Torbull "ashamed" of Bitcoin affair

May 1st, 2013 16:42

ESEA Co-Founder Craig "Torbull" Levine has admitted to being "ashamed" of the whole incident involving mining Bitcoins.

Earlier on Wednesday, it was discovered that ESEA had included a Bitcoin miner in its client and made more than $3,600 since the code started running on April 14th.

ESEA chief Eric "lpkane" Thunberg stated it was a mere April Fools' joke that was later abandoned and that the code was released by accident. He vowed to give Premium users a month's subscription free of charge and to use the money that was raised in the prize pool for season 14.

However, that has done little to appease the users, who never consented to ESEA using their GPUs to mine bitcoins. Some people have even complained that their computers overheated and that they got numerous Blue Screens of Death error messages over the past days.

Levine has now taken to ESEA's forums to react to this whole scandal, revealing that he was in the dark about the Bitcoin miner.

"The first I learned about any of this was last night (on any scale)," he wrote. "I had no idea any of this was going on.

"Needless to say I am completely embarrassed, disgusted, and ashamed.

"For the past ten years, I've tried to do nothing more than to act honestly and be an upstanding leader in the gaming community and with some bad decisions by some trusted people it has been thrown out the window.

"I'm wrapping my mind around this whole thing and we'll release a formal response, but for the time being just know that this wasn't some ESEA / company wide scam.

"I'm committed to doing whatever possible to rebuild the trust we lost through this whole fiasco.

"It's a failure on my part to have the proper oversight to have prevented this from happening and it will be addressed.

"My primary concern at this point is community trust and how that was destroyed. We need to understand the situation, take the appropriate action with those responsible for it, ensure we have things in place to prevent this from happening, and address anyone who incurred physical damages.

"How we rebuild the trust of the community in the immediate aftermath and long term future is going to be a different discussion that we need to have as I walk through this all."

