Cashtour CS:GO #1 on Friday

April 24th, 2013 19:56

The first Cashtour CS:GO tournament starts on Friday, April 26th with ZOWIE mousepads in the prize pot and prizemoney depending on number of teams registered.

Cashtour tournaments were organized back in Counter-Strike 1.6 and they were known for featuring some of Europe's best players. The organizers launched a new website which will provide European teams and players with on-line tournaments. 

The first tournament starts this Friday at 20:00. Teams wishing to participate have to pay an entrance fee worth €15, out of which €13 go to the prizepool.

This time the organizers decided to throw in five ZOWIE SWIFT BLUE mousepads along with the prizemoney, which depends on how many teams participate. To attend, captains of the teams have to follow four steps on the website here.

Why would I give zaider pocketmoney? rofl €15, out of which €13 go to the prizepool.
2013-04-24 19:58
I'd like to point out that about €1 of the transaction is charged by PayPal, moreover it's not my pocket money, but the money will be used for useful stuff that touches Cashtour, like webhotel, extra prizes (like the ZOWIE mousepads on Friday), anticheat (we might buy license at EAC if it will be functioning probably anytime soon).. But I'll let you have your beliefs!
2013-04-24 20:10
World LASS0 
Nice stuff
2013-04-24 20:25
Let me guess. You already have hosting, the mousepads will be recieved for free from ZOWIE and the EAC you "might buy" wont be purchased #SWAG
2013-04-25 00:14
Usually the tournaments was 14.75? :) And the rest 2€ to to Paypals transfer fee, server maintenance etc.
2013-04-24 22:45
nice startup
2013-04-24 19:58
World Didge 
PayPal is going to close you down.
2013-04-24 20:02
Why do you think that? We are a registered organization in Denmark, and we have a business paypal account with no limit.
2013-04-24 23:02
They just are mate. I've forwarded by concerns to zaider. best of luck though
2013-04-25 11:21
Why would we trust zaider this time?
2013-04-24 20:08
Russia tpfox 
Cashtour didnt pay ?
2013-04-24 20:11
There were never any trouble with payments at previous CASHTOUR events, so don't get started, please.
2013-04-24 20:15
Poland ths 
never got some euros for taking 1st or 2nd place long time ago
2013-04-24 20:20
I wish I could disprove that statement, but it's nearly 2 years ago (May 6th, 2011) and I don't have any logs or anything similar from that time being. But I am 1000% sure we didn't scam anyone. If we should have been scamming teams/players, I'm sure the word would have been spread back then (= the project would go down) and therefor I have a hard time trusting that you didn't get your prize :-( however, if you have any evidence that can proof me otherwise, then PM me and I will make sure you get the money :-)
2013-04-24 20:30
Poland ths 
neither do I have any logs or anything, dont care about some euros at the moment. Just mentioned that we were waiting for that some weeks and never saw money we had won. Guess that was only a few or even none cashtour tournaments after that cup we won or we were 2nd (actually don't remember that atm). I wouldn't have done a big deal with a case when we hadn't got ~20euros per team. Just I had realised that we never would got that money so I wasnt going to spent all days to try catching you on irc to be said over and over again "paypal problems, you will get your money soon"
2013-04-25 01:53
I have played several Cashtours, and won a couple of them, where the money have been transferred within 24 hours after the cup. There is nothing else to say that Cashtour back in 1.6, were some of the highlights of the week in terms of gaming, and I bet others will agree when Cashtour hits the CS:GO-scene. :-) OT: Really good initiative zaider, and the best of luck to you and the rest for making this possible. Thanks! :)
2013-04-24 20:51
Gl with it!
2013-04-24 20:33
paying a cheater? no thx
2013-04-24 20:37
Goodluck ;)
2013-04-24 20:41
Only PayPal as payment possibility ?
2013-04-24 21:02
Right now, yes. But it has come to our attention that we might have to use another payment service - but as of now, yes.
2013-04-24 21:08
v3d1m4k going to play without EAC ? oh boy..
2013-04-24 21:23
Germany VxO4 
2013-04-25 01:05
2013-04-24 23:15
yes to buy organner again (in your case)
