Western Wolves win EMS One Cup #2

Western Wolves have been crowned champions of the second RaidCall EMS One Summer Cup following a 2-0 victory over compatriots fnatic.

One week after Copenhagen Wolves came out on top of the first EMS One Cup, now it was Western Wolves' time to shine, Jacob "Pimp" Winneche's team having miracously got back together just a few days ago to prove they are still amongst Europe's finest sides.

After teams like Ninjas in Pyjamas, VeryGames and Virtus.pro were all eliminated in the opening stages of the cup, the second day began with the two Danish sides still in contention easing past their respective opponents, as Western Wolves defeated ESC Gaming 16-7, while fnatic thrashed 1.6 rivals Natus Vincere with a 16-4 scoreline.

In this battle between the two Danish teams - a rematch of The Blast's Consolidation final, which fnatic won 16-5 -, Western Wolves came out very strongly and strolled to a comfortable 13-2 lead on de_nuke after starting out on the CT side. fnatic still tried to respond and even managed to string a couple of rounds together, but it was too little, too late, as Wolves ran out 16-8 victors to take the lead in the tie.

Wolves winners of second RC EMS ONE Cup

On de_dust2_se, fnatic gave a much better account of themselves, but they still found themselves down 9-6 at the break as they were about to switch to the CT side. For most of the second half, the teams were neck and neck, and fnatic managed to take the score to 13-13, but a stunning four-headshot round from
Jacob "Pimp" Winneche put Wolves back in the lead and powered them to win the map 16-13.

 Western Wolves K - D +/- ADR Rating 1.0
58 - 31 +27 - 1.62
46 - 33 +13 - 1.36
39 - 34 +5 - 1.07
34 - 33 +1 - 0.94
30 - 36 -6 - 0.81

 fnatic K - D +/- ADR Rating 1.0
37 - 40 -3 - 0.98
36 - 44 -8 - 0.89
34 - 44 -10 - 0.79
30 - 40 -10 - 0.78
30 - 40 -10 - 0.76

RaidCall EMS One Summer Cup #2 final standings:

1. Denmark Western Wolves - $600 (100 points)
2. Denmark fnatic - $200 (75 points)
3-4. Ukraine Natus Vincere  - $100 (50 points)
3-4. Poland ESC Gaming - $100 (50 points)
5-8. Denmark Copenhagen Wolves (25 points)
5-8. Sweden Absolute Legends (25 points)
5-8. Finland myDGB.net (25 points)

5-8. Germany n!faculty (25 points)
9-16. Denmark EYES ON U (10 points)
9-16. United Kingdom Anexis (10 points)
9-16. Russia Virtus.pro (10 points)
9-16. France VeryGames (10 points)
9-16. Germany ALTERNATE (10 points)
9-16. Germany logiX (10 points)
9-16. Europe Sprintfox (10 points)
9-16. Sweden Ninjas in Pyjamas (10 points)
17-24. Ukraine KerchNET (5 points)
17-24. France 3DMAX (5 points)
17-24. Portugal k1ck (5 points)
17-24. Serbia iNation (5 points)
17-24. Sweden Epsilon (5 points)
17-24. France Imaginary Gaming (5 points)
17-24. Germany Swog (5 points)
17-24. Spain Wizards (5 points)

