Begrip return, sign fbgaming

Russian team fbgaming have signed with Hungarian organization Begrip Gaming after a 3-4th place finish in FACE IT June Cup.

The team is led by zNation's former player Denis "seized" Kostin, who played a few games online as a stand-in for Yegor "markeloff" Markelov during the AWPer's vacation, and also boasts Russian Georgy "WorldEdit" Yaskin among others.

They recently made waves by finishing 3-4th in the FACEIT June Cup after defeating the now former SprintFox squad 2-0 in the quarter finals. They also scored map on Epsilon, but were ultimately knocked out 1-2 in the semi-finals.

Seized's team with a new home

Now only a few days after the tournament ended, the team has signed with Begrip Gaming in order to be able to travel to international events.

Hungary-based organization is known as the former home to lot of top level Swedish players such as Christopher "GeT_RiGhT" Alesund of NiP Gaming.

"We are pleased to introduced the new team! We have been considering about who would deserve to be under the name of begrip. Finally, we have chosen a Russian team, led by Denis 'Seized' Kostin."

"We hope that the next upcoming months will be benefical for both camps! In addition, let us greet Begrip Gaming new CS:GO team!" Begrip Gaming said on their Facebook page regarding the pick up. 

All five players have participated in each of the StarLadder's StarSeries, while Anton "kibaken" Kolesnikov is the only one who has made international appearance at Esports Heaven Prague event in December 2012.

Begrip Gaming now consists of the following players:

Russia Denis "seized" Kostin
Russia Georgy "WorldEdit" Yaskin
Russia Alexey "ub1que" Polivanov
Russia Anton "kibaken" Kolesnikov
Russia Nickolay "latro" Li

This also marks return of Begrip Gaming, an iconic organization that often helped semi-good Swedish players develop into stars en route to teams such as SK and fnatic, although it is said it is under new ownership.