2013-04-25 00:19
They never cheated!
2013-04-24 21:44
Awesome news! I am looking forward to play some cashtours again :) No anticheat is a huge concern of mine tho. Is there any chance of running these cups trough ESL(much like for instance uyR used to do) and force the use of ESL wire?
2013-04-24 22:17
I wouldn't recommend Wire for personal reasons, but you're allowed to e.g. start a gather on ESL and play the game through that gather, but it requires both teams have atleast one player with Premium.
2013-04-24 22:19
As if any cheating teams would agree to play with anti cheat if this is optional :o Some sort of anti cheat must be forced in my opinion.
2013-04-24 22:25
I do not feel like forcing players to pay premium to have anticheat to play on. We will work out a solution, and if you have a good one, please IRC PM me :-)
2013-04-24 22:27
An anonymous "investor" has bought a 50 gameservers EAC license to Cashtour for the worth of 93�!! Hopefully we'll have the system and EAC ready for the tournament tomorrow :)
2013-04-25 16:45
2013-04-24 23:18
HAHAHAHAHA he knows about the topic HAHAHAHAHA
2013-04-24 23:32
Slovakia ABzV 
Could you explain?
2013-04-24 23:54
"Penaltypoints (12) Currently banned in all leagues because of too many penalty points. 29/09/11 expires on 29/09/13 12 Points Cheating - Cheating - Wire Anti Cheat -" Taken from zaider his ESL Profile... xD
2013-04-25 00:19
It's more than 1½ year ago and you're still "xDing". Even more pathetic when you hear the reason, 'speedhack' - even uploaded my demos from the tournament they said I should have speedhacked. Anyway, this is not about me, but Cashtour, and whether you THINK I've cheated in an old CS version, or not, doesn't make me less reliable in a totally different context about money. I've held more than 20 previous Cashtours and there were never any complaints about missing payments. Post #4 and your post on my blog lead up to this post :] tl;dr I don't know why you hate/try to drag me/the project down for something that's not even the subject.
2013-04-25 00:27
Ofcourse it makes you less reliable, you participated in cups you hosted yourself and didn't always play fair in those cups I'm sure about that.. I've seen your cfg from back in the day, not saying you use a wallhack or anything, but you have no problem in using illegal scripts or commands to gain an advantage. IMO Such a person should never be an admin, especially not when you also play in your own cups...
2013-04-25 00:40
I don't remember if I mentioned it earlier for you, but we are not participating in the tournaments again, only administrating, and if you don't think I'm able to do that, then I can't see why you attended atleast half of our tournaments in 2011. But I don't want to start a big discussion, so let's leave it here, and I hope to see you in Cashtour again one day :-)!
2013-04-25 00:44
Just FYI. We don't participate in our own tournaments anymore.
2013-04-25 01:18
Oh you really want to get some dirt on him don't you? :p
2013-04-25 10:03
Good luck zaider, it seems like you put a lot of freetime, will etc into this...
2013-04-24 23:16
Best of luck with the tournament :)
2013-04-25 03:21
v3d1m4k and zaider... LOL epic
2013-04-25 06:11
Sweden pyth 
Nice initiative, will defo attend :) btw, now in CS:GO you can restore backups of the rounds with commands instead of using startmoney to make it even more fair if server crashes or anything occurs :) rcon "mp_backup_restore_list_files" and rcon "mp_backup_restore_load_file filename"
2013-04-25 08:10
Good luck zaider!
2013-04-25 09:02
Good luck
2013-04-25 09:20
i need a bank or be rich for play in CS:Go PREMIUM ESL 3 month @ EPS = 11 euros ESEA OPEN @ inscription + 3 month Premium = 21 euros LVP credits tournament = 4 euros Randoms tournaments = 15 euros server? Lan?
2013-04-25 09:38
2013-04-26 19:54
If you need anyone to cast this, just finished my Dissertation so I now have free time again (I can go outside again!). I've got the usual delay and stuff, cast in English with my sexy British accent and I can be found here:
2013-04-25 09:48
you the man dude
2013-04-25 11:48
2013-04-26 19:54
gl all
2013-04-25 15:20
Damn that guy on the terrorist photo looks like cesar milan
2013-04-26 19:27
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