MYM Borrows GeT_RiGhT

SK Gaming will be lending MYM their sixth man, starting from today. MYM will be using Christoper "GeT_RiGhT" Alesund as stand-in for a short period of time.

Short before the WCG finals, MYM made changes in their roster. Out vent juve9le along with Naikon and in came noLA and KF3. Though
juve9le acted as stand-in for elemeNt, who could not participate due to family reasons. Just after WCG, MYM decided to part ways with KF3 for unknown reasons. Shortly before Extreme Masters in LA., MYM announced that former NiP player, face would be joining them, so did juve9le once again. This Friday MYM announced the departure of elemeNt. And now more changes are on it's way.

MYM will be lending Christoper "GeT_RiGhT" Alesund from SK Gaming. The starting five in SK Gaming has managed to deliver fine results, and it's therefor hard for a sixth player to get a chance.

The loan will last one month, and GeT_RiGhT cannot play any official matches against SK Gaming. GeT_RiGhT will be act stand-in for Matis "noLA" Nygren, for unknown reason. There is nothing official about MYM actually playing for the loan of GeT_RiGhT. But one could think there is money involved.

In MYM, GeT_RiGhT will once again be joining forced with his old teammate from NiP, Johan "face" Klasson.

The tempoaray lineup for MYM:

Billedet “” kan ikke vises, da det indeholder fejl. Geir-Stian "juve9le" Svendsen
Billedet “” kan ikke vises, da det indeholder fejl. Johan "face" Klasson
Billedet “” kan ikke vises, da det indeholder fejl. Christoper "GeT_RiGhT" Alesund
Billedet “” kan ikke vises, da det indeholder fejl. Sondre "REAL" Svanevik
Billedet “” kan ikke vises, da det indeholder fejl. Preben "prb" Gammelsæter

The team will be seen in the Norwegian Extreme Masters II qualification as the first official matches being played with GeT_RiGhT.

Source: fragbite

gl m8 :)
2007-10-28 20:48
soon it will become Sweden team
2007-10-28 20:49
gl GT ;)
2007-10-28 20:52
there is something going on there for some time something is very rotten
2007-10-28 20:53
Netherlands adrbb 
MYM will probaly pay his loan partly, and either MYM is going to make up new tactics or SK will know them after this month ^^
2007-10-28 21:01
GL tqve chemisebo aba vnaxot vis ra yles mochamt :)
2007-10-28 21:14
World h8ik 
mym lol :(
2007-10-28 21:42
mixwell | 
Spain m4t4 
this team rocks indivualizing
2007-10-28 21:43
good luck! :D
2007-10-28 21:59
Sweden bejn 
since i dont think there is an actual contract between SK and GT i doubt there is any money involved
2007-10-28 21:59
Even Begrip.swe had contract on GeT_RiGhT before they released him to NiP, so had face. So I believe there is some sort of contract, since we are talking about SK Gaming here. Good players don't just walking around un-contracted. Everything can be bought for money, even CS players.
2007-10-28 22:50
If GeT_RiGhT should join MYM after all, I must say their potential for winner something soon, are growing bigger. He's an amazing individual but also an amazing team player. Will be interesting to see how these 3 Norwegians will work out with the 2 Swedes.
2007-10-28 22:48
2007-10-29 00:42
niceee, go MYM go :)
2007-10-29 01:01
United Kingdom fTh 
Should help MYM alot adding getright, face+REAL+GeT_RiGhT=potential:)
2007-10-29 05:28
they should replace prb with threat. ;E
2007-10-29 13:54
Norway N1K 
#16 What? prb is Norways best player atm, and he has never been better! MYM needs a stabil player, not get_right, imo.
2007-10-29 14:01
Face and GeT_RiGhT can win a match by them self if both playing well :) GL!
2007-10-29 15:51
MYM]REAL MYM]FACE MYM]GeT_RighT MYM]prb and i think MYM]striker
2007-10-29 17:52
#19 You think MYM]striker why ? The lineup is: MYM]Face MYM]GeT_RiGhT MYM]prb MYM]REAL AND MYM]juve ! :/ GL GeT_RiGhT :D
2007-10-29 18:42
element :( anyway gl get right :D
2007-10-29 18:52
GL Get_Right
2007-10-30 01:24
Norway OmA 
N1K, ta å gift deg med prb.
2007-10-30 12:53
Nice=)but I hope that oops makes a comeback =) oops, juve9le, face, REAL and prb <3
2007-10-30 21:55
Woot! =P
2007-10-31 17:16
MYM gL and get_right gL :)
2007-10-31 20:52
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