Phantoms unveil international team

Phantoms eSports have announced the creation of a new CS:GO division with a couple of familiar faces from the scene.

Phantoms were a household name in the Portuguese 1.6 scene as they supported various teams who challenged k1ck for trophies, featuring players like Tiago "dzt" Gonçalves, João "ehz" Monteiro and Rui "SHOUW" Reis.

After a period of inactivity, Phantoms are now fully functional once again, and they have made their intentions clear by putting together a new team with ex-k1ck AWPer Mário "Fyx" Rodrigues at the helm of the project.

Phantoms also boast two Danish players who have already made a name for themselves in the CS:GO scene: Magnus "JOKERN" Barthel, formerly of fnatic, and Casper "ruggah" Due, who has played for Anexis and ServerForge in the past.

k1ck's fyx

Fyx returns in new project

The last two members are Slovenian ace Dejan "NTG" Herga, who represented his country's national team on multiple occasions in 1.6, and Teric "Bibby" Ingram, who played at a top level in the North American 1.6 scene. Ingram has recently moved to Germany, so playing with the rest of the team will not be much of a problem.

"Today I am really happy to say I am playing under the PHANTOMS tag," Herga said. "For me it's like a dream come true to be playing with amazing players in a professional organisation.

"Since I am the most new and unknown player in the team im very eager to prove myself. I feel with this organisation helping us and our current lineup we can really do some damage in the Europe scene."

The new Phantoms team will make their first appearance at DreamHack Valencia, which will take place from July 18th to 21st at Feria Valencia. The team's lineup is the following:

Portugal Mário "Fyx" Rodrigues
Denmark Magnus "JOKERN" Barthel
Denmark Casper "ruggah" Due
Slovenia Dejan "NTG" Herga
United States Teric "Bibby" Ingram