to act honestly haha
2013-05-01 16:44
2013-05-01 16:51
ESEA are infamous for being very corrupt. Bans have been handed out for the strangest reasons. Did you piss off lpkane? Did you reverse a charge you did not authorize? Did you report a support ticket against a team that has ties to admins? High chance to get banned then. There was also the scandal with head admin BiGG supposedly blackmailing a woman into sending naked pictures of herself. The thread where she spoke out about it was deleted and she was banned. People who witnessed it had no real reason to lie no the whole thing was very dodgy. ESEA has a monopoly in the NA and can thus dictate pretty much everything. This fact will become evident soon, this whole thing will blow over by ESEA handing out some silly passes and the braindead sheep accepting them happily. They will ignore the fact that ESEA just broke the law and shamelessly exploited their trust. One month from now few people will remember this and Americans will be happily playing esea games again.
2013-05-01 17:15
I have a question - does whatever they have going on on the USA scene inflict on us playing on the UK scene? - are they both tied together or seperated?
2013-05-01 18:01
I have a friend that pissed of an admin, he got banned for what they said "hack on demo" but they deleted the demo before they banned him.
2013-05-01 21:47
was there for the noodz. chick was pretty hot, but was under age i think.
2013-05-01 19:12
Did you piss off lpkane? Did you reverse a charge you did not authorize? Did you report a support ticket against a team that has ties to admins? High chance to get banned then. reversing a charge is true, they don't like paypal fraud. the rest isn't true though. obviously theres a lot of speculation about esea going around. the whole support ticket against a team with admin ties is bullshit.
2013-05-01 21:24
If you've been effected by this, you can file a complaint to the Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3): With this information: E-Sports Entertainment, LLC 62 Rensselaer Drive, Commack, New York, 11725, 631-804-5253
2013-05-01 17:33
More info with screenshots:
2013-05-01 18:06
at least we have an alternative now.
2013-05-01 17:49
2013-05-01 16:46
United Kingdom NipXe 
Torbull boss
2013-05-01 16:47
I'm not sure about the hierarchical structure of ESEA but in a situation like this for a normal business corporation, a board would most likely force lpkane to resign or step down and a COO like Torbull (who is apparently faultless) would take over running the company for the time being until a replacement CEO were found. They may have to also compromise the closed source nature of their code more...and even fire Jaguar but I imagine that is impossible because it would spell the end for the company.
2013-05-01 17:12
Indeed. I just hope it works out, coz ignoring this Bitcoin crap, ESEA is pretty solid as a league and I was happily paying my £5 a month during league season.
2013-05-01 17:18
If its a private limited company (or the american equivalent) that won't happen as its publicly traded. The only way to oust him is for the other owners to buy his shares. I doubt that'll happen
2013-05-01 17:36
To be honest with you, I think ESEA is still run with a very narrow business model and not much standard practices for a fairly successful online service provider like HR, executive oversight, etc. It could even be as simple as lpkane has most of the money, ergo he rules.
2013-05-01 18:31
1) a private limited company is private and can not have its shares traded in public. 2) the ownership structure has little to do with who the directors are.
2013-05-01 22:06
The owners are the ones who appoint the directors so the structure has everything to do with who the directors are.
2013-05-01 23:49
The ownership structure is the same regardless of whoever the shareholders are. I.e. it does not matter whether it is a public or a private company, the shareholders are going to appoint the BoD.
2013-05-02 00:14
Right, I must have misunderstood your first post then, thought you meant something else..
2013-05-02 00:55
Indeed, I was not perfectly clear.
2013-05-02 16:51
Just wondering how are they going to make it right for the users.
2013-05-01 16:47
Keeping the next season completely free, tournaments, pugs, etc.
2013-05-01 16:49
That's not nearly enough. Ipkane and Jaguar should be fired on the spot, they broke the law. Any decent company would fire them if they did the same. It will not happen though, we both know that. They will hand out some silly premium passes and the thing will go away.
2013-05-01 17:19
lpkane is the big boss lol
2013-05-01 17:47
Really? Nothing going to happen then lmao.
2013-05-01 17:50
Korea ws0 
no its a 50% split between him and craig.
2013-05-01 21:01
