bitcoins come to life

May 3rd, 2013 20:17

A new British team has been created under the name bitcoins, featuring five ex-CS:Source players.

Since Mad Catz Birmingham came to an end, there has been a great buzz in the upper echelon of the UK CS:GO scene, with fm-eSports TOXiC deciding to focus on a local roster, Anexis picking up George "hudzG" Hoskins from Dignitas and 4Kings unveiling their own team and a gaming house.

A new team have now seen the light of day, and much of their hopes will rely on the shoulders of Richard "ritch" Gibbs and Erik "HaZ" Holm, who played in the CGS for London Mint and Stockholm Magnetik, respectively.

Joining up with them will be George "ZED" Bear, who was part of the Reason Gaming side who beat Dignitas and held fnatic to a draw in Birmingham.

ZED joins new team after leaving Reason

The last two players are Jake "batham" Batham and Jacob "mini" Harris, and even though they are relatively unknown outside of the UK, they made a name for themselves during their time in LiNK, where they played alongside names such as Luke "KritikaL" Green and Phil "Whindanski" Nicholas.

"Today is the day we announce our CS:GO team, after four of us playing together for a long while now and searching for a 5th - we have found that in ZED," Gibbs told

"As some people from the Source scene will know before I quit CS:S I was playing alongside mini and batham and it was really enjoyable for me so it was a no-brainer that I'd play with them again in CS:GO and I gave my great mate HaZ a shout and asked if he was interested in trying out CS:GO and luckily for us he said yes.

"For a few weeks we played with different people and we were struggling to find the 'perfect' fit for our team until last week ZED came along and showed some interest.

"To be honest I have fairly high expectations already with this team, because of the general attitude of the players in the team. We have shown some great chemistry, which is promising, and we're having fun, which was the main purpose of this team for long term success, but it is very clear to see it can and will be so much more than just fun.

"ZED has fit in perfectly with the team and he shares a similar attitude as the rest of us - if we work hard we can get some nice results together.

"We are currently looking for an organisation that we can represent and that can take us to events. We have signed up for ESEA Intermediate, but we are on the waiting list, and we want to participate in EMS. Obviously, our main focus will be on LAN events."

All organisations interested in contacting bitcoins can do so by e-mail at The team's lineup is the following:

United Kingdom Richard "ritch" Gibbs
Sweden Erik "HaZ" Holm
United Kingdom George "ZED" Bear
United Kingdom Jake "batham" Batham
United Kingdom Jacob "mini" Harris

