zakk returns to ProGaming.TD

May 2nd, 2013 16:52

ProGaming.TD have announced via their official website the return of Rafael "zakk" Fernandes to the team.

The Brazilian player had left ProGaming.TD back in January due to not having the time to compete abroad anymore after finding a job and enrolling in college.

Several weeks later, he found a new team in FireGamers, who also featured other experienced 1.6 and CS:Source players like Eduardo "shemp" Ferreira and Vitor "vass" Tercero.

Fernandes is now back in ProGaming.TD and will fill the void left by Felipe "fbm" Mengue, who has decided to quit the team to focus on his job, which would most likely keep him from attending events abroad.

zakk makes ProGaming.TD return

During his two-month spell in ProGaming.TD, Mengue helped the team to win the Razer CS:GO Challenge over paiN.

"The decision to return was an easy one," Fernandes told the team's website. "I never stopped playing, I left the team due to the fact that I could not practice and travel because of my work and studies.

"Now I am just working, so I have plenty of spare time, and in a way I knew I was not done with CS:GO, I feel I still have some goals to reach and there is no better place to do it than ProGaming.TD.

"I would like to thank the management and the players for trusting me again, and I guarantee I will not let them down."

ProGaming.TD now have the following lineup:

Brazil Lucas "Steel" Lopes
Brazil Caio "zqk" Fonseca
Brazil Caio "rkz" Sinigagli
Brazil Wilton "zews" de Almeida
Brazil Rafael "zakk" Fernandes

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lamp | 
Russia lamp` 
w0w gl
2013-05-02 16:53
gl =)
2013-05-02 16:59
2013-05-02 17:06
Agreed. fbm was sick tho, sad he quit.
2013-05-02 17:07
Agree on that
2013-05-03 00:52
2013-05-02 17:11
GL BRASIL! this team will be too much work, listen o'que I'm saying!
2013-05-02 17:13
google translate on! hahahaha
2013-05-06 13:12
Harold & Kumar goes to ProGaming.TD
2013-05-02 17:40
Nice, dropped out of school to play CS. Certainly has his priorities right.
2013-05-02 17:45
Or he finished his studies? ...
2013-05-02 17:50
2013-05-02 18:40
He dropped out !!? he told he was finish with it thanks for inside info juNglewOw1
2013-05-03 14:00
Seriously, does anyone care about them anymore? Same old story, been going on for over 4-5 years now.
2013-05-02 18:04
Exactly.. Brazil's competitive CS scene is like an infinite circle, if considered internationally. new team -> hype -> international LAN -> loss -> disbandment -> new team
2013-05-02 18:16
nailed it :)
2013-05-02 18:46
except for eswc 2006
2013-05-02 19:02
agreed :DDD
2013-05-02 22:11
Who the fuck is zakk
2013-05-02 18:16
the guy in that picture -.o
2013-05-02 18:29
fbm >>>>> zakk
2013-05-02 19:31
zakk and the fragmovie from zqk :DDD
2013-05-02 19:48
2013-05-03 10:22
N0b0dY caReS hlTv.0rg N0b0dY caReS
2013-05-02 20:58
Portugal frk- 
O man... these news articles / tournaments have become soooo boring ever since CS:NIP came out.. I seriously do not know why people keep on following this game :(. sorry for the rant
2013-05-02 22:00
Because the majority of this site, resides in countries which have many good players. Good players which can challenge the throne of NiP. Sweden, Denmark, Russia etc. Why you don't find the interest in this game is quite logical. You are from a nation which have 10,581,949 inhabitants, and not one of them have been in the past, nor the present, even -close- to grabbing a big title in 1.6 or CS:GO. So therefore my friend. Goodbye =)
2013-05-03 01:01
Portugal frk- 
you make no sense... I don't care if portugal has a great cs team or not.. that does not influence my interest in gaming... i live in the usa btw...
2013-05-03 02:59
You just got owned.. even if you live in usa btw...
2013-05-03 03:40
Portugal frk- 
2013-05-03 04:03
dear lord. you make no sense drunk danish fool, csgo scene is way more boring than cs 1.6 . thats the only point he made and its truth. You should realized it before you went with your crazy ass rambling. ask any player who was active many years ago and still is now, they all will say the same. go ahead do it, then come back and report. everything is more boring. If you have a personal problem with portugal why dont you just tell him so directly, instead of trying to embed it in a retarded irrelevant ramble. fool
2013-05-03 14:15
I dont think so =/
2013-05-06 13:17
zqk zQk Zqk ZQK zakk
2013-05-02 22:58
zakk :))))))) <3333 GL MATE
2013-05-03 00:20
2013-05-03 01:01
World 667 
Z-Team (?) zkq zews zakk rkz
2013-05-03 06:25
I "left the team due to the fact that I could not practice and travel because of my work and studies. Now I am just working, so I have plenty of spare time" Wait what? He spent more time studying, then he now does working... what kind of job is that? :s
2013-05-03 07:43
people who attend college and live by themselves usually get a part-time job to support their necessities (food, water, clothing).
2013-05-03 09:18
Usually in Brazil it's working daytime (8am to 6pm) and studying at night (7pm to 10pm). But I doubt he was doing that, you can't play serious CS and do that. Either case, he was probably on final project or thesis when he left the team, which demands full attention and ends this quickly so he can go back.
2013-05-03 12:10
is this zakk guy good? i dont remember how he played at the beginning of csgo
2013-05-03 13:44
zakk > rkz
2013-05-03 15:56
but... fbm > all =/
2013-05-03 15:56
NiKo | 
Serbia NESi [w] 
good decision, gl in future.
2013-05-03 16:07
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