day I am really happy to say I am playing under the PHANTOMS tag. For me it's like a dream come true to be playing with amazing players in a professional organisation. Since I am the most new and unknown player in the team im very eager to prove myself. I feel with this organisation helping us and our current lineup we can really do some damage in the Europe scene. I wanna thank PHANTOMS for everything and well see you guys at Dreamhack Valencia" - See more at:
2013-06-18 20:27
Toight! Like a toiger!
2013-06-19 06:35
Denmark jjh 
why these kind of organisations only post news about new teams and then we dont hear about them.
2013-06-19 23:08
I'm sure we will hear from them, Fyx JOKERN and ruggah are talented players and I'm guessing NTG Bibby are too. Fyx got some madaim
2013-06-20 05:47
Europe invzh 
2013-06-18 20:28
Weird lineup
2013-06-18 20:28
How da hell could they play with american player at the same time?
2013-06-18 20:30
hes living in germany,bibby aka gonella
2013-06-18 20:32
haha, this is guy who pay2play with good players? and also pay to have them on steam? lololol
2013-06-18 21:37
2013-06-18 22:08
What? :D
2013-06-19 05:44
2013-06-19 17:29
He pay pro players to don't delete him from steam, and to play with them..
2013-06-19 17:42
Thats him lol
2013-06-19 19:09
Norway M0LTEN 
If you would read the article you would know :p
2013-06-18 20:38
ya i just moved my eyes over the line up :P
2013-06-18 20:56
Netherlands guzzj 
2013-06-18 20:30
gl :)
2013-06-18 20:31
bibby gonnella?
2013-06-18 20:31
Netherlands liQuidmoTion 
Yeah, but I though t he quit after version 1.5 already?
2013-06-18 23:37
2013-06-18 20:31
2013-06-18 20:31
How Bibby will play on EU servers?
2013-06-18 20:31
he lives in germany he's other nick is gonella...
2013-06-18 20:39
Norway M0LTEN 
If you could read the article you would know :p He will play on EU servers fine like the other guys, he is living in Germany :)
2013-06-18 20:39
ohh ty :D I have not had time to read the whole article...coz i dont care about them :D
2013-06-18 22:30
You care so little that you ask questions ?
2013-06-19 00:46
I looked only at the lineup...but i don't read :D
2013-06-19 00:53
What about spending 10 secs reading? And why bother asking if you don't care? Trololo
2013-06-19 10:27
can u read :)?! just for you: line 16 of the text.. and there u have your answer TARAAA!!
2013-06-18 20:41
Norway M0LTEN 
Why replay to me exactly, I already know? :p
2013-06-18 20:58
He didn't.
2013-06-18 21:00
Norway M0LTEN 
He did ;) If he didn't I haven't got a notification.
2013-06-18 21:28
You mad? He replied to Raven4s. You still gonna get notifications if you replied ONCE. Damn, that's isn't so hard to understand.
2013-06-18 22:32
2013-06-19 00:53
Norway M0LTEN 
Not mad at all son :) Don't know what makes you think I am mad.
2013-06-19 16:19
Well, I was mad :| sry
2013-06-19 16:28
Norway M0LTEN 
hahah :D Cute
2013-06-19 16:37
shit happens bro :D my bad
2013-06-19 16:41
Norway M0LTEN 
it's okey :*
2013-06-19 16:42
won't do much damage
2013-06-18 20:32
You have a crystal ball?
2013-06-18 21:00
bibby is american but he is living in germany ^^
2013-06-18 20:32
2013-06-18 20:33
"nice" nickname Bibby :DD
2013-06-18 20:35
Yes Fyx tells me daily it means a rapist that rapes young men or young boys in portugal haha. Its my favorite NBA basketball star that played on the Sacramento Kings since i am from california...
2013-06-18 20:39
cool story bro JKJK (K)
2013-06-18 20:43
2013-06-18 20:47
Go home, you're stoned.
2013-06-18 20:48
Norway billson 
Seriously Bibby not Vlady or Webber?
2013-06-18 20:55
true story, bibby used to rape young boys :P btw change your nick :P Bobby would be nice, at least is a dog and not a rapist
2013-06-18 20:57
Did you also pay them to play with?
2013-06-18 21:38
It's never too late to change your steam avatar.
2013-06-18 22:15
he sure is!! raped* now he's in prison, the sick bastard! oh and btw, bibby sucks man! :p kings, knicks, heat right?
2013-06-19 02:09
2013-06-18 20:39
hello fyX
2013-06-18 20:43
2013-06-18 20:44
Denmark crZy 
wont even be top1 in portugal s2s :D gl tho! and no he never played in top american scene :D
2013-06-18 20:45
You never know!
2013-06-18 21:00
Worst danish player ever has spoken. Go back to your mirc-channels.
2013-06-18 21:17
2013-06-18 21:29
How many lans have u dodged, since you find yourself awesome enough to call out whose worst, atleast he aint afraid of attending Events.
2013-06-18 22:08
one only:) crZy's fanboy
2013-06-18 22:20
youre coming back to curse after DH LAN and pwn online?
2013-06-18 22:46
curse? what?
2013-06-18 23:22