Erik "HaZ" Holm stronK
2013-05-03 20:17
Wonder why he's playing with ritch tho, the dude never really achieved anything and now he's even worse.
2013-05-03 20:26
ritch has achieved quite a lot :D
2013-05-03 20:27
totally irrelevant outside of the UK
2013-05-03 20:33
maybe you should research that ;p
2013-05-03 20:34
Okay, name a LAN, outside of the UK, where he and his team placed top3 or higher.
2013-05-03 20:37
You're right, don't let him argue with you lol. Ritch was absolutely irrelevant.
2013-05-03 20:42
Did you follow CSS? Asking politely before flaming you.
2013-05-03 21:30
Couldn't name one? Not surprised.
2013-05-07 20:36
Google is your friend
2013-05-07 22:43
Google already tells me he has never placed top3 at a LAN outside of the UK. I know this and I guess you do as well since you refuse to name a LAN. Why are you attempting to continue an argument you already lost.
2013-05-08 15:07
top3 or higher ? like -1 ? :d
2013-05-04 08:26
Weren't you relentlessly defending your previous team's (Reason Gaming) lineup and it's potential both in terms of longevity and ability to cause upsets? I remember you said something along the lines of "everyone is beatable bar NiP". How'd that work out for you? HaZ and ritch were sick at source. They'll have to pick up where they left off because let's face it, they'll have to share the duty of carrying you.
2013-05-03 21:03
Will you say the same things under your realnick you fucking virgin? Shit happens.. Reason had the ability to do well it just didn't work out in the long haul in the end. The 2 LANs they attended they were 15-11 v curse and 14-7 fnatic flopped and didn't close any of them out just unlucky the way things happen. Carrying who? ZED? Look up stats from every LAN he's been 2 and i'll see if you post that again.
2013-05-03 22:29
Why does everyone think this is a fake nick? It's not. So that's that. Secondly, every time I've had the severe displeasure of spectating your boyfriend ZED here, he has displayed all the properties of a dribbling cunt. Kinda like what you're doing right now. "Look up stats from every LAN he's been 2 and i'll see if you post that again." Rofl. Like I said, I've had great misfortune of watching him play in the past. He's fucking awful. Come at me.
2013-05-03 22:31
Chatting shit then. Scared to tell me who you really are since you done nothing in any game? Ok give me some examples of this then? It's very easy to just say that he's bad you've obviously got a issue with him for no reason.. Beaten you at a few lans is it :(? Awful? Haha you have issues.. Fucking retard.
2013-05-03 22:37
Why on earth would I have an issue with anyone just because I don't rate them at a video game? He might be the nicest guy. I don't give two shits. It's not what's being discussed. You labeling me and categorizing criticism based purely on personal opinions as "issues" is far and away the most educationally subnormal thing I've read on this website. AND THAT MEANS SOMETHING.
2013-05-03 22:43
What are you on about? Just stop typing your chatting complete bullshit.. The only opinions you gave is saying some1 is going to get carried when really your just trying to give it and not saying that because of skill. I'm waiting for them examples :)
2013-05-03 22:43
"give it". How the fuck can an opinion such as the aforementioned be considered as giving "it"? And examples of what you absolute cretin? You want me to give you specific ticks and link you demos you freak? I have spectated him. I have formed an opinion. I have stated it. You have had a severe outflow of blood from your vagina. End it there.
2013-05-03 22:57
Angry Nerds, now available in the iPhone app store.
2013-05-05 04:04
Guy...why are you wasting your time discussing on useless unknown baddies? Really...ignore them.
2013-05-04 17:29
No need to call anyone names. Thank you.
2013-05-03 23:08
