Curse win ESPC #2

April 22nd, 2013 06:47

Finnish Curse have topped ESPC #2 in Helsinki this weekend with a 16-13 win on de_mirage_go over in the grand final to clinch the first place and 750€.

Curse were coming off a disappointing showing at Copenhagen Games and had a couple of weak online results as well prior to defeating Natus Vincere in ESL's A-Series.

They had some tough competition in all of Finland's creme in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive as Miikka "dRiim" Toroi's Ence eSports and, formerly known as RAIDERS, were in attendance.

Curse.EU natu
natu's Curse still best domestically

Aleksi "allu" Jalli's team wound up topping their group with four straight wins and then defeated Ence eSports in the upper bracket semi-final before besting 2-1.

After lower bracket finished with defending ESPC #1 champions coming out on top, Curse defeated them again, this time 16-13 on de_mirage_go to clinch the tournament win.

ESPC #2 final standings:

1. Finland Curse - 750€
2. Finland - 500€
3. Finland Team - 250€
4. Finland Quality Gaming

ESPC is currently running an online league whose finals are expected to take place in June at Solid Gaming 2, scheduled to be held in Helsinki's Medialukio. 


2013-04-22 06:53
allu carrying curse alone mostly. Gg
2013-04-22 06:53
Here they talk about 16-11 in grand final. Was it really one map or was it just that Curse had one map due to coming from the winner bracket ?
2013-04-22 07:53
having hard time reading?
2013-04-22 09:24
More like I'm having a hard time believing. Apparently another source says that the result wasn't 16-13 but 16-11, so I have legitimate reasons to believe they might be wrong for the format as well. I know usually HLTV mention when there is a default loss due to the format, but for the reason I mentioned above I prefer to double check. If you have informations please share them, otherwise, thank you for worrying about my reading.
2013-04-22 09:37
Finland natu 
I think it was 16-13 and yeah we had one map advantage due to double elimination bracket - hence only played 1 map in the grand final.
2013-04-22 09:46
Thank you natu ^^.
2013-04-22 09:52
Belarus momtw 
2013-04-22 10:06
NiKo | 
Serbia NESi [w] 
expected and deserved gj natu and co.
2013-04-22 10:33
i was actually expecting a better performance from
2013-04-22 11:43
well we were seeded to be 7/8th before the event, and after groups we were predicted to be 5/6th and based on how shit we have been online all the time im pretty happy with the 3rd place :)
2013-04-22 11:59
Finland God1 
The final ended 16-11 for curse, not 16-13. Please fix this as it makes Curse look really shit.
2013-04-22 12:23
2 rounds makes such a difference? Curse is shit, we saw that in CPH. They are not that much better than myDGB, even less if at all in a couple of months
2013-04-22 15:23
+1. Ence will be better than curse etc. They need little bit more practice. And now it is very interesting bcause they kicked saggerton and aslak will replace him. Nice to see how he gonna performance with new lineupzz
2013-04-22 20:01
where did you read about saggerton/aslak change? :O
2013-04-22 20:53
My friend said that for me
2013-04-22 21:07
its true:)
2013-04-22 21:08
nah they will not be better than curse xD mby in next lan they can beat even refuse and qG-gaming!! :>D)(I)D=========D
2013-04-22 21:11
2013-04-22 21:32
2013-04-23 08:10
well he's pretty fucking shit in this game so I'll give him 1 month before he leaves or gets kicked
2013-04-22 21:14
shouldn't you more likely give him one month and see how he improves in this game? :) edit: he was beast once, I dont see any reason why he couldn't be awesome in GO also, its just about hrs u give this game
2013-04-22 21:28
But still he is 10000x better than saggerton :-D
2013-04-23 06:04
Slovakia crushyou 
dgb lu?
2013-04-22 13:50
fAlsu, MDL, KELLI, reVicer, xartE
2013-04-22 15:25
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