You would be wrong about that. What about all the other staff? Paying for prizes? Paying admins/content producers on their eseanews portion? Not to mention everyone who pays for league spots has that money sent straight to the prize pool.
2013-05-01 22:49
"We also ask anyone who has experienced any physical damage to their computers to open an ESEA support ticket."
2013-05-01 21:26
Romania robyk 
your 1000$ gtx 690 broke ? here have a 7$ 1 month premium
2013-05-01 16:49
Germany VxO4 
2013-05-01 16:51
Like a 690 will brake by mining bitcoins rofl
2013-05-01 16:52
If 100% Of your GPU is used, the temperature is sky high, we don't know if anyone's PC actually was affected, but i do know .. if you use 100% of your GPU in a month, it's notable on your Electric Bill as it requires more power
2013-05-01 17:00
World mm2 
kevzz bitmining is around 700w, your electric bill would be SKYHIGH. in denmark it would cost way more to bitmine than u would ever make of it
2013-05-01 17:38
Bitmining doesn't have set price, if you have a gfx that could uses 250W you'll use 250W(+cpu, mobo, hdd..) if you've got a gfx that uses 50W then it'll use 50watt.
2013-05-01 20:01
2013-05-01 23:45
Germany VxO4 
In a bad heated pc case for sure it can. Everything can brake when its on 100% load Especially a 690 could break easily. Just overclock it a bit and you need a lot of fan airflow to keep it at decent temps. There is a reason why the high end graphic cards these days are so loud under load.
2013-05-01 17:14
come on, every gfx card has failsafes. my freaking MX440 used to reboot at high temps, i'm pretty sure a gtx 690 is capable of that.
2013-05-01 18:23
Germany VxO4 
And? Lets say that so called fail safe is set to 100 degrees. If it runs constantly on 95 at some point the hardware will give up. For sure this means the hardware has to be used heavenly before that. But even brand the gfx can have serious faults in it like the Vram soldering. its a common problem in that sector with cold larder/tin solder. And heating is not a friend of it all the time. And cold larders dont effect the gfx when you buy it new because they are in good condition. But on long term you might get either wrong pixels or the gpu refuses to use the vram which makes it completly faulty. In production its very difficlt to manage that problem since you have millions of transistors and they are not going to be soldered by hand infact getting baked by machines. If the test run says the gfx is fine they will sell it even though that doesnt mean all the parts are 100% okay as well. Thats why some GFX suppliers/manufactures start to give a longer warranty. So they want to show their customers hey our products are 100% fine. And then you have other manufatures which most likely even rufuse to give you 2years. I dont mention any names but there are a few ones which only give you one year
2013-05-01 18:45
Thanks, very helpful insight!
2013-05-01 20:29
The engineers designing these cards are not clueless, no one in their right mind would put a fail-safe at a temperature below which a new card will still get damaged. Those very same transistors would serve as a fail-safe to the very problem, installing a simple SCR cct. will cut off load to the card(thus the blue screens). Secondly by now I would think its common knowledge a robot will solder to a 99.9% accuracy rather than a very inaccurate human hand.
2013-05-01 22:01
they are not all soldered do you get it? Example You know what is now missing? They are getting baked and at this point cold larders can appear. For sure a robot can have a higher accuracy but why does craftsmanship still have a high repuation for quality? The only reason they use machines is because they are cheaper on long term and humans would take way longer on such small pieces. That doesnt change the fact that this problem exists to a certain production rate Even if its only 0.1%. I bet you never heard of people that baked their graphics card back to life did you?
2013-05-01 22:28
LOL, its still being soldered. Baking is the process by which it is soldered. How are you going to accurately solder a tiny component by hand when you can barely place it due to a shakiness. Thus came the process of micro heating with solder paste. Where a robot is x1000 times more accurate in placing the chip and applying the exact amount of paste. Maybe you can show me a youtube video a hand soldered i7 chip? Go back to school, this is elementary stuff.
2013-05-01 22:37
you learned in elementary school how to solder? That might explain why you first thought they solder everything and then changed your mind to baking like i told you :D My point is this problem exists and its not a small problem as you claim with 99.9% With devices/components getting over 100 celsius degress hot while being cooled.
2013-05-02 00:17
Venezuela Riikards 
Thanks we're good now
2013-05-01 17:55
you can not mine bitcoins on Nvidia cards...
2013-05-01 21:18
are you sure? i'm pretty sure you can, they are just way less effective