Fanboy? .. Im certainly not a "Fanboy" of anyone, But it just gets so boring to watch 14 y.o, act so cool on the Internet ... Seriously.
2013-06-19 05:09
i'm 14 y.o and i'm not acting cool #swag #yolo #420 #thuglifeblazeit
2013-06-19 21:32
Im proud of you<3
2013-06-20 05:20
why dont you come on lan for once? until then shut the fuck up :)
2013-06-18 23:45
not your business noob;D
2013-06-19 02:04
at least i go to lans "wokey" - sure i was bad in 1.6 - - this is my last event in CS:GO and if you think thats the worst player in denmark then ur pretty dumb ;)
2013-06-18 23:44
n1!! only good rating vs shit german onlinenoobs like you.. your brain doesn't develop when you change the game to csgo :D >REPS KOPS
2013-06-19 02:10
Did YOU just call someone online? Lol. Yea mouz are onliners ! When you win a lan let me know. Until then, stfu:)
2013-06-19 08:54
2013-06-19 16:49
gz you won a mixlan, im proud of you! sure n!faculty are onliners, doesnt change the fact they were high seeded at cph games, and won EPS with the same lineup. I think they were shit, no more to add to that though. i had 2 bad maps throughout the tournament, rest was pretty decent, at least for an igl in my opinion - but hey, maybe you did better!
2013-06-19 18:07
Ye thx
2013-06-19 18:10
Are you Lurrpis's sister? Excuse me, I mean Lurrpis's brother?
2013-06-20 09:52
one week max two
2013-06-18 20:45
online max online, nothing more
2013-06-18 20:51
1 day before lan dodge,max 2
2013-06-18 20:56
sry but 3 days
2013-06-18 20:57
2013-06-18 21:10
2013-06-18 21:56
you can join them, they probably wont travel on many lans
2013-06-19 01:02
Hong Kong SHiFT^up 
Ahahaha +5
2013-06-19 01:27
Ukraine rim 
VP style
2013-06-18 20:48
Very, very weak team. No future, random pub players.
2013-06-18 20:50
you're happy for a internet result?ok. see you soon
2013-06-18 20:55
how i love when people defend a noob team saying "OH IT WAZ INTERNET @ LAN ZEY ARE PRAFESONELS CUZ THEY HAVE k1CK PLAYAH..." People play better at home then at lans, but the result would be the same even at a lan event.
2013-06-18 20:57
if you say...who am I to doubt a random? GG :) See you guys in Valencia
2013-06-18 21:01
Well you're the only random here. Not from DeNova, if you'd pay for the trip to Valencia sure, they can own Phantoms asses there, otherwise they wont be there.
2013-06-18 21:04
as i said... the conversation is over :)
2013-06-18 21:06
beginners do, pros not :)
2013-06-18 21:06
For the pros its the same Online and Lan. But yeah its easier to play at lans when you're used to it, nothing to mess things up for you, no friend yelling outside the window to go drink with him. :D
2013-06-18 21:09
lol pros couldnt give a shit about online play
2013-06-18 21:19
yeah because they dont play cs:go when there are no lan tournaments...
2013-06-18 21:24
kennyS | 
Czech Republic MEXX-  
u have never been on lan huh?
2013-06-19 13:05
as staff member, u shouldn't even be here answering to them.. keep it real
2013-06-19 12:13
2013-06-18 20:53
gonella is so shit jokern&ruggah wtf are u doing
2013-06-18 20:54
Ive never even heard of Bibby in 1.6
2013-06-18 20:55
Is this the same bibby?
2013-06-18 20:57
uhh, no offense gonella, but you never played for those teams :)
2013-06-18 20:57
ofc not, and he never played in B2B team and etc.. I have the owner from B2B in steam, lol I guess this bibby is joking with them and when they come to DH Valencia, Bibby will not appear, im %100 sure he's a joke guy.. anyway I dont know what Fyx ruggah and JOKERN are doing btw.. gl to them
2013-06-18 21:02
2013-06-18 20:58
Ingram has recently moved to Germany, so playing with the rest of the team will not much of a problem. A little mistake guys. :)
2013-06-18 20:59
Who the hell is Vaupotic?
2013-06-18 20:59
World srn- 
1 month. Like everyone else say I think they will not do much damage.
2013-06-18 21:06
wat, ntg lol :) herga or vaupotich now?
2013-06-18 21:11
2013-06-18 21:42
2013-06-18 21:44
only heard about jokern and ruggah, anyways gl ;p
2013-06-18 21:12
Denmark percy 
So you finally licked a few ppl in GL Gonella
2013-06-18 21:13
Lol the flaming i <3 But thanks
2013-06-18 21:21
1 month due to this clanhopper gonella
2013-06-18 21:16
RpK | 
Germany lloyd6077 
hahahah +1
2013-06-18 23:50
2013-06-18 21:16
"played at a top level in the North American 1.6 scene.".. Nobody even knows who this "bibby" guy aka "gonella" is, outside the fact that he has tried to recruit semi-elite to top players from all over Europe with his lies about having played on a top level in US and having contacts beyond what he actually has. Is JOKERN really playing with this clown? I don't see him in these guys` official teams. I thought he had higher standards, I kind of thought the same about ruggah as well. Oh well.
