GuardiaN: "shoxie waiting on VG"

April 24th, 2013 13:28

Ladislav "GuardiaN" Kovács has revealed that Richard "shoxie" Papillon is waiting to hear from VeryGames before deciding his future.

The duo played together for a TCM-Gaming mix at the weekend in the RADEON Offensive #2 tournament, helping the team to finish in first place in the online competition, ahead of Western Wolves and Absolute Legends.

After the tournament, and upon revealing that he had parted company with mousesports, Dimitrios "stavros" Smoilis told that he "would love" to play with this lineup, but admitted to being unsure about whether this would be possible.

shoxie wants VeryGames return

Kovács, who is currently on the lookout for a new team following the disbandment of 3DMAX, has now stated that he would be open to playing with Papillon in the future, but stated that the Frenchman remains hopeful of returning to VeryGames.

"Papillon is a very good friend of mine, I have been in touch with him regularly for the past years and we have always got along well," Kovács told

"It will all depend on shoxie, who is waiting for an offer from VeryGames. If he remains, I would be glad, because playing for an international team would be a new experience for me."

Papillon joined VeryGames in May 2011 and helped the team through one of the most dominant periods in the history of CS:Source, with several first-place finishes on LAN tournaments, including the ESWC finals.

However, the former Imaginary Gaming talent did not fit in well with some of the players on the team, which led to his departure in November 2011. After that, VeryGames picked up Michael "mK" Zaidi, but in April 2012 decided to replace him with Kenny "kennyS" Schrub.

Since switching to CS:GO, VeryGames have not yet been able to establish themselves as the number-one side in the world, losing various tournaments to Ninjas in Pyjamas.

After losing Cédric "RpK" Guipouy to retirement, the French giants picked up Adil "ScreaM" Benrlitom as their new fifth player, but the move has not improved the fortunes of the team - who finished fourth at Copenhagen Games and third at the ESEA Finals.

The return of Papillon to VeryGames would boost the team's firepower even more, but questions remain whether the players will get past the personal problems that ruined this relationship last time.

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2013-04-24 13:29
Italy One. 
2013-04-24 13:30
Georgia Fatal Fighter 
would be great for him and for VG as well
2013-04-24 13:30
well he deserves to be there more than scream, though I think smithz would be an ideal choice if someone leaves
2013-04-24 13:30
i think scream should leave, he has insane aim no doubt but he disapointed me alot. i was hoping for him to be a mad frager but no, he always plays average, the only thing he has good is the HS% on his kills.
2013-04-24 16:26
To be honest shoxie can replace almost anyone on VG in terms of skill. He was scary as fk in CS:S and his consistency has carried over to CS:GO. LAN ACHIEVEMENTS : 2008 - 1st - Re-So 2008 - Creativ`(CSS) 2008 - 3rd - ShokLan 2008 - Creativ`(CSS) 2008 - 1st - Gamers-Assembly 2008 - Creativ`(CSS) 2008 - 1st - ESL Pro Series IV - Creativ`(CSS) 2008 - Top9-16 - LAN79 Gold Edition - redLine(CSS) 2008 - 2nd - QCup LAN79 Gold Edition - redLine(CSS) 2008 - 1st - Comet Lan 2008 - emuLate!(CSS) 2008 - 1st - PxL-LaN #17 - emuLate!(CSS) 2008 - 3rd - i34 - emuLate!(CSS) 2008 - 1st - QTour i34 - emuLate!(CSS) 2008 - 2nd - ENC Final LAN Game-Convention 2008 - FRANCE(CSS) 2008 - Top6 - MaxLan #1 - redLine(CSS) 2009 - 2nd - ESL Pro Series V - redLine(CSS) 2009 - 1st AlienWare51 LAN ( MVP ) - VERYGAMES(CSS) 2009 - 1st - Gamers-Assembly - VERYGAMES(CSS) 2009 - 1st LAN79 - VERYGAMES(CSS) 2009 - 1st ShokLan - VERYGAMES(CSS) 2009 - ??? PxL22 - essentiaL.Ladies ( Crise d'appendicite )(CSS) 2009 - 2nd - ENC Final LAN Gamescom 2009 - FRANCE(CSS) 2009 - 1st - Opale Arena 2009 - MEET THE WALL(CSS) 2009 - 1st - MaxLan #2 - NAMELESS(CSS) 2009 - 1st - PxL Lan 24 - ROCCAT(CSS) 2010 - 4th - ReSo 2010 - Dimension4 (1.6) 2010 - 1st - UTT Arena 2010 - MEET THE WALL(CSS) 2010 - 1st - PxL Lan 27 - ROCCAT(CSS) 2010 - 3rd - ENC Final LAN Gamescom 2010 - FRANCE(CSS) 2010 - 2nd - Masters Fran�ais du Jeu Vid�o - LDLC(CSS) 2010 - 1st - PxL Lan 28 - LDLC.COM(CSS) 2010 - 4th - DSRack LAN #3 - LDLC.COM(CSS) 2011 - 1st - Spirit-Lan #8 - MEET THE WALL(CSS) 2011 - 1st - Century-Lan #6 - SuperstarS(CSS) 2011 - 2nd - Epsilan #3 - 3DMAX(CSS) 2011 - 1st - MaxLan #3 - 3DMAX(CSS) 2011 - 1st - AnjouGame #10 - PICKUPGM(CSS) 2011 - 3rd - Copenhagen Games - 3DMAX(CSS) 2011 - 1st - EPS X - VERYGAMES(CSS) 2011 - 1st - Masters Fran�ais du Jeu Vid�o - VERYGAMES(CSS) 2011 - 1st - Insomnia43 - VERYGAMES(CSS) 2011 - 2nd - Insmonia43(MVP) - VERYGAMES(CSS) 2011 - 1st - Electronics Sport World Cup - VERYGAMES(CSS) 2011 - 1st - Insomnia44 - VERYGAMES(CSS) 2011 - 2nd - PxL32- MEETHEWALL(CSS) 2012 - 2nd - Spirit-Lan #9 - TtDragons (CSS) 2012 - 1st - GameOnLive #1 - TtDragons (CSS) 2012 - Top8 - CPH Games - TtDragons (CSS) 2012 - Top1 - PxL 34 - Anexis (CSS) 2012 - Top1 - Antec Arena - SuperstarS (CSS) 2012 - Top1 - Epsilan #9 - Millenium (CS:Go) ONLINE ACHIEVEMENTS : 2008 - 1st - Clanbase Eurocup XVII - emuLate! 2008 - 1st - CB NationsCUP IX - TEAM FRANCE 2008 - 1st - ESL EMS II - emuLate! 2009 - 2nd - ESL EMS III - redLine 2009 - 1st - ESL Pro Series VI - VERYGAMES