2013-05-01 21:55
did some more research and you're right. Good to know. I wrote this because when I wanted to start mining myself, there was an AMD card as a requirement written somewhere, but I cant find where it was.
2013-05-01 22:15
Hahah my thoughts exactly
2013-05-01 23:45
"My primary concern at this point is community trust and how that was destroyed." Well, derpa herp derp derp....
2013-05-01 16:49
Well, i wanna see someone fired for sure. And i want to know who. If they make an official statement where they state someone has been fired, but they are keeping it confidential to protect the responsibles, it's not gonna be good enough for me. I need to see 100 % transparency from ESEA right now. + They need to be generous in the next season. Lowering prices but still maintaining their pricepool to make it more attractive for the players + maybe do some giveaways or something. This cannot pass without costing them money if they want to repair this in my opinion. And they need to make a formal apologize to the community. I don't think this statement from torbull is enough. Currently I have no trust in them what so ever.
2013-05-01 19:01
Germany VxO4 
Better be ashamed while counting the money :D
2013-05-01 16:49
Did you actually read it?
2013-05-01 16:52
Germany VxO4 
Yes and now? hes in charge of the finance from what i now. So over 3000bucks more in the wallet Did you read the other articles about that as well?
2013-05-01 16:54
Who says, he was made aware of the Money? Who says it ended up on his account, speculations my friend.. Im not saying it's okay.. but don't judge a guy, who might end up knowing nothing
2013-05-01 16:56
Germany VxO4 
2013-05-01 16:59
Venezuela Riikards 
Or might end up knowing everything? Just saying, not judging
2013-05-01 17:56
They will lose these 3000 bucks at the end of the season anyway.
2013-05-01 17:41
Germany VxO4 
I hope they lose a lot more
2013-05-01 17:43
Do you have any clue how much time Torbull invested in the NA scene no you don't. And even if he was counting the money in my opinion he still deserved it for all the good work the past years. This is just a accident. And we'll how things pan out.
2013-05-01 17:09
Germany VxO4 
We will see what he does to get the image clean
2013-05-01 17:17
lpkane must go.
2013-05-01 16:50
Germany VxO4 
I think the guy who is responsible for the coding of ESEA client. Which is jaguar and a few others. I doubt Ipkane would go by his will you cant fire one of the co founders like that easily
2013-05-01 16:52
But what he and his fellow coders did, is Illigal.. So shitstorm inc.
2013-05-01 16:54
Germany VxO4 
This is something the law/jury/judge has to decide. And they wont fire him they might give him a punishment in form for fee's and maybe imprisonment. But i seriously i doubt it gets that far.
2013-05-01 16:59
Yes, it's possible for a CEO to lose his job even if he is a co-founder. You can keep the shares you have in a company without working for it.
2013-05-01 17:43
Germany VxO4 
And for that you need at least a lawsuit because it doesnt seem he has any intention to step back
2013-05-01 17:45
It all depends on the relationship between Torbull and Ipkane as well as the hierarchical link they have. But I doubt they'll decide to change the CEO anyway.
2013-05-01 17:54
Germany VxO4 
And i think there is the problem
2013-05-01 18:02
pfff i lost my respect ... bye esea
2013-05-01 16:50
dv | 
United Kingdom dv-_- 
Probably all bullshit, I don't believe that the CO-Founder wouldn't have known about this. Shame really, they were good for the competitive scene.
2013-05-01 16:51
lpkane/jaguar are in charge of all coding matters (website/client), torbull is focused on other areas. knowing him, i could never imagine him doing this. i could, however, see how lpkane would think this isn't a big deal.
2013-05-01 16:54
Korea ws0 
2013-05-01 21:01
United States jswan 
You said it wasn't a big deal either. Heck, you tried comparing your laptop running GO to mining rofl. Good twitter read this morning though, thank you. :]
2013-05-01 21:03
i don't think it's anywhere near as big of a deal as people are making it out to be. i think the leeches trying to score free whatever without enduring any damages are just as bad as esea at this point.
2013-05-01 21:47
United States jswan 
Yeah I could agree that a lot just like riding the drama. However I feel bad for the FEW that actually did get their cards fried and got a statement from LPKANE saying: "1. 100% of the funds are going into the s14 prize pot, so at the very least your melted gpus contributed to a good cause." As if those kids are gonna be in the prize money, or as if that even comes close to covering the damage and malicious activity.
2013-05-01 23:40
then they're in luck as esea said they will go over them on a case by case basis to refund people whose video cards fried. lpkane is a jerk to everyone online, shouldn't be news to anyone who's been on esea before.