"The 2 LANs they attended they were 15-11 v curse and 14-7 fnatic flopped and didn't close any of them out just unlucky the way things happen." From .PhP's Reason line-up of the past to this glory. Well you've proved me wrong. They were fucking sick. Why the FUCK did they ever split up? They ALMOST BEAT fnatic this one time and that too on fnatic's WORST day (they were under-performing spectacularly, that was clear for everyone to see). FUUUUUUUCK!
2013-05-03 22:37
They never claimed to be as good as PhP's reason did they? Worst day? they came 2nd at the LAN i mentioned.
2013-05-03 22:38
Worst "day". Not "LAN". Please read carefully.
2013-05-03 22:42
Again a fucking RETARDED comment to make. They beat Western Wolves an hour later. Idiot.
2013-05-03 22:45
How does that contradict what i said? Their roster is comfortably capable of achieving that result. The games they played prior to that were a much better indicator of my claim that they did indeed under-perform. Do you just like using the word "retarded"? Is that what you're referred to as at home or at your work place?
2013-05-03 22:49
once again,sAucers "pros" arguing in a thread..priceless
2013-05-03 22:51
I'm a 1.6'er.. And this guy is hiding under that name so i'm afarid i don't know who he is.
2013-05-03 22:54
"I'm a 1.6'er" HAHAHAH massive nose bullied every game. ugly and shit. goodbye
2013-05-03 23:08
ROFL.. by who?
2013-05-03 23:09
you dont have to insult people to get your point across we get it you played 1.6 thus think your a better player automaticly, but your mannors could use some work.I don't agree with what neil says all the time (most of the time) atleast he doesnt use a fake nick, and you insulting his looks is dumb because no one knows what you look like he puts himself out there and i dont think you have the right to take the piss out of his features until there is pictures of you out there. have a great day x
2013-05-04 15:41
cba reading this
2013-05-04 15:57
Not even on my best day would I consider myself a "pro". I'm an avid viewer. That's it.
2013-05-03 22:56
Or maybe because the team were capable of getting that result? You can't just say automatically say they underperformed. I can tell you have never played any games at a high level i think you should just shut up now because your making 0 sense.
2013-05-03 22:53
Your deduction skills despite being correct about me not being a professional are on par with your ability to read, process and write. Fucking atrocious.
2013-05-03 22:59
Your stats at Copenhagen Games were pretty good mate.
2013-05-03 22:55 And yes i do enjoy free trips to denmark thank you
2013-05-03 22:58
Elitist-Pigs - hello!
2013-05-03 23:15
no fucks were given
2013-05-05 03:05
Hey zaK dont forget those stats from IOL ;););) Winkface
2013-05-03 22:59
Wrists. Slit. 8 rounds in.
2013-05-03 23:02
1-14 de_tuscan in final RIGHT then keep believin
2013-05-03 23:02
Neil man just take the banter before i hit you with the 'Id rather go 1-14 at a UK lan than have walle comment how sore his eyes are from watching you' ;)
2013-05-03 23:11
couldn't care anything about playing long ago
2013-05-03 23:15
Will you say the same things under your realnick you fucking virgin?
2013-05-04 10:28
Hi ritch, how are you doing ?
2013-05-04 03:14
2013-05-04 03:29
2013-05-04 03:31
Yeah, well, what do you expect? :D - we didn't ask them to post it anyway of course, no need for it to be there.
2013-05-04 03:34
Just made me laugh for this poor "mvick" that wrote the article with professionalism in mind and then Gonzo probably said "NO ARTICLE ABOUT THIS MF*CKER ON CADRED"
2013-05-04 03:43
Something along those lines must have happened - but its normal behavior from them :D!
2013-05-04 03:45
remember the top 10 player article thing they did? aha
2013-05-04 11:14
How could I ever forget?!
2013-05-04 12:21
dat BLEWIS...always the same...he doesn't learn. Freaking cunt.
2013-05-04 17:31
Why, what happened?
2013-05-04 12:56
they broke up
2013-05-04 14:27
Oh yeah. HaZ is sick. Looking forward to see this team in action.
2013-05-03 21:21
bitcons rofl
