Clan-Mystik win PxL 38

July 1st, 2013 13:09

Clan-Mystik have been crowned champions of PxL 38 following a 2-0 victory over 3DMAX in the final.

The RaidCall EMS One Finals captured the community's attention last weekend, but in the Alres, a city located in the south of France, PxL, one of the country's most prestigious LAN events, was also taking place.

With VeryGames and both in Cologne, the trophy was pretty much up for grabs, and there were a lot of quality sides in contention, including Clan-Mystik, WebOne and 3DMAX.

It ended up being 3DMAX the ones to book the first place in the grand final after moving past Mystik 2-1 in the Upper final.

ioRek's Mystik clinch PxL title

Now on the wrong side of the bracket, Mystik saw WebOne off 16-6 in the Consolidation Final to reach the tournament decider, in which they took revenge on 3DMAX with two victories on de_inferno_se (16-7, 16-11).

Broken tag

PxL 38 final standings:

1. France Clan-Mystik - €1,100
2. France 3DMAX - €600
3. France WebOne - €300

Mystik have the following lineup:

France Michael "HaRts" Zanatta
France Jeremy "ioRek" Vuillermet
France Benjamin "drizzer" Charnet
France Fabien "KIOSHIMA" Fiey
France Hovik "KQLY" Tovmassian

Delpan | 
United States FEJSPALM 
2013-07-01 13:10
hmm.. n11111111111
2013-07-01 13:11
Turkey huth 
3DMAX & bootcamp?
2013-07-01 13:14
Poland yaD' 
hah week [ or more ] in bootcamp and 0:2 xD GJ 3DMAX
2013-07-01 13:48
well, clan mystik have really good players, way better than 3dmax so no surprise
2013-07-01 15:59
i miss mSx, MaT & sixeR they were the best on da french scene @ 1.6
2013-07-01 13:14
United Kingdom an0^_^ 
MaT actually came back to CSGO for a short period of time, i think he was playing with LDLC but then he let them down last minute when he was supposed to go to one the big LAN events with them.
2013-07-01 13:34
MaT is actually Mystik'6th :)
2013-07-01 15:53
United Kingdom an0^_^ 
Oh right, i forgot all about that to be honest. I remember it being on the list when they posted the news of the team on HLTV now. Thanks for jogging my memory :D.
2013-07-01 16:09
Lineups of 3DMAX and WeBone?
2013-07-01 13:15
Webone: Krav, XciteR, HeUkaLyptuS, atLaNtis, Kenshax 3DMAX: L0rdZz, skall, mshz, GMX, fxy0
2013-07-01 13:16
gj kio and co
2013-07-01 13:17
wp HaRtS and co
2013-07-01 13:22
2013-07-01 13:24
ahahahahahaah 2weeks of bootcamp and they have lost LOL
2013-07-01 13:25
To be fair, I watched some of the bootcamp, they didn't do much CSGO as a team lol.
2013-07-01 13:43
anything can happen on lan, your post is invalid.
2013-07-01 13:46
harts, drizzer, iorek, ... oldschool guys <3 good to see they're still rocking
2013-07-01 13:52
nice eyes iorek xD
2013-07-01 13:51
y dey play da infrno twize?
2013-07-01 13:53
Was thinking that too wtf
2013-07-01 14:01
Mystic came from the loser bracketo. I'm guessing that the 3d max picked inferno (had they win it, there would have been no need to play a second map) and then, as clan mystic felt comfortable on this map (with a mental advantage ,) they probably picked it as well to win the tournament.
2013-07-01 14:42
i don't think is possible
2013-07-04 01:19
mshz atLaNtis drizzer HaRts ioRek would like to see this line up
2013-07-01 14:18
Yes they would.
2013-07-01 14:36
France Skw4ll 
mSx and MaT with HaRtS, ioRek and drizzer could be sick !
2013-07-01 14:54
nice nice gogo hartz
2013-07-01 14:58
WeBone LMAO. Pretty sure it's WebOne...
2013-07-01 14:59
indeed, it is
2013-07-01 15:55
WeBone is sick as well though :P. Just not the same mental image they want to convey I think ^^.
2013-07-01 18:25
-harts +lurppis as IGL
2013-07-01 14:59
harts is better
2013-07-01 16:01
kioshima > all
2013-07-01 16:10
Ukraine kalitajke 
2013-07-01 16:15
2013-07-01 16:31
3DMAX lost ? oh wait it wasn't online, unlucky gmx and fxy0
2013-07-01 17:19
LOL ? fxyo > 1.94 k/d, gmx 1.68 k/d. (
2013-07-01 18:22
who cares, they both cheated in source 2010/2011
2013-07-01 20:01
The town is "Arles". Not "the Alres". The event is not linked to the news.
2013-07-01 18:20
Get Maj3r, Sixer, mSx, MaT back!!!
2013-07-01 18:24
congratz HaRtS and co.
2013-07-01 22:21
Sweden PPH 
does sixer and majer play any csgo?
2013-07-01 22:41
MAJER played with Oz's IMG lineup before stop & SIXER play for fun with friends, and he works in nightime...
2013-07-03 00:39
2013-07-01 23:38
2013-07-02 00:01
sauces being pwned again by 1.6ers
2013-07-02 00:15
subtop source players vs. top 1.6 players (french scene) the top source players were at cologne.
2013-07-02 03:02
2013-07-04 01:12
hope to see some more events..
2013-07-02 00:28
Drizzer? Nice!
2013-07-02 09:59
any1 know what sixer is doing, any plans in comeback?
2013-07-04 00:13
Sixer works in a restaurant in night shifts and he is just playing for fun so I really doubt he comes back on CS:Go
2013-07-04 14:04
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