mosbeck replaces stan^ in Curse

North American Curse have undergone roster changes after a disappointing showing at DreamHack. They've replaced Stan "stan^" Sukachov with Denial's Justin "mosbeck" Mosbeck.

Curse currently hold the second place in ESEA Invite Season 14 behind Denial eSports, who recently lost their star player Sam "DaZeD" Marine. They remain the only undefeated team in ESEA North America at 10-0.

According to a statement issued to ESEA News, Sukachov lost his spark towards Counter-Strike during the trip to DreamHack and couldn't remain motivated enough to compete against the top European teams.

DaZeD's departure led to Mosbeck leaving as well 

Replacing him is Mosbeck, who currently holds the highest KPR in ESEA Invite as he has recorded 1.011 kills per round through the first 272 rounds this season. His ADS is 99.1, and he sports a K-D difference of +127.

Below is the official statement from Mosbeck, which he shared with ESEA News regarding his decision to depart Denial eSports for what he assumes to be the greener pastures of Curse:

"The reason why i decided to join Curse were for a few reasons. First off if DaZeD didn't leave the team to pursue a career in MLG I definitely would not have left. With that being said he did end up leaving and left us without an ingame leader for Denial. We talked about but still were unsure who was "really" going to lead the team ingame, said Mosbeck.

"I in turn was approached by Curse asking if I would be interested in playing out the season with them and attending the ESEA LAN and possible future events. After everything that happened and the current state of the team I was on it felt like it was the best decision for me and I have no regrets."

This move leaves Curse, who are scheduled to play a doubleheader versus Stay Frosty and Rareform on Sunday, with the following roster:


United States Eric "adreN" Hoag
United States Todd "anger" Williams
United States Tyler "Skadoodle" Latham
Canada Justin "mosbeck" Mosbeck
Canada Keven "AZK" Lariviére

Denial on the other hand are short of a player and with the roster lock taking place in just over two days and fourteen hours at the time of writing, are expected to add a new member to their squad soon:

Denial eSports:

United States Carey "frozt" Kertenian
United States Trey "tck" Martin
United States Ricky "sLip" Cohen
Canada Neil "MONTE" Montgomery

Stay tuned to as the North American scene finalizes their rosters prior to the ESEA roster lock for the upcoming ESEA Invite Season 14 global finals, set to take place next month in Dallas.