2013-05-03 20:20
France -huhu- 
ow, though bitcoins from esea when i saw title ^^ gl guys
2013-05-03 20:20
Portugal haas- 
same LOL, thought they were giving bitcoins away
2013-05-03 20:21
hah, same here. =D
2013-05-03 20:29
fancy1 | 
Korea dafNaY 
esea wont be happy with that name lol
2013-05-03 20:21
It's a pretty good timing with that name honestly! GL to the team.
2013-05-03 20:21
2013-05-03 20:26
It can't be intentional?!?
2013-05-03 20:35
Germany Dok1 
hhhmmmmm, wonder why they chose that team name....... :D
2013-05-03 20:39
Yeah, what an amazing coincidence!
2013-05-04 10:24
Netherlands Envyy 
only HaZ is good others are shit and wont do anything
2013-05-03 20:21
Ukraine ROggY 
dat ritch, gl
2013-05-03 20:22
haha, what a teamname xDDE
2013-05-03 20:24
United Kingdom Alth 
Team probably wont do well. Ritch always commented how he hates the game so it is probably just a fuck about team to go to a few lans with.
2013-05-03 20:25
bitcoins mini has proven to be powerful
2013-05-03 20:26
thanks m8
2013-05-03 22:36
ritch and haz are back this calls for..
2013-05-03 20:27
is it ritchiedrama from this site?
2013-05-03 20:33
2013-05-03 20:49
Guess he's mature enough now to not stop working out. :p
2013-05-03 20:50
cool, gl.
2013-05-03 20:29
Cool team name
2013-05-03 20:30
Nice to see HaZ back into the game!, sick in source hopefully sick in go.
2013-05-03 20:30
lovely name
2013-05-03 20:33
haha , nice name looking at what happened these last days gl fag(ritch)
2013-05-03 20:33
Slovakia xarc 
gl ritchie :)
2013-05-03 20:37
Portugal mfxd 
2013-05-03 20:37
United Kingdom gsr- 
2013-05-03 20:38
ritch will bring this team down . read his blog and u will know that this team has no future . i dont know if he changed his opinion about the game after this blog .
2013-05-03 20:38
2013-05-03 20:39
thats mean u like the game now ???
2013-05-03 21:03
It is better, still far from perfect. But I can show you plenty of players who said they hated the game when it came out too :)
2013-05-03 21:06
actually i thought this blog is a new one cz i read it 1 month ago and unfortunately didnt notice its very old 2012-09-12. sry about that . and ye i agree with u the game was very bad at this time.
2013-05-03 21:59
css - game for kids csgo - game for retarded kids do u recall? :D
2013-05-03 22:20
2013-05-04 10:37
after reading what he said on the blog,he earned my respect.Ritch you have a new fan :)
2013-05-03 21:49
Looks like the maps are still horrible and the colors still look so... dulled out. At least he's still right about that.
2013-05-03 20:43
well you can always change the colors within youzr gfx drivers
2013-05-04 13:16
2013-05-03 20:39
gl boys
2013-05-03 20:40
Korea ws0 
will they join ESEA EU for s14 ? LOL
2013-05-03 20:41
LMFAO good name though.
2013-05-03 20:43
Other rss___ 
lmao thought this was about esea
2013-05-03 20:43
yeah HaZ ! nice!
2013-05-03 20:43
France ZMXD 
2013-05-03 20:44
2013-05-03 21:03
Sweden hMp 
gl haz
2013-05-03 20:47
Well that escalated quickly
2013-05-03 20:49
GL Ritch and co.
2013-05-03 20:54
lol what a perfect time for dat name
2013-05-03 20:54
lol ritch get off the weights
2013-05-03 20:55
the irony rofl
2013-05-03 21:01
can't be more ironic than this
2013-05-04 00:15
ritch is a bellend, he needs to go on a diet and lift more.
2013-05-03 21:02
You really need to step down and quit CSGO so the real players in your team can freaking go away
2013-05-03 21:29
you really need to stop posting shite on every thread
2013-05-04 00:27
Shut it...if you want to join 4k go and ask them. Seems like you are really mad with me since my last post with steel or hudzG. I only flame those 2 so please get back to your cave kid
2013-05-04 01:23
im not mad its literally every post ur giving it flaming players who are 10x better than u will ever be :(
2013-05-04 04:34
...flaming players who are 10x better than u will ever be :( Moron.
2013-05-04 10:28
