NiP win FACE IT Cup over

Ninjas in Pyjamas won their second trophy in two days as they came out in top of the FACE IT Cup with a 2-0 victory over in the grand final.

Fresh off winning RaidCall EMS One #3 on Wednesday, NiP have proved they are back on track after going through a rough patch and beat on just two maps in the grand final of the first major FACE IT Cup.

With Ladislav "GuardiaN" Kovács still acting as a stand-in, booked a place in the final following victories over AIMBAT, plan-B and Lemondogs. NiP, on the other hand, skipped the first round before defeating 3DMAX and Natus Vincere.

The Swedish team got off to a flying start on de_mirage_go and jumped out to an early 8-0 lead, before a pause in the game allowed to get their act together. Still, all they got was five rounds as NiP enjoyed a comfortable 10-5 lead when switching sides.

NiP win first major FACE IT Cup came out strongly in the second half and won the opening three rounds, reducing the deficit to 10-8, but NiP proved their superiority in gun play and ran out 16-9 victors on the map.

On de_inferno_se, the first half was evenly balanced, with taking an 8-7 lead into the break, but then NiP were simply far too hot to handle on the Terrorist side and turned the score around, posting a 16-11 victory.

30th May 2013

FACE IT Cup May final standings:

1. Sweden Ninjas in Pyjamas - $750
2. Russia - $400
3-4. Ukraine Natus Vincere -$175
3-4. Sweden Lemondogs - $175

2013-05-31 02:23
f0rest | 
Romania front48 
Nice..but no stats for the final?
2013-05-31 02:24
did not expect that
2013-05-31 02:29
Didn't NiP just win RaidCall EMS One #3? Not trying to be mean or anything haha, just what I thought. I thought they placed like top 24 in #1 and #2.
2013-05-31 02:29
Second time Navi in Top4
2013-05-31 04:08
NIP has defeated VG, VP, WW, CPW, fnatic, ESC, Navi, LDLC in the last few days. They are back!
2013-05-31 04:42
Back from where? They were No. 1 all they way from the beginning.
2013-05-31 07:23
yeah they have just proved that
2013-05-31 13:09
online. and vp with stand-in. on lan they lost a map even to lemondogs.
2013-05-31 07:24
bla bla despite that vp were with stand-in guardian is better than adren and u should now that nip are the best on lan not online , nip are top1 since the beginning of the game and they are keeping this in that way
2013-05-31 11:30
i lol'd so hard. guardian isn't better than adren. also, guardian can't communicate with the russians. nip are very good online, prolly the best team.
2013-05-31 12:49
guardian is better than fox & adren makes VP more balance
2013-05-31 13:07
Guardian is solo player, and fox, adren and kucher are team players, dosia and angel are main fraggers.
2013-05-31 13:32
And do u even know anything about teamwork? teamplay?
2013-05-31 13:33
teamplay is what i called balance you cant accuse a stand-in player of teamplay and the biggest problem is language actually
2013-05-31 14:09
lol watch adren vs NiP in their first map loses @ lan
2013-06-01 03:08
Pls go and eat another cheeseburger.
2013-05-31 13:31
VP are better on lan as well, calm down
2013-05-31 13:50
VP time to sign Guardian!? :)
2013-05-31 05:31
Will never happen.
2013-05-31 07:23
2013-06-03 22:34
no no Adren is better
2013-05-31 07:41
he isnt better...rofl.2 different players
2013-05-31 08:20
Silver medals are more than enough for an online tourney...
2013-05-31 05:32
NiP will ruin csgo professional scene :< Other teams gets upset because they cant beat nip. This is going to be death of csgo-pro scene.
2013-05-31 08:35
/facepalm in 1.6 you had team which pretty much dominated every year,i rly dont know wheres the problem here...
2013-05-31 08:40
When you play 10 years cs (1.6) you kinda know when you are good either win or lose but in csgo its sucks because its new game and NiP is so dominating position. Im afraid that other teams gets frustrated when they practice,practice,practice million hours / week and still they lose to one team 100-0. Im just saying mby csgo scene would be better and even without NiP (but i dont mean that they should stop, this is just my opinion.)
2013-05-31 08:59
as you can see there are teams which can beat nip(or atleast take 1 map) they lost more matches. its only matter of time,antistrats etc and soon,they will lost more and more(they will be probably still top1 team but other teams will be better).nip have advantage that they started since beggining. but i rly dont see problem that they dominating.other teams have(or atleast should have) motivation to beat them and if csgo scene will die,it definitely wont be bcs of nip