2013-05-02 00:07
is he a very big MMA guy or something? in brazil he would need bodyguards at all times by now. some representant need to settle dispute with the fists, nobody should tolerate this kind of behaviour especially the way they behave after this scam
2013-05-03 16:09
He would be incredibly stupid if he knew about it and thought the scam would never surface. Probably just one of the coders inserted the bitcoin miner for personal gain, nothing more.
2013-05-01 16:57
dv | 
United Kingdom dv-_- 
You would also think the guy that added the miner would have known that it would surface also, so I don't think stupidity can be overlooked in this case :)
2013-05-01 17:12
United States nytz 
sneaking up something like that in an update is quite possible, since torbull has nothing to do with the coding it's quite believable. Moreover I doubt that he wouldn't realize that the the amount of money he wouldve personally made from it isn't worth all the drama and might result in a loss rather than a gain.
2013-05-01 17:00
"Im just gonna press this button here and release a bitcoin minner by accident" lmao.
2013-05-01 16:52
2013-05-01 17:07
2013-05-01 18:32
2013-05-01 16:52
I assume they log every client connection (IP addresses), and every bitcoin transfer is also traceable. So, it seems to me like they could just pay everyone whatever they had mined.
2013-05-01 16:54
but isn't bitcoin an untraceable currency or something like that I've read on their website? :D
2013-05-01 17:00
Germany VxO4 
And then people call it transparent :D
2013-05-01 17:06
You're right, but I wasn't sure if they logged IP addresses or not. AFAIK every transaction is public (known to everyone) but you don't actually know who owns which account/wallet.
2013-05-01 19:24
Romania tr$ 
Yeah, give everyone back 20 cents.
2013-05-01 17:16
United Kingdom Xxit 
And their electricity they spent and cover damages to peoples hardware
2013-05-01 18:33
If you've run your computer 24/7, like some people, it's more than 20 cents surely.
2013-05-01 19:25
I think it's time to DDoS Esea :]
2013-05-01 16:54
Wait, so you want to DDOS Esea and ruin it for people who still plays there? yep, i guess you are a much better person now than they are..
2013-05-01 16:57
Germany VxO4 
You have to see the other effect why do anonymous and other guys ddosing major companies/sites/orgs/govs all the time? If people cant access their service they might consider switching to another service in that case. In most cases these guys want CHANGE If you cant play on a server because a bunch of kiddos ddos the servers all the time then you might consider another option dont you? With cevo and leetway going on in the US you have one. Same goes for the EU with playzeek , playnation, ESL, IRC in house leagues and what ever else is out there. I cant remember the danish league but you got my point
2013-05-01 17:04
Nah, id consider the people who's doing it for idiots .. Still never got the point why you make other people an Offer for DDOS when it has nothing to do with that .. But i recon you see the great idea by doing so.
2013-05-01 17:06
Good try ESL, good try.
2013-05-01 17:27
Germany VxO4 
2013-05-01 17:32
people can decide if they want to switch or not. its not anyone elses job to decide for anyone else.
2013-05-01 21:28
I just told him what ddosing can be useful for. I never said you have to switch right now
2013-05-01 21:33
and i was explaining why its still wrong
2013-05-01 21:36
United Kingdom Xxit 
Its only idiots that would be still throwing money at esea
2013-05-01 18:35
Germany VxO4 
Call the chinese :D
2013-05-01 16:57
Romania tr$ 
You're retarded.
2013-05-01 17:19
I could be persuaded to believe it was by accident... lets say.... 3,600 dollars and ill believe it. =]
2013-05-01 16:56
Germany Dok1 
lol, here's a poll on ESEA from 9.17.12 where they ask the users about their bitcoin experiences and lpkane stating "i'm curious":
2013-05-01 17:00
Germany VxO4 
Post: lpkane i voted for option 3, i actually have a decent amount invested in it and have been playing the market for a while but the main point of the poll is i'm considering it for an esea payment option, mainly because it's chargeback proof OMFG. Now he really hits the fan Okay i read a few of his other comments as well on that thread i am closing this topic. Its not worth to talk about ESEA anymore as long as this guy is in charge of it. I seriously thought ESEA could be the next thing to get ESL moving their asses but i was wrong
2013-05-01 17:09
United States zyZ 
it's sad that these clowns are the only people keeping the NA CS scene alive
2013-05-01 17:01
waiting for scapegoat
2013-05-01 17:04
You know what good PR departments do when such shit happens? THEY tell the media what happened and how are they going to work on it, not the other way around. You have failed. Maybe it is time to step down?