2013-04-24 18:18
Germany Dok1 
Maybe it would be an idea to keep Ex6 in the team, not as a player but "strategical mastermind" behind the team? And then ofc let shoxie play for him. But anyway....we'll see^^
2013-04-24 13:32
2013-04-24 15:13
this but shoxie in, who comes out ? Atm it so hard to decide cause smithzz playing good, NBK playing good, and scream is playing good... And they need KennyS
2013-04-24 15:16
He just wrote who goes out :). ex6tenz won't be playing, but making the strategic work. I doubt that would work nor would he volunteer to do it.
2013-04-24 15:58
that's actually a good idea. would be an innovative step to get nip down.
2013-04-24 18:14
Wow that is a great way to shake the tree in a hope to getting VG to bring him in.
2013-04-24 13:33
imagine if they just thought fuck it and went to, kennys and scream removed get rpk and shoxie back and nbk, ex6tenz and smithz just took over the awping like in source i think they would be unstoppable again tbh..
2013-04-24 14:02
Just ... no
2013-04-24 15:14
Mixing the five best players dosent make the best team, just sayin
2013-04-24 16:16
How the hell is that mixing the best players? Those 5 players were in the line-up that dominated source, if you would look at individual skill and "mixing the 5 best players", I doubt you would pick the 5 that J-Lau picked anyway. noobzoris staying true to his name, fcking nob
2013-04-24 17:24
Welcome to trollandia
2013-04-24 18:20
-smithz +kennys
2013-04-24 17:38
He already told in a interview, that he won't decline a offer by VeryGames.
2013-04-24 17:09
I know, but a news post like this is saying "COME HERE AND GET ME" to VG. I doubt they will anyway, they have been getting better recently and were unlucky to lose to NiP on both maps, and then again to Quantic, they won't change the roster for the sake of one player who wants to go back.
2013-04-24 19:10
That's true, VG is finally getting very strong. A roster change would create new problems in the team. But i dont think, that shoxie wanted to promote himself, atleast i hope so.
2013-04-24 19:14
I don't think it was his intention. I am merely pointing out that these type of news posts flirt with that possibility.
2013-04-24 19:37
Slovakia sanjuro 
they can build better team than vg
2013-04-24 13:35
2013-04-24 13:36
agreed with you.
2013-04-24 14:04
yep true
2013-04-24 13:46
Switzerland Lugh 
True xD
2013-04-24 13:56
native language speaking teammates >>>> guardian & co.
2013-04-24 14:01
2013-04-24 14:59
Korea ws0 
1st place finish in front of WW isnt bad for an international team, oh and do you remember NoA ? Yep..
2013-04-24 18:22
2013-04-24 14:05
2013-04-24 14:25
2013-04-24 14:59
Korea DayuM 
Can't imagine VG kicking NBK or ScreaM, so that means Ex6, Smithzz or kennyS. What happened to krl??
2013-04-24 13:36
i have a feeling that if vg do pick him up smith will go
2013-04-24 13:40
-smithzz i guess
2013-04-24 17:13
Well it will be Ex6 or SmithZz
2013-04-24 13:41
Can't see ex6 going, but yeh smithzz seems the likely choice.
2013-04-24 14:25
2013-04-24 13:52
Drop either ex6 or smithz.
2013-04-24 13:36
I think it's either ex6 or no change.
2013-04-24 13:38
smithz didn't play well @ the esea lan from what I saw
2013-04-24 13:38
And EMS too
2013-04-24 14:48
VG was certainly losing cause of skill difference between them nd and NiP. Shoxie would be an asset tbh. Only if i could see +GuardiaN as well, he deserves a top team.
2013-04-24 13:39
hahahah what teh fuck he is expecting? such a selfish
2013-04-24 13:40
How is he selfish? Who says he hasn't been in contact with Verygames and they told him they were going to think about it. Meaning that the only Shoxie will have to await their answer, and if it turns out that they won't take him, he'll be open for a new opportunity with a new team.
2013-04-24 16:05
why they should change their roster? remember when trace joins SK and community was like "OH YEAH top1 world" and they did shit. I would stay with that lineup they dont need shox which is overrated
2013-04-24 23:06
I never stated they should. Not sure how this is a valid argument. I only said that you can't know why shoxie was waiting for VG to recruit him.