Maybe you didn't see me at 1.6 playing because you were a kid still or even opened a cs game so who the fuck are you retard. Apart from that who cares if im worse than steel or hudzG im just flaming them due to HOW THEY ARE and you shouldn't care about that. Even tho they did nothing at CSGO even they were/are top12 and hudzG will last 2 weeks at Anexis so ye...they are so good. If you are blowing because you re his friend or sth gtfo to your cavern. Look at for example im not flaming ritch team or others, just deal with it and stfu :). And onscreen is worse than me and 90% of this website, LOLD
2013-05-04 13:06
Nope I didn't pay much attention to 1.6 only the top end games with gtr etc. I also just realised I was confusing u with "runrrrr" so I apologise. Dont flame onscreen tho that's not nice :(
2013-05-04 17:11
Okay, i accept your apologizes. Sorry, i need to flame him due to he is terrible at the game. I'm sorry but i can't avoid it.
2013-05-04 17:20
I'd have to agree with Neil, you do chat a lot of bollocks.
2013-05-04 09:25
Another one who replied me 34984398349834 times yo hater wsup
2013-05-04 13:04
2013-05-04 17:20
yea i dont want join 4K but i still think your a dick. have a lovely day x
2013-05-04 15:47
Another UK fanboy of onscreen...god go and watch him playing with his 80 sensitivity and his terrible spreads pls
2013-05-04 17:21
im not a fan of onscreen im a NOOKY FAN ACTUALLY. (no offence onscreen)
2013-05-04 18:58
This synnnn kid
2013-05-04 14:31
Just bad. I don't know if you just realized you have Mangia etc with you because of 4k but so on you will be away soon. Idk how 4k could keep trusting on you still lol'd I'm not a kid btw and i still punch your gif at your face because mainly you are just ridicolous everytime i saw you (rarely time to spare and laugh about how bad are you) at your streamcam. Thanks for your replies. Peace xoxo
2013-05-04 17:24
No arguments...just gifs like your face...what a complete retard. I won't reply you anymore see ya baddie. Just renember my name to the day where i ll see your name kicked out when you disband, better said...when they go away from you :D:D
2013-05-04 19:35
lamp | 
Russia lamp` 
hahahahahahahahaahaaha these pictures >:D
2013-05-05 02:21
2013-05-07 17:49
I too mistook you for "Runnr". But like your countryman, you're also bit of a tool man. why the hate? lol
2013-05-07 17:50
ok onside
2013-05-04 09:32
2013-05-03 21:05
2013-05-03 21:07
news next week: haz leaves, some british guy replaces him.
2013-05-03 21:08
If HaZ left I'd fold the team, HaZ will not leave.
2013-05-03 21:09
Where are url tils beta etc? UK olds coming back
2013-05-03 21:39
url @ gym tils @ bad beta @ quit
2013-05-03 21:42 url following ur bodybuilding or what :D:D
2013-05-03 21:43
url has been lifting a long time and he is massive :p his brother is also... an absolute tank :D
2013-05-03 21:44
any pictures?
2013-05-04 14:00
I ain't just gonna give out pictures of people :D
2013-05-04 14:02
Understandable, i'm just wondering if there are any "public" pictures. Just wondering about his transformation since the source days.
2013-05-04 14:08
Thank you
2013-05-04 14:22
url and his brother would destroy all of hltv
2013-05-04 01:10
I can also join them and destroy these baddie kids for sure.
2013-05-04 01:24
wow they must drink a lot of Golds Whey
2013-05-04 09:34
bad trollz
2013-05-03 21:09
Denmark w0lteX 
HaZ and ritch are beasts, rest meh ;-)
2013-05-03 21:13
GL ZED should do well if he performs like this @ LANS ..
2013-05-03 21:14
Love 7 stars...
2013-05-03 21:17
Love your hair
2013-05-04 17:50
Haha, thanks!
2013-05-04 21:58
Do you have it since a long time?
2013-05-04 23:48
For around 5 months or so now, not sure :p
2013-05-05 00:11
mine dem ladder points
2013-05-03 21:16
Perfect marketing name!
2013-05-03 21:21
2013-05-03 21:22
Puls3 | 
United Kingdom Puls3 
gl m8s, nice headset ZED ;)
2013-05-03 21:28
rofl ;)
2013-05-03 22:13
I guess that teamname comes from ritch, sure :D gl
2013-05-03 21:28
super peak for ritch when he loses to kritikals team
