clowN, autimatic join Frost Gaming

Frost Gaming have revamped their CS:GO division with the additions of Timothy "autimatic" Ta and Yaz "clowN" Ammari.

The North American side failed to impress in the last ESEA season, finishing in eighth place with a 7-9 record, nine points shy of a place in the LAN finals.

Just two days before the registration period for the new season closes, Frost have decided to take matters into their own hands and remove Carson "classified" Holt and Justin "heatwave" Mckay from the active roster.

Meanwhile, the team have brought in Timothy "autimatic" Ta from WE ARE LIONS and Yaz "clowN" Ammari, who helped SWOLEPATROL to ESEA 10 Finals in CS:Source.

"With all the crazy roster moves lately. I have been waiting on an opportunity to present itself," Moe "moE" Assad told

"I had a couple of solid offers, but when ry9n came to me pretty much without a single player and an invite spot, I decided to reunite me him and freakazoid, and bring on some new and old school talents in Autimatic and Clown.

"I recently LANed with four of these guys and i am confident that with the right amount of dedication we can give top teams a run for their money. I would also like to thank Frost Gaming for still supporting this team through all the roster changes."

Frost Gaming now have the following starting lineup:

United States Moe "moE" Assad
United States Ryan "ry9n" Romba
United States Ryan "freakazoid" Abadir
United States Yaz "clowN" Ammari
United States Timothy "autimatic" Ta