2013-06-18 21:22
so true :))
2013-06-18 21:34
2013-06-18 21:39
or maybe gonella pay JOKERN/Fyx just to get some attention? xD
2013-06-18 21:41
Thats probably the reason why they play with him :D
2013-06-18 21:44
Who says no to a free trip Spain in the summer season:D?
2013-06-18 21:43
2013-06-18 21:45
2013-06-18 21:59
lol lloret sux
2013-06-18 22:07
Lloret de mar, rather come to holland lol, to many dutch idiots over there.
2013-06-19 11:23
Those who are not broke and/or a sell out :D
2013-06-20 00:06
bro "bibby" in his nickname now "gonella" when he joined the army they named him gonella so he played with that nickname in csgo In cs 1.6 he has played with nick "micah" so STFU Micah great talent :D lil bit fragger
2013-06-20 11:40
2013-06-18 21:35
Bibby/gonella still pay people to play with him or add them on steamfriends? what a bad cunt.
2013-06-18 21:38
that's him =DD offered so many players to play with him, I was on esea when he offered regnam 200 euro a month haha
2013-06-19 00:11
Portugal kidux 
2013-06-18 21:38
Portugal sukwi 
GL guys!
2013-06-18 21:41
gl guys :)
2013-06-18 21:42
"Today I am really happy to say I am playing under the PHANTOMS tag," Vaupoti&#269; said Mário "Fyx" Rodrigues Magnus "JOKERN" Barthel Casper "ruggah" Due Dejan "NTG" Herga Teric "Bibby" Ingram who the hell is Vaupoti&#269;?
2013-06-18 21:44
Dejan "NTG" Herga is Vaupotic xD Look @ hltv player profiles.. his surname is Vaupotic xD
2013-06-18 21:48
and why herga here? very confusing. but thanks :D
2013-06-18 21:49
Don't know, maybe typo or whateva.. np
2013-06-18 21:50
no, ntg = dejan herga vaupotich is some other guy, dn1 maybe, i cant remember
2013-06-19 14:06
Hltv already edited news..
2013-06-19 14:32
dn1 = vukancic... hrvoje - iC
2013-06-19 20:49
ah vukancic i forgot you playin csgo?
2013-06-19 20:49
I'm tryin...(:
2013-06-19 20:56
gonella dA fAn
2013-06-18 22:11
Good Luck Guys :)
2013-06-18 22:16
Justin Bibby
2013-06-18 22:23
tbo don't know this guy who says that played for american top teams but anyway gl fyx!!
2013-06-18 22:33
tbo or tbh? ahahahah
2013-06-20 11:18
2013-06-18 22:33
sigh what a disappointing lineup.. maybe 2 weeks max?
2013-06-18 22:34
why doesnt any known top american player come in and say if it´s true or not
2013-06-18 22:37
So weird.. gl though :)
2013-06-18 22:38
Who's Teric "Bibby" Ingram? Is this post real?
2013-06-18 22:47
mr nobody like me
2013-06-18 22:47
Ruggah is a beast with the AWP. Maybe it's too early to say, but he deserves a better team.
2013-06-18 22:48
Agree with this man!
2013-06-19 00:25
so u agree that u need a better team? :(
2013-06-19 01:27
i think he only read "Ruggah is a beast with the AWP." and then made a comment xD
2013-06-20 11:19
pff... won't work Needs an asian.
2013-06-18 22:56
absolutely never heard of bibby, hes definitely never actually been a real part of a good american team.
2013-06-18 23:12
looooooool gonnella is so low this team will never work jesus
2013-06-18 23:34
what a JOKErn heh heh heh
2013-06-18 23:36
cant believe jokern is with this team, so talented :/
2013-06-18 23:45
who the fuck is bibby
2013-06-18 23:57
no one knows. He was not a top NA player in 1.6 or css.
2013-06-19 00:13
Latvia GekonsCS 
will not make any damage to European scene
2013-06-19 00:18
GL :d
2013-06-19 00:19
i played matches w/ bibby on b2b back in 1.6
2013-06-19 00:37
Ty christianson :)Gl in invite this season bro!
2013-06-19 01:08
good to know.. i thought it was pure bullshit
2013-06-19 01:27
It is pure bullshit... all sobo said was he played matches with him, doesn't change the fact that he's a liar and doesn't deserve a spot with players in this phantoms team
2013-06-19 01:33
LOL how much did he pay you to say that, or did humb just pay up as usual... common man have some dignity atleast :)(
2013-06-19 02:03
wtf? pay2play?
2013-06-19 17:34
How much did he pay you?
2013-06-19 04:07
didnt know there is a player in slovenia who actually commited to cs:go :D nice, gl guys
2013-06-19 01:05
there are quite a few
2013-06-19 14:04
any slo clan? and where is the community?
2013-06-19 17:03
i have no idea if any clans exist or a community of some kind, all i'm saying that there are players who play csgo all the time. eg. about an hour ago a slovenian mix with ntg, dn1, gugi, nino, and someone else, tied a mix with skreaM (asus.rog)
2013-06-19 17:19
Like 20 players play csgo.
2013-06-19 20:52
gl guys
2013-06-19 01:08
GL ruggah and JOKERN
2013-06-19 01:24