2013-05-22 23:31
Russia beka_b
good start fnatic!
2013-05-22 23:33
glad they stick together :)
2013-05-22 23:33
Congrats boys.
2013-05-22 23:34
nico is the only one that's actually good on WW. rest of them are just ADADAD smoke crouching noobs i'd like to see them to do anything at an international LAN. just watching their play totally random corner wasda from PIMP, you can't predict a player to do something if they don't know what they are doing themselves.
2013-05-22 23:36
13 replies
Australia to save the world
2013-05-22 23:37
4 replies
Because they havn't proofed their well at international events. No no. You are so fucking stupid, try to follow the scene instead of being a stupid retard.
2013-05-22 23:40
3 replies
and fnatic did right ? lol
2013-05-22 23:42
2 replies
What are you talking about :D? I can see that i answered the wrong guy, should have been an answer to #5
2013-05-22 23:43
1 reply
ah sorry then :d
2013-05-22 23:47
lol how many clueless people we have here... have you ever heard about mad catz and cph games lan tournaments ? u can check them and pimp is also very good player
2013-05-22 23:40
3 replies
Denmark kozality
Pimp is one of, if not the, best player(s) in Denmark - which probably puts him into top10 in the world. This is of course my opinion, but doesn't it sound about right?
2013-05-23 10:45
2 replies
He is very good, top player in Denmark for sure, but no way near being _the best_
2013-05-23 12:32
1 reply
Denmark kozality
Who's better and why? Jacob is the most complete player Denmark has to offer right now. Cajunb 40 - 60 pimp in my eyes. This is only my opinion, therefore I'd like to hear yours :-)
2013-05-23 16:37
2013-05-23 00:15
Sounds like someone bet all in on fnatic ^^. Better luck next time.
2013-05-23 00:27
erm CPH 2013?
2013-05-23 00:41
They have already proved themselves to be outstanding players at Lan. What a retarded comment.
2013-05-23 02:37
First time ever in CS; DK seems to have more than one top team, awesome to see! Happy that WW found back together.
2013-05-22 23:35
18 replies
Lol, in first few months of GO, you guys had 4 top teams.
2013-05-22 23:51
7 replies
No, we never had that many consistent top teams. The two wolves and fnatic are stable top 10 teams, not just flukes. Thats the difference to before.
2013-05-22 23:59
6 replies
Denmark kozality
WE did. You should probably just have followed the scene more in-depth. We had Team 3DMAX!(xlo, socN, dupreeh, vnG, Gravity), Anexis(Pimp, Nille, Ruggah, cajunb, MSL), Copenhagen Wolves(Nico, HUNDEN, glaive, Herden, smF) and EYES ON U(Disko, Helsing, Rytter, Tenzki, Crell). 3DMAX won two consecutive SteelSeries Cup's(By Gaming.dk) in a row(Anexis finished 2nd both times). After that, we dominated the HLTV-qualifiers and funnily enough also the Danish quilifier, having four teams at DreamHack Winter - although the very much stinky fnatic at that time was invited thanks to the victory at the Summer event.
2013-05-23 10:49
5 replies
2013-05-23 11:37
3 replies
Denmark kozality
Not at this time. It came a little later :-)
2013-05-23 16:39
2 replies
As far as i remember all of these teams played on some tournament together, so maybe they came little later, but i sure that there was a moment , when they were existing at the same time.
2013-05-23 16:47
1 reply
Denmark kozality
Excisting, yes. But the CPLAY wasnt a reality at that time. They had other players(p0se, whammy). They player under the ILDAL LIONS
2013-05-23 20:29
Cool, again, thanks for the info. I only followed the source scene briefly, when xplayn.com tried it out for a time. Though I was not that much into the teams, all the players ring a bell.
2013-05-23 14:07
According to people from Source, Denmark had a very strong scene in CS:S. Although in 1.6 I would agree with you, there's only really been one Danish team at a time; although Full Gaming/Anexis were decent top10 teams.
2013-05-23 03:34
6 replies
I must admit, I knew we had some good source teams and a good 1.6 team at the same time, now that I think about it. It was just very rare to see two Danish teams fight it out for the top spot, in any foreign torunament. To have two different Danish teams on top such stacked tournaments for two weeks in a row is quite strange to see. I guess merging scenes was a godsend for Danish CS.
