Absolute Legends lose CS:GO team

Absolute Legends have confirmed at they have parted ways with their Swedish CS:GO division.

The future of the Swedish team had been up in the air since the qualifier for DreamHack Summer at Inferno Online Stockholm, where they played under name Crave Gaming.

In that tournament, which took place last weekend, the team were eliminated in the semi-finals following a 2-0 defeat against Epsilon, who would lose the trophy to ESG!.

rdl's troops have gone freelance

It has now been confirmed that Absolute Legends have decided to let go of the team, and while the reason for this move remains a mystery, there is no bad blood between the two parties.

"It was a mutual agreement, we both felt that it was time for a change," Alexander "rdl" Redl told HLTV.org.

"We are looking into getting a stable organisation for Dreamhack and hopefully the EMS One LAN finals.

"Our first priority will be the Dreamhack tournament and we hope to secure a sponsorship before that.

"If anyone is interested in supporting us for Dreamhack and perhaps further than that send an email to lemagical11@gmail.com, I will give you more information and we can discuss this issue more in detail. See you guys at Dreamhack!"

Until an organisation is found, Markus "pronax" Wallsten's men will be playing under the name Team X.

The Swedish side have been drawn in Group C in the group stage of RaidCall EMS One, where they were pitted against Ninjas in Pyjamas, fnatic and Anexis.

Team X have the following lineup:

Sweden Markus "pronax" Wallsten
Sweden Jonathan "lidde" Lidgren
Sweden Alexander "rdl" Redl
Sweden Christian "Spitfire" Schiölde
Sweden Jacob "pyth" Mourujärvi