hi clown
2013-05-05 13:43
2013-05-05 13:43
americans can't stop.
2013-05-05 13:46
nice, go mOE!
2013-05-05 13:50
2013-05-05 13:51
2013-05-05 13:51
3 replies
hi mOE :>
2013-05-05 14:38
rage > all
2013-05-05 16:31
2013-05-06 00:53
lol who is this
2013-05-05 14:09
3 replies
2 replies
2013-05-05 15:38
1 reply
I was showing you a video of who he is. Nothing more you cretin.
2013-05-05 15:45
looks good on paper, hope they attend some lan, moe is hilarious on lan :D
2013-05-05 14:22
This NA teams who change roster everyday become booring. They are low anyway,they don't have a chance against Europe. The team who reached the final at ESEA has disbaned so they are not so smart. Hamburger destroy their brain.
2013-05-05 14:26
7 replies
qg beat everyone except nip so idk what you mean by they have no chance against eu
2013-05-05 14:34
Netherlands JUNG13
looks like garlic destroyed yours
2013-05-05 14:35
3 replies
Said a guy from Ukraine... Is the Easter so I'm not gonna make you stupid,without ration,retard or that you have negative iq. Happy Easter.
2013-05-05 14:40
2 replies
Easter ? In may?
2013-05-05 20:35
1 reply
Yes .
2013-05-05 21:39
2013-05-05 14:36
It's ESEA's registration period. Of course there is gonna be alot of roster changes. Just like in any sport.
2013-05-05 20:40
ceh9 and starix on fire
2013-05-05 14:36
Grim | 
United States Bibby
clown/moe/autimatic to ESEA lan:)) autimatic is a talented upcoming player lots of potential! Cant wait to see what hes gonnna do in esea this season gl tim
2013-05-05 14:41
maybe top8 NA
2013-05-05 14:42
cs go revolution @ USA
2013-05-05 14:42
who is this?
2013-05-05 14:49
Greece her-1g
clown is from the OPTX roster. i was watching cgs back in the day, even though i never played source, and he was really good. along with warmachine and moe. as for autimatic and freakazoid i watched some of their demos and they are pretty damn solid riflers!. definitely a team to watch
2013-05-05 14:49
very american surnames
2013-05-05 14:53
nice lineup! GLGL!
2013-05-05 15:26
n1! clowN my favorite player ever! =))
2013-05-05 15:41
Another treadmill team in invite with recycled players. Will not make the lan.
2013-05-05 15:49
United States mainz
<3 Clown gl
2013-05-05 16:10
If this team sticks with their roster, work well as a team they are definitely in the running for the best team in NA. Freakazoid is probably the best rifler in NA, has some insane games and autimatic has done really well the past season. Shame to see heatwave and classified go inactive, but they haven't really performed in CSGO.
2013-05-05 16:10
14 replies
Best NA team in the process? Are you serious? If they will manage to get a spot in S14 LAN its going to be a big accomplishment for them
2013-05-05 17:29
11 replies
Why's that? Apart from L&G and Curse, I don't see much competition for them.
2013-05-05 20:04
10 replies
If you think so then you're clueless about competition in NA
2013-05-05 21:35
9 replies
Please prove me wrong, I've followed the NA scene since I started CS in 99, and have followed the CSS scene for years. These are all top players, if they stick together they will be top 3. It's fine if you haven't actually got an argument, but refrain from calling me clueless without any substance to what you are saying.
2013-05-05 22:09
8 replies
I'm not an American. But even I know that this isn't a line up which can even come close to top NA atm.
2013-05-06 17:42
4 replies
Why's that? Again I see people arguing against me but no actual reasons. You have two of the best riflers in NA with freak and autimatic, a great team leader in ry9n, and two players who can have been at the top of the scene for years in NA.
2013-05-06 18:14
3 replies
You Will see eventually.
2013-05-06 19:09
2 replies
There we go, another comment without any substance.
2013-05-06 19:45
1 reply
probably because they were out of it for too long. I have to agree with them, though I agree with you they were all top in CSS when they still played but that is not enough, they have to be as dedicated as they were back then, and I doubt they are (+ they are quite behind the players who immediately stepped over to CSGO)
2013-05-07 22:00
So now you're saying they supposed to be top 3? Its fine that you haven't watched a game of how any of them played. As long as you stick to your opinion which already changed, you definitely proved me wrong
2013-05-07 01:54
2 replies
well from what i remember when moe streamed alot and played alot i think the first 2 games of last season he was leading in kills and by the end of the season freakazoid was one of the best fraggers over the full season even though half way through the season they didnt take it seriously, clown has potential to perform if he plays alot, i.e they had a lan they won against a invite team kiko and that. And ry9n is one of the most level headed players ive heard call and make descions and is known for his aim. zomblez have potiental maynnnn!! And I dont see alot that can hold them back!
2013-05-07 02:07
What? Do you even English? I said in my original post, and all further posts that they will be top 3. I've watched how all of them play, autimatic and freakazoid are incredible riflers, ry9n is a great leader and mOE and clowN have the skills too. Again, another post by you which has no content and provides absolutely nothing to this discussion.
2013-05-07 17:12
you're high as a kite bro.. the only GOOD players on this team are freakazoid & autimatic
2013-05-06 02:49
1 reply
I've always had a soft spot for zomblerz, so ry9n is pretty decent. mOE isn't too bad, got potential but clowN has been performing really well considering his lack of experience in the game. Again, I've yet to see any argument as to why these aren't going to be top 3.
2013-05-06 11:57
moE seems to be a great guy! :D gl
2013-05-05 16:11
2013-05-05 16:50
Good luck.
2013-05-05 17:21
m0E > all
2013-05-05 19:32
ya hear MOE?
2013-05-05 20:26
2013-05-05 20:31
1 reply
Azerbaijan Talley
2013-05-06 01:01
gl moE hope u the best.
2013-05-05 20:39
clown don't make a halfassed comeback dude, full gear if you're gonna go!
2013-05-05 21:51
1 reply
but ofcourse GL yazan :]
2013-05-07 21:54
Yaz..... GL!!!! I remember him running around in our cz invite matches with an ump dropping 20.
2013-05-06 00:50
my lovely clown!!!!! <333333333333
2013-05-06 02:20
how do these guys put up with moe lmfao, poor ryan, poor freakazoid, poor clown hahaha prolly best teammates in the world
2013-05-06 09:28
gl moE 'n' co.
2013-05-06 20:34
this could be a funny lineup to watch on lan if they make it. however, i think the team will die half way through the season! also for anyone that doesn't know why this could be a funny lineup: i made that by just watching moe's stream for one week lol
2013-05-09 19:32
1 reply
i guess that was the reason why HRG didnt sticked with m0e. I remember warden saying: Wow moe i could never play with a person that is so emotionally like you. That was half a year ago when warden and co were without a team before season 12 started and he was looking for a new team. Hes still funny guy on stream. And he points out the mistakes his teams makes. Even though he doesnt admit mistakes by himself pretty rarely
2013-05-09 19:40
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