frozt leaves Quantic

May 5th, 2013 13:10

Carey "frozt" Kertenian has announced via Twitter that has he left Quantic Gaming's roster.

The North American giants have been in turmoil since Kory "semphis" Friesen and Spencer "hiko" Martin decided to leave the team last week to link up with former Area51 team-mate Sean "sgares" Gares in Lurking and Working.

With the new ESEA season scheduled to start in less than a week, Quantic have been very busy trying to find players who can fit the bill, but they have now been handed another heavy blow.

frozt from Quantic Gaming
frozt is the third player to leave Quantic

Carey "frozt" Kertenian has now decided to leave Quantic, and while he says that he will be playing "with some real-life friends", he revealed that he will sit this ESEA season out to take some time off.

With registration for ESEA 14 closing in just two days, Quantic currently have a four-man roster signed up for the league, having added Neil "montE" Montgomery and Jon "hauNt" Wilson.

Quantic's ESEA roster currently looks as follows:

United States Sam "DaZeD" Marine
United States Trey "tck" Martin
Canada Neil "montE" Montgomery
United States Jon "hauNt" Wilson

2013-05-05 13:11
gl frozt
2013-05-05 13:12
Well that escalated quickly
2013-05-05 13:12
damn gl frozt
2013-05-05 13:13
Azerbaijan Talley 
Wow, he had amazing AWPing on ESEA.
2013-05-05 13:16
haha bullshit, typical autosniper
2013-05-05 13:23
? he was the best awp:er there by faaaaar:P
2013-05-05 13:41
fiff awping >
2013-05-05 13:42
frozt is much better than fiff with awp:P
2013-05-05 14:15
with autosniper, he is bad awp, he misses a lot of easy shots, I know what I'm saying, I've seen some Quantic games
2013-05-05 14:18
FROZT NEVER PLAYED AUTOSNIPER... he was the best awp:er there and no you are not knowing what you are saying
2013-05-05 14:21
2013-05-05 14:22 frozt was awful with awp the games i saw
2013-05-05 20:44
First of all no you don't know what you're talking about. I watched all of quantics games and most of NIPS. Frozt>FIF anyday.... Second of all you just contradicted yourself. "I've seen some of Quantics games".......
2013-05-05 14:21
2013-05-06 08:06
quantic.. <3
2013-05-05 13:25
fRoD Storm DaZeD tck Warden should be quite cool tbh.
2013-05-05 13:29
i think so but worse than old quantic :<
2013-05-05 19:27
ofcourse it's worse , quantic was REALLY good ... semphis & co. will now be the top1 american team.
2013-05-05 21:44
United Kingdom J-Lau 
2013-05-05 13:36
danish frozt > USA frozt nick xeroboy -.-
2013-05-05 13:37
Good joke LOL. Frozt>dan frozt.
2013-05-05 14:22
2013-05-05 14:23
2013-05-05 15:32
big loooooooool
2013-05-05 16:47
Denmark e1z 
Lol they actually fought for the game once, and if I remember correctly, The Danish Frozt won ;)
2013-05-05 21:59
montE is sickkk!!
2013-05-05 13:52
usa scene pff
2013-05-05 13:58
quantic went to shit fast lol. gl dazed!
2013-05-05 14:08
American scene is pathetic
2013-05-05 14:09
They dont get paid so no1 seems to give a over there
2013-05-06 08:17
DaZed should bring back steel
2013-05-05 14:11
United Kingdom Alth 
If montE is playing then he is fucking sick. Probably was the best overall American player in 2012.
2013-05-05 14:15
thats to problem with the american teams, the can't stick together for more than 3 month =(
2013-05-05 14:19
Quantic were a very nice team :( R.I.P.
2013-05-05 14:52
who are haunt and monte? are they any good? i only know dazed and tck
2013-05-05 14:53
United Kingdom Alth 
Monte is fantastic for sure.
2013-05-05 16:12
at css or at csgo? because neo was the best player since counter-strike release and at csgo cant do shit
2013-05-05 16:28
he is a good intelligent player with good aim let him the time to set
2013-05-05 16:49
United Kingdom Alth 
At CS:S, but like Neil said, he was an extremely smart player also in CS:S, so if nothing else, his game-sense should transfer over.
2013-05-05 17:06
yeah it doesnt really goes like this. NEO won 3 WCG, 2 intel extreme masters, 2 ESWC and many other lesser tours and countless top3 finishes and he couldnt transfer him game sense. so dont be so sure
2013-05-05 18:58
2013-05-05 19:00
monte was the best hybride css had.
2013-05-05 18:50
Such a shame after their result in S13. Now all gone.
2013-05-05 15:01
Germany VxO4 
2013-05-05 16:13
needs some steel
2013-05-05 16:40
as long as quantic doesn't disband all together we're good.
2013-05-05 16:51
DaZeD will carry them
2013-05-05 17:43
bye bye Quantic
2013-05-05 17:59
A team as good, starting with many changes now will have no difficulties CurseNA
2013-05-05 18:08
Steel is moving back the the us, maybe the dignitas brand will come with him. And monte or "neil" had some of the best aim in css, so i'm sure he'll be a top 10 csgo player before long.
2013-05-05 18:59
steel is coming back in 2-3 weeks apparently
2013-05-05 19:00
that would make me lol so hard
2013-05-06 08:20
from #1 america to....? in a week :o
2013-05-05 22:01
DaZeD Tck Steel montE hauNt
2013-05-06 08:09
this is what perpetual lineup changes and dogging does, burns ppl out
2013-05-06 09:30
NiKo | 
Serbia NESi [w] 
Quantic is dead, gl frozt in future.
2013-05-06 20:30
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