the first time there has been bias at a LAN. I didn't? I just pointed out the bias here. Nice straw-man argument though. And considering Quantic has really been the only U.S. team to edge out Euro teams, it's kinda a given. Oh yes, silly me for expecting the official stream of an international LAN to have somewhat objective casting.
2013-04-21 19:49
United States mah9 
casting is always so ridiculously idiotic... the EMS raidcall was so fucking bad...
2013-04-21 19:56
Yeah, you, "pointed it out," in such a bold fashion, I can't call you on it? Sick logic bud. Considering it happens at other international LANs too, it seems like you just like attacking Americans. Stop acting like ESEA is the only one to have casters that are biased.
2013-04-21 20:09
2013-04-21 20:57
Learn to troll.
2013-04-21 21:28
2013-04-21 22:20
You are an awful troll, and making fun of the attacks in Boston? Jesus christ, not only are you stupid, but extremely immature. Grow up, geek.
2013-04-22 00:02
I wasn't referring to the attacks in Boston. I was just referring to the fact that you are accusing him of "attacking Americans" because he mentioned the international stream was biased. He didn't say anything derogatory about America in any way, you clearly just like to feel like the victim, as is shown by automatically assuming I was referring to the Boston bombing, instead of your own stupid claims.
2013-04-22 00:54
To be fair, there is never gonna be an "American Stream" because the stream is in English so its gonna end up an "international stream"... unlike "German Stream", "French Stream", "Russion Stream" etc
2013-04-22 06:20
Totally, as if America is the only country that has problems with terrorists then. Only events recently that warrant that type of a comment are the bombings in Boston. Care to go for round two? And I said it seemed like, because tons of other, "official streams" are biased, and yet he only wants to rag on ESEA's. Double jeopardy yet? Yup, my claims are stupid, says the person that waits two shitty troll comments later to actually post a coherent response. Keep at it.
2013-04-22 23:26
Round two? What are you talking about you utter dribble. I never referenced to the bombing, I was highlighting how stupid your claim was that he was "attacking Americans". I don't know why I'm trying to drive it through your extremely dense skull further because it is quite apparent that some people such as yourself absolutely crave being the victim. You accused him of "attacking Americans" which he did in no way whatsoever, then you went on to accuse me of making a jest at the Boston bombings, because you are so far up your own backside you can't see how ridiculous your first accusation was.
2013-04-23 01:43
You just used dribble as a singular insult, not part of a chain of words, you are an idiot. Might want to learn the definition of dribble. And round two, usually means come back for seconds. You must not get out much. How is it being anti-social? Must be fantastic in that dark, small cave of yours. No, I did. And all you said was, "terrorist." There are more than just terrorists that attack Americans, but you wouldn't know that, would you? You have this idea in your head that whenever an American says someone is attacking another American, we automatically all assume terrorism. You are unbelievably ignorant. Yup, totally reaching here, especially when all the OP did was attack the American casters. And he did, his comments had negative connotations to them about the American casters, therefore, berating them, AKA a verbal attack. Your inability to realize this, due to your inability to read, is astounding. Educate yourself, please.
2013-04-23 06:26
This is actually frustrating how unintelligent you are. I will have to spoon feed you. 1. Dribble is a British insult, generally meaning spastic/moron. 2. I knew exactly what you meant, I was just baffled that you thought we were in some kind of 'battle' when in truth, I am trying my best to help a very misguided individual. Please explain how that equates to not getting out much. 3. Of course there is more than one way to apply the word attack to something. I was ridiculing the fact that you would accuse him of 'attacking America' in any sense of the word, when he simple stated they were being exorbitantly biased, which is the truth. He never made a single bad remark about America, The U.S, or anything involved. Just the casters who believed to be bias were from The U.S, that's it. Yes he was attacking the casters, I will give you that. But the casters are not the face of the United states of America. It would be like you saying I am 'anti-social' or an 'idiot'. You are verbally attacking me. You aren't attacking the United Kingdom.
2013-04-23 07:04
Yup, so unintelligent. I'm sorry, what do you do with your life? Since we are attacking each other personally, let's compare dick sizes while we are at it. 1.Good thing everyone is from Great Britain huh? Ya twat. 2. Doesn't have to be a battle for that to happen. But again, thinking everything is extremely drastic and to the worst extent. 3. I said Americans, as in the casters. And yet again, considering he had no problem ridiculing verbally American casters. Considering he did, I'd say that's a form of verbal attack. But again, you are captain social, so I'm sure you understand every sense of conversations. Never said he was attacking America, only the American casters. Little bit of a difference. As for the terrorism thing, that's on you. If it was a thread about a Russian caster, you wouldn't have said, "hur durr Terrorism," would you have?
2013-04-23 17:36
First person to start criticising grammar as if it holds any relevance in discrediting someone generally looks like they have lost confidence in their own argument and has accepted defeat but just doesn't have the courage to admit it.
2013-05-09 00:58
2013-04-21 21:38
Korea ws0 
SLTV isn't pro-virtus pro right......
2013-04-21 19:45
It is. SLTV commentator is a big fan of Virtus.pro and he doesn't hide it during streams. He even invited Virtus.pro players to comment some matches with him.