2013-04-25 18:53
out with ex6tenz omg....most overrated player ever.
2013-04-24 13:41
no one overrate him ;i
2013-04-24 13:44
he should make a team with rara and ozstriker.
2013-04-24 13:59
he is not bad either, don't underestimate him
2013-04-24 14:09
United Kingdom Alth 
Ex6TenZ is a good player lol. He has picked up so much individually recently. A lot of the hate he gets is really unwarranted considering his performances lately. He has had some bad games, but he has never been too far behind his team mates even in them. His calling is what most people should take issue with, he keeps playing a very passive T side and it isn't working out for VG.
2013-04-24 14:54
2013-04-24 15:17
they dont really have the players to play a more random T side. they have scream sure and thats about it. before they had rpk and shox who could just run around and kill everyone, its not really a surprise they are having to rely on strats
2013-04-24 17:19
NBK can put in some serious fragging/entry fragging as proven at ESEA, and so can KennyS. They are both brilliant entry fraggers and that isn't even considering ScreaM who is probably the best of the three at it. I don't agree that they don't possess the man power to be more aggressive, they really do and it's time Ex6TenZ started to utilize it imo.
2013-04-24 17:24
to be fair though NBK only proved at ESEA LAN what hes capable of, hes not been that insane since CSS so maybe they will now. I do think if they had someone like shox instead of smithz they would have beaten NiP, just someone to see the close rounds out. smithzz helps ex6tenz call though i think and they are bestm8's so it'll be interesting to see who they remove.
2013-04-24 17:27
It will most likely all come to nothing anyway. I personally don't think they need lineup changes, only changes to their play style. They are getting much much better no doubt about it. Two 16-14 losses to NiP. I know they will be kicking themselves but you don't get much closer than that. Big achievement for them in my eyes.
2013-04-24 17:29
lol he played really well as a lead in game . And some time toping in important match
2013-04-24 15:20
apex scream shoxie nbk kennys !
2013-04-24 13:41
2013-04-24 13:43
We need a fullon fragtastic team like: GTR f0rest ScreaM shoxie apex And another one, long distance team (at least 4 awps every round): nico KennyS Rattle markeloff sgares
2013-04-24 13:46
RpK | 
Germany lloyd6077 
better play pub
2013-04-24 13:52
2013-04-24 13:52
Would be fun :) We used to have team called "Deagle", we played every match using only deagle as a weapon. We tried "AWP" but it didn't really work, we had to save too much for all 5 to afford the awp
2013-04-24 14:19
team p250
2013-04-24 17:32
Why do you touch NiP? Indiscutible top1, let them like they are, lol'd
2013-04-24 14:52
I actually never said anything about NiP. It was a joke. NiP so "indiscutible"? For sure bro. NiP inscauncapenabledable too. I'm still right
2013-04-24 17:58
+90k for you, ALL IN.
2013-04-24 14:51
dv | 
United Kingdom dv-_- 
Can you stop referring to people by their last names? Sick of having to keep scrolling up to find out who is who lol.
2013-04-24 13:42
yea 2 names are really hard to remember .. ;)
2013-04-24 13:58
World 121 
2013-04-24 14:05
Papillon and Kovazc, I wonder who is the frenchman from those two...
2013-04-24 14:31
dv | 
United Kingdom dv-_- 
They also mentioned Dimitrios "stavros" Smoilis, and I'm not just talking about this thread, they do it all the time. The community knows them by there game alias, seems stupid to use anything other than that in the news posts.
2013-04-24 14:50
I guess I can remember who is who, so the rest of the readers should be able to aswell :)
2013-04-24 15:04
Butterfly, what a gay name.
2013-04-24 14:55
Pappilon means butterfly? :)
2013-04-24 15:03
Yes, hahaha
2013-04-24 15:03
Cool lastname imo :p
2013-04-24 15:05
2013-04-24 18:25
Imo shoxie should stick with GuardiaN. If the communication isn't a problem (everyone ahs good english fe.) they could form a fantastic team together
2013-04-24 13:43
Malaysia sor 
2013-04-24 13:46
Switzerland Lugh 
Even tough I understand why he is waiting would be pretty risky to start and international team with exam coming and if he is waiting it probably means that he heard about a possibility of him going back to VG and that would be great to see him playing again with NBK. But I've been waiting for so long for an IT team and a IT team with Shoxie and Guardian would be pretty interesting even more with all the good player who are currently without a team.
2013-04-24 13:51
2013-04-24 13:49
2013-04-24 14:52
He is actually coming back for real.
2013-04-24 18:17
Really? Tell me its true plss
2013-04-24 23:40
It is, he is actually playing the game and try to figure out if he is coming back competitively. More likely he is going to do starladders with uzzzi akr and maybe mateoo.
2013-04-25 09:06
wooooooooooow...that would be incredible if trye. He was a beast at CSS...same with mateo...lets hope they find the motivation and keep playing... and AsP? Didn't he back :(? mateo shoxie flexor apex +1 would be a great team undoubtely.
2013-04-25 09:26
flexor told about AsP I quote "Bring in shoxie and ScreaM and i'm back" prolly impossible :D.
