shaGuar wins EPT Berlin High Roller

We only rarely know what retired players are doing with their lives after deciding to leave the eSports world. Well, here is an exception.

Canadian starlet Griffin "shaGuar" Benger was one of the most accomplished players in the history of North American Counter-Strike and without the shred of a doubt a fans' favourite.

Benger played for iconic teams such as zEx, Team3D and NoA throughout his career, achieving results such as second-place finishes at ESWC 2003 and CPL Winter 2003 and first-place finishes at CPL Winter 2004 and WEG season 1.

Towards the end of his Counter-Strike career, Benger turned to poker, and he quickly rose through the ranks in the game, winning millions of dollars in online tournaments.

This weekend, however, Benger reached the pinnacle of his poker career as the former Canadian AWPer won the European Poker Tour Season 9 Berlin High Roller, securing €429,000, a trophy and the Shamballa bracelet.

Benger wins major live poker tournament (Photo from

In the final heads up, Benger defeated Australian player Aaron Lim with a Queen-Jack to secure the first six-figure prize of his career from a live tournament.

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2013-04-28 14:14
2013-04-28 14:14
Australia JNUPS
w0w nice
2013-04-28 14:14
2 replies
it must be the frag beard
2013-04-28 14:59
1 reply
Yours just isn't the same.
2013-05-02 05:27
haha aweZome
2013-04-28 14:15
wadup now swedes whoooooo
2013-04-28 14:15
11 replies
i was about to say this :D
2013-04-28 14:16
haha :DD
2013-04-28 14:19
Netherlands Nieroth
2013-04-28 14:23
more like wadup now germans whoooo :D
2013-04-28 14:40
2013-04-28 16:47
2013-04-28 16:51
2013-04-28 17:48
hahaha +111
2013-04-28 20:06
Slovakia kubiaxk
this :DDDD + adding video
2013-04-28 23:03
1 reply
2013-07-05 22:38
2013-04-28 23:27
2013-04-28 14:17
1 reply
was just about to post the vid :D
2013-04-28 14:42
Sondre ' REAL ' Svanevik also plays poker . And Magnus ' Pzyclone ' Hansen from SharkGaming (cs 1.6) finished third of the EPT copenhagen in 2008 .
2013-04-28 14:21
Macedonia EXTOL[t]
lol, who haves luck will have til his end of life.
2013-04-28 14:22
2 replies
I wouldnt call it luckl, griffin works hard to.achieve whatever comes his way!
2013-04-28 14:54
luck:D? rofl
2013-04-28 16:01
Nice ShaGuar
2013-04-28 14:28
15 replies
not necessarily, poker players always talk about winnings but never talk about how much they lose. that's the key to the popularity of poker. although shaguar might be an exception.
2013-04-28 14:30
14 replies
bullshit, all statistic of pro players are open, everyone can see how much they won/lose
2013-04-28 14:47
4 replies
these websites don't show many of the players losses or other expenses
2013-04-28 15:30
3 replies
you are completely incorrect... these records are being monitored by bots and websites all over the world... people are data-mining this information from all their matches, for example... it's not something the websites can/will hide.
2013-04-28 16:11
2 replies
you don't see my point, it doesn't show a persons living expenses or buy in for tournaments, travel expenses, how much money a person borrowed.
2013-04-28 19:49
1 reply
yea, it costs everyone way more than 429 thousand euros to live...
2013-04-30 06:57
yeah indeed, you can't chose the cards you get to win all the time xD
2013-04-28 14:47
4 replies
Poker isn't about the cards you get, but how you play the cards. I guy with a pair of 2's can beat a pair of aces if he can bluff hard.
2013-04-28 18:31
3 replies
If you are lucky enough to have good cards 4-5 times straight you are gonna play each time, i don't see where this has to do with being smart or not. It's how the game is done and it's a matter of luck/game intelligence/cards. All mixed.
2013-04-28 19:00
2 replies
Yes good point
2013-04-28 20:38
1 reply
Well it's not like yours is wrong ;)
2013-04-28 20:46
i dont think he had lost as much money as he has won now.
2013-04-28 15:00
1 reply
as I said, shaguar is probably an exception. my friend won like 3 million but had tons of gambling debts he had to pay off.
2013-04-28 15:27 doesnt seem like he lost much ;)
2013-04-28 15:09
1 reply
lol'd @ his alias
2013-04-28 15:55
A friend of mine won about 3 million at a tournament in Italy a few years ago but 400,000 is not bad either
2013-04-28 14:25
