Absolute Legends unveil new team

Absolute Legends have announced that they have decided to support the same team who attended the RaidCall EMS One Finals.

aLegends had been without an official CS:GO team since the disbandment for their Swedish lineup in late March, just days before they were supposed to attend Copenhagen Games.

With Epsilon duo Jesper "jw" Wecksell and Andreas "schneider" Lindberg acting as stand-ins, the team managed to qualify for the RC EMS One Finals, where they played under the name Absolute Legends with former Lemondogs member Christian "Spitfire" Schiölde and ex-WRTT member Joel "emilio" Mako.

Despite having just a few days' practice with the lineup, the Swedish team gave a good account of themselves in Cologne, finishing third-fourth in Cologne after defeating n!faculty in the quarter-finals.

rdl & company to stay in aLegends

Such performances made Absolute Legends give the team a vote of confidence and support the players for the events ahead.

"It feels great to be able to announce this partnership and new chapter in our careers," Alexander "rdl" Redl told the team's website. "We are all very excited to have 2 new additons to our team in form of Spitfire and emilio!

"They both proved themselves more then worthy of the spot at EMS ONE Finals and the whole team with only little practice showed huge potential, wich made it possible for us to secure this deal with Absolute Legends.

"It's a great partnership that we want to flourish on and we will strive to become the best team out there! Keep cheering us on and follow us on streams etc. it means a lot!"

Meanwhile, Absolute Legends announced that they are seeking the financial aid of fans to help to cover the costs of a gaming house for the players. Fans will be able to follow the team daily through the webcams of the house and the players' streams. To donate for this project, simply go here.

Absolute Legends now have the following lineup:

Sweden Markus "pronax" Wallsten
Sweden Jonathan "lidde" Lidgren
Sweden Alexander "rdl" Redl
Sweden Christian "Spitfire" Schiölde
Sweden Joel "emilio" Mako