2013-04-21 20:12
(his post was sarcastic)
2013-04-21 20:28
Korea ws0 
i was sarcastic... also Dunn invited NiP to a baseball game and is a huge fan of them. its just that esea is pro-american.
2013-04-21 20:40
Who was casting? Don't tell me it was that fool Dunn?
2013-04-21 20:04
You guessed it. Dunn and someone else (think it was Rambo)
2013-04-21 20:28
That guy is an awful caster.
2013-04-21 20:53
Indonesia vyee 
2013-04-21 19:40
That was the most insane game of the championship on de_inferno. Fantastic! GL to DaZeD's team in the grand finals, I hope they are worthy to fight with NiP titans.
2013-04-21 19:40
frozt won this game to Quantic.
2013-04-21 19:40
2013-04-21 19:40
what they were thinking not banning de_cache?
2013-04-21 19:40
because then they play de_dust1 :)
2013-04-21 19:46
No, they vetoed de_train.
2013-04-21 19:49
ok,they good on train,i don't think that Quantic go to final because they play cache,dust or mill,they are good team+a little luck a that's it :)
2013-04-21 19:51
VG are aweful
2013-04-21 19:40
Georgia Fatal Fighter 
even my dog makes more sense when barks
2013-04-21 19:41
Back to deadred son.
2013-04-21 19:45
Hummh, I honestly cant say I was awed by their performance.
2013-04-21 19:41
2013-04-21 19:40
Interesting, but don';t think they can put a fight against nip, hoping im wrong tho!
2013-04-21 19:40
2013-04-21 19:40
GG Quantic
2013-04-21 19:40
Great game! I was cheering for VG, but Quantic deserved it truely.
2013-04-21 19:40
nip win 3 x 0
2013-04-21 19:40
great match for quantic, theres no doubt that they can compete with the top teams.
2013-04-21 19:40
Hard to watch VG these days, they just throw away games , its not even like quantic played well lol. inc 16-2 16-4 from nip against these l0wmuricans
2013-04-21 19:41
You act like VG don't feel bad about it. You can see that they do. And saying Quantic didn't play well is horseshit. Are we watching the same LAN? Stop being so pompous and admit an American team did well.
2013-04-21 19:43
EDIT: Double
2013-04-21 19:44
Man you seem to be really angry about video games.
2013-04-21 19:44
Well played by Quantic. I hope they'll take a map from NiP.
2013-04-21 19:42
hahaha if they will play cache, dust (not dust2) or any other shit maps they can take a map from nip.... they only can play on this maps
2013-04-21 19:48
Zeus | 
Other Chuckeee 
Xizt:"LOL NOPE."
2013-04-21 19:53
Lithuania alon9 
congratz to Quantic climbing back all the way from the lower bracket first round to the grand final.
2013-04-21 19:42
predicting quick rape by nip, something like 16-6, 16-4
2013-04-21 19:42
Peru dbie 
before this tournament I would've said that NA CS was completely dead, I was wrong.
2013-04-21 19:42
goodbye VG hahahahahahhaaxaxaaaxaxaxaxax:D:D:D:D::D:D:D::D:D
2013-04-21 19:42
quantic shook hands with themselves after their big win against VG
2013-04-21 19:43
go quantic, way to make it thru the lower bracket
2013-04-21 19:43
well played
2013-04-21 19:43
murican fanboys incoming
2013-04-21 19:43
Romania tr$ 
Must be quite frustrating for VG to lose so many maps by such a low round difference.
2013-04-21 19:43
Congrats Quantic Wellplayed :) Finals gonna be WAR !
2013-04-21 19:44
:P it will be one sided!!
2013-04-21 19:45
but still , quantic been the underdogs for awhile and today they stood up to verygames , i wont be dissapointed if they lost , they had a great tournament! but yeah GOODLUCK TO THEM
2013-04-21 19:49
yeah man... winning against VG(arguably the 2nd/3rd best team in the world) is not a joke... GG
2013-04-21 19:53
Next up against NiP. Bye bye Amerikanski's.
2013-04-21 19:44
inb4 another boring final
2013-04-21 19:44
United States tnom 
awful awful awful casting
2013-04-21 19:45
Yeah Redeye is ok but dust doesnt even pay attention to what the teams are doing.
2013-04-21 19:48
Never trust saucers they all suck
2013-04-21 19:48
Venezuela Riikards 
Good stuff... I wanted Dynamic though :c
2013-04-21 19:45
Happy to see Americans playing in the final of an international LAN on our home soil for the first time in many years. Go Quantic! Bring it home.
2013-04-21 19:47
Quantic can only play on shity maps...
2013-04-21 19:47
Korea ws0 
2013-04-21 19:47
the match with NiP shows how good they are on inferno :D
2013-04-21 22:11
Korea ws0 
and it also show how bad VG are.
