NiP win Svecup Västerås

May 26th, 2013 01:18

Ninjas in Pyjamas won Svecup Västerås following a 2-0 victory over Crave Gaming in the final.

After fending off the threat of Lemondogs early on, NiP were made to contest the grand final and the first prize of almost €3,500 with Crave Gaming, who feature former Epsilon member Gustav "KAB0M" Runemalm.

The first map of the tie was de_train_se, which NiP had lost to Lemondogs, but this time around they gave a much better account of themselves and went into the break up 12-3. Crave came out strongly in the second half and won the pistol round to reduce to deficit, but then NiP won the anti-eco round and the following three rounds to pick up a 16-4 victory and take the lead in the tie.

Happy Fifflaren after winning first map of the grand final

NiP back to winning ways

de_dust2_se then followed, with NiP on cruise control in the early stages of the game as they strolled to a 9-2 lead. Crave then found a lifeline when they picked up a couple of rounds in a row, but NiP turned in a good display in the second half to regain control of the game and win the map 16-11.

25th May 2013

Lemondogs forfeited the bronze match, so the third prize of €580 went to Internetz.

Svecup Västerås final standings:

1. Sweden NiP - €3,490
2. Sweden Crave gaming - €1,160
3. Sweden Internetz - €580
4. Sweden Lemondogs

Sweden K4L 
2013-05-26 01:18
16-4 16-11 read the post..
2013-05-26 01:20
2013-05-26 14:16
rofll :D:D:D:D
2013-05-27 14:10
Sweden K4L 
I mean individual scores ofcourse.. -.-
2013-05-26 01:21
Reply button.
2013-05-26 02:23
Why did lemondogs surrender?
2013-05-26 01:22
United States 23457 
NiP going to stomp n!faculty tomorrow!
2013-05-26 01:36
"NiP back to winning ways",Well,they lost only one mid tournament against VP and few online games... I'm pretty sure that NiP and VP(both start to lose online) will destroy everyone else at DH Summer.
2013-05-26 01:36
"mid tournament against VP" lol`d sooooooooo hard.
2013-05-26 10:17
Aha..and now tell me why you laughed so hard?
2013-05-26 10:20
"mid tournament against VP"
2013-05-26 10:21
And your point is...?
2013-05-26 10:22
reatz | 
Poland Keruzz 
nip lose another map offline so now its not only VP that won a map against them, lemondogs did it also :) pro teams are closer and closer
2013-05-26 10:36
You call SLTV lan mid? And you said it like VP are just lucky team.
2013-05-26 11:14
Where I said something like that?Omg... I just said that NiP lost just ONE tournament who isn't so important. Saying that SLTV is a major tournament is so wrong.
2013-05-26 11:20
+1 and btw, other teams are getting closer because they are always practicing, NiP played more than a month without serious practice and then 3 weeks vacantion--> NiP no pracc at all for almost 2 months, of course they aren't that good atm
2013-05-26 12:04
But saying SLTV is a mid tournament is pure bullshit because SLTV is a PRO SERIES league which contains best 4 teams in finals. Your logic is so stupid. :)
2013-05-27 14:07
why did lemondogs forfeit their last match? anyone?
2013-05-26 01:38
what? what are you talking about? they didn't forfeit anything. EDIT: Ohh for third place I saw it now...I dont know :(
2013-05-26 02:26
Because they didn't want snack money.
2013-05-26 09:45
delpan told team to disband, ezpz
2013-05-26 09:49
Probably because it was getting late
2013-05-26 12:11
really nice prizes :>
2013-05-26 01:39
It's just a qualifier.
2013-05-26 08:29
zende & pyth >
2013-05-26 01:44
2013-05-26 01:54
2013-05-26 02:38
well played jakob!
2013-05-26 02:58
"Lemondogs forfeited the bronze match, so the third prize of €580 went to Internetz."
2013-05-26 03:04
580 is one year salary in my country.
2013-05-26 08:19
Finland pulu 
ah you are from malaysia. thought that your flag was from usa.
2013-05-26 10:04
He is from Kazakhstan...
2013-05-26 10:46
580 € is actually not bad,LD should have played,but maybe they were too depressed
2013-05-26 10:45
easy for nip
2013-05-26 12:15
Macedonia EXTOL[t] 
Very Bad Bracet System Lemondogs Didnt Desirvet to be 4th.
2013-05-26 13:04
Yes Very Much Agree I Love To Use Big Letters In Every Word In my Sentence. Peace
2013-05-26 13:07
Estonia 2026 
What Are You Talking About Bro It's All Ok Don't You Think?
2013-05-26 16:08
they forfited the bronze match as its stated above
2013-05-26 13:24
United States Bibby 
Any pics or footage
2013-05-26 19:39
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