2013-04-25 10:51
AsP shoxie ScreaM flex0r apEX Hello 3DMAX...god...would be awesome :D:D:D And don't play? :(
2013-04-25 13:26
Not anymore, got other businesses and I'm not good anymore at the game so :D Though would love to play if I were any good :)
2013-04-26 17:03
Time for the life then :D
2013-04-26 17:30
scream is a great player, i think VG are insane not to stay with him for at least 6 more months. cutting ex6 is out of the question, if you cut him then its a whole lineup restructure and the end of verygames pretty much. It annoys me how people react to how VG are performing. If you cut scream, or cut ex6, I doubt they will be back to top 3 anytime soon. Top5 teams have been using same lineup and playing together for a while. The thing people don't realise is VG are a great team, they have been putting in GREAT performances this year, they have been getting tons of 2nd and 3rds. These are good results. Ya'll stop being so critical, this is a great team thats inform.
2013-04-24 13:50
they wont kick their caller,just like imaginary didnt kick ozstriker and he was far worse then ex6,and from the rest 4 players smithzz is the weakest link
2013-04-24 13:59
agreed. People think it's easy to be igl and that Ex6 can be easily replaced by Shoxie and then everything is fine. All top players have aim, and aim may win certain matches but it will not win tournaments. You need great teamwork and solid strats. I think Smithz has an important role in VG and if I was going to replace anyone (BUT I DONT THINK ANY CHANGES SHOULD BE MADE ATM) it would honestly probably be Scream. He has insane aim but lacks game sense. Shoxie has both. They just lost 16-14 to NIP on two maps and were unlucky not to beat Quantic on inferno. The second map on cache was always going to the Americans because in the EU no one plays it so VG did well to keep up for so long. No changes!!!!!
2013-04-24 14:01
World 121 
xizt and zeus are both good ingame leaders and both have good aim, xizt has better aim atm... but what about ex6? are his strats enough for VG to win against VP and NiP? the answer is no. you should also have good aim to win tournaments. it became so difficult for them to win against Na'Vi who were playing their 1st LAN tournament. Were there strats enough to beat Na'Vi? and Ex6 is an overrated player, his strats hardly work, believe me. even if they bring in shoxie at the place of ScreaM, they will still lose against Western Wolves or any other team. and players like markeloff and get_right even have praised ScreaM alot. get_right said that i have never seen anyone hitting too many headshots in my life. it means that he can kill 1 person easily when he is holding a bombsite most of the times.
2013-04-24 14:40
shoxie is a better player overall dude. If we are playing aim maps or 1on1 then scream would be perfect but its a 5on5 game. GTR commented on scream's aim a long time ago, but he didnt saying anything about his game sense or overall ability. VG wont replace anyone but you don't know how good of an IGL Ex6 is. You can not know for sure unless you are in that team. He is a good player and clearly overthinks in CSGO but will eventually get the hang of it. Xizt is the best IGL in the world atm, its easy to use him as an example. Zeus I dont agree with you so much because Navi have achieved nothing in CSGO for you to say that, not even a final. Whatever you think the facts speak for themselves. NIP is the only team to have won more prize money than VG in CSGO so something is working for them. The core is there, they just need to fix a few mistakes.
2013-04-24 15:44
World 121 
I would say that Western Wolves which was playing as Anexis before didn't have good results but they started improving and they overcome VG in less time. what i have noticed that VG has lost from so many teams in 2013 and the main problems are strats. their strats doesn't work at all. if anyone really thinks that shoxie can clutch 1 v 4 round for VG then i would say -ScreaM but everyone knows shoxie can't clutch 1 v 4 rounds at all because he is gonna fail against NiP for sure even if he plays for VG.
2013-04-24 19:23
what have WW done lately? nothing but poor results on lan and especially online. "We havent had time to train" isnt an excuse. NIP were using that excuse and still owning teams. I dont agree with you at all mate soz apart from the part where obviously shoxie isnt going to clutch 1vs4 but I didnt say he would, although I think he would contribute more to the teamplay than Scream so that it wouldnt get to a 1vs4 situation.
2013-04-24 22:41
World 121 
showing poor results at tournaments doesn't means that WW will lose against VG. only VG can play good at nuke, they have lost too many matches at inferno and dust2, if the strats were too good they would never have given poor results in these maps, even k1ck was so close to win from them which was unexpected. and the contribution of shoxie still wont be enough, believe me... ScreaM is always the top scorer of the team, why? if anyone thinks he is senseless so please then just watch his demos and you will see him clutching rounds. when its time to kill 2 or 3 enemies when you are alone, at that time senses fail of most of the players, fortunately ScreaM hardly loses 1 v 1 or 1 v 2 situations.
2013-04-25 00:32
I'd rate ex6 above zeus... above the capability of most ingame leaders. People just bitch because they are in nips shadow but they still provide consistent results against most teams. They are getting closer to beating nip as well. Much more than any other team (VP excluded ofc).
2013-04-24 15:45
World 121 
if you think ex6 is better than zeus leadership wise then how come they lost 1 map from Na'Vi and why other 2 maps were so close that they might have lost if they would have make a single mistake. a team playing from past 1 year and has also played lots of tournaments and was also ranked number 2 was so close to lose from a team who had just played CS:GO for about 5 months and were on their debut. Was it a good leadership?
2013-04-24 19:05
why you mention zeus? navi havent done anything of importance in GO so far. ange1 > zeus by a mile.