2013-06-19 01:32
That Bibby toolbag is Canadian not American please change his flag.
2013-06-19 02:00
Azerbaijan Talley 
Nice joke
2013-06-19 03:38
I wonder if this gonella guy is the same guy that used to pay to have op in top teams' GameSurge channels years ago
2013-06-19 03:48
Who the hell's 'Bibby'?
2013-06-19 03:57
I care alot about Ruggah and JOKERN as personal friends, but i still dont understand this, i recon if they get a free trip, who wouldn't .. but still .. i would never play in a team with Gonella, he's the second biggest liar i have ever met. Man, if you all just knew all the stories, it's amazing how much he lied his way through, no respect for him at all.. Therfore i wish the Rest Goodluck! :)
2013-06-19 05:14
Who's the first ? :p
2013-06-19 05:35
Vladimir Putin.
2013-06-19 06:28
" he's the second biggest liar i have ever met. "
2013-06-19 07:04
Why do you think he has never met Putin?
2013-06-19 07:16
Why do you think that he has met Putin ?
2013-06-19 07:29
Vanga told me.
2013-06-19 08:34
Vanga is dead.
2013-06-19 11:03
a danish guy called Drumz
2013-06-19 16:10
Denmark kozality 
Jannik "DRuMZ" Hansen, also known as bLANZEY and what not
2013-06-19 17:49
HF Casper and Magnus
2013-06-19 07:24
First thought is, that it isn't going to last for very long, but they might just be the weird balance, that makes the team phenomenal!
2013-06-19 07:42
another 16-0 for NiP gogogo
2013-06-19 08:05
N4j | 
Germany N4j 
He never played for those teams in NA. That's for damn sure. He used to message me as well to get on the rosters etc. Look at his team now.... SOLID! lol....
2013-06-19 08:26
N4j | 
Germany N4j All Open and some really BAD Main in CEVO with Condition Zero teams, rofl... nt doe
2013-06-19 08:27
what's with all the different steam guids+names? does he really have that many diff accounts+fake names?
2013-06-19 18:19
N4j | 
Germany N4j 
2013-06-19 19:55
Taiwan SCVready 
dat united nation lineup
2013-06-19 09:19
bibby never played top 1.6 NA cs
2013-06-19 10:00
Greece her-1g 
i dont think he played anything at top NA level tbh.
2013-06-20 15:49
GL Magbar <3
2013-06-19 10:03
As i say every time ... too many flags = no success ... they will disband soon
2013-06-19 10:27
That applies to you too :D
2013-06-19 10:59
Well i'm not a CS:GO player you know :p
2013-06-19 11:14
I'm talking about how many times you change your flag on hltv.
2013-06-19 11:41
Two times and i think it doesn't affect to the website neither the users ;) anyway talkin about CS:GO teams : multiple flags = no success :p
2013-06-19 12:10
kennyS | 
Czech Republic MEXX-  
GL guys:) looking forward to see you
2013-06-19 12:51
Team with very great potential.Sure they can be top 3.
2013-06-19 13:06
2013-06-19 14:58
LOL no.
2013-06-24 21:53
Nice , Gl :D
2013-06-19 16:04
GL guys!
2013-06-19 16:33
I smell so much hate and some jelous because of someone named bibby loool Anyway Gl guys ^^
2013-06-19 16:51
Finland Malixoxo 
GL BiBBy! Amazing CSGO player, superfast reflexes and insane aim. He might be the next f0rest! He was also top player on quake, cs1.6 & css fatal1ty once said: "bibby has more skill than anyone ive ever met, truly insane boy" p.s. thanks for the pocket money mate ;)
2013-06-19 17:06
haha, that's 10/10 "fatal1ty once said: "bibby has more skill than anyone ive ever met, truly insane boy"
2013-06-19 17:27
gl guys,especially fyx,most be receiving money because he refused to play for Rasta so GL!
2013-06-19 18:08
that bibby guy which i assume is micah-iwnl- use to pay people to roster ride and do all kinds of things, then he'll pretend and list like he's played for those teams on his profiles lol. He's a very weird guy, he's not even average at CS either... infact I don't think he's even had more than 20 hours in CS 1.6... He even pretended some hot girl was his girlfriend in some ESEA post before lol.
2013-06-19 19:21
gl fyx
2013-06-19 19:35
LOL gonella. Gl everyone else on the lineup.
2013-06-19 20:02
why is ruggah VAC banned lol
2013-06-19 21:27
joelz finish online noob boy :D. shut up until you attending a real lan!!!! omfg you sucks
2013-06-19 21:55
Never heard of him
2013-06-20 02:37
gl Phantoms
2013-06-20 15:25
Greece her-1g 
except for ruggah and jokern i dont know any of them. they might be upcoming talents. but how can the american play? does he live in europe?
2013-06-20 15:47
yeah, on germany
2013-06-21 10:37
*in Germany
2013-06-22 18:58
gl bibby !!!!!
2013-06-20 18:50
United States y0rk 
This has failure written all over it. They're no NoA.
2013-06-21 16:59
Oh bibby
2013-06-26 13:37
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