2013-04-27 14:40
Norway kakkopp
2013-04-27 14:40
spit fire
2013-04-27 14:41
they have good potencial !
2013-04-27 14:41
Want the fans to pay for a gaming house and food for the players? Incredible.
2013-04-27 14:42
9 replies
No. They are asking for help... The fans won't give all the money...
2013-04-27 14:43
We don't want the fans to pay for antything, if you would go through the indiegogo before stating this comment you would understand that you can help and support without donating any money. We already cover the travel and salary of the players and i have no shame in admitting that a gaming house fit for the players is not something our budget allows right now. They are moving in with emilio for now until we find the right place and support for it.
2013-04-27 14:45
3 replies
Are you WetDream?
2013-04-27 14:48
sorry so i dind't understand...i have understood which u are asking money AND support by watching the stream....isn't it?
2013-04-27 14:49
Long time no see, Wet! GL!
2013-04-27 19:40
They're asking for help. It shouldn't be considered shameful to do so. Its not like the money is beibg forced out of your pocket. Its a choice.
2013-04-27 16:11
yeah, how dare they ask for support?
2013-04-27 17:36
You're a fan ? Want to help your team ? Then help them by supporting their projects. You're not a fan ? Then why do you care if fans want to help their team ? No one is forced to do anything.
2013-04-27 19:22
I assume you are not a fan of them so why even care? You didnt donated? sS its none of your business/money.
2013-04-27 20:21
2013-04-27 14:43
Insted of a gaming house is better to go at Inferno online
2013-04-27 14:43
Best of luck! Nice guys
2013-04-27 14:43
If not expected, at least hoped for. Awesome news
2013-04-27 14:47
GL nice to see aL still supporting GO despite previous fuckery
2013-04-27 14:48
gl. Wanting other people to pay for a house you can live and practice in though? Haha, that's kinda ridiculous, especially considering how unstable the lineup has been for AL and how young this one is.
2013-04-27 14:49
2 replies
read #12
2013-04-27 16:45
1 reply
What does that change exactly? CS:GO is not an established game to begin with; the "community" can't even be arsed to be positive about what they are given for free, most of us don't even accept the game as it is right now. What makes them think that people will try and support (may it be by raising 30k€ (lol) or watching streams) a team that is not established in this game, does not have a big fan base (is not relevant for the scene in that sense), kept changing players, showing mediocre results and has a lineup that was supposed to be just a mix for one event (also having emilio coming from a team that was "caught" cheating)? Just the "suprising" win against n!faculty? I mean, for all that donators know, they could be providing an organisation with money that is later not even keeping the players or even the CS:GO category as a whole. On top of that, look around europe's elite. Who finances a gaming house for their CS:GO roster? Not even NiP does, at least not until now. And then also look at how many people are actually tuning in to day-by-day sreams of players far more accomplished and active community-wise than any of the players from AL. I'm not saying that asking for help is by itself ridiculous, but expecting anything to really come from this is. And I'm not even belittling the organisation or the lineup. I welcome every organisation trying to support the FPS category and I do see potential within the current line of players that they have, but for anyone to even ask the community in its current state for that much support, I would expect them to have done more, to really have shown that they care about the community, the game and its development, that they are worth the effort. What I am basically saying is that they don't deserve this - when people that would deserve "credit" for supporting the game still constantly get thrown shit at them.
2013-04-27 19:33
hf al
2013-04-27 14:49
nice team gl
2013-04-27 14:50
Awesome! Goodluck guys :)
2013-04-27 15:00
truely one of the teams to watch :)
2013-04-27 15:01
Why do they need a gaming house? Even if I am not wrong then even NIP does have a gaming house.
2013-04-27 15:02
3 replies
NiP? Gaming house? Nope ...just bootcamping at Inferno Online ... no need for a gaming house.
2013-04-27 15:16
2 replies
if I'm not mistaken all of them live in the stockholm area, so they can get together on a daily/weekly basis to practice or just hang out. that might not be the case for aL.
2013-04-27 17:42
1 reply
Xizt doesn't live near Stockholm, he lives in the northern part of Sweden, same with Lidde and Pronax :)
2013-04-28 10:00
2013-04-27 15:03
disappointing that they lost their place in esea invite because some people thought they weren't a "real" team.
2013-04-27 15:14
GL.. who gets what roles? Who will be igl and awper?
2013-04-27 15:16
3 replies
guess we'll have to wait and see
2013-04-27 15:25
Pronax igl, emilio awp
2013-04-27 15:51
1 reply
2013-04-27 23:27
excellent news. gl guys in future.
2013-04-27 15:18
2013-04-27 15:30
good luck guyz !
2013-04-27 15:31
great news
2013-04-27 15:36
gl hf
2013-04-27 16:19
nice !gl guys :)
2013-04-27 16:38
ur looking for a donation of 35k? for a gaming house? for al? are u for fucking real
2013-04-27 16:43
2 replies
You obviously did not read the link provided.
2013-04-27 16:56
pretty sure the rent for that is a lot lower
2013-04-27 20:21
$35k is kind of ridicilious. gl though