4 replies
please enlight me what tournament was that? since i play poker for a living and i have 100% sure there isnt a single tournament in Europe that has 3M for 1st
2013-04-28 22:12
3 replies
it was a while back and it was actually 2.3 million, my bad. tournament was EPT Grand Final in Monaco
2013-04-29 05:14
2 replies
Monaco aint Italy.
2013-04-29 15:35
1 reply
no shit
2013-04-29 15:48
India h8or
2013-04-28 14:26
poker > cs
2013-04-28 14:31
9 replies
cs 1.6 with €429,000 prize > poker with €429,000 poker 10$ prize > csgo €429,000
2013-04-28 15:45
Definitely not. What you don't see behind these shiny victories is the misery of all the people losing their last dollars to play poker and ending up in difficult situations themselves and even sometimes their families... You don't have that with CS ;)
2013-04-28 20:16
7 replies
there are people leaving school due to computer games, losing friends or even get fired out of there job. just sayin'...
2013-04-28 20:19
2 replies
Yes but the same applies to poker... I don't see your point.
2013-04-28 20:36
1 reply
Well, i was going to mention that everything can turn into a bad thing but u said u cant get into difficult situations with CS. nevertheless i agree that poker can end up in worse circumstances.
2013-04-28 21:17
Actually you know nothing about proffesional poker. Stakes are max 0.1 prc of gamers wealth. :) They don't play with money but in chips. If Chips are money for player then he isn't pro. And most important there are many examples when proffesional players don't even play with their money, but companies and wealthy people which/who want to inwest in pro skills and take some procentage from win...
2013-04-28 21:24
3 replies
I agree but most of the players are not professionals right?
2013-04-28 22:10
2 replies
Yeah but we are talking under topic about 400k euro win :D and don't think there's a sens to mention what you've mentioned :P
2013-04-28 22:52
1 reply
Look at my initial reply, it was related to : "poker > CS" :) It was not about this win.
2013-04-28 22:48
2013-04-28 14:36
1 reply
2013-04-28 14:39
thats nice!
2013-04-28 14:38
2013-04-28 14:39
wow nice
2013-04-28 14:39
nice for him =) but I hate poker =(
2013-04-28 14:40
OMG now all the pro players will switch over to Poker...coz its all about the money...not about the game you love... :D
2013-04-28 14:47
2 replies
HELLO ARE U NEW? shag , REAL switched exactly to poker for like 5-6 yeards ago, i wont now mention all players who retired from cs and switched to other. These things used to happend long time ago, that time when all we had a game (1.6) which we all really LOVE. now we have ugly game with a lot of nonamers. nothing to love
2013-04-28 14:56
Lol so many esports guy switched to poker YEARS ago, and still are. Nothing new.
2013-04-28 18:32
jesus fucking christ, i thought this was a cs site.
2013-04-28 14:47
19 replies
Yeah, and this is a legend within CS. It's nice to read.
2013-04-28 14:53
1 reply
2013-04-28 17:49
Dude, weren't you around in 04? Because if you were you would probably understand and like to see such a post
2013-04-28 14:56
11 replies
yes, i was. i onlay thought this was a cs site not a reality show.
2013-04-28 15:51
10 replies
You were like 10 in 2004...and 9 years later you still can't speak English, I doubt you understood shit back then! By that logic you probably don't want to read shit about retired players in sports magazines right? That's just wrong, and as you can see everyone disagrees with you :)
2013-04-28 17:03
6 replies
My English is fine Sir, that onlay thingy was a typo. For your information, I started following the scene when I was 8. And the number of people, whether they agree or disagree is completely irrelevant. Humans have a history of massively agreeing with the most fucked up shit imaginable.
2013-04-28 17:40
5 replies
onlay? typo on the same word in 2 different posts? :) Yes I totally agree that the mass sometimes has the tendency to agree with some batshit crazy things, but this is not a case of an act, so it's not a dilemma of to do/ not to do it's just a simple piece of information and stuff like this causes a feeling of complacency simply by remembering "those days". Once again I recall to my point about sport magazines! I'm sorry but you're really wrong :)
2013-04-28 18:01
2 replies
