SuperstarS go official

May 3rd, 2013 19:10

Following yesterday's qualification for SLTV StarSeries VI, SuperstarS have announced that they will stick together.

The French team finished in third place in the five-team StarSeries qualifier, with two victories and two defeats, this way securing the last spot in the prestigious online league, which will kick off on May 13th.

It was the very first tournament for this team, and for some of their players it represented a comeback from months of inactivity.

Indeed, players like Matthieu "mateOo" Dal Maso, who was part of the so-called "classic VeryGames roster" and of ROCCAT, and Boris "flex0r" Latry, formerly of redLine and hf.MOTHER, had not played CS:GO competitively before this tournament, so many people in the French scene were curious to see how they would perform.

Former Imaginary Gaming duo Kevin "Uzzziii" Vernel and Thomas "akeR" Radovic, and ex-Buykey member Jérémy "liptoN" Girardeau make up the rest of SuperstarS' team.

"We decided to play the Starladder qualifiers and EMS A-Series with this lineup, not only because of the good atmosphere between us, but also because we truly believe that with the right practice we can do something good," Radovic told

"Regarding our ambitions, I cannot deny that they will depend on our results in Starladder and EMS.

"Mat will be our ingame leader because he is very calm, has a lot of experience and reads the game very well. He has not lost his touch even after being inactive for some years.

"Some people will say that he is unstable, but considering what he has told us, he seems very committed to this team."

SuperstarS' lineup consists of the following players:

France Matthieu "mateOo" Dal Maso
France Boris "flex0r" Latry
France Kevin "Uzzziii" Vernel
France Thomas "akeR" Radovic
France Jérémy "liptoN" Girardeau

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Denmark mohuE 
2013-05-03 19:10
I still waiting for TCM go official :DD GL superstars
2013-05-03 19:55
Lithuania fRls 
2013-05-03 19:11
2013-05-03 19:12
hopefully theyll play well
2013-05-03 19:15
flex0r :D gl
2013-05-03 19:21
2013-05-03 19:24
Belarus SLB 
Uzzziii gogogo
2013-05-03 19:24
Norway puap 
Pick up Apex and talk shoxie into joining the team! Then you got yourself a top4 team in Europe!
2013-05-03 19:34
tcm better than them imo
2013-05-03 23:41
Norway puap 
agree, but they will never last.
2013-05-04 01:06
Well it was a time. GL^
2013-05-03 19:48
aker low
2013-05-03 19:49
2013-05-03 19:51
I'm still waiting for: TCM-Gaming go official
2013-05-03 19:51
United Kingdom Alth 
flex0r was sick back in the day
2013-05-03 19:51
flex0r and mateOo are ok despite this last one probably needs way too much of playing to get his level back. I don't see the other 3 doing anything special...i would like to see old 3DMAX back :) or sth like flex0r apEX shoxie mateOo and 1 more. Sick team would be.
2013-05-03 20:10
Good ! GL for the rest
2013-05-03 20:32
2013-05-03 20:41
hf Uzzziii :-)
2013-05-03 20:49
What is "classic VeryGames roster"?
2013-05-03 20:51
Krl, Rpk, Mateoo, Regnam, Smithzz back in 2008 they were top 1.
2013-05-03 21:09
Norway puap 
this one is almost correct, Regnam was sort of a backup in the lineup:)
2013-05-04 01:15
The line up was initially this one, shox joined them after, he was playing for redline with ex6.
2013-05-04 01:41
Norway puap 
but this isnt the "classic" one.
2013-05-06 21:55
krL mateOo RpK shoxie SmithZz
2013-05-03 21:20
Norway puap 
this one is correct
2013-05-04 01:05
Uzzziii is a monster.
2013-05-03 20:57
totally agree, he's also underrated by almost everyone..
2013-05-03 21:20
2013-05-03 21:44
you sucked translating for shoxie @ CPHGames
2013-05-04 20:11
Did I ? :D
2013-05-05 12:41
Australia TotalEclipse 
In his last few teams with Shoxie I didn't see him do that well if I'm honest. In the matches I've watched him play for SuperstarS though he's been a monster.
2013-05-04 10:16
when he plays without pressure he's one of the french beasts
2013-05-04 10:34
If you watched uzi vs TCM (when shoxie still played in TCM), any time him and shoxie had an exchange, you could see shoxie holding back a bit and changing his play style. I think he knows what a monster Uzi is an he is a bit afraid of him in 1v1 exchanges :) (From what i remember, uzi was winning a lot of the exchanges)
2013-05-09 15:23
gl superstars:-)
2013-05-03 21:35
flex0r! gLgL
2013-05-03 21:48
World Kobs 
akeR 0/11 in lan?
2013-05-03 22:48
needs more shoxie
2013-05-04 00:07
flex0r and mateoo source legends :)
2013-05-04 01:00
gl matteOo mate, randomly coming on my mumble this morning and playing matchmaking with me :D
2013-05-04 01:03
Uzzziii shoxie ScreaM +2
2013-05-04 07:36
Australia TotalEclipse 
Flex0r's awp is amazing, hopefully he picks it back up.
2013-05-04 10:17
flex0r is sick awp, can't w8 to see him in action, and mateOo never failt to impress me in source this can be really good, gl guys
2013-05-04 13:58
mateoooooooooooooooo <3<3<3
2013-05-04 16:20
2013-05-05 11:44
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