2013-06-06 04:00
2013-06-06 04:00
India h8or
LOL, 2 months?
2013-06-06 04:02
love how they say "looking for a stable organization" yet their team changes lineups so often. =/= logic
2013-06-06 04:13
4 replies
So they should look for an unstable organization?
2013-06-06 12:30
3 replies
I think that's what he's implying. Some people are just plain dumb.
2013-06-06 13:03
2 replies
Of course i knew what he meant....
2013-06-06 18:25
1 reply
No. The conditions aL CS:GO team asks for are UNBELIEVABLE. Salary, full LAN coverage, gaming house, gear... The team have never done anything big since the game started, so I doubt they will find anyone. They should seriously get down a bit, and rethink... P.S: With that much investment, you can find a 2x better team, with results, and more marketing presence.
2013-06-06 21:27
So mad about chrisj that they quit =(
2013-06-06 04:27
7 replies
hahaha yeah apparently
2013-06-06 04:55
played against him yesterday, it was 95% fine. Sure sometimes it felt like he lagged a little bit but it was really more than okay :)
2013-06-06 09:54
5 replies
I bet you played him after busy hours. He doesn't lag at night.
2013-06-06 10:13
4 replies
Yeah indeed, was like 21.30 or something. I thought the Netherlands had very good connections?
2013-06-06 10:26
3 replies
Most of us do. Fiber optics is starting to get quite popular and is being laid throughout the country, which can get you up to 100mb/s up- and download speed. ChrisJ on the other hand doesn't have this and has to share his internet with many others. So after common hours, people will get off the net and he'll be lag-free.
2013-06-06 10:29
2 replies
weird, he didn't have that in 1.6 :o
2013-06-06 11:39
1 reply
in 1.6 u could send the packets by mail and it didnt lag if u know what i mean :D
2013-06-07 10:30
nice copy of the team name team X was mix of players like ave and trace
2013-06-06 04:44
1 reply
People in CS:S also used the name team X when they were looking for orgs sometime, pretty common name. No imagination ;(
2013-06-06 08:09
Interesting, aL dropped their Dota2 team for similar reasons...
2013-06-06 05:28
2 replies
money, money, money.
2013-06-06 10:07
dota2 team dropped aL
2013-06-06 13:02
gl mouru :3
2013-06-06 06:25
India c0rvus
I think aL gonna pick up ex-myDGB
2013-06-06 06:30
omfg. That was so fast...
2013-06-06 07:07
And gaming house? And the money some fans donated? lol
2013-06-06 08:16
lol, welcome after once again
2013-06-06 09:09
lidde and pronax should be changed 4sho, spitfire is good!
2013-06-06 09:36
1 reply
what? lidde is the best player in AL besides rdl. I don't get why you would want to replace a player of his skill level.
2013-06-06 16:58
aL dropped their DotA squad "in mutual agreement" very recently as well, bankrupt?
2013-06-06 09:38
1 reply
Bad investment
2013-06-11 21:03
never f*ck with chrisj again if you know what i mean
2013-06-06 10:15
I have never understod why organizations would pay for teams like that, they are so bad it's amazing. Finally they understand a f**king shit.
2013-06-06 10:16
Did I miss something or emilio left the team recently ?
2013-06-06 10:31
3 replies
switched teams with spitfire
2013-06-06 10:45
2 replies
2013-06-06 11:21
2013-06-06 16:58
2013-06-06 10:44
No gaming house then
2013-06-06 11:26
Hope they'll find a new stable organisation and best of luck! :)
2013-06-06 11:31
Mutual agreement my ass. Players should never want to leave an org unless they are getting nothing. You at least fish for better offers while still getting something in return rather than just straight up leaving, so either they were getting nothing from aL, and there is no point staying around, or they were kicked. Willing to bet it went a long the lines of them saying they cant offer them anything but they may stay if they wish... so the players 'chose to leave' that in reality is a kick. Not a mutual agreement.
2013-06-06 13:57
4 replies
lets say there was a contract for 6 months and both parties decided to terminate it earlier mutual agreement how about stop searching for shit where there isnt.
2013-06-06 14:07
3 replies
Oh please. If they are getting anything at all they should be wanting to stay, (they are dumb otherwise) because no one is going to give this team anything better than what aL was offering (if anything at all). And back to what I said, players in CS are stupid to leave any org if they are getting anything at all, they may as well fish around for better offers while still having some sort of backing. This team probably wasn't salaried, they probably had a loose agreement to get sent to some LANs but thats still better than nothing. So they either got nothing - (as good as kicked) or they left their small deal they had which would be ludicrous for this kind of team to do.
2013-06-06 14:16
2 replies
Denmark AndersR
Not all have a morale as shitty as that to just say "Right we're gonna stay,oh btw after all you do for us we're gonna leave as soon as something better comes along, and we're not going to leave because we get an offer out of nowhere, we'll actively be looking for something better, while you spend money on sending us to tournaments" .
2013-06-06 19:01
1 reply
Dude, that is just life, everyone is out here to climb the ladder. If you get offered a job from another competing company for whatever line of work you do and that job pays higher, or offers a better line of work, you don't second guess it, you simply take it. There are certain times some loyalty should be shown but i think its fair to say in this gaming industry when more often than not the players are getting heavily screwed over day by day this is not one of them. Keeping a look out and trying to get a better deal is never a bad idea. Any of the most successful people that have ever lived will back me on this point. But that doesn't mean morals go out the door, until a certain line is crossed (Delpan crossed that line). Having any form of employment and then looking for another means of work when you are not pleased instead of just straight up quitting is what any intelligent person does.
2013-06-06 21:07
In good time, were bad !
2013-06-06 14:03
2013-06-06 14:09
pronax carries these guys too hard.
2013-06-06 14:22
Hey we're total shit at the game but give us support.
2013-06-06 14:23
gl guys
2013-06-06 14:23
well done chrisJ
2013-06-06 14:27
2013-06-06 14:40
wish pyth best of luck! :)
2013-06-06 14:45
Swedish internet ping cry babies
2013-06-06 15:04
1 reply
2013-06-06 18:04
from Absolute Legends and Lemondogs make a one team only named as Legendary Dogs not funny i know that...
2013-06-06 15:52
1 reply
=D nice
2013-06-07 21:47
"The move comes despite high hopes from the organisation who recently set up an indiegogo page where fans could donate for a gaming house in which the Swedish side would reside. Unfortunately the crowd-funding attempt didn't work out as planned, with only $412 of the $35,000 target raised." lol
2013-06-06 16:37
3 replies
2013-06-06 19:15
2 replies
2013-06-07 16:06
2013-06-13 15:49
Deserved, these guys don't deserve a organisation like aL.
2013-06-06 16:47
2 replies
ya right they just win nip..
2013-06-13 03:55
1 reply
yeah just like Fnatic, VP, and many others online...
2013-06-13 10:33
at least aL wont suffer more with lineup changes and insecurity
2013-06-06 17:24
2013-06-07 11:57
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