No, I was just quoting the mistake lol. Anyway, forget it. This conversation has become an excercise ground for you to supress your feelings of inferiority, and I don't wish to partake in such a thing. This conversation is over, have a g'day.
2013-04-28 18:14
1 reply
feelings of inferiority ? wtf? hahaha inferior to whom? No matter which way you put it, news like this certainly has it's place on a CS related site!
2013-04-28 18:55
"For your information, I started following the scene when I was 8." hahahha
2013-04-28 23:39
1 reply
Is there a point you're trying to make?
2013-04-28 23:45
I hate reality shows but exciting stuff like this about old cs legends I don'tmind at all :p I get what you're saying but its not like this is entirely "offtopic"
2013-04-28 17:41
Saucer, srsly fuck you. fuckin retarted shit guys get back at ur hole retard.
2013-04-29 13:47
1 reply
1. Reported. 2. I've been playing 1.6 since 05. Don't talk shit if you don't know shit.
2013-04-29 13:56
calm down you panzy. it's 1 fucking post regarding an ex-cs legend.
2013-04-28 15:06
this is CS history you moron
2013-04-28 15:39
3 replies
no, it's not.
2013-04-28 15:49
This has nothing to do with CS lol.
2013-04-28 19:04
1 reply
indirectly it has, he was part of the pro community and this is something that should be celebrated by us.
2013-04-28 19:17
dont know how much hes lost or if hes a millionare but he must be one of the most successful people who quit gaming. holden didnt do too bad either ;)
2013-04-28 14:49
7 replies
Haven't heard from stu for awhile, where is he playing now?
2013-04-28 14:55
5 replies
Sheffield Wednesday (loan)
2013-04-28 14:59
1 reply
Ah cool :) Thnx
2013-04-28 16:51
griff works hard, havent heard from stu... you obviously dont know them so why are you referring to them on a first name basis? attention whore much?
2013-04-28 18:06
2 replies
Don't know Stuart, true, was just saving time/letters on that one, as I hate typing on my smartphone. Griffin I kinda know trough gaming so get off my nuts
2013-04-28 18:43
jealous much?
2013-04-29 20:12
dude worths 4m Euro, not bad :D
2013-04-28 18:09
nice! :)
2013-04-28 14:58
nice =D
2013-04-28 14:58
hahaha amazing! :)
2013-04-28 14:59
Spain m4t4
shaguar was amazing, im glad hes doing well
2013-04-28 15:02
he looks so different now :O
2013-04-28 15:09
He has also won quite alot online
2013-04-28 15:12
to anyone saying/thinking this is luck: you're clueless and should just stfu.
2013-04-28 15:12
8 replies
doesn't seem like anyone in this topic think so, whats up with the rage?
2013-04-28 15:45
7 replies
it's just the general thought regarding this among people, less now than earlier though. #11 lol, who haves luck will have til his end of life.
2013-04-28 16:41
6 replies
Poker does involve luck. You would be naive to disregard that and clearly know very little of the game. The exciting thing about Poker is that it is mixture of many things intelligence, psychology, luck and various other factors. If you think poker is an entirely skill based game then you live under a rock.
2013-04-28 19:35
5 replies
you obviously misunderstood my comment.
2013-04-28 19:51
4 replies
Make me understand better.
2013-04-28 20:03
3 replies
no, thank you.
2013-04-28 20:08
2 replies
So I was correct.
2013-04-28 20:08
1 reply
there's an article on a cs site about a former cs pro going big in the poker world. I point out the fact that he didn't get where he is because of luck. yes, poker is partially about luck in an isolated situation, but in the long run the people around the final tables are the winners (in the big picture) because of their abilities, not because of their relationship with god.
2013-04-28 20:26
no, next is WSOP bracelet? xD
2013-04-28 15:13
2013-04-28 15:15
Won half a million on his birthday
2013-04-28 15:27
shaGuar takes out shaGuar...?
2013-04-28 15:29
Just curious what it takes to be a good poker player ? High IQ?
2013-04-28 15:29
6 replies
good reading skills I guess, you are mostly playing the other guy's hand patience also, I get frustrated easily so I can't play poker even though I love the concept of it
2013-04-28 15:43
High IQ, patience, thinking well-ahead and guessing your opponent's cards and most importantly ice-cold personality! You're not supposed to give anything to your opponent! Speaking of ice cold personality I wonder how Shaguar deals with that :) I bet he doesn't scream at everybody when he wins a hand :D
