MaxFloPlay change duo

May 5th, 2013 23:33

MaxFloPlay have announced on their website that they have revamped their squad with the additions of Krystian "USZLUSiON" Siekański and Piotr "morel" Taterka.

The news comes in the aftermath of the MaxFloPlay's disastrous campaign at Best-Lan 3 in Płock, where the team finished in third place, behind GF Gaming and UniversalSoldiers.

After the event, the team came to the conclusion that some big changes were needed for them to scale great heights once again, and parted company with both Szymon "prv" Wilman and Adam "Adamsk1" Maśnik.

To replace these two players, MaxFloPlay brought in Krystian "USZLUSiON" Siekański, a former member of SYS-Gaming, and Piotr "morel" Taterka, who previously donned Supreme's colours.

"We decided to make some changes to improve our playing style," Przemysław "ngo" Ciborek told MaxFloPlay's website.

"We have a lot of tournaments coming up that will require a lot of commitment from us, so I hope that with these changes things will go better.

"Sometimes, you have to change something to take a step further, and I hope that we will achieve better results now."

MaxFloPlay now have the following roster:

Poland Piotr "peet" Ćwikliński
Poland Bartosz "Hyper" Wolny
Poland Przemyslaw "ngo" Ciborek
Poland Krystian "USZLUSiON" Siekański
Poland Piotr "morel" Taterka

Gl to them.
2013-05-05 23:34
prv :((((((( still needs tokz, was such a beast, sad that he aint got time to play.. GL |) <3
2013-05-05 23:35
I felt like adamsk1 was their key player but i might be wrong , gl !
2013-05-05 23:41
2013-05-05 23:44
as long as they have peet and hyper, they'll be always TOP2 atleast in go.
2013-05-05 23:49
Poland Swapz 
They are not top2 for some time now, so I can't see your point
2013-05-05 23:53
Poland Swapz 
morel ? Is he even a top100 PL player?
2013-05-05 23:49
bad move, at least I've heard of morel, no idea who the other guy is tho
2013-05-06 00:51 top1 world in 1on1;d;>. Maybe he no starr in 5on5 , but have master skill. change is good .
2013-05-06 14:51
there aren't really many good players playing 1on1 esl tho
2013-05-06 15:46
morel? in top 2 poland&#65533;? are they friends?
2013-05-06 00:59
gl guys
2013-05-06 01:14
TaZ | 
Poland rolin' 
Uszy esl kat :D
2013-05-06 01:16
Hyper:D:D fucking sick p90
2013-05-06 02:34
gl, good team
2013-05-06 02:39
prv :(
2013-05-06 06:47
Now, they'll be top 100 in Poland. Usless changes.
2013-05-06 08:17
ITS NEGRO!!! the noob
2013-05-06 12:27
ngo is bad
2013-05-06 13:08
you are bad
2013-05-06 14:44
i probably am. but im not a so called "professional player"
2013-05-06 15:01
they need tokz and dejv
2013-05-06 14:44
Haha good pick up - gonna the be next guy of their team who will be banned for cheating.
2013-05-06 15:48
2013-05-06 20:32
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