Just read it on angers stream :/
2013-07-05 11:32
curse look sick!
2013-07-05 11:39
15 replies
They just look sick, They're never sick.
2013-07-05 11:42
14 replies
They were unlucky at dh because they had the hardest group, not many teams can beat cph with their old lineup, and they beat epsilon once, which only nip and cph did in the whole tournament. I think they will just get better and better, mosbeck seems to be amazing, and they were already destroying the american league.
2013-07-05 11:50
13 replies
"unlucky" Either you're good enough to beat a hard group or you're garbage.
2013-07-05 12:01
12 replies
2013-07-05 12:38
1 reply
2013-07-05 13:05
Such dumb black and white vision... They had/have potential Just because they couldn't survive the deathgroup this year, doesnt neccesarily mean they won't next year
2013-07-05 13:40
9 replies
United Kingdom Ivanmt
Yes- because maybe next year they'll be prepared? It's a pretty simple concept. Good teams progress, and bad teams get eliminated. If you're not good enough to win your matches, then your not good enough to win the tournament. Pretty straight forward. The guy didn't say they could not win next year, he was just pointing that being 'unlucky' is a meaningless comment to make, because your in a tournament... which you win, by winning matches.
2013-07-06 01:57
8 replies
So I guess if Xizt didn't win that 1v4 ninja defuse and his team was eliminated from group stage, then they must be considered really bad right? Even though he did barely manage to win that 1v4, and they went on to win the whole tournament. saucers gonna sauce.
2013-07-06 13:59
2 replies
Yes NiP is garbage too.;P
2013-07-06 17:16
United Kingdom Ivanmt
The other team should have been more prepared for that situation and knew he would go for the defuse instead of standing his ground. So yes- NiP played bad during that game, missed a lot of chances and Xizt took a shot, which worked in his favour. And please don't call me a saucer. Don't be pathetic.
2013-07-06 18:37
Some players/teams are inexperienced and get thrown out, and later gain exp and start winning tournaments. You guys are so insanely ring, you think the same 20players/4-5 teams have been winning everything for the past 12 years? PGS (current esc) was also once considered bad/onliners. It's not like they won international matches from day1 after forming, idiots Edit; now I read the rest beyond your first line. You're not an idiot but he is, for calling them garbage, when clearly they have talent but lack int experience. And you should properly read his comment, then you see its black and white (or do you mean to tell me a team that us now garbage can win dh group of death next year?)
2013-07-06 17:16
4 replies
United Kingdom Ivanmt
But inexperience is a factor in skill. It's like claiming your the best singer in the world, but once you get on that stage in front of millions of people, you get stage fright. And of course luck can be a factor in winning. But luck could also be seen as inconsistency for the other team, since they didn't react in a way they should have, therefore; causing them to lose the match. Much like Hype- mentioned with the 1v4 situation. Pretty much on every account, NiP were getting out played, so yes; during that match, they weren't as good as their opponents until it got flipped on it's head after Xizt's play causing them to save their own ass. Did you guys watch the match at all? You said it your self dude "Just because they couldn't survive the deathgroup this year, doesnt neccesarily mean they won't next year" - but we live in the present, and they have to defeat their opponents NOW, not a year from now... not tomorrow but now. That's like saying "oh don't worry, you'll get them next time". They didn't pass this year, which means they weren't good enough to win. Simple stuff here...
2013-07-06 18:30
3 replies
so anyone who doesnt beat nip and vp is garbage? read the post I replied to again, you will see what it was that sparked me saying he was dumb. long story short; not good enough to win in DH deathgroup does not equal being garbage imo. if you agree with him you must be dumb too
2013-07-06 19:28
2 replies
United Kingdom Ivanmt
Essentially... yes. Because they're inexperienced and lack what the other teams have. They aren't 'bad' in the grand scheme of things. Even good teams have bad days, which means they can be defeated, but if they aren't beating NiP and VG on a regular basis, then clearly they aren't as strong of a team. Remove the 'team' aspect of cs and think of it as tennis. If one player isn't managing to beat the other, then clearly he's doing something wrong, which is preventing him from winning. They aren't 'bad' teams, but they simply aren't as good.
2013-07-06 21:09
1 reply
exactly, now all of that I can agree on :P but "They aren't 'bad' teams, but they simply aren't as good." is something entirely different than "LOL THEYRE GARBAGE DERPHERP"
2013-07-06 21:43
Denmark e1z
Stan is sick though :(
2013-07-05 11:47
lol why stan? he was great :(
2013-07-05 11:50
3 replies
he was their worst player
2013-07-05 11:52
he was noob.
2013-07-05 11:53
by far their worst player
2013-07-05 16:56
2013-07-05 11:53
1 reply
#1 rated player (stat wise) in NA Invite right now.
2013-07-05 23:14
Slovakia radeoNko
merica low
2013-07-05 11:55
2013-07-05 11:58
stan sukachov
2013-07-05 12:02
1 reply
2013-07-05 12:37
2013-07-05 12:10
old news..
2013-07-05 12:16
2 replies
United Kingdom Ivanmt
lol? Calm down there, girlfriend. Just because news get outdated after a few minutes for you; doesn't mean it apply for everyone else.
2013-07-06 01:59
1 reply
relax dude :D
2013-07-06 13:59
haha wow mosbeck doin big things
2013-07-05 12:25
good stan was the weakest member of the team
2013-07-05 13:02
1 reply
stan performed at lan where as anger sucked. fact
2013-07-05 22:00
someone here was saying bad things about mosbeck's lan performance
2013-07-05 13:24
wow! curse is looking really strong now
2013-07-05 13:29
1 reply
India mainz
Well mosbeck is yet to show he can play on LAN right?
2013-07-05 23:17
lol stan retired, didn't get kicked get your facts right lurpp
2013-07-05 13:49
Well looks like Curse are not messing around picking up players
2013-07-05 14:49
If he can play the same way on lan then this addition is HUGE.
2013-07-05 15:20
Was there already a game between the new Curse and the new Quantic?
2013-07-05 15:17
8 replies
curse beat them twice i think
2013-07-05 15:57
7 replies
2013-07-05 16:05
4 replies
no csgo Kappa
2013-07-05 16:06
1 reply
2013-07-05 16:18
1 reply
Thats Curse vs Denial heres Curse vs Quantic:
2013-07-05 23:18
curse practices 10x more than quantic so it's no surprise to be honest.
2013-07-05 16:57
1 reply
Yeah and thats a good excuse.
2013-07-05 23:16
Yes 16-12 for curse after a 0-7 start.
2013-07-05 15:42
Hey hltv, How come you'll post news from esea but not matches?
2013-07-05 16:51
1 reply
India mainz
^This I Would like to see the invite matches under hot matches here since im not really using ESEA's site that much
2013-07-05 23:19
great Change
2013-07-05 16:54
im sad, stan the maN =)
2013-07-05 17:43
lurppis with the inaccurate article solid job bro
2013-07-05 18:23
1 reply
how so? im genuinely curious :o
2013-07-05 23:11
Who cares ? No events in America :((((((
2013-07-06 00:44
not sure why they didn't post stans' statement so here it is. Stan^: Sometime during our trip to Sweden I just lost the spark for CS that I had previously. I'm not the type of player that could just show up to matches and dominate, I'm the type of player that needs to deathmatch / pug to stay on top of my form and I knew that I wasn't motivated enough to put in the hours necessary to compete with the elite euro's, plus I don't think I was playing my role to the standard that Curse needed. So I think its best for both parties if our road ends here. Thank you to Curse for the opportunities you provided me and thank you to my teammates, I wish you guys the best of luck. Source:
2013-07-06 01:25
original nicknames
2013-07-06 17:45
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