2013-05-23 04:58
4 replies
So consider that you're mixing top teams from both scenes into one, other than fact some people can't adjust and some people became better. There is your answer :)
2013-05-23 08:19
1 reply
Indeed :)
2013-05-23 14:03
Denmark kozality
In Source we had: Copenhagen Wolves/CKRAS/Reason, Epsilon/Reason/Tt.Dragons at the same time - although the rosters changed from time to time (With Epsilon sticking together for 14 months or so(HUNDEN, glaive, frozt, kev1n, JOKERN). We also had the older SpeedGaming squads with (Rejin, Nille, MSL, muffeb, pimp - that roster changed a lot so it was pretty hard to follow up on) Some of the players(MSL and Nille) gathered a team called DSRack.SteelSeries and went to ESWC. Out of 12 teams or so, we had three teams. We have a legacy in Source in Team Imperial(Gravity, Purity, FeTiSh, wantz, 3k2(?))
2013-05-23 10:54
1 reply
Thanks for the info :)
2013-05-23 14:02
They did, but it was incredibly unstable! Lineups would change every month, and by the end of Source it was basically anarchy! haha, but there were some prominent teams from Source who're now batteling it out amongst the top teams in GO!
2013-05-23 11:01
mTw, full-gaming at the same time. And alot of times in 1.6.
2013-05-23 08:51
2 replies
TheTitans comes to my mind mostly
2013-05-23 09:35
Long time since Full-Gaming played, I almost can't remember it, but you are probably right. I just remember FG as being too unstable in their results, to call them a stable top team.
2013-05-23 14:01
nico did some insane awping today :)
2013-05-22 23:36
Counter-Strike:Wolves is starting to get interesting right after NiP started being bad.
2013-05-22 23:36
7 replies
NiP had a couple weeks break with a few players on holidays so maybe they can get back on track. I wouldn't call them bad but other teams are simply catching up (VP) or coming close (CPHwolves)
2013-05-22 23:47
6 replies
I am aware of that. If you look closely, you might notice the not-so-serious fashion which was in use on that comment.
2013-05-23 00:00
1 reply
it's hard to deduct from plain text, only the CS:Wolves implied non seriousness, but I mistook it for a typo :P
2013-05-23 00:03
Denmark kozality
To be honest, Virtus.PRO haven't really catched up. You might take the Wolves teams into considering though.
2013-05-23 10:54
3 replies
if you have seen their games you would see that they've been playing really solid. they're the first team to beat nip on lan and last week i think it was, they beat both cph wolves and fnatic.
2013-05-23 12:29
1 reply
Denmark kozality
You should read my comment properly and youll ubderstand my point
2013-05-23 16:40
If you take the online results out of the equation, (even the Russian crash or lag out at times, adren worse) they've performed spectacular
2013-05-23 12:41
2013-05-22 23:37
nico awp wow
2013-05-22 23:37
1 reply
2013-05-22 23:48
nice western
2013-05-22 23:41
great game (after being spoiled with a danish clash yesterday aswell! :P) and great commentary at ESLtv UK
2013-05-22 23:46
16 replies
Well the young guy (American?) certainly did a great job, but the old English caster was horrible. Constantly interrupting the other caster and with all his childish crap...my god -_-
2013-05-22 23:50
15 replies
their interaction was kind of odd sometimes (overexaminating each others sayings and jokes), but I think both did well, although yesterday Paul had more enthusiasm and both had less bad jokes, but after a tiring day you can't always be fully focused to do a "perfect cast", I can tell you :P also it's hard to not be repetitive, especially in eco rounds (though for 2 casters its way easier than when you're alone).
2013-05-22 23:58
... are you calling Redeye a bad caster? LOL wow
2013-05-23 00:12
13 replies
haha I was about to ask who the caster was, but well some people don't know how to respect class :)
2013-05-23 00:17
Yes, he is really awful and full of himself. I also think his co-caster hates working with him quite a bit...
2013-05-23 00:18
11 replies