2013-04-24 16:18
World 121 
no i was just comparing ex6 with other ingame leaders aim and leadership wise and my opinion is that zeus is better, its just my opinion as i have also seen him in 1.6 and in CS:GO even with low experience he was playing well :)
2013-04-24 19:13
shox deserves to be in VG. ScreaM is maybe a very good aimer but if you watched last events you've probably seen than scream isn't viable. he sometimes get some amazing frags and picks but when it comes to hold a spot properly or to play smartly and clean he's just completely bad. And when it comes to gamesense or positioning he's ZERO (and he sometimes fails enemies in their back, quite bad for a 98% hs ratio player at lan isn't it ?). Here's what VG should do : -scream +shox And then, VG would be back to the top. Btw, i don't think than they would change scream for shox, but shox should stick with guardian and php to make an int team. These guys would destroy everybody if they stick together.
2013-04-24 13:57
lol read my reply just above. Completely agree
2013-04-24 14:02
tbh i dont think kennys is consistant enough with the awp he wiffs alot of shots although does hit quite a few amazing shots every couple of rounds i think nbk/smithz could awp better given they used to be really good at it in source
2013-04-24 14:05
hes like 16 though. Imagine how much he is improving. His gamesense is not bad so imagine what happens when he matures mentally and finds consistency. He will be insane.
2013-04-24 15:46
Scream not viable? Look at Smithzz instead. Shox and ScreaM, they form a perfect duo, and can easily secure a bombsite together.
2013-04-24 17:27
smithzz is a pillar in VG. don't say than he isn't viable, because he is so much. if you watch vg's matches you'll see than many times he does a HUGE job and get really important frags that allow vg to win very important rounds. don't be fanboys saying scream is da best blablabla because he just get one amazing action one time a month. ScreaM isn't viable AT ALL. At ESH Vienna he was already screwing all his team by missing back frags / rotation frags. He was at ESH Birmingham too : yes, i know you're gonna say he had 98% hs. Yes he had, but one time when he was boosted on the tree in banana on inf, he missed three terrorists in their back. Yes that can happen, but when you're playing at this level and when you're supposed to be one of the sickest aimers in the world you at least have to kill one. He doesn't even deserves to play at this level. He should be in a shitty eas team or something because he's ZERO in gamesense & positioning. I think than everybody will prefer playing with someone with 65-70% of hs who never misses a frag and who knows how to position himself and who has a good gamesense. I'll not change my opinion : -scream +shox
2013-04-24 19:10
It's your opinion anyways, and i am not here to change it. I am not whining about his HS ratio and all those stuffs, nor am i, a fanboy or something like that. But saying that, ScreaM isn't viable, is total crap, since he did contribute a lot to the team. Been there in clutch situations, holding specific spots, etc etc, which eventually, does show up when you look at the stats. It's true that he missed shots, but once again, Aiming for the head, has always been his playstyle, which did WONDERS for him till now. Saying that he has no brains, is again bullshit, since his game-sense is pretty decent, if not that good. Among the top 10 players in the world, it isn't for no reason. I watched VG matches, and i have a different perspective to this thing, period.
2013-04-24 19:27
I think it should be smithz who should leave VG, for shox. I can't imagine that they want to kick Scream, since he have improved alot and just need to get used to their playstyle. To the ESEA finals he was really sick, he did a really great job and NBK too.
2013-04-24 14:04
2013-04-24 14:07
"VeryGames picked up Michael "mK" Zaidi, but in April 2012 decided to replace him with Kenny "kennyS" Schrub following a poor campaign at Copenhagen Games" Wasnt it more like mK got caught stealing a laptop and they kicked him for that?
2013-04-24 14:07
Yea but he was also terrible during the whole tournament. Giving Verygames their first tournament without a podium finish in about 2 years.
2013-04-24 14:09
Honestly I think Verygames would be foolish to make another change. Plus that TCM team has some genuine potential.
2013-04-24 14:08
imagine scream and shoxie holding B on dd2 or inf ^^ I personally think that amount of individual skills that VG have cannot be displayed 100% cause they're using very complicated tactics and they don't have so much freedom in their if they cut Ex6TenZ, they might be much better...We saw TCM Gaming few days ago, they pwned WW easily without any special tactics, and remember that WW are together for some time now and they've beaten VG
2013-04-24 14:10
If shoxie's going to VG, guardian is quitting playing professionaly. Sort of.
2013-04-24 14:11
I dont want guardian to quit. He's the best awper now,no matter what people say/
2013-04-24 14:13
cant tell if people are really that mentally challenged at suggesting to remove ex6tenz...
2013-04-24 14:17
United Kingdom gsr- 
Or even bringing aPEX back into VG.
2013-04-24 14:28
When VG plays an evenly matched team, he is the one screwing them over with his calls ;) I know he has a sick rep in css, but in go he is just bad when it matters most... he chokes on pressure or he isnt that good at all ;) You decide,
2013-04-24 14:36
The poin¨t is that people like smithzz and NBK are very good friends with him and i doubt that they woul even want to play without him. So ? that makes all those -ex6 call absolutly pointless and most stupid thing ever.
2013-04-24 14:42
well its like you dont know if the other players will be able to make the calls that can loose or win them the game, it appears to me that ex6 makes the gamechanging calls. look at fnatic you can tell they dont have that leader that can make the hard calls. i.e they play every round basic and have the players skill which works against some teams but the top tier i dont think it works. look at xizt for nip he sometimes calls to buy what you can gails and that could loose them the game but its about the hard calls. and ex6 is the one who has the bottle to make those calls.
2013-04-24 15:02
ex6 and his bottle huh
2013-04-24 15:25
its a saying tard
2013-04-25 10:39
People here are retarded. They dont know that verygames is ex6tenz.