2013-05-01 17:04
2013-05-01 17:05
ah guys it's only a an april fools joke nothing more, the fact that they even have the NERVE to say it's an april fools joke is a fucking abomination look at this faggot; also make esea free for a year assholes for everyone, everyone should STOP playing this shit service
2013-05-01 17:06
dont be mad. you got a brain yet or still ragequitting every game after 2 rounds of getting owned. lmao.
2013-05-01 17:33
why make a new account to post that lol
2013-05-01 17:35
Putting a lot of hours into programming a bitcoin miner into the ESEA client and then not revealing this "April fool joke" is like... I mean first of all it's not even funny. Like telling your friend (as an April fool joke) that you just killed his cat. But it comes even worse, instead of just saying it, they really DID kill the cat. And instead of revealing the "joke" on 1 April they kept it secret until someone discovered it in May. Like "Hey bro. You've just found your dead cat? I killed it, FOR REAL, one month ago, as an April fool joke."
2013-05-01 17:30
yeah they should be ashamed of even trying to use that as an excuse, hopefully someone sue's their ass and esea goes out of business :p maybe this is a good thing for the NA scene!
2013-05-01 17:36
already cancelled subscription
2013-05-01 17:16
I'm more worried about question who was one pulling strings with this scam - was it done for personal gain or for company? ESEA abvioulsy is taking responsibility, but if it's done for personal reasons then that means that someone had access to that money gained by this scam and this $3600 could be just leftovers.
2013-05-01 17:18
Germany VxO4 
And thats the point where you blame the whole organization for it no matter if torbull was involved or not. As long as this organization runs the exact same people there is no garantee that this might happen again. Thats why heads must roll. You want a great example? You ever heard of the vaccine scam with glaxosmithkline? Or the BP oil spil? In both cases the organization/business was suit and they had to pay fines. Thats it no one went to jail just money solved the problem. No matter how many people got their lifes destroyed money solves everything. Not a single person was hold accountable. For sure its difficult to find the black sheep in such big cases but its not impossible and for some reasons the courts dont bother Next thing is you kill someone on purpose and you pay a fine thats it.
2013-05-01 17:30
2013-05-01 17:25
Bullshit. The same bullshit as ESL. I have no respect for them since this appeared.
2013-05-01 17:26
If Ipkane owns 50% of the company shares, you dont simply "fire" him, he would have to be bought out which i really dont think Torbull is interested in.
2013-05-01 17:30
such a shit lie, april fools joke my ass.
2013-05-01 17:43
I trust torbull more than ipkane thats for sure, however, i always had a huge fucking problem with him even working with such a fucking dickhead like kane. It always blew my mind that torbull, a guy I looked up to as a visionary in cs and esprots as a whole, would ever associate with someone like kane, who has done nothin but fucked his supporters over and over and over and over again.
2013-05-01 17:46
Not falling for this I'm afraid.
2013-05-01 18:00
how will i know if money has been taken from my account? will it show up in any of my bank statements?
2013-05-01 18:01
I have a feeling other people think this is what happened. ESEA did not steal money from your account, they used the computers to make 'bitcoin mining', which earned them money but did not take money away from you. "Only" the people that had their graphic cards fried had a major loss with this.
2013-05-01 18:15
No, I disagree. Using someone's pc as his own without his consent is a harm done to this person, whether you break it or not. Especially if you use its resources for your own profit.
2013-05-01 18:38
keyword: *MAJOR* loss.
2013-05-01 18:39
Think major or not doesnt matter when it is illegal... Getting robbed of your car is still a major crime, doesnt have to be your house they take...
2013-05-01 19:55
I don't disagree. I was just stating that some people consider they actually stole money from people, that was not the case. Major or not major it's still illegal, I agree, but the major loss comes from those that got their cards fried
2013-05-01 20:20
Give us premium OR DEAD WEBSITE. thanks
2013-05-01 18:22
i'm afraid free premium won't pay for people's broken GPUs.
2013-05-01 18:33
I don't care about ur GPUS. Free premium.
2013-05-01 18:58
What are you,a sheep?
2013-05-01 20:02
2013-05-01 20:21
2013-05-01 20:57
We also ask anyone who has experienced any physical damage to their computers to open an ESEA support ticket.
2013-05-01 21:35
lol no one is getting any reimbursement, don't be naive