2013-04-21 22:13
-1 u wrong
2013-04-21 19:48
i would like to see them wining on train/nuke ;] not on the cache and other shits
2013-04-21 19:51
they good on train,i don't think that Quantic go to final because they play cache,dust or mill,they are good team+a little luck a that's it :)
2013-04-21 19:52
thats right, i think they were working hard and gj anyway
2013-04-21 19:54
Good on train??? Esc rape them on train, they only won pistol rounds
2013-04-21 20:56
Cache was VG's Choice!!
2013-04-21 19:49
shitty maps with autosniper in arms:D.
2013-04-21 19:50
They beat ESC on d2 and mill then VG on inferno.
2013-04-21 19:51
sure dude. vg decided to veto train and play cache instead.
2013-04-21 19:57
QxG going to play NiP tough as well!
2013-04-21 19:48
Good to see Quantic won. I'm bored to watch NiP vg VG. I hope Quantic will take one map or BO3 from NiP.
2013-04-21 19:48
wp quantic, well deserved!
2013-04-21 19:50
Ex6stence lost his cool on inferno in strat calling like he always does after losing couple rounds. VG was the better team but frozts awp and de_cache just cost them the game.
2013-04-21 19:50
Considering VG went 16-14 both maps against NiP and Quantic beat VG, I'm expecting a sorta close game for the finals. Hell, even Curse went 16-14 against NiP.
2013-04-21 19:51
if quantic gets closer to 12-13 rounds they deserve to win ..
2013-04-21 19:53
I see some mad euros here... "Quantic2lUcKy OnLy PuB mAps", "nErf AUtoSnIpEr PleASe", "OmG cAStERs SO bIasEd im rEAllY mAD RiGhT nOw wHeReS mY RuFFlEs MoMMy?"
2013-04-21 19:51
vg destroying my DT since last 3 tournaments ..
2013-04-21 19:51
get_right, f0rest , xizt = YOU WIN.
2013-04-21 19:54
-kennyS + GuardiaN
2013-04-21 19:54
and there goes 100% wrong prediction on the game
2013-04-21 19:55
gg tbh. VG had a great tournament, NBK was a monster and Scream performed in the important rounds even Ex6tenz was good apart from the calls to buy instead of playing to take it into overtime. I understand that he had faith in his team but on a force buy with shit guns faith has nothing to do with it. Just eco! But hey, at least you're not shit like Navi. Expecting a gg but NIP to win as per usual.
2013-04-21 20:00
They should have won its just the mental game thats really missing from vg, they work up a good lead and then cant get those last 2 rounds. It happened in this tournamen vs NiP and then again vs Quantic.
2013-04-21 20:05
-ex6tenz +shoxie VG top1
2013-04-21 20:07
agreed but those kind of decisions dont help either. Even if that happens and you have that mental block that doesnt allow you to win in normal time, you need to have the cool headedness to call for a eco at 14-14 down instead of going for the win. If the game has got to 14-14 then obviously it is mega tight. Making a call like lets try and win with shit guns makes no sense. VG will get there though, sick team and still learning. Kenny and Scream still young and learning loads every tournament. I hope they take positives and keep working on getting better, they will win a big tournie eventually.
2013-04-21 20:19
2013-04-21 20:06
Wow, amazing.
2013-04-21 20:01
USA Power, now time for NiP
2013-04-21 20:03
gl merrycans
2013-04-21 20:06
lol at everyone saying VG is shit... VG have proven time and time again they deserve to be top 3 in the world and when they get beaten fair and square instead of everyone saying good job Quantic, everyone says VG sucks. Yall are fuckin wack
2013-04-21 20:08
This right here; truth.
2013-04-21 20:10
This, they are a fantastic team but it seems they struggle with their composure.
2013-04-21 20:14
ignore them, VG are sick and still noobs (experience wise) compared to f0rest and gtr. They will win eventually.
2013-04-21 20:21
2013-04-21 20:08
Europe midi 
And nobody remembers how Quantic were struggling with Dynamic. :D
2013-04-21 20:19
thats right babeee!!!!
2013-04-21 20:23
-smithz/ex6tenz +shoxie or vg never top1
2013-04-21 20:52
Albania Heavon 
smithz imo.
2013-04-21 21:06
Quantic only get final coz of shits non standard maps
2013-04-21 20:57
are you joke LOL
2013-04-21 21:01
yeah like inferno, non standard shit map
2013-04-21 21:10
win by OT and it still was luck
2013-04-21 23:36
so badly played from VG, especially on inferno... they probably miss Shokkk, someone experienced, calm and very talented
2013-04-21 21:08
Great game.
2013-04-21 21:26
area+shoxie....fuuun ^_^
2013-04-22 00:06
Scream HS ratio!!
2013-04-22 06:10
youtube.com/watch?v=A1zWkLp33OM super late but was a good game ^_^
2013-04-22 20:40
great job by quantic, they passed a tough test in VG, and for all u guys saying quantic can only win in shit maps...its not like NA plays those maps anymore than EU does, and all teams knew the map pool before the tourny started...
2013-04-22 20:59
Pretty sure NA play Cache on a regular basis. Seen a lot of people mixing/scrimming on it from your scene.
2013-04-23 07:13
vg could eliminate cache and play train instead, so it was their own choice stop talking shit
2013-04-23 17:47
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