2013-04-24 14:39
? Get Ex6tenz at FM and let's see if you win something more. Probably you won't do.
2013-04-24 14:53
2013-04-24 17:19
whats that got to do with anything you retard. Verygames IS ex6tenz he does everything for them, i wouldnt expect someone as pathetic as you to understand it
2013-04-24 17:21
Oh Ye...the other 4 playera are useless u retard
2013-04-24 23:38
zzz ur literally so dumb i cant even be arsed
2013-04-25 01:16
You are,ofc. Go and keep playing
2013-04-25 08:35
" Verygames IS ex6tenz he does everything for them" * on cs:s
2013-04-24 23:43
shoxie,guardian +3 > VG
2013-04-24 14:17
Hope it isnt true. Only nooby weak teams like fnatic need to change player to be atleast decent. I hope that if somebody will change it will be like with RPK that he will decide not play anymore and not cos of he isnt that good as he was suposed to be.
2013-04-24 14:30
replacing Ex6TenZ? That must be the stupidest idea I've ever heard. Why replace the man that does everything for his team? I doubt being the IGL for VG is something anybody can do, and no - shoxie would not do a better job at leading VG. Ex6TenZ gets a lot of hate towards him, why? Because he isn't the ultimate fragmachine people used to see in CSS. However, he has really stepped up his game and impressed me with both rifle, and awp - a great all-round player. If anything they should get rid of kennyS and let Ex6TenZ awp like he did in CSS (NOT that they should even make a roster change to get shoxie!) VG is propped with individual talent and they don't need a new super$tar, they need balance, structure and solid teamplay, that's the only way for them to actually become top#1
2013-04-24 14:35
You always need to remember that more than 50% of the population is totally stupid ( could replace this with stronger word ) and react like 12 years old little boy. The best part is when they put NBK as igl without knowing him nor his capacity to keep high scoring while leading. Moreover the position he is currently holding can't be hold by an igl. w/e people want to make change everytime a team don't win all its matches, but when it does they scream this is boring. And when a team make change they yell that stability is the secret.
2013-04-24 16:53
someone give guardian a good team please, -ceh9 + guardian "insert troll face"
2013-04-24 14:36
Remove Ex6TenZ the right choice that guy is very snappish and can't lead VG team+they have very talented players who deserve more then a good looking hair leader and super "calm person".
2013-04-24 14:37
I don't think any french guy can fill in his role, and a team of aimers won't succeed.
2013-04-24 14:59
VG did great with rpk, so i think that they should just swap ScreaM with shoxie, because he is also great aimer + more experienced and better teamplayer
2013-04-24 14:42
Albania Heavon 
You're saying Smithzz is better aimer or has more ingame sense and a better teamplayer than ScreaM? He's been bottom + I don't think people understand what ingame sense means. VG lets ScreaM alone in ramp(nuke) alone in b (inferno) to freaking hold a whole site by himself, while 4 are mostly sticking together - YET Smithzz keeps getting bottom.
2013-04-24 15:00
Do you realize that Smithz allways have more deaths than his teammates? Do you realize how often he dies for his teammates just because he is the first one who is opening a bombsite? And yet he still keeps decent amount of kills. Mabe he didnt play that good this last event...but the thing is ,that he is important for his team.
2013-04-24 15:56
Albania Heavon 
If importance means opening a bombsite and not fragging but dying - then any1 can replace him. But everything what you posted there, is wrong, he's not the one to open bombsites.
2013-04-24 16:05
you are saying like he is not fraging at all,but in fact ,and I said it already he played bad only this last event.....but whatever ,think what you want
2013-04-24 16:55
I dont care who they remove but I want shox back to VG, my all time favorite player after the GREAT RPK!
2013-04-24 14:47
Ex6tenz needs the boot and let smithzz call
2013-04-24 14:49
NBK GuardiaN Shoxie Scream (dno)
2013-04-24 14:52
Albania Heavon 
2013-04-24 15:24
so sad he didn't actually switch to cs:go, huge loss of talent.
2013-04-24 16:49
his talent would be wasted because of this retarded awp we have in csgo.
2013-04-24 18:42
kinda true yeah he was also an insane rifler though
2013-04-24 18:53
VG does not need changes , shoxie,guardian +3 is the better decision
2013-04-24 14:54
If you have kennyS who talks french and it's at GuardiaN level and no barriers of english communication (french)...for what are you gonna get GuardiaN? shoxie apEX/SmithZ kennyS NBK ScreaM Ah forgot...PLEASE SHOXIE BRING US flex0r back, thank you.
2013-04-24 14:56
The point is...Ex6TenZ and shoxie didn't have a bad relationship after the last departure of shoxie because of being "inmature" as apEX? Then what are we talking about of shoxie saying he is waiting for a VG offer...i sincerely and surely thing Ex6 won't take shoxie. He won't change anything and shoxie won't join when EX6 is in. The only way i see shoxie joining it is if EX6 leaves VERYGAMES which i don't know if could pass. Smithz, ScreaM and shoxie are very good friends so it would be awesome...and ScreaM will step up with another playing style as they had in 3DMAX.
2013-04-24 14:57
your English gave me cancer
2013-04-24 15:47
and your mom herpes xD
2013-04-24 16:34
smithzz hated this thread.
2013-04-24 14:58
shoxie would never permit of joining hisself for Smithz, just saying it to you. Clooooooooooooooooose friends.
2013-04-24 15:01
Europe HLTVs Hero 
Close friends? Then Smithzz should support his friend 'cause Smithzz bottom fragging - and shoxie is better, no?