2013-05-01 22:12
exactly, the press releases are for damage control i believe torbull truly cares i believe everyone else doesn't
2013-05-01 22:33
This is a bad look for ESEA. Really disappointed with the consistent bad press this organization gets. There are good people at ESEA, there are good people supporting ESEA and they've done a good thing in keeping CS alive in North America when it was in really bad shape... but this kind of thing is unacceptable. The continual loss of trust from the community and nothing being done to fix that is unacceptable. The corrupt admins ruining things for everyone else are unacceptable. ESEA needs an enema.
2013-05-01 18:43
and these fuckers have the cheek to not give refunds when you get banned for a month for no reason. suck my fucking dick.
2013-05-01 18:47
2013-05-01 18:58
i get banned too, but with madafakin reason >communicating with enemies<
2013-05-01 19:17
haha loser :<
2013-05-01 20:01
they banned me for 15 days for using You have been banned from the ESEA network. (Ban #77032) Reason: Illegal use of a model, sprite, sound, material, graphic setting etc. that provides an unfair advantage. Clear any custom game files you may have. Karma Penalty: -10 Expiration: May 12th (1st offense) Please email if you have any questions concerning this ban. If you do not include your IP address and user alias we will be unable to assist you. funny thing is when i opened the game my gfx card couldn't process the extra information and still get good fps... you can turn it on and off using f12 and i literally turned it off as soon as i launched the game i just never uninstalled it
2013-05-01 22:35
that actually looks so damn useful.
2013-05-01 22:41
Going with the good cop and bad cop strategy eh ?
2013-05-01 19:06
now since you mentioned it :D
2013-05-01 19:13
ashamed of getting caught -.-
2013-05-01 19:12
United States jswan 
MLG buys ESEA.
2013-05-01 19:19 but remember, "it was an accident"
2013-05-01 19:39
2013-05-01 22:38 But seriously, why would anyone want a 1month free and extra money in the prize pool. Not everyone plays competitive and only a few will see any of that money. Got to remember you drove up peoples electricity bills and destroyed/wore down hardware life, you cant fix it by saying youll give all the money to the winner of a league.
2013-05-01 19:53
Korea ws0 
thats a dumb shit Lpkane said after realizing he already fucked up big time.. torbull said they will pay for the repairs on GPUs, s14 free and other stuff like that.
2013-05-01 21:03
This would cost them a lot more than 4000 bucks of a decent amount of players claim their gfx broke.
2013-05-01 22:30
Other rss___ 
Wow lucky it didn't damaged any of my hardware ffs. Hope they get sue'd for this shit
2013-05-01 20:00
the official response the mentioned better have something concrete in it. rather than this political skirting around the issue telling people how it will be better in the future
2013-05-01 21:00
give 1 month free premium codes to all users that want to play esea as a act of good will and leave the bs aside. i find all those april's fool prank things as a mere excuse
2013-05-01 21:20
Even though I am happy that the money is going to be donated to a charity I was really hoping that some money would be put towards an ESEA BYOC lan tournament of some sort. I really miss the days of the massive NA BYOC events and I think it would be a wonderful way for ESEA to apologize to the community while helping with the growth of the CS:GO competitive scene. ESEA playoffs are really well organized and have great coverage but it doesn't give the nonprofessionals a way to interact and participate in the community. I really hope that you will consider my idea, i believe that it will help ESEA and the community itself grow larger and closer.
2013-05-01 21:40
The discussion begins, Spread the word.
2013-05-01 22:41
Sweet, time to get a new gtx570 for SLI!
2013-05-01 22:47
AMD better for mining bitcoins :-)
2013-05-03 15:02
B-b-but my gtx570 "fried" so I can get a new one taking advantage of the situation by getting 2nd fully functional card to sli.
2013-05-03 15:58
bitcoin is much like googles older toolbar. there was an option that if checked (unchecked by default) would allow google to use your computer's processor to help "solve many of the worlds complex problems". it only kicked in after your computer was on idle for X amount of time. i thought the idea was quite extraordinary. although, it did not steal money.
2013-05-01 23:17
Bitch please...
2013-05-02 10:30
Recording of conversation: "I respect your wishes for this information to remain confidential but how much of it can be released to the public, as in, how much would you be willing to say, we made a mistake and we fixed it, end of story." "Uhh I mean, I don't really wanna talk about it and say..."
2013-05-02 14:24
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