2013-05-31 09:03
2013-06-01 00:54
There was no team in the history of any kind of sports, that could dominate throughout huge period of time. Take FC Barcelona as example. Some years ago everybody thought that it's unable to beat them. Then FC Rubin won, then Real Madrid won two times. What we see now is two German football clubs dominating the champions league. So will be with NiP. You can't have enough motivation when you're on top for such a long period.
2013-05-31 11:40
lolz are you kidding me if anything, it is motivation for teams who play nip over and over and cant win (especially on LAN). if anything will ruin CS go it'll be the fact that the gameplay is trash roflmao
2013-05-31 09:07
Its just a mather of time b4 someone else is going to beat NiP. Time after time.
2013-05-31 09:45
The fuck are you talking about? Lemondogs recently took a map on lan against nip
2013-05-31 18:49
Still didn't beat them in the game. That's the fuck im talking about. Still, I didn't mean one time, in one map. What about 2 tournaments in a row. 3 tournaments in a row. It's going to happen.
2013-05-31 20:17
matter* lololol n00b
2013-06-03 20:20
2013-06-03 21:43
2013-06-03 21:44
2013-06-03 22:06
2013-06-03 23:21
Wrong :D I win! If you are a beginner, you are new. You can't be a new (new)beginner!!
2013-06-03 23:32
f0rest | 
Romania front48 
I can't understand some people here... When NiP lost against CPH and WW(2 online games) everyone started to said:CPH top1,NiP domination is over,they are low now because the other team increase a lot.... Now after NiP come back from holidays and started again to practice and win again pretty easily even if this was only online,people start again to blame them because is booring to see NiP all the time winning. The game with Lemondogs doesn't count,NiP played pretty much random public on train.
2013-05-31 10:53
gg I'm wait this match on LAN And thx to Slovak brothers and GuardiaN for help VP in Face IT cup!
2013-05-31 11:09
Slovakia fKy 
are we brothers now? :D
2013-05-31 11:18
Why now? :D
2013-05-31 12:26
Netherlands liQuidmoTion 
Cant we all be brothers? ;)
2013-05-31 12:37
Serbia Lzrk 
2013-05-31 13:45
2013-05-31 16:27
I have only seen the inferno game and all I can say is that this was really close! They made a few mistakes which they paid dearly: - The round where fiff defused the bomb and VP was helpless because it was not planted correctly (or Kucher I believe didn't know where it was planted). - The round where forest did a 1v3 and the guy defusing missed it by a pixel. Both of this round where actually semi buy from NIP and if those turned in the VP direction could have given them the win. Also real respect to VP for adjusting to Guardian so quickly. That guy is a monster and I definitely want to see him play in a top team. Such wasted talent! Bottom line is I still think VP is the top candidate to beating NIP again. Let's wait for the next LAN and see :)
2013-05-31 11:23
Netherlands liQuidmoTion 
for sure, VP is stronger on lan than online! and also with a standin, even if its guardian, tacs will slightly suffer
2013-05-31 20:07
to be fair, NiP had some bad plays as well. first map where fiff let someone ninja i believe without a kit
2013-05-31 20:10
Stats missing.
2013-05-31 11:31
cyx | 
Russia Juse 
no stats = useless
2013-05-31 12:24
2013-05-31 13:24
2013-05-31 14:25
no AdreN no win in LAN
2013-05-31 15:03
2013-05-31 15:56
we will see on next lan fanboy
2013-05-31 19:05
Gratz NiP!!!
2013-05-31 16:55
2013-05-31 20:48
Denmark lud0 
Could one please tell me what NiP has earned in prizemoney CS:GO-wise by the time? Or could i look it op somewhere?
2013-05-31 21:44
milian dorrah
2013-06-01 00:25
Might be around 100000$?? I think it's something barely over that!
2013-06-01 00:27
All these people saying "NiP are back" and this and that lol... They took a 1-2 week break after the large major lan comp that they won and came straight back into a bad couple of losses, is that really surprising to all of you??? They've always been #1, a loss or two doesn't change that, all they needed was to get back in the swing of things and here they're, just like they were before if not better in result of it.
2013-06-02 05:53
What they mean is they're back in total, utterly unbeatable God-mode. I don't think anyone seriously disputed their position as the best team in the world. :P
2013-06-03 20:50
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