May 3rd, 2013 23:42

CPLAY have announced on their website that they have picked up xPARADISE as their new CS:GO squad.

The Italian team had linked up with Gamer University in January with hopes of finally getting the financial support that would allow them to compete abroad, but they ended up leaving the United States-based organisation over broken promises just months later.

While on the lookout for a new home, the team managed to qualify for SLTV StarSeries VI after finishing in second place in the ProSeries league.

With just days left before the new StarSeries season kicks off, the former NextGaming team have now been given a timely boost as they have been picked up by CPLAY.

"After months of looking for an organization, we are really happy to join CPLAY Tt eSPORTS," Riccardo "kIMERA" D'Urso told CPLAY's website.

"We played the ProSeason of SLTV and we were able to reach second place, qualifying us for a slot in the StarSeries that will start next week.

"We still haven’t had the possibility to practice against the top teams, but we will try to do our best to stay next season as well and we will try to qualify for the EMS final so we can finally attend a LAN event in this new game."

CPLAY's CS:GO division now consists of the following players:

Italy Christian "Stylahhhhh" Forte
Italy Riccardo "kIMERA" D'Urso
Italy Lorenzo "biohazard" Garufi
Guglielmo "GUGLi" Carraro
Italy Tommaso "overfly" Tschuor

with all the teams around without a home and they pick noobs
2013-05-03 23:43
2013-05-03 23:50
Well said.
2013-05-03 23:53
how do you know CPLAY can offer the support those teams need ? and what teams are you speaking of btw
2013-05-04 00:02
Maybe they are too poor to sign better teams?
2013-05-04 00:09
so you think cplay is a professional organisation? I doubt they provide them anything more than a server lol
2013-05-04 00:12
Denmark kaspeRztw 
Well we got hotel, transport payment and lan tickets payed. So yeah I would call them a professional organisation.
2013-05-04 11:23
they where good in source, I think they deserve it
2013-05-04 14:08
2013-05-04 16:03
trace | 
World zevon[mx] 
i give them month and a half
2013-05-03 23:46
Estonia bz0r 
I think even Hawks would have been a better decision than this. Haven't seen any Italians shine in CS:GO.
2013-05-03 23:55
nor 1.1,2,3,4,5,6 nor cs:source nor cs:cz
2013-05-04 01:11
italy had 1 decent team in CS:Source, GUGLI and co.
2013-05-04 07:08
was cs 1.6 not css
2013-05-04 10:04
No that was CS:S, They maybe played 1.6 to I don't know anything about that.
2013-05-04 12:04
...you are seriously talking bullshit 100% 24/7 on this site omfg
2013-05-05 00:21
Stfu if you don't know the things ;)
2013-05-05 12:59
hmm =]
2013-05-04 13:14
They aren't good....look EMS....they have lost all the matches
2013-05-04 01:12
Germany maRkyBEAST 
I guess CPLAY is out of money and cant afford a team that wants monthly salery :D
2013-05-03 23:58
best of luck folks , prove this community that they are wrong !
2013-05-04 00:03
Italian team, don't see that too often :D GL
2013-05-04 00:08
gl guys!
2013-05-04 00:13
Germany Dok1 
good luck! :D
2013-05-04 00:17
maybe they want a team which has potential and a team which will stick together for a long time?
2013-05-04 00:18
gl guys :D
2013-05-04 00:21
Best of luck to my friends :). Finally getting some motivation to practice and pwn some noobs like they've done before. GU looked like a very established organisation, but beneath the skin, it was all just for show. Gl at the next lan ! <3
2013-05-04 00:25
gl haters gna hate
2013-05-04 00:27
gl italian bugs!!
2013-05-04 00:33
yes tommaso, gl my friend ;)
2013-05-04 00:47
dude, you still around :D?
2013-05-04 00:52
hahaha yes man, starting to play csgo now.. playing a lot to eventually play it competitive in a bit :)
2013-05-04 01:24
same here, i played dota when csgo came out, but just got back into it. see you streaming on esea a lot
2013-05-04 01:35
Hope they are good. Would be great with a new country in the scene.
2013-05-04 01:21
2013-05-04 04:06
idk why you all trashtalk about them so much but they are not a bad team, they won against k1ck in starladder and lost only 16-14 to eyes on you on esl. just give them time
2013-05-04 01:25
because people are dumb
2013-05-04 09:30
no uNd no party
2013-05-04 01:32
Italy baus 
gl guys!!!
2013-05-04 02:23
GL :)
2013-05-04 02:50
2013-05-04 03:08
2013-05-04 03:29
gogo italia XD
2013-05-04 04:02
GL ragazzi !
2013-05-04 05:27
'Kimera' Heard somewhere :/
2013-05-04 08:02
Mission Impossible maybe ?
2013-05-04 09:24
2013-05-04 13:44
gl guys
2013-05-04 08:33
GL guys! tatatannnk... aralidiocannn (it's the motto of this starseries)
2013-05-04 10:27
2013-05-05 00:22
NiKo | 
Serbia NESi [w] 
good news, gl kIMERA.
2013-05-04 10:34
gl guys
2013-05-04 10:59
sad but true: the italians have always been inexistant in esports :(
2013-05-04 11:13
2013-05-04 11:39
gl to italians :D
2013-05-04 11:44
You guys are in right. The Italian scene is definitely not the best one. There are a lot of reasons about that, but i don't think it's important to argue about it now. When OX.ENERMAX (kIMERA - Stylahhh - GUGLi - uNd - Nembo) got the opportunity (especially the economic one) to prove their game on EU LANS they always show that italians can do a good job (Look at CPH games and I-series - i know it was on css but that doesn't necessary means that we can't do the same on csgo). I would like to thanks who support us and i understand who don't... Anyway: "Sometimes you’re ahead, sometimes you’re behind. The race is long and, in the end, it’s only with yourself." Kisses to those who know this quote :)
2013-05-04 12:03
it's like in czech republic :)
2013-05-04 12:03
+1 many teams also in cs 1.6 were noobs, when they started to play many lans become topteams. GL tommasì
2013-05-04 13:19
gl, "we" love to bully the weak always comments on anomaly = team from italy. just have fun and kill enemies and all will be ok
2013-05-04 15:02
2013-05-04 13:27
i remember just one sick 1.6 player from Italy "fl0roz" . btw does anybody know, what he became now?
2013-05-04 13:29
gl guys, hope they can attend a LAN tournement asap
2013-05-04 14:09
gl boys
2013-05-04 14:15
Italy trig 
gl m8s :)
2013-05-04 14:20
gl :)
2013-05-04 14:36
haters gonna hate best of luck boys and hopefully cu around :)
2013-05-04 14:45
stylahhh was sick in source youtube.com/watch?v=2rHnFhGEq9g
2013-05-04 15:00
Gogogo italy!
2013-05-04 16:33
gogo riccardooo
2013-05-04 21:02
They should have signed temp ):
2013-05-04 21:35
gl boysssss
2013-05-04 21:50
United States Bibby 
2013-05-05 07:40
2013-05-05 10:26
2013-05-05 16:42
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