Jaegarn, oh just some russians :)
2013-07-07 00:01
ckN | 
Estonia ckN 
russian begrip was better than sweden in 2007~
2013-07-07 13:26
GOOD LUCK, you'll need it
2013-07-07 00:01
2013-07-07 00:14
not begrip without new swedish talent, dafuq is this shiz
2013-07-07 00:02
shit? this organisation is old, much more then you lol. ftw! dont know anything for sure
2013-07-07 00:04
sometimes i like to sit in my garden and pretend that im a carrot.
2013-07-07 00:10
i like gardens
2013-07-07 00:12
i like sitting
2013-07-07 00:35
Brazil hono 
2013-07-07 00:36
Thats awkward
2013-07-07 00:38
face | 
Brazil R4D14710N 
2013-07-07 00:36
i like pretending
2013-07-07 00:40
I like that
2013-07-07 00:59
I like andy (Botwin)
2013-07-07 01:17
Sometimes I just don't care about pink elephants
2013-07-07 02:51
i like sometimes.
2013-07-07 07:16
these guys can flame you all they want.. but if you really have a garden... you my friend are the man.
2013-07-07 09:54
2013-07-07 10:24
Netherlands liQuidmoTion 
So im the man? Thanks :P Also; i like sitting on carrots in my garden
2013-07-07 11:46
Gardens take skill, precision, technique, and everything else that makes one a good counter-strike player. P.S. Tiny added bonus is chicks dig it, but fuck girls, cs all the way.
2013-07-07 11:48
Netherlands liQuidmoTion 
Well I did do most myselve, but I feel it could look nicer if I had bought new.tiles instead of.using the old ones from the previous owner of Also I'm lazy when it comes to taking out the weeds that don't belong, thank.god my girl now and then digs in or tells me to ;P
2013-07-07 12:02
I heard some rumours you don`t have a girlfriend. Maybe you`re together with a trans? :D
2013-07-07 14:16
Netherlands liQuidmoTion 
Wadafak? xD
2013-07-07 14:23
well this is just rumours. I would like to know is it true or not? =D
2013-07-07 14:51
Netherlands liQuidmoTion 
Liar! who the hell would rumour that about me? xD and some short facebook investigations should quickly enough clear it up if it was a real rumour ;)
2013-07-07 15:32
omg facebook? :D i heard from twitter i recently stopped using fb. I`m reading to much rubbish. So he was right it was the truth. =D
2013-07-07 15:38
Netherlands liQuidmoTion 
it should clear up that that was bogus xD and I do not use twitter but Id love to be linked as I had no clue of this sort of thing being talked about :P my bro has a twitter account he will set them straight ;> on the offchance you are not trolling; I have been with the same girl for the past 6 years, been living together for 2,5. She attended one gaming event with me (she is not into gaming at all) so you can ask the Kaos crew about it. also like I said check out my fb account and you would see in seconds Im not with a transgender x|
2013-07-07 15:42
=D sighs ofc i`m not trolling :D but some people netherlands like that. As like usual you just doing more chaos than other times. =D
2013-07-07 15:45
Netherlands liQuidmoTion 
Amsterdam is the gay capital of the world but other than that we have no more queers or anything than around the world. it's just legal to get married here as a gay couple thats all. how the hell would that give Dutch people the stigma of being into transgenders xD and yes I get that the gay pride fair attracts a lot of attention, but they also have those in say, new york. does that make americans gay/trans? xD
2013-07-07 16:17
ofc you got my point :D new york dont talk about that. :D i don`t even like it :D i got your point as well. :D Btw , when is your wedding? :D
2013-07-07 16:23
Netherlands liQuidmoTion 
haven't got anything planned yet :> but we will some day :D
2013-07-07 16:42
World breezy0 
nice, gl :)
2013-07-07 00:02
Good luck. They'll probably need it.
2013-07-07 00:04
Europe eler 
why not Fly?
2013-07-07 00:04
who cares?
2013-07-07 00:04
bloodR | 
Finland bIoodR 
2013-07-07 01:09
after one lan news: BEGRIP lose csgo team.
2013-07-07 00:06
so true ;D
2013-07-07 21:19
Time: 2013-07-06 17:58 Game: Counter-Strike 1.6 ?
2013-07-07 00:08
seized > you
2013-07-07 00:10
Italy baus 
2013-07-07 01:39
Belarus ALBiNh0 
penguin > u
2013-07-07 11:10
retard = NiPTV-Anders
2013-07-07 11:08
2013-07-07 00:12
for sure!!!!!!!!!!! :)
2013-07-07 10:24
mjao mode better
2013-07-08 11:55
"Hungary-based organization is known as the former home to lot of top level Swedish players such as Christopher "GeT_RiGhT" Alesund of NiP Gaming." Also, f0rest. Begrip > fnatic > SK > NiP
2013-07-07 00:18
should of signed iNation tbh
2013-07-07 00:21
2013-07-07 00:26
iNation are terrible...
2013-07-07 01:41
much better than fb gaming you sauceRRrr
2013-07-07 01:55
Fuck off you retard, ination can't stand up to worldedit and seized...
2013-07-07 02:15
hahaha sure
2013-07-07 02:31
2013-07-07 04:47
This team its from 1.6 too.
2013-07-07 12:17
and? read my comment again pls
2013-07-07 14:38
strange choise by Begrip, but glhf russians
2013-07-07 00:26
fury | 
Brazil LeeeO:9 
I thought it was :/ Legendary team
2013-07-07 00:28
lege...WUT? rotflmao
2013-07-07 11:09
fury | 
Brazil LeeeO:9 
why not??
2013-07-07 17:23
cool, gl! :D
2013-07-07 00:32
Why not pick up Five Crowns?
2013-07-07 00:34
2013-07-07 02:42