2013-04-27 16:51
2013-04-27 16:57
gL aL :D
2013-04-27 16:58
gl rdl :)
2013-04-27 17:48
€35 000? you could easily find a reasonably sized house outside of stockholm for €1600/month, and it obviously gets cheaper the more rural the location is. edit: you're not expecting to get enough money to buy a house?
2013-04-27 18:09
GL. 35k for the house , i dont know how things are in sweden, but that must be a big house (i think). Why dont they talk with some other swe. org, (like NiP), and go both teams live there ? Im sure they can live civilized together :D Or even if you have to buy a bigger house, you can split the money for 2 orgs. Cheaper, and good for both. CLG have 2 teams in their house, and there are more teams like that.
2013-04-27 18:05
3 replies
You can't even get a small house for 35k in sweden, unless it's in really bad condition. And I really doubt that the players of NiP would move in to a gaming-house since at least three of them have girlfriends.
2013-04-27 19:24
2 replies
Are we talking to buy it? I doubt they plan on to live there for 10years or longer :D Renting sounds more realistic. How much is the rent for a small house with lets say 5-6 rooms? 15.000 sek? So with 35k in dollar/euro are enough for 2years
2013-04-28 14:57
just because you are living in a gaming-house, doesnt mean you cant fuck :D If they spend 9-10h sleeping, +8 playing , they have 6h to do whatever they want.
2013-04-28 23:51
Switzerland texo
very nice, GL
2013-04-27 18:55
Goodluck guys, hope they can reach the top!
2013-04-27 19:01
2013-04-27 19:10
gl guyz
2013-04-27 19:36
Protip: Collect money for gayming house, stream the action and money will start pooring in.
2013-04-27 20:05
OMG. I just can't believe how diversed and retarded (let's say) this EU community is supposed to the NA one. To explain: 7 days ago, a American team, ROOT Gaming (sc2 team), opened the same thing as aL done now, a fundraiser from community to help them buy/rent a gaming house where their players would be. They had like many little things for the ones that donated (trip to house, replay packs, signed t-shirts, etc etc etc). The point is, while here in EU, the only thing I saw so far was words of hate, words of TOTAL BULLSHIT: "you ask for money, you crazy, you retarded, you stink, you suck, your mother is a whore", the NA community with a part of EU managed to gather 32.000$ for the gaming house of ROOT in 4 days. 4 FUCKING DAYS. Now, that's how you do it. And don't ask later on, why are we always, but always far behind both scenes in different universal hemispheres. Good luck boyz. Keep hating on them.
2013-04-27 20:57
2 replies
the issue is that they don't need 27 grand for a gaming house, it's ludicrous to say the least. they should rent and take one year at a time, which should set them back €22 000 tops (including electricity, internet and water). that's a fairly steep estimate. they could probably find a house with 160 +/- square meters for €800-1000 a month anywhere but stockholm and gothenburg.. you do the math. I funded $10 by the way, so don't call me cheap.
2013-04-27 22:49
1 reply
ROOT set the donation to 25k. They gathered 30k. That doesn't point my statement out. My point is how retarded the EU community is comparing to NA in terms off support towards non-top teams. EDIT: I do know who and what aL is, probably even more than you do. It still doesn't mean anything what I ment.
2013-04-28 01:03
realy nice=))
2013-04-27 23:29
Do you know anything about the history of Absolute Legends? They have pretty awful reputation about not paying the wages for their players. There are much more what you can google if you are interested. I'm not suprised Root could raise that much money. Their managers are ex-sc2 pro players and very well known in scene. Also I haven't ever heard anything bad about the organisation. I wouldn't give a one cent my money for anything AL related.
2013-04-27 23:43
2 replies
2013-04-28 01:03
1 reply
#75 ~ 1st/2nd/3rd paragraph. 'nuff said.
2013-04-28 04:20
gl pronne
2013-04-28 06:57
nice, but I doubt they can do as good as in Raidcall EMS One again =/ love the fact they want to get a team house, cs needs more of those I think
2013-04-28 13:29
1 reply
We really think they will do good in the future especially when they can dedicate all their time to this game. We have some really good ideas what we can do with the teamhouse such as inviting other teams into the house for 1 or 2 weeks and we could provide you live coverage from there. I hope it works out
2013-04-28 14:15
Gl to pronax and the rest of the team! Should be a good team to watch and should have not been removed out of esea invite :(
2013-04-28 13:38
1 reply
2013-04-28 14:47
Doesnt AL has background history of not paying salaries or trips they promised?
2013-04-29 01:28
3 replies
thats why these guy that played under us for months, been sent to Dreamhack, Northcon, Copenhagen games, EMS One decide to resign with us. I know what people say but if you look beyond that and see how many people we actually send to events you wouldn't say this.
2013-04-29 02:01
2 replies
Yeah I was not judging just asking Mr. Tim
2013-04-29 03:20
1 reply
And i was just answering Mr PedMar :-)
2013-04-29 04:24
redl fatzo
2013-04-29 06:36
just love AL,go pronax,lidde and rdl!!!
2013-04-29 09:30
Denmark iPlayer
I don't normally suggest lineups, but -pronax +jw
2013-04-29 14:46
Awesome, Good Luck Guys !
2013-04-30 15:26
thanks ;)
2013-05-04 00:02
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