You must have just started watching professional counter-strike. Redeye has been casting cs since like 2005 and is generally considered one of the best casters, ever. Alongside Joe Miller and Corey Dunn. He's even on wikipedia.
2013-05-23 00:32
7 replies
The amount of years you have done something is a bad way of measuring quality. DJ wheat was a horrible commentator in the eyes of many, (and many loved him as well), and he has been casting since 1999 or so. And being on wikipedia is not a measure of quality either. I get that you like him, but I don't see many qualities in him as a sports commentator.
2013-05-23 00:42
6 replies
Whatever you say man, you're entitled to your own opinion. Just understand why I'm incredulous - Redeye plays a significant role in some of the best moments in counter-strike history.
2013-05-23 00:53
2 replies
2013-05-23 10:28
1 reply
Denmark kozality
No. <3 You. It's always nice to see you back. Loved the show at Copenhagen Games last year with Simen! :D
2013-05-23 10:56
Greece her-1g
Dj wheat is still the best esports commentator.
2013-05-23 02:46
2013-05-23 10:27
His voice is perfect for it! Have you heard a quake cast of him?
2013-05-23 12:45
Heard tech crews dislike him for his attitude, but I can imagine young casters can learn a lot from working with him You know in advance if you cast with Paul, you will be playing 2nd violin
2013-05-23 12:44
2 replies
One particular tech crew hates me (I noted your most loved team btw) because I demand the same level of professionalism and production at every event and if I don't get it, I tell them. I'd rather be disliked for wanting to strive for perfection than settling for mediocrity.
2013-05-28 10:10
1 reply
Yeah I played for this team so that's why :p And I don't want to get in the middle of you and Kaos, as I like those guys but also love your casting (as you can see from ny earlier posts in this thread) I must apologize for saying tech crews, its true I've only heard if one crew up until now about your interaction with them :)
2013-05-28 13:54
interesting, go scene seems pretty balanced atm. can't wait for next big lan event :)
2013-05-22 23:47
2 replies
2013-05-22 23:47
yeah dreamhack summer is going to be awesome
2013-05-23 00:12
løløl NiP sucks
2013-05-22 23:52
Maybe it's time to have Assists together with kills/deaths?
2013-05-22 23:53
2 replies
+1 totally agree
2013-05-23 00:17
Hong Kong SHiFT^up
2013-05-23 02:46
Denmark the new Sweden
2013-05-22 23:53
Nico is so consistent it's scary
2013-05-23 00:10
World owints
Nico epic awper
2013-05-23 01:23
2013-05-23 01:39
Was not able to watch What about Nico vs friis? Was Nico dominating?
2013-05-23 05:27
4 replies
Totally :)
2013-05-23 07:09
Denmark kozality
Friis got a great shot onto Karrigan though :-)
2013-05-23 10:56
ofc. who is friis btw ?
2013-05-23 11:51
Friis did decent, but nico did nico, so the edge was definately for cph in the awp dpt
2013-05-23 12:47
damn fnatic! It was all about the knife round on de_nuke! nuke is a shitty competition map! win knife round and start CT!
2013-05-23 05:34
1 reply
Denmark kozality
It isn't as biased anymore as it used to be. Some teams do a lot of damage on the Terrorist side - not saying it's not CT favoured! Take the Copenhagen Wolves vs. Ninjas in Pyjamas the Wolves took 10 rounds as T if I'm not mistaken :-)
2013-05-23 10:57
United States MadCl0wN
gg ww
2013-05-23 06:18
waiting match vp vs western for the top 1
2013-05-23 07:53
1 reply
waiting for u to get smarter but i doubt that
2013-05-23 11:49
Good decision to go back to their old line up.
2013-05-23 09:10
2013-05-23 11:12
They're superstronG atm gl boys!
2013-05-23 12:17
NICO is a fu**** beast man, this guy is awesome
2013-05-23 12:19
Glad Wolves stayed together, really solid team with each player stepping up and top fragging on different maps etc. Nico is a great awper too and was very important in almost every round vs fnatic. Look forward to seeing them do well again on lan.
2013-05-23 14:07
Good job WW !
2013-05-23 14:35
fnatic so loooooow biatches
2013-05-23 18:33
1 reply
mad cuz esc lose to WW?
2013-05-25 10:16
gj fnatic good start
2013-05-25 10:16
nice match
2013-05-26 12:11
gj WW
2013-05-29 14:37
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