Video: ScreaM vs NiP

April 22nd, 2013 23:53

We continue bringing you the best clips of the ESEA Finals, and this time it is an impressive display of raw talent from VeryGames' Adil "ScreaM" Benrlitom.

Despite finishing in a disappointing third place at ESEA, VeryGames were in Dallas the closest they have ever been to defeating NiP, playing out a keenly contested match against the Swedish side in which both maps went down to the wire.

In this round, Benrlitom goes down the ramps towards the Lower bombsite and picks up four stunning headshots from distance with the AK-47, showing just why he is considered to be one of the best aimers in the game.

Highlight info

Player: Belgium Adil "ScreaMBenrlitom
Match: France VeryGames vs Sweden NiP
Final result: 0:2 (14:16 ; 14:16)
Match date: 20.04.2013
Map: de_nuke_se
Event: ESEA Invite Season 13 Global Finals
Stage: Winner Bracket Final
Weapon: AK47
Action sitution:
VeryGames were leading 9:1

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João "ERRZyx" Ferreira on Facebook

2013-04-22 23:54
rude nbk stole the PENTA!!! xDDDDDD
2013-04-23 13:36
Ukraine Nex ' 
2013-04-22 23:54
Netherlands Kochz 
2013-04-22 23:55
are you mongolian? gengkhis khaan
2013-04-23 07:24
2013-04-23 13:12
me too XD do you have a sword? i have
2013-04-23 15:03
i've got six swords, and one lama ^_^_^
2013-04-23 15:10
:not bad:
2013-04-22 23:56
Netherlands liQuidmoTion 
oddly fast :P
2013-04-22 23:57
Europe k9ken 
pretty good
2013-04-22 23:58
Norway aNdzz 
sweet lord
2013-04-22 23:58
Holy fuck.. Shit casters didnt show this.
2013-04-23 00:00
Pure , raw aim. Unbeliavable, excellent job ! GJ ScreaM-dA-MachiNe
2013-04-23 00:03
2013-04-23 07:31
Romania xPAz 
Do you have mental issues sir?
2013-04-23 10:22
2013-04-23 10:23
2013-04-23 10:45
2013-04-23 14:27
2013-04-23 18:32
2013-04-23 00:04
The human aimbot.. He's so crazy.
2013-04-23 00:08
amazing,nothing more
2013-04-23 00:10
Slovakia xarc 
2013-04-23 00:12
United Kingdom Alth 
His movement when shooting is almost as fantastic as his aim. Brilliant.
2013-04-23 00:15
yeah ScreaM has great flow with rifles.
2013-04-23 00:20
2013-04-23 00:22
sick aim
2013-04-23 00:23
2013-04-23 00:29
2013-04-23 00:40
Georgia Fatal Fighter 
2013-04-23 00:41
hats off. fastest shit i've ever saw.
2013-04-23 00:55
not even close. this seems to be fast because of the gotv glitches
2013-04-23 01:28
United States criimson 
Your so freaking lost kid...
2013-04-23 11:33
event with the edited post you couldn't spell "you're" right..
2013-04-23 11:52
You're claiming you know what SPAMAS has seen in his life? Share your magic!
2013-04-23 12:14
AIMazing edit: so laggy :'(
2013-04-23 01:23
Standard :D
2013-04-23 01:22
nice ak47 aim, but NBK is much better player
2013-04-23 01:27
Korea ws0 
ehhh DUH! NBK = top 10 players if not top 5.. ScreaM not even close to that.
2013-04-23 03:15
no1 argues
2013-04-23 08:56
amazing, just f*ckin insane.. would be much more beautiful if gotv wouldn't suck..
2013-04-23 01:30
wow no1 showed this before
2013-04-23 02:00
Germany Dok1 
click click click click - 4hs
2013-04-23 02:11
welcme to cs:go
2013-04-23 08:37
do this thing that scream did and i promise i will eat your sh** /see NEVER
2013-04-23 09:55
Georgia Fatal Fighter 
have u ever played it?
2013-04-23 11:22
Waiting for your video dude.
2013-04-23 16:24
Slovakia crushyou 
1.6 fanboy detected again
2013-04-23 18:31
no like cs:go= 1.6 fanboy normal hltv user logic
2013-04-24 02:35
cl_nobrain 1
2013-04-23 18:39
awesome frag
2013-04-23 07:41
sickest aim
2013-04-23 08:31
ok but lag
2013-04-23 08:38
This could've been a headline about 12 years ago.
2013-04-23 08:52
2013-04-23 09:49
He'll always be some wannabe who copied the real ScreaM's nickname.
2013-04-23 11:26
Who is the "The real ScreaM"?
2013-04-23 12:08
Patrick Roth
2013-04-23 12:28
2013-04-23 13:25
Romania tr$ 
I didn't know nicknames are trademarked.
2013-04-23 16:01
Man, how many people have forest or Spawn or Element as a nickname ? Even people who never heard of them or don't follow the scene have these nicks, don't be ridiculous.
2013-04-23 16:26
That's different than being a top player and copying another top players nickname..
2013-04-23 17:39
Yeah, and what happens if he plays with that nickname for ages, even before becoming a top player ? Just because someone famous also played with it he should drop it ? That's non-sense.
2013-04-23 18:23
I hope your trolling?
2013-04-23 20:27
brit logic
2013-04-24 03:57
2013-04-23 09:01
this guy really sick
2013-04-23 09:06
India c0rvus
2013-04-23 10:09
2013-04-23 10:49
amazing shots :)
2013-04-23 11:03
maybe the worst player ever, great aim though.
2013-04-23 11:04
2013-04-23 11:58
maybe the worst troll ever
2013-04-23 12:51
scream aside from being an aimbeast is actually a pretty bad player
2013-04-23 14:16
sure, this is probably why vg hired him. I can't believe how a player who is so good at clutches, can be a bad player. Do you even know what makes a good player ?
2013-04-23 14:18