2013-05-03 21:35
gotta root for them simply because of the name
2013-05-03 21:43 chubby ritch gl guys!
2013-05-03 21:45
2013-05-03 21:47
oh God, now please hand me a neuralyzer
2013-05-04 00:33
2013-05-04 09:34
Germany VxO4 
Couldnt have found a more less hated name uh?
2013-05-03 21:47
Epic team name
2013-05-03 21:59
gl ritch & HaZ!
2013-05-03 22:10
ritch! LOOOOL
2013-05-03 22:21
what a joke, 2 weeks
2013-05-03 22:36
i like them only because of the name
2013-05-03 22:37
gl bros x
2013-05-03 22:43
gl boys
2013-05-03 22:54
I'd love to have Batham as my 2nd name, batman going ham
2013-05-03 23:20
2013-05-03 23:21
2013-05-04 12:44
ts@ck fucking...
2013-05-04 14:22
lovely men. lovely ritch. lovely gl.
2013-05-03 23:25
Ritch & Eric <3
2013-05-03 23:33
2013-05-03 23:40
ritch seems like a retard and a terrible player. gl rest:)
2013-05-03 23:44
I wonder if besides practising they will mine too ::) ;)
2013-05-03 23:46
Finally HaZ :D
2013-05-03 23:58
Why does haz play with the brits? No offence, just as he is swedish & all..
2013-05-04 00:13
Has done for many years with me and the Anexis line-up in CS:S, as for the actual reason.. dunno, just became good friends with some of us in 2004/2005.
2013-05-04 00:33
ahahah haz madboy
2013-05-04 00:39
Switzerland CHEDEL 
who ?
2013-05-04 01:03
top 100
2013-05-04 02:17
too many saucers in this thread
2013-05-04 03:04
1.6er can't afford cs:go goodbye
2013-05-04 11:11
'cant afford' cs;go hahah you yes?
2013-05-05 19:22
considering I have cs:go and a pc that can run it with 300+fps no
2013-05-06 16:34
and i tot its another scam unfolded xD
2013-05-04 04:05
top 101
2013-05-04 04:12
United Kingdom KracKeN[A] 
lmao gl
2013-05-04 08:12
Funny, that they announced themselves after the ESEA's bitcoin fail :D Maybe ESEA is the MAIN sponsor ^^
2013-05-04 08:36
2013-05-04 09:35
Good stuff, gl fellas
2013-05-04 09:28
Australia TotalEclipse 
I wonder if ESEA will let you play in their league! Looks like a decent team, best of luck.
2013-05-04 10:12
A standard, UK, "two weeks" team that will never achieve anything.
2013-05-04 10:29
Fans CPV1 x INZVLTXZ CRXW x BLVCKLVND RVIDXR KLVN don't be like that :(
2013-05-04 12:21
Sorry, I didn't mean it. Good luck with your team.
2013-05-04 12:36
np, forgiven, ty.
2013-05-04 12:39
<3 do well xx
2013-05-04 14:21
<3 <3 <3
2013-05-04 14:22
2013-05-04 10:45
2013-05-04 16:50
3/5 of the original LiNK Gaming.. gl guys :D
2013-05-04 12:19
2013-05-04 12:23
Unknown sAucers. :/
2013-05-04 13:40
HaZ \o/ this guy was sick when he played in source
2013-05-04 14:02
ritch really needs to kick some ass for all those comments he posted everywhere about others being shit.
2013-05-04 14:05
Love you all xx
2013-05-04 14:32
must be bad only made it onto the sidebar at cadred needs more sucking up to gonzo glhf
2013-05-04 14:48
2013-05-04 15:49
it was a news post, but Richard Lewis hates ritch with a passion so it obviously got deleted
2013-05-05 15:32
i know, gonzo is a retard and if you disagree or argue with him he just deletes posts and bans you. you will not see him proved wrong on cadred because if he is he just deletes the reply, likes to make himself look untouchable, sad really.
2013-05-05 16:53
GL :)
2013-05-04 14:50
Played with batham in esea, couple months ago and after the match i was so sure he cheated but after watching the demo, i was heavely impressed, that guy had the most sick aim, even had to msg him to tell him about it :P
2013-05-04 16:45
gee thanks
2013-05-04 18:08
So did i, but he just ended up leaving the server with ZED Cause they thought we cheated :(
2013-05-04 21:01
2013-05-04 17:28
mad ukers will be mad
2013-05-04 19:46
Cant wait to kick ritch'es ass again! lots of fun... GL
2013-05-04 20:23
Morocco RaZorrrrrrr 
2013-05-05 09:20
I just don't see how this team could do well with ritch.. Glad to see HaZ back thou!
2013-05-05 09:43
ritch 18:28 @esea pug, rotfl nob
2013-05-05 14:33
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