2013-04-24 15:07
2013-04-24 15:21
Europe HLTVs Hero 
Smithzz should leave VG & let shoxie as he clearly knows Shoxie is a better player. Since they're close friends, it shouldn't be too much of a problem.
2013-04-24 15:23
Would be a real problem if a bunch of randoms makes him to piss off :/
2013-04-24 15:27
Smithz is a great player also...with shoxie he would improve as well as ScreaM. It's a matter of PLAYSTYLE, simple. They don't fit.
2013-04-24 15:28
still, must be annoying. specially reading 50 "-smithzz" comments
2013-04-24 15:25
NbK kennyS apex ex6 smithz
2013-04-24 15:10
Azerbaijan Talley 
Its complicated lol
2013-04-24 15:10
VERYGAMES: smithzz shoxie scream nbk kennyS or x6tenz shoxie scream nbk kennyS
2013-04-24 15:11
If EX6 stops playing, yes. Other ways Not.
2013-04-24 15:22
wtf this flag ? GuardiaN is from Slovakia :D
2013-04-24 15:20
2013-04-24 15:26
People are really retarded here in the comments...
2013-04-24 15:28
-Smithz(noob) + shoxie
2013-04-24 15:29
Poland kRAMERO 
omg where is the teamspirit
2013-04-24 15:30
smithz won't go either isn't he good friends with ex6? my bet is there will be no room for shoxie
2013-04-24 15:31
He will replace either NBK or Ex6TenZ (or both) if he's playing for VG. :)
2013-04-24 15:32
Europe HLTVs Hero 
Cool VG goes 4 players!
2013-04-24 15:49
Find another last then! APEx or someone..
2013-04-24 16:00
repace NBK? You must be joking.. NBK>shoxie anyday
2013-04-24 15:52
I wont say NBK>Shoxie they're pretty much at the same level. Back to the point again.. they don't like each other IRL. That's why I said IF shox joins VG, he'll replace either NBK or Ex6.
2013-04-24 15:59
Which is not gonna happen! I guess.
2013-04-24 16:16
shoxie insted of? pls....
2013-04-24 15:51
nbk kennys shoxie area ex6 xD
2013-04-24 15:56
really need - ex6
2013-04-24 15:58
I'm still waiting for HeatoN's phone call to replace somebody at NIP. But hey, that wil never happen ... SO GOOD LUCK SHOXIE LOL
2013-04-24 15:58
does anyone know how the guys from TCM came in touch with Guardian and Shoxie to join them for Radeon Offensive Cup? I was really surprised to see that mixteam - Cly had left TCM a month ago, Stavi left recently. Any insights?
2013-04-24 16:03
iirc they were going to attend GeeX lan (or whatever it's called) but since it was cancelled they played in radeon cup
2013-04-24 16:07
replace ex6 with shoxie and nip will soon have some problems.
2013-04-24 16:08
Will be interesting.
2013-04-24 16:20
In some hand I would like to see shoxie in VG, but in the other hand I would be glad if he stay with GuardiaN to form a new international team. Anyway gl in future, wish u all best.
2013-04-24 16:22
2013-04-24 16:22
Poland mhl_ 
imo the VG's problem lays not in the lineup but in their minds - as it is with the ESC.
2013-04-24 16:24
well i dont think that vg change theire roster. It would be very nice if they stick with tcm together but i think they also deserve a top 5 team.
2013-04-24 16:34
IMO Shox might be the most complete cs player, there is not an aspect of this game he cant handle! Awping, entry fragging, calling, insane aim, VERY intelligent player, LOTS of experience and much more :D He is the french answer to f0rest. (just a bit better ;P)
2013-04-24 16:57
there is not better players than f0rest and gtr atm and wont be soon
2013-04-24 17:57
shoxie is the most talented player in france and one of the top5 best aimers in the world. Give shoxie another chance and he will be on the level of GeT_RiGhT and f0rest!
2013-04-24 17:01
HE IS on the level of GTR or f0rest, lol.
2013-04-24 17:07
f0rest and GeT_RiGht is obviously a little bit ahead if you look at the big picture, but on a good day I think Shoxie can be really crucial and deciding for a team like VG.
2013-04-24 17:10
area nbk scream shoxie ex6/smithz
2013-04-24 17:07
didnt he got kicked of after a css lan in 2011 or 2012? i remember something on ex6tenz facebook page like "au revoir shoxie :)"
2013-04-24 17:10
seriously? he is a fucking retard then.
2013-04-24 17:13
Dude, you don't know what happened.. I don't either but I think something was said about him not taking practice seriously, and maybe having heated arguments with ex6? Anyway shoxie said afterwards that he regrets what happened, and that he would act differently if he had another chance.
2013-04-24 20:55
I'd rather see shox and guardian build their own team, we need new top teams.
2013-04-24 17:16
Some words might be nice from shoxie. As far as I know, guardian is not his manager.
2013-04-24 17:16
Shoxie should not wait for VG. The worst thing that could happen to VG right now is to change the roster again. They have to find out how to help Scream to be at his best while keeping their teamplay and strats smooth. Shoxie for his part would benefit more from a French team obviously, communication wise, but if he waits too long Guardian will just find someone else.