2013-07-07 03:22
its russian organisation? why would they pick five crowns?
2013-07-07 10:27
Because they have a long history in Swedish CS.
2013-07-07 11:07
yea i know that, but mate its not swe.begrip organisation. Its ru. No logic
2013-07-07 11:11
seized gl
2013-07-07 00:39
Anyone noticed we have a new member of our staff? :) Please welcome milA ;)
2013-07-07 00:40
ah..n1111111 glglglglgl milA =)
2013-07-07 00:41
rip in pieces
2013-07-07 09:55
Wow, begrip is still alive :o
2013-07-07 00:44
Good luck!
2013-07-07 00:46
nothing to expect from at least just yet gl anyways
2013-07-07 00:46
that lineup :)
2013-07-07 00:51
nice gl guys WorldEdit < 3
2013-07-07 01:06
bloodR | 
Finland bIoodR 
What about individ?
2013-07-07 01:12
Netherlands liQuidmoTion 
Vassili! :p out of gaming
2013-07-07 11:50
what does begrip mean?
2013-07-07 01:17
i think it means peak of an iceberg
2013-07-07 11:52
gl guys !
2013-07-07 01:19
legendary team :) miss fury,molander,peppo,hyvlarn lineup
2013-07-07 01:23
2013-07-07 11:17
Spain pDz- 
I just cry
2013-07-07 01:24
Alexey "ub1que" Polivanov nice player
2013-07-07 01:25
Sweden BIRK 
Should've picked up ESC Gaming.
2013-07-07 01:29
What is this 2003 ?
2013-07-07 01:30
Worldedit > ALL.
2013-07-07 01:37
Greece her-1g 
where is JAEGARN? oh wait......
2013-07-07 01:45
Netherlands liQuidmoTion 
Pumping iron in the gym He is back insweden after a long time in Australia btw
2013-07-07 11:51
Greece her-1g 
Would be great to see him back! Very doubtful though
2013-07-07 12:20
Netherlands liQuidmoTion 
Yeah he's dine with cs :p
2013-07-07 14:24
Greece her-1g 
actually i would be sad to see him return and get pwned by css players...
2013-07-07 16:06
Netherlands liQuidmoTion 
done* and agree :>
2013-07-07 16:18
Poland Kuz. 
LOL. Russian Begrip, this is so weird :D
2013-07-07 01:56
How is this weird? There were Russian Begrip teams in 1.6
2013-07-07 02:46
Sweden BIRK 
Yeah, but they were useless.
2013-07-07 02:53
They were much better than all another squads without sweden(romanian etc).
2013-07-07 06:06
they were top1 in russia at their peak shape
2013-07-07 08:13
perhaps russia, but back then Russia wasnt that good in cs.
2013-07-07 10:59
The Russian squad had beaten the Swedish one numerous times (at least at ESWC 2007 and CB Eurocup XV), even when they had GeT_RiGhT, so I have no idea what you're talking about.
2013-07-07 12:29
Poland Kuz. 
I used to see swedish Begrip :P Its strange for me ;D
2013-07-07 09:38
Nothing weird, Begrip used to sign Russian teams before.
2013-07-07 10:57
top2 Russian team in 2006
2013-07-08 21:58
milA noobsaucerguy
2013-07-07 01:58
oh god why them :S
2013-07-07 03:25
2013-07-07 03:32
They want good salaries and they want to be sent in every event, i doubt begrip can afford that
2013-07-07 03:35
I doubt that Begrip can afford anything but servers.
2013-07-07 14:08
* 5crowns*
2013-07-07 04:12
2013-07-07 05:01
Welcome milA.
2013-07-07 06:42
shame that they didn't pick up Poles
2013-07-07 07:32
2013-07-07 08:47
Europe midi disband now?
2013-07-07 08:58
If they sign ESC it would be nice
2013-07-07 09:11
Poland tfg 
ub1que? this kid who plays esea pugs all the time and has never +score? :D
2013-07-07 09:12
AERO > WorldEdit Fly > Latro
2013-07-07 09:19
AERO > WorldEdit rly?i don't think so, check
2013-07-07 11:17
have WorldEdit ever played on LAN so far?
2013-07-07 16:30
lamp | 
Russia lamp` 
lol he won ~20-30 lans in russia @ last 3 years
2013-07-07 17:24
i'm talking about cs:go and about at least big local lans with decent teams attending.
2013-07-07 17:29
i love begrip, they are like the triple A team of CS
2013-07-07 10:27
The swedish begrip, yes..
2013-07-07 12:30
oh this isnt swedish, i didnt realize
2013-07-07 18:16
gl seized
2013-07-07 11:04
Ukraine rim 
no Xenitron, not win
2013-07-07 11:25
ANGE1 | 
Russia monte:) 
xenittron ?)) Now he is a poker player
2013-07-07 11:39
pretty sure begrip dont have any money now or whatsoever - is it even individ behind it or ?
2013-07-07 11:42
I dont think its Individ. Begrip used to be SE company. It hink its going to have the same storyline like H2K. Switching owners all the time.
2013-07-07 11:55
Management Bálint "kilinho" Tóth Matthias "Matt" Filippi
2013-07-07 13:28
Kibaken russian man skill :) Nice head shot
2013-07-07 11:57
No begrip jump in CS:GO no win for Begrip :D Btw. nice english in that official statement :D
2013-07-07 12:52
:( This reminds of Gux.... Oh man do I miss the good old days!
2013-07-07 13:01
No Begrip without individ
2013-07-07 13:06
why? they wont show any good results anyway, as always
2013-07-07 13:44
actually i didnt know that its hungarian org. Still suprise they can give promises. Well gl for them.
2013-07-07 14:11
no Evil no fun :)
2013-07-07 15:06
-ceh9 +seized
2013-07-07 15:34
Begrip will always be swedish.
2013-07-07 15:44
what about old squad with red and flatra?
2013-07-07 15:54
Poland kRAMERO 
Flatra Xenitron hooch diNGo xek !!
2013-07-07 22:28
yea,that lineup! <3 old times
2013-07-08 00:16
2013-07-08 01:02
2013-07-07 16:40
fbgaming = facebookgaming?
2013-07-08 12:59
Belarus ALBiNh0 
2013-07-08 13:03
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