a clutch player does not do anything mate, what my polish comrade and i are acutally meaning is that : even though he has got the highest headshot accuracy, or the best highlights or whatever. he still remains a bad player regarding the way he plays with his teammates. How many times have they lost a round because he wanted to do actions like that, taking too much risks and making his team lose a bombsite etc... counter strike is being played with 5 players. And apptly they hired him because they thought they could do something with him "tp-wise" but i haven't seen any round where he really played with em, or at least 5/6 rounds in a map --> that's not enough And the way he moves around the map, he does not read the game at all. Ok that's cool to have such an aim, but he's not making his team profit from it. I hope you get my pov.
2013-04-23 15:40
But dude cs isn't like football where you have to pass, as a ct he does his job, covering a bombsite. He isn't even a first fragger, NBK is so he got to go alone as you see in inferno you always takes the appartment to get some kills alone etc. ScreaM is a teamplayer as every single professional player, their strats concern everyone, they are all applied. I heard them talking on mumble and he isn't even the one who talks less. "How many times have they lost a round because he wanted to do actions like that" Oh, tell me how this action was risky. "but he's not making his team profit from it" Winning the round because of him isn't profitable at all, you're right. "a clutch player does not do anything mate" Not profitable for the team aswell, lol...
2013-04-23 16:06
i've noticed that it was NBK as a terrorist who was allowed to go on his own, on the app' side, peaking, and giving info, and i'm pretty sure that he feels comfortable in this role and that Ex6 wanted him to be in that role since they have played together for a long time, and NBK knows exactly what kind of moves he needs to do to get the more info he can. And yes it's not scream in that role (yet?) since he still has to learn how to play with his teammates, that's why ex6 keeps him with him. (might be true/ might be wrong) I wasn't talking about that round when i told you that they often lost rounds because of some bad moves from scream. I've noticed that on a game on inferno, can't remember against who anyway. When i say that he was doing some bad moves, i mean he was bombsite B, no sound from the banana yet, but many times he wanted to check it, and he did that alone, without waiting for a teammate to flash the banana for him, some mistakes that led him to be killed easily, and the opps could reach the bombsite without encountering any other resistance. And that's what you can't do at a professional level, peaking without a popflash ? peaking without a way to be revenged ? that's nonsensical for me. That's what i mean when i say that he could use his abilities so much better for VG. Am i wrong, am i right ? anyway mistakes like that shouldn't be made in my point of view, don't you agree ?
2013-04-23 16:16
When he peaks, his mistakes is just to stay and get the kill before backing, I understand that sometimes, he acts stupid, but saying that he is a bad player because of these kinda thing, or even saying he plays by his own, is where you lose me.
2013-04-23 18:26
I may have overreacted but you have a fair point.
2013-04-23 18:57
I kind of agree with this, although I think being hired by VG is the best thing that could happen to him, this way he'll be able to learn a lot and can improve to the point of being a top5 player (assuming he accepts what feedback his teammates can give him of course).
2013-04-23 16:31
Exactly ;-)
2013-04-23 16:38
2013-04-23 22:33
maybe the biggest frenchie fanboy ever because if you had a brain you would know scream is pretty bad apart from his aim. there's a reason why ex6 can't let him go off and do his own thing because he would fail at it unlike top players like f0rest, gtr etc who you can send off on their own and they will know EXACTLY what to do
2013-04-24 00:08
no argument, you just said "if you had a brain you would know scream is pretty bad apart from his aim" Btw I couldn't care less about VG, I don't even like csgo
2013-04-24 00:18
always awesomeHS
2013-04-23 11:15
crazy aim :D
2013-04-23 12:29
2013-04-23 13:41
dat aim
2013-04-23 13:48
It's easy in CS:GO.
2013-04-23 14:01
Belgium Clinternet 
Let me see your movie? If its so easy you can do it to right?
2013-04-23 14:43
Yeh sure it's easy on a esea LAN finals
2013-04-23 15:15
versus NiP :>
2013-04-23 15:34
delete yourself, please
2013-04-23 15:47
2013-04-23 14:38
2013-04-23 15:56
2013-04-23 17:12
Bulgaria dirtyrule 
What's the song ?
2013-04-23 18:08
2013-04-23 18:24
Indonesia vyee 
The force is strong with this one...
2013-04-23 18:22
Amazing aim!
2013-04-23 18:36
damn this guy ownz
2013-04-23 18:56
I counted seven shots and four dead bodies. ScreaM is very thrifty xD
2013-04-24 05:09
Well guys... I just finished my aim training, go play! OH Wait ! Mother of god, it was NIP !
2013-04-24 10:21
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