2013-04-24 17:16
Rpk was the heart of the team allways made important frags clutches and sometimes ex6 calls are way to stupid so its either ex6 or smithz but wasnt there a story that nbk said he doesnt want shox in his team ? mayb nbk leaves shox joins who knows ;) lets see what the future brings but with this statements its allready offical i would say that shox will be part of VG soon
2013-04-24 17:19
VG's dead weight has to man up and leave, simple as that
2013-04-24 17:23
Shox probably the best Source player overall. It is hard to think about kicking out a member of VG. I guess I would say SmithZz, not because he underperforms but because he just isn't at his full potential for whatever reason. France/Belgium just have so many talented players. Enough to make two Top 10 teams, maybe even two Top 5.
2013-04-24 17:24
i have absolutely no idea whether a replacement will be make yet if someone has to leave it would be ScreaM for me. He is insane player as everybody knows but he will never be able to fully show his potential with Verygames
2013-04-24 17:38
Spastics all over. Of course VeryGames won't remove Ex6TenZ.. He played a great ESEA LAN btw. Not all callers can both madfrag + do the strats. If VeryGames was to remove someone, which I doubt, it would be SmithZz. Personally I hope they do. GL
2013-04-24 17:38
The Legenders, :D
2013-04-24 17:42
Nothing new.
2013-04-24 17:42
RpK | 
France Skw4ll 
shox with old deagle, the best aim of France without a doubt. shox vs eXtensive @ EPSILAN 9 shox vs Nitrose @ EPSILAN 9 shox vs zNation @ SLTV StarSeries IV
2013-04-24 17:53
Waiting for VeryGames to post that It's all Wrong allegations & Then at once, someone retires, Shoxie goes in.
2013-04-24 17:51
RpK | 
France Skw4ll 
Ex6TenZ is the strat caller SmithZz help Ex6 but he should be AWP NBK should be support ScreaM should be opener shox should be opener with SmithZz's awp KennyS is good player but he lacked experience on the game.
2013-04-24 17:56
I personally don't see why people would vote out KennyS only due to less experience. He's shown in GO that he can perform, and has good chemistry with the team ofc. Sure he misses shots here and then, but if someone else was to AWP full time like him you think they won't miss easy shots?
2013-04-24 18:20
miss kRL, RpK, mateOo, MAS, luMpy and so on(
2013-04-24 18:03
TCM 2Stronk. Shoxie dont go VG, pls =)
2013-04-24 18:30
Ex6TenZ is a shitty leader, I thought he and shoxie didn't get along well? why would shox want to rejoin wtf? -Ex6TenZ -KennyS +kRL +shox SmithZz or NBK awp
2013-04-24 19:07
Ex6TenZ is a very good IGL. He knows the game perfectly and knows exactly what to do to counter the enemy team. His only default is to stay on his ingame leader css basics instead of trying to make his leading a bit more like 1.6. 1.6 style is the future of csgo but trust me ex6 isn't shitty at all, he's probably in the top5 ingame callers in the world. btw, krl was such an amazing igl but he quitted and he went in Australia once again.
2013-04-24 19:15
oh he went back? I remember seeing him play GO for a bit oh well :(
2013-04-24 19:17
I agree with -kennyS +shox And SmithZz to AWP. It's funny when he plays below par for two tournaments everyone wants him out.
2013-04-24 19:44
2013-05-07 19:42
would love to see them both in an international team, but I have no idea who they could pick up
2013-04-24 19:28
Hong Kong SHiFT^up 
This stupid shitstorm... Just don't change anything. I hope VeryGames doesn't. The second most stupid thing they could do would be to change their lineup when all team members are used to working with each other. Fragging ability can always be improved, but team chemistry is different. Plus, TCM Gaming with GuardiaN + shoxie would be a skilled team, if not better than VG.
2013-04-24 22:58
they need to get new igl thats all.
2013-04-24 23:35
shoxie is an amazing player and im sure would do well for VG but who are you going to replace each member has a vital role in the team and tbh there is no team anchor ex6tenz maybe the worst player but hes igl and leads the team very well. I cant see him getting replaced if it was to be anyone it would be smithz imo but hes been playing well so really not sure what would happen.
2013-04-25 00:03
kenny is a amazing awper he can turn a game on its head easily! scream amazing aimer, nbk amazing allround player pistol god, ex6tenz igl, very smart and leads the team well can also frag at times, smithzZ good team allrounder can do whatever and is very solid. All 5 are good players and hopefully they can keep that lineup but if anyone will go it will be smithzZ imo.
2013-04-25 00:41
Uzzziii akeR mateOo- flex0r shoxie this is coming ;)
2013-04-25 03:48
Shox will never join this team.
2013-04-25 10:09
yaay :D x6 is the igl but smitthz is not so, him can be replaced
2013-04-25 04:11
Slovakia kubiaxk 
GuardiaN Shoxie Pasha 742 NEO dream team
2013-04-25 11:54
fnx | 
Belgium kinghsq 
2013-04-26 17:36
Two french speaking topteams!: VeryGames: NBK KennyS Shoxie SmithZz/apEX Other team: Ex6TenZ(could be great too see, if he could turn a top2 team in france too a top3 team in world, so people can see how good of an IGL he really is) SmithZz/apEX Sf Uzzi and a good awp?
2013-05-01 00:41
1 arrogant prick less good bye guardian
2013-05-07 19:44
2016-09-03 23:01
bodyy | 
Europe remiska 
You sick bastard
2016-09-03 23:05
Why lol :D
2016-09-03 23:06
bodyy | 
Europe remiska 
Bumping 3 years old topic
2016-09-04 00:02
I mean why not :D
2016-09-04 00:23
Language barrier ain't nothing of an issue
2016-09-03 23:04
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