2013-04-28 17:09
2 replies
woo'ing at opponents is a next level strategy :D
2013-04-28 21:37
1 reply
Poker players can't handle that :D
2013-04-28 21:45
just be good at math and be patient
2013-04-28 19:28
congratz legend!
2013-04-28 15:38
nice :) gg
2013-04-28 15:58
GJ, Stiffler
2013-04-28 15:59
rofl :D gj
2013-04-28 16:00
THESEare news!! :D
2013-04-28 16:05
gj shaguar!
2013-04-28 16:09
what up now geeks woooooOO
2013-04-28 16:09
niceeeeee shit
2013-04-28 16:13
Right now Valve must be working on a poker cs:go trading cards, $30 DLC.
2013-04-28 16:25
2 replies
2013-04-28 16:31
2013-04-28 23:34
he deserved it :D
2013-04-28 16:28
poker > cs
2013-04-28 16:36
No news about the "OPERATION PAYBACK" update, but about this?
2013-04-28 16:38
1 reply
yes, poker > CS:GO
2013-04-28 17:36
too late to say "WHAT UP NOW SWEDES WOOOO" ):
2013-04-28 16:52
WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO nice one, congratz shaguar :)
2013-04-28 16:57
holy fuck, i watched live stream from berlin and didn't thought that he's shaguar lol
2013-04-28 17:01
Asia winqwinq
wow just amazing :D
2013-04-28 17:13
shaGuar = stiffler SpawN = Tupac n0thing = draco malfoy moddii = sylvester stallone and vilden has cl_hairstyle 99999
2013-04-28 17:25
2 replies
neo = matt damon
2013-04-28 18:04
nah, i'm laughing
2013-04-28 18:05
2013-04-28 17:35
2013-04-28 17:58
rofl , awesome!:D
2013-04-28 18:03
Anyone know how INS and REAL are doing in poker?
2013-04-28 18:04
that's a lot of money
2013-04-28 18:04
ya cmmon spam this thred :)
2013-04-28 18:04
Ok, I'm moving to poker.
2013-04-28 18:22
nice gl shaGuar-dA-Gambler
2013-04-28 18:29
Poker's illegal in the U.S. dang it
2013-04-28 18:44
7 replies
Is it?
2013-04-28 19:42
6 replies
2013-04-28 21:06
lol no they show poker on tv all the time
2013-04-28 21:18
online yes, live no, USA gonna USA i guess
2013-04-28 22:14
3 replies
All those American tournaments do not take place in the US?
2013-04-28 23:15
2 replies
yes, in casinos they are legal, but they cant play online since FBI blocked all acess to euro sites (pokerstars and etc), pokerstars or FTP even had to change their servers to Europe
2013-04-29 00:59
1 reply
Ah right I see, cheers for letting me know.
2013-04-29 10:36
stills a legend
2013-04-28 20:06
some people got dat skill
2013-04-28 20:20
well done, griffin 'Flush_entity' Benger
2013-04-28 20:21
he should promote cs go with this money
2013-04-28 21:05
So much money
2013-04-28 21:25
FLUSH ENTITIY..hmm...wait is it "flush entity pocket" error @CS1.6?
2013-04-28 21:27
2 replies
]yes you are right but flush is also one of the poker hands so it's quite a clever name
2013-04-28 22:04
1 reply
i know about flush royal etc; it's a kinda game of words :>
2013-04-28 22:19
great to hear about him and nice to see how successfull he is.. best awper ever imo. gl further shaG!
2013-04-28 21:30
just SEX!
2013-04-28 21:54
Slovakia kubiaxk
PLS do interview with shaGuar for
2013-04-28 23:08
Not to be a downer but it doesn't necessarily mean he won all that money. He may have like 10% of the stake on the prize pot etc. Still nice achievement though, he has my respect and I will probably watch the VoD.
2013-04-28 23:45
3 replies
yes... it means he won all that money, not 10% of 429k, xD
2013-04-29 02:31
2 replies
A lot of pro players don't get in tournaments with the full buy-in, especially on High Rollers where to enter you need to pay $25k :) so what I am saying is he maybe had $5k stake/participation on the entrance:p
2013-04-29 02:33
1 reply
Depends on country also. In some countries you must pay taxes for that kind of amount.
2013-04-30 07:10
See kids... Crystal Meth... does wonders for your career.
2013-04-29 00:49
1 reply
2013-04-29 19:17
2013-04-29 01:05
waddup now sweeds woooooooooo!!! Gratz!
2013-04-29 03:52
"inonic teams" iconic?
2013-04-29 06:12
1 reply
2013-04-29 06:44
my nigga is makin money
2013-04-29 06:54
Gj man :)
2013-04-29 07:44
like russian ex–sc player, forgot his nick
2013-04-29 09:09 5x tripple crown winner here folks problary has a 5mill bankroll including rakeback and PLAYING MTT/SNGs like a boss.
2013-05-01 11:58
2013-05-01 18:38
fml i dont understand poker so unpopular here, good for him looks like he is top 10 